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How To Transfer Music From Ipod To Iphone

Way : How To Transfer Music From Ipod To Computer Without Itunes With One Click

How To Transfer Music From An Old iPod To A New iPod, iPhone, or iPad

Compared with moving songs from computer to iPhone/iPod/iPad, it’s a little bit complex to work in reverse. Because iPod and other iDevices can only be synced manually, and with just one computer. It is apparent that these restrictions can be overcome by MobiKin Assistant for iOS , as this powerful software is an all-around player, enabling you to make iPod file transfer without iTunes. In terms of managing your iPod, it has performed fairly well in hundreds of thousands of trials done by its users.

Key Features of MobiKin Assistant for iOS:

– Move up to 14 types of data from iPod/iPad/iPhone to computer easily, including all the music, videos, pictures, eBooks, contacts, SMS, notes, Safari Bookmarks, voice memos, podcasts, ringtones, etc.

– Backup iPod files to iTunes default location or any other places on your computer.

– Add or delete backups on computer without any limitations.

– Manage your iDevice contents freely .

– Work well with various iDevices, including iPod touch 5/4/3/2, iPod shuffle 4/3/2/1, iPod classic 3/2, iPod nano 6/5/4/3/2, as well as all models of iPhone and iPad, with iOS 4 and up.

Guidance on how to transfer music from iPod to computer without iTunes using MobiKin Assistant for iOS:

Step 1. Download, install and open MobiKin Assistant for iOS, and get your iPod linked to computer via an applicable USB cord.

Step 4. After the selection, hit the “Export” button from the top menu to save the chosen songs on any folders of your computer.

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Copy Music From Ipod To Iphone Via Itunes Store

For purchased music from iTunes store, you can directly get music from iPod to iPhone via the iTunes store.

  • Sign in your iPhone with the same Apple ID of your iPod.
  • Go to the iTunes Store and click More > Purchased.
  • Select Music and go to the Not on This iPhone tab.
  • Select All Songs and tap Download All to save the songs to your iPhone.

Transfer Music From Ipod To Iphone Using Ios Data

Except for iTunes, theres lots of iOS data-sharing software in cyberspace that can help us transfer iPod music to an iPhone. Here, we may use the echoshare Switch Mobile Transfer.

Thiss a professional iOS/Android data transfer tool that can transfer your media files seamlessly from an iPod to an iPhone with high speed.

Supported to transfer Music, Playlist, Videos, Podcasts, TV Shows, Audiobooks, and more, no matter what you want to transfer to another iOS device, simply launch this software and finish the transfer in seconds.

Besides the iOS-to-iOS transfer, Switch Mobile Transfer can also transfer files and data between iOS and Android devices. Nothing is going to stop the program from fulfilling its duty transfer data from one mobile device to another.


  • Computer & iTunes All iOS/Android Phones and Tablets
  • Android Phones and Tablets Android Phones and Tablets
  • All iOS Devices All iOS Devices

Free download echoshare Switch Mobile Transfer here:

Now, lets see how to use this software to transfer iPod music to an iPhone.

Step 1 Connect your iPhone and iPod to Switch Mobile Transfer

Launch the program on your computer first and choose Phone Transfer on the interface.

Then, take out 2 USB cables and connect the 2 iOS devices to the computer. Switch Mobile Transfer will detect the iPhone and iPod and start to analyze the files inside them.

Step 2 Transfer iPod music to iPhone

Enjoy the music then.

Tip: Transferring music from iPhone to iPod

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One: How To Transfer Music From Ipod To Iphone Without Itunes

iTunes is not mighty to transfer music files from iPod to iPhone every time, so you have to think about what would you do if your iTunes is broken or without iTunes app on your desktop. Here an alternative to iTunes, FoneTrans, is the exact tool to help you. Go through the guide as below to copy iPod music to iPhone. Firstly, free download this iPod to iPhone music transfer on your computer.

Donwload, install and run this software on your computer.

Connect your iPod and iPhone to your computer with two USB cables. All files on your devices will be shown in the interface. Select your iPod from the device list.

As long as you have enough space on your iPhone, these music files will be transferred from your iPod to iPhone in a short while.

This way of moving iPod music to iPhone needs you to prepare two cables and make sure both USB ports of computer are OK. If you only get one USB cable for iPod and iPhone, or one USB port is OK in your PC, then you are allowed to get the iPod music on your windows computer and then import these songs to iPhone with this iPod to iPhone music transfer software.

Plug iPod to your computer with USB cable, click “Music” > Check the music files that you want to transfer to iPhone. Click “Export to PC” button to navigate the location save the exported music file on your PC. After finishing the process, pull out your iPod of PC.

Connect your iPhone to PC, “Music” > “Add item ” to load the songs which you just exported from iPod to your computer.

How To Transfer Itunes Store Purchased Songs From Ipod To Ipad With Apple Music

[Guide] How to Transfer Music from iPod to iPhone with Ease

There is no way by which you can download Apple music tracks on the iTunes on your Windows computer or Mac. If you want to have them on your computer, you will have to purchase each and every track which may cause you a lot of money. However, if you have sync your iPod with the iTunes and have Apple music on it, you can upload the tracks to the iCloud library and similarly can view them or download them on your iPad to listen them offline. You can follow this guide to view those tracks in the iTunes on your computer.

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Click To Transfer Songs From Ipod To Iphone

dr.fone is the best iTunes companion to do what iTunes can’t helping you enjoy an easy mobile life!

  • 1 click to export all songs from iPod to your iPhone without a hitch.
  • Transfer songs and playlists from iPod to iTunes with play counts and ratings
  • Export songs, videos, and photos from iPod to computer, iPad, and even Android phones
  • Import songs, videos and photos to iPod without erasing any existing data

Reason : 36 Hours Of Non

Did you know that iPod Classic has a battery life that would last you days! The battery life expectancy of the iPod Classic ranges from model to model, clocking up even to 36 hours of active usage at its best.

Do you know what this means? A non-stop entertainment without having to worry about your iPods dying.

To make it clearer, here’s a table displaying technical specifications of all iPod Classic models. We included data about storage size, battery life expectancy , and connectivity.

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Transfer All Or Selected Songs From Iphone To Ipod

While making music transfer from iPhone to iPod, iTunes can’t transfer non-iTunes purchased songs, which can be downloaded from free music app, internet or share by friends. To transfer non-iTunes purchased songs from iPhone to iPod, one of the best options is to use dr.fone. dr.fone is an ultimate solution for your iDevices and Mac. With dr.fone, you can transfer music from your iOS device to your Mac in a very simple way. Not only music but you can also transfer iPhone videos, playlists, and photos to your Mac. dr.fone is a quick and easy option to copy files to and from your iOS device without using iTunes. Not only file transfer but you can also convert videos or music files to a format your iOS device recognizes to play. Wondershares dr.fone is highly recommended software by its users for converting and copying files that iTunes and iOS do not support natively.

Can You Transfer Music From Ipod To Itunes

How to Transfer Music from iPod to iPhone X/XS/XR/11/12

To transfer songs to your iTunes music library from your iPhone, iPod or iPad, first open iExplorer on your Mac or PC. Then, go ahead and connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod with its USB cable to your computer. Once the device is connected, iTunes may prompt you to sync your device click No or Cancel.

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How To Transfer Music From Ipod To Iphone With Itunes

If you are looking for another solution for transferring music from iPod to iPhone for free, then you can also try iTunes. You might already know that iTunes is developed by Apple to help us manage our iOS devices. Using it, you can first sync your iPod songs to the iTunes music library. Later, you can connect your iPhone to iTunes and do the same. Yes, the process is a bit complicated and would take a lot of time. Though, if you are ready, then you can learn how to transfer music from iPod to iPhone using iTunes in the following way.

Step 1. To start with, connect your iPod to the system and launch an updated version of iTunes on it.

Step 2. Now, select the connected iPod and go to its âMusicâ section. From here, you can just choose to sync your music with iTunes library. You can select the albums, playlists, and songs that you wish to sync.

Step 3. After completing this, disconnect your iPod from iTunes and connect your iPhone to it instead. Select your connected iPhone, go to its Music tab, and again choose to sync iTunes music with your iPhone.


  • â¢Would take a lot of time
  • â¢Compatibility issues

Way 2 Transfer Music From Ipod To Iphone Without Itunes

If you want to transfer both purchased and non-purchased songs from iPod to iPhone or you just feel tired using iTunes, you can rely on one third-party tool – AOMEI MBackupper to help you finish the job without effort.

This professional iOS data transfer tool can help you transfer music from iPod to iPhone freely in just a few clicks. You can first preview and then select the songs you want to tranfer.

Now free download this tool on computer and follow the steps below to transfer songs from iPod/iPod touch to iPhone in two steps: transfer songs from iPod to computer > add music to iPhone.

Secure Download

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How To Transfer Music From Ipod To Iphone With Leawo Itransfer

When it comes to the issue of how to transfer music from iPod to iPhone without iTunes, Leawo iTransfer is the best tool for you to take advantage of. It can transfer 12 kinds of files among iTunes, iOS devices and computers without any delay. The process is very simple and efficient. The steps shown below can help you to learn how to use this great program to realize your aim quickly.

4.1 Transfer Music from iPod to PC

In order to transfer music from iPod to iPhone, you need to get your iPod music to your computer local folder first.

Import Ipod Music To Iphone Through The Same Apple Id

How to Transfer Music from iPhone iPad iPod to Flash Drive

If youre using the same Apple ID on your iPod Touch and iPhone to purchase Apple music items from iTunes Store or Apple Store, you can easily sync your iPod playlist to an iPhone through the Apple id. Check this out:

  • On your iPhone, sign in to an Apple ID on your iPhone.
  • Launch the Music app on your iPhone.


  • Then, wait for the Music app to sync the playlists and songs under this account. You can enjoy the iPod music on this iPhone later.

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Transferring Music From Itunes To Iphone

  • 1Connect the iPhone to your computer using a USB cable. iTunes will launch automatically upon detecting your device.
  • 2 Multiple content tabs will display in the left sidebar of iTunes.
  • 3
  • 4Select the music you want synced to your iPhone. Selecting Entire music library will transfer all existing music in iTunes to your iPhone, whereas selecting Playlists, albums, artists, and genres allows you to choose and transfer specific songs, playlists, artists, etc.
  • 5 iTunes will copy all selected music to your iPhone.
  • 6
  • 7Disconnect your iPhone from your computer. Your iPod music will now be saved on your iPhone.XResearch sourceAdvertisement
  • Breathing New Life: Transfer Music From An Old Ipod To Your Computer

    If your old iPod still charges enough to use, you can easily transfer music from that iPod to your computer. After transferring music from your iPod to iTunes or your iPhone, give it a new purpose. Consider reusing your old iPod as an ebook reader or a secondary music collection holder.

    Meanwhile, if you don’t like iTunes, check out the best music manager apps for iOS.

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    Transfer Music From Ipod To Iphone With Phonetrans

    With PhoneTrans, a Phone to Phone Transfer Tool, which helps you transfer music and more quickly from your iPod or iPod touch to your iPhone.

    PhoneTrans makes it easy to switch to a new iPhone or Android: transfer content from between iOS Devices, between Android Phones, and between an iOS Device and Android Device.

    * 100% Clean & Safe

    Select The Music You Want To Export

    How To Transfer Music From iPhone/iPod/iPad To Your Computer FREE [Windows]

    To copy a specific album or song use the Genre/Artist/Album filters and search bar to narrow down displayed tracks, and select the ones you wish to export.

    To copy a playlist select it in the left sidebar and do not select any specific tracks.

    To copy your entire library don’t select anything and jump straight to step 4.

    Tip: when no tracks are selected, iMazing considers that your selection is equivalent to all the tracks matching your current filters. This makes it easier to export a playlist , or a specific album . You also get the opportunity to review your selection in the export options window before launching the operation.

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    How To Transfer Music From Iphone To Ipod Easy And Convenient

    When it comes to transferring music from iPhone to iPod it may take some time to do.You cannot transfer your music directly between these two devices, so it will require to take some steps depending on where the music you have came from. When transferring media, Apple devices heavily rely on software as they rarely turn to account of external memory means. Thatâs why, depending on what you need, you have to choose the right software youâll be using for that purpose if you need to transfer music from iPhone to iPod.

    Rename The Music Files

    Once you’ve transferred your old iPod music, you can rename the copied files. The random four-letter file names assigned to the files copied from your iPod aren’t descriptive at all. On a Mac, you won’t know what the songs are without adding them to iTunes or utilizing another app.

    You can manually rename the files, but there’s an easier way using a free tool called Mp3tag. It’s a Windows program, but with a workaround you can use it on Mac as well.

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    Transfer Ipod Music To Iphone With Software

    There are different variations of software out there that are worth mentioning, but this time, I believe FoneDog Phone Transfer would be the most ideal.

    FoneDog Phone Transfer is a tool capable of transferring files such as messages, photos, videos, and most importantly, music. It supports the latest version of iOS and Android and can be run on Windows PC. It can not only realize the transfer of iPod music to iPhone mentioned in the article but also can realize other transmissions about music, such as transfer music from computer to iPhone. Below are the steps on how you can transfer iPod music to iPhone:

    Phone TransferTransfer files among iOS, Android and Windows PC.Transfer and backup text messages, contacts, photos, video, music on computer easily.Fully compatible with iOS 13 and Android 9.0.

    How To Transfer Music From The Ipod To An Iphone

    How to Copy Music from iPod to iPhone 7/6S Plus/6S Freely ...

    wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 12,775 times.Learn more…

    Transferring music from your iPod to an iPhone allows you to enjoy your favorite tunes on the go from either device. If your iPods music is saved to iTunes, you can sync your iPhone with iTunes to download the same playlist otherwise, you must use an app called iExplorer to import your iPods music into iTunes before transferring it to your iPhone.

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    Transfer Music To New Ipod With Itunes Or Finder

    Transfer music using Windows PC or macOS 10.14 and lower:

    When you are satisfied that all your media is safely in iTunes, use iTunes itself to sync all that content with your new iPod/iPhone. This will replace any music already on your new iPod/iPhone with the music that you sync – so make sure all your music is in your Music library before syncing to avoid data loss!

    To sync music from iTunes to your new iPhone or iPod:

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer.
  • Open iTunes if it does not open automatically.
  • Tick the box to enable music syncing and choose to sync your entire library or only selected music.
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