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How To Transfer All Music From Apple Music To Spotify

How To Transfer All Music Data From Apple Music To Spotify

Transfer Music Between Spotify and Apple Music
  • For the mobile device, download the app on the AppStore, , or . You can also install the app on your computer: we have the desktop version for macOS, Windows, or Linux.
  • Run the app and connect Apple Music as your source account.
  • Now choose your destination account. In this case, its Spotify. However, there’s a total of 19 music services you can choose from!
  • The default tab is ALL which includes all of your songs, playlists, and albums. Tick Select all to transfer all of your music data or choose which music collections you want to move.
  • Click Begin transfer to start the process of migrating from Apple Music to Spotify. If you have a big music collection, it might take a while so let the app do the work in the background. Theres a progress bar so that you can keep track of the transfer. Once the transfer finishes, well notify you how many tracks were successfully migrated.
  • So How Can You Convert Your Playlist From Apple Music To Spotify

    First and foremost launch our application and once you have done that, perform the following steps to achieve your goal:

  • Login to your Apple Music account with the correct username and password. You can do so by clicking on the Apple Music icon.
  • Login to your Spotify account as well again make sure that the credentials are correct.
  • Go back to your Apple music section where you will notice that all of the existing playlist have been loaded automatically.
  • You can choose the playlist which you would like to transfer by clicking on the check boxes.
  • Simple isnt it? Just choose your source platform, your playlist and destination platform and youre done. These three simple steps can help you keep your music album synchronized across multiple platforms. Conversion from Apple music to Spotify was never easier.

    MusConv also allows you to download or upload your playlist in CSV file. The benefit? You can maintain records in Microsoft Excel and much more. Click here to learn more.

    As Lord Byron said, There is pleasure in the pathless woods, there is rapture in the lonely shore, there is society where none intrudes, by the deep sea, and music in its roar I love not Man the less, but nature more.

    So enjoy the music of nature with MusConv!

    Convert Apple Music Exclusive Tracks To Spotify With Tunefab

    For those exclusive content or albums which can’t be transferred to Spotify, you can use TuneFab Apple Music Converter to solve the issue.

    It is an audio converter that can convert and save Apple Music tracks as high quality MP3 files. After that, you can manually upload these MP3 files into Spotify by using the “Show Local Files” feature. This converter also comes with other features including maintaining original ID3 tags & metadata info, supporting 16X conversion rate, batch conversion, etc.

    Step 1. Download and install TuneFab Apple Music Converter.

    Step 2. Add tracks from the main interface, set MP3 as output format and configure output folder.

    Step 3. Click “Convert” to start the conversion process.

    Final Words

    As you can see, it’s easy to share Apple Music library to Spotify with the above methods. Even if some music can’t be transferred directly, you can still use TuneFab Apple Music Converter to solve the issue. If you have any question about using the methods above, feel free to contact our support team for help.

    Now you can start syncing music between different music services and enjoy!

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    What Can’t You Transfer From Spotify To Apple Music

    Unfortunately, it’s not possible to transfer everything between music subscription services. You can’t transfer data about your play history, including play count or date added. You can’t transfer any Local Files from Spotify. And you can’t transfer podcasts, which don’t exist in Apple Music.

    You also can’t transfer artists you follow in Spotify to Apple Music. This is because there is no feature to follow artists in Apple Music. The only way to add artists to your library in Apple Music is to add an album or song by that artist instead.

    It’s possible that there are songs in your Spotify library that aren’t available on Apple Music. If this is the case, you also can’t transfer those songs across both services. However, it’s quite rare that music is only available on one streaming service.

    Your iTunes purchases sync with Apple Music automatically, so you don’t need to worry about those.

    How To Transfer Your Spotify Music Library To Apple Music On Your Iphone

    How to switch to Apple Music from Spotify

    Step 1: SongshiftStep 2: Connect Apple Music

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    Step 4: Select what to transfer from Spotify to Apple MusicStep 5: Transferring Spotify music library to Apple MusicStep 6: Matching the music libraryStep 7: Reviewing the transferStep 8: Transferring the selected albums or playlists to Apple Music

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    Move Apple Music Playlist To Spotify With Siri Shortcuts

    Shortcuts is a great app for task automation on iOS. You can use shortcuts to convert Apple music link to Spotify. I have created a shortcut that allows you to convert a playlist from Apple Music to Spotify. If you are interested, follow the steps below to set it up.

  • Get this Apple Music Playlist to Spotif by opening the link in Safari. Run the shortcut to get started.
  • When running it for the first time, you will be lead to a Safari web page and from there, login to Spotify, and click the Agree button. Then copy the code from the URL (everything after code= until & state= and then go back to Shortcuts app. You only need to do this once.
  • Now, you can select a playlist that you want to transfer to Spotify. Depending how many tracks you have in that playlist, it may take a while.
  • Select a Spotify playlist to add all tracks from the Apple Music playlist you chose.
  • As you know Shortcuts app is provided by Apple, it is totally safe to use. If you like to use Shortcuts to transfer playlists between two music services, you can also convert Spotify playlist to Apple Music.

    This shortcut is using Spotify official API. To learn more about it, you can open your web browser and go to developer.spotify.com to enable Developer access. Go to Console, request the Uauth Token. Be sure to select Playlist-Modify-Public and Playlist-Modify-Private scopes.

    What Can You Transfer From Spotify To Apple Music

    We’ll show you how to transfer almost all your music from Spotify to Apple Music. That includes every playlist you have ever created, every album you have added to your library, and every song you have Liked in Spotify.

    After the transfer is complete, you’ll find all of this music added to your library in Apple Music, including your custom playlists.

    When comparing Spotify to Apple Music, a lot of users comment on the superior quality of Spotify’s curated playlists. You can transfer these playlists to Apple Music for free, but to keep them updated with Spotify’s latest recommendations you’ll need a premium subscription to TuneMyMusic.

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    Transfer Your Spotify Playlists

    Once youve downloaded SongShift, the next step is to sign into the accounts that you want to transfer your playlists between. In this case, youll want to sign into Spotify and Apple Music via the SongShift app.

    Once youve signed into each, click “Setup Source” and choose the playlist youd list to transfer from Spotify. Then, select “Setup Destination” and choose Apple Music. Simply click “Im Finished” next and the transfer of your precious playlists will begin.

    How To Transfer Music From Apple Music And Yandexmusic To Spotify

    How To: Transfer Spotify Playlists to Apple Music

    After many years of waiting, the Spotify music service has finally officially launched in Russia. On the one hand, its probably too late, since most users have long organized their own media library in other services. For my colleagues, for example, all music has been stored in Apple Music for several years, and I use Yandex.Music myself. However, Spotify entices not only at the same price as these services, but also 3 months free use. Therefore, I also want to try the new service, but at the same time do not lose all my music and playlists that I have been collecting for many years. Fortunately, there are at least 2 ways transfer music from Apple Music, Yandex.Music or other services in Spotify.

    There are at least two ways to transfer your tracks and playlists between platforms.

    Yesterday, I tested many applications that can help transfer your music preferences and playlist list from one music streaming service to another. Before you begin, it is worth noting that none of these tools will directly transfer the songs you upload between services they simply compare the tracks available in one service with another and add them to your new library.

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    How To Transfer Apple Music To Spotify Easily

    Thinking about canceling Apple Music subscription and switch to Spotify? Here’re 3 things that you should do:

  • First, turn off auto-renewal and cancel Apple Music subscription

  • Second, sign up for a free Spotify account or get Spotify Premium

  • Last but not least, transfer music from Apple Music to Spotify

  • Nothing difficult in completing the first and second items in the list, but you might be stuck in the third one – importing Apple Music playlist to Spotify. It sounds like you have tons of work to do when it comes to moving songs from one music platform to another, isn’t it? Don’t worry, there’re shortcuts that can help you easily transfer music from Apple Music to Spotify or vice versa.

    Here we will guide you how to import Apple Music library into Spotify directly with the help of free third-party apps. You can do it on your phone or computer and no software required.

    Kind Tips: Not all music can be transferred successfully because some tracks or albums are exclusive on Apple Music. To solve this issue, you can use an audio converter to convert Apple Music to MP3 and then upload them into Spotify as local file. We will introduce the best Apple Music Converter you can use on part 2.

    How To Transfer Apple Music To Spotify

    I currently use Apple Music on my PC and Android device. I want to move my Apple Music playlists to Spotify, how can I do it?

    Nowadays, signing up for a music streaming service is the most popular way for us to access music, and Apple Music and Spotify are the two giants in the music streaming world. For certain reasons, some people may switch between the two services, from Apple Music to Spotify or from Spotify to Apple Music. If you switch your subscription from Apple Music to Spotify, you may be curious whether you can transfer playlists from Apple Music to Spotify and the best solution to do the transfer if available.

    As you can imagine, Apple Music and Spotify are fierce competitors, and theres no direct way to transfer Apple Music to Spotify or move Spotify playlists to Apple Music. To achieve the goal, youll need to apply a third-party app. You can find quite a few by googling it, but the most reliable one is Sidify Apple Music Converter, as Ive done the transferring successfully without any interruption.

    Sidify Apple Music Converter is a professional tool to help Apple Music users to as MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC or AIFF files. Once you download Apple Music to your local drive, you can import them to your Spotify app. In this way, you accomplish the task to transfer Apple Music playlists to Spotify.

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    Transfer The Playlist To Spotify

    On the Shift Setup page, tap on “Setup Destination” and select Spotify as the destination. Choose “New Playlist” under destination type, and now you’re almost ready to go. You can tap on the edit icon next to “Create new playlist” to type in a new name for the playlist on Spotify, but if you leave it as is, it’ll keep the same name it had on Apple Music. Hit “I’m Finished” to start the transfer.

    Spotify Lets You Listen In More Places Apple Music Is Best For Siri


    Both Apple Music and Spotify are available on iOS and Android. Both have desktop apps for Windows and Mac, so you aren’t limited to listening on mobile.

    Spotify Connect lets you Cast to compatible devices and listen on AirPlay speakers .

    You can also listen to music in your browser: Spotify is at open.spotify.com and Apple Music is at music.apple.com.

    And you can also stream any audio to a Bluetooth wireless speaker, to an AirPlay speaker from an iOS device, or to a Chromecast speaker from an Android device .

    When it comes to smart speakers, Apple Music with Siri voice control on Apple’s HomePod and is now compatible with Amazon’s full line of Echo smart speakers via the Alexa App . It’s also available on other Apple and Amazon devices like the Apple Watch, Apple TV and FireTV.

    In addition to Amazon Alexa speakers, Spotify is also available on and Google smart speakers. And if a device is certified as Spotify Connect compatible, it means you can use the Spotify app as a remote to control playback. Spotify is also available across a wide range of other devices like Xbox and PlayStation.

    Winner: Spotify

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    Switch From Apple Music To Spotify Alternatives

    Tune My Music

    Tune My Music is more focused on people who want to keep two music services in sync. One example given is curators who wish to keep playlists synced across multiple services. Another is copying playlists between platforms and keeping them updated with new additions. Tune My Music is a paid service with no free trial.


    This platform is more similar to SongShift and offers individual playlist syncing for free. It connects with multiple music streaming services and features a premium upgrade for automatic playlist syncing.

    Free Your Music

    Free Your Music supports more platforms than some of the other music streaming services. For example, it supports JioSaavn and other India-only music streaming services. It is also the only app on this list that offers a paid one-time fee for unlimited syncing instead of a monthly subscription.

    How To Transfer Playlists From Apple Music To Spotify

    This quick tutorial will guide you to move one or multiple playlists from Apple Music to Spotify

  • Open the Web App Open
  • In your Library, select the Playlists category Playlists Tab
  • Connect Apple Music
  • Select Apple Music playlists that you want to move
  • Select Spotify as the destination
  • The process starts. Once finished, if tracks have been found, your playlists will be available on Spotify
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    How To Add Itunes/apple Music Songs To Spotify

    There are plenty of users reporting that they cannot import iTunes playlist to Spotify with the official method. For those people, you can use the second method, which is more stable and reliable. This method also supports importing protected iTunes songs and Apple Music to Spotify. This solution is to resort to ViWizard Audio Converter, a noted and professional audio converter, to convert iTunes songs to unprotected formats.

    Why choose ViWizard Audio Converter? Firstly, ViWizard Audio Converter supports not only iTunes songs, but also audiobooks of iTunes, Apple Music, Audible audiobooks, and other unprotected audios. The output audio formats of this iTunes audio converter include MP3, M4A, M4B, AAC, WAV, and FLAC. Secondly, the converted audios of ViWizard are of high quality reaching 320 kbps. When you convert the Audible audiobooks, you can get the lossless audios by choosing the Keep Lossless Quality option.

    Thirdly, ViWizard Audio Converter features a 30X faster speed, which makes you only need a few minutes to get all of your iTunes playlists converted. Besides, ViWizard will keep the ID3 tags and permits users to edit them to help users manage their library.

    How To Transfer Apple Music Songs To Spotify

    Transfer All Your Spotify Playlists to Apple Music in Minutes [How-To]

    Once you installed the app, it allows you to easily transfer your music library:

    • Select your current platform as a source, for example, Apple Music.
    • Then select the platform where you want to create a new playlist, for example, Spotify.
    • Find playlists, albums, or tracks you want to transfer from Apple Music to Spotify.
    • Confirm your action and done.

    One tip I give you is if you have thousands of songs, you may want to transfer first your main playlists. The transfer between services is really fast, but if you have a lot of songs, it can take a few days.

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    How To Transfer Apple Music Playlists To Spotify

    – There often comes a time when you’re looking to switch music providers. Whether it’s because you’ve discovered one has features you really want, or you want to take advantage of a promotional offer. The only issue is taking your playlists and albums with you.

    Thankfully, there is actually an app for that. So if you’re looking to switch from Apple Music to Spotify – for example – you can do. Watch the video below to find out how, or follow our written guide underneath if that’s easier:

    How To Transfer Albums From Apple Music To Spotify

    Do you have favorites albums on Apple Music and want to move them to Spotify? The steps below can help you:

  • Open the Web App Open
  • In your Library, select the Albums category Albums Tab
  • Connect Apple Music
  • Select the Apple Music albums you want to move
  • Select Spotify as the destination
  • The process starts. Once finished, if albums have been found, your albums will be available on Spotify
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