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How To Switch Apple Music Accounts

How To Add A Family Member To Apple Music

How To: Link Your Apple Music Account To Sonos System

Lee StantonRead more April 9, 2021

One of the many great things about Apple Music is the option to share your subscription. By signing up for a Family Membership, you and your loved ones can use the same plan with multiple Apple IDs. All you have to do is set up a Family Sharing group and invite them to join.

Learning how to add a family member to your group is super easy. In this article, well break down how to send invites to Apple Music on different devices through step-by-step instructions.

How To Change Apple Id For Homepod Account

You can change the HomePod account using the Home app, as long as youre the person who set up the HomePod. Heres what you need to do:

  • Launch the Home app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Make sure youre in the Home section of the app and long-press on your HomePod located under Favorite Accessories.
  • This will bring up a dedicated menu with access to your HomePod settings. Here, scroll down to the Music & Podcasts section and tap on Primary User to continue.
  • Youll be able to see the Apple ID email address thats used as the HomePod account. Tap on Sign Out to log out of this particular account.
  • Next, tap on Sign In as shown in the screenshot below to log in with a different account.
  • Now, simply type in the Apple ID login details and tap on Done located at the top-right corner of the menu to sign in.
  • Thats it. Youve successfully changed the Apple ID used by HomePod.

    From now on, HomePod will use the new Apple account to stream songs that are listed on Apple Music, provided theres an active subscription. The same account will also be used for streaming podcasts on the HomePod.

    If there are multiple people in your Home network, like your family members for example, their accounts will also show up in the same menu. In this case, you dont really have to sign out of your account, but instead, simply select their Apple account name from the users list to use their Apple Music subscription.

    What Are My Log In Details

    Your log in details will be either your personal or institutional email address. The password will be the original password, when registering your account.

    If you cannot remember your password, then you can request a new password on the login page of the UNiDAYS site, or contact our support team.

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    How To Change From An Individual Plan To A Sub

    If one of your family members have already subscribed to the family plan, then you don’t need to waste money subscribing it again. Just ask the organizer of Family sharing to add you. And then follow the steps to join the Family.

    1. Launch the Music app from your iDevice.

    2. Tap on the account icon and enter your Apple ID & password if required.

    3. Tap on “Manage” menu under “Subscriptions”.

    4. Select your “Apple Music Subscription and turn off “Automatic Renewal on Apple Music”.

    5. When your renewal period is expired, you can simply log out and log back again. You can continue to enjoy the music service under the Family group without spending extra money.

    Move From The Head Of A Family Plan To An Individual Plan

    Easy Ways to Switch Accounts on YouTube Music on PC or Mac

    Before moving to anIndividual plan from a Family plan, you need to remember that, as the head of household, it will also remove access for any Family Sharing users who are on your plan. Although, all their Apple Music data will be present on Apples servers for a short period of time. Thus, they can sign up for an Individual plan and restore their library and likes from the server.

  • Open the Music app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap For You from the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on the Account icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Tap Manage Subscription in the Accounts tab.
  • Click on Individual or Individual to switch from a Family plan to an individual plan in the Edit Subscription tab.
  • Confirm the purchase of your plan.
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    How To Change From An Individual Apple Music Plan To A Sub

  • Ask the Organizer to add you to Family Sharing having Apple Music Family plan subscription
  • Open the Music app on your iPhone and iPad
  • Tap For You from the bottom bar
  • Tap on your profile picture from the top right Tap on Manage Subscription.
  • Finally, tap Cancel Subscription, and confirm your action.
  • After your current individual plan ends, log out from Apple Music and then sign back in. You will now be able to enjoy Apple Music via Family Sharing automatically. Thats all, folks! You can also switch plans from Mac. For this open App Store, click on your name from the bottom of the left sidebar. Next, click View Information and sign in if asked. Now, scroll to Subscriptions and click on Manage. Finally, click on Edit next to the subscription that you want to change and choose a different plan. You may also be interested in:

    Tips On How To Transfer From A Person Apple Music Plan To A Sub

  • First, be sure that the pinnacle of the Household Sharing account has added you to their group, and that theyve a Household plan in Apple Music.
  • Open Music.
  • Faucet Account icon within the upper-right nook.
  • Faucet Handle Subscription.
  • Faucet Cancel Subscription.
  • Faucet Affirm.
  • On the finish of the renewal interval, when the plan expires, log off and again into Apple Music you need to now be in your Household Sharing head of familys Household plan.

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    Sign In With A Different Apple Id

    Now you can sign in to your iPhone or iPad with a different Apple ID.

  • Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap Sign in to your iPhone .

  • Tap Email and enter the email address associated with the different Apple ID.
  • Enter the Password associated with the different Apple ID.
  • Tap Merge if you want to merge the data on your iPhone with the iCloud account associated with the different Apple ID. Tap Don’t Merge if you don’t want the content on the iPhone uploaded to iCloud in the different Apple ID’s account.

  • Add A Second Apple Id

    Change Apple Music Profile Photo in iOS 14 [Quicktip]

    If you use multiple Apple IDs, such as having one for personal use and the other for work, then you’ll be glad to know that you can actually use more than one Apple ID on your device for things like email, contacts, notes, and more. Here’s how to add that:

  • Launch Settings.
  • Type in your Apple ID email, then tap Next.
  • Type in your password, then tap Next.
  • After verifying your info, select the services that you want to turn on.

  • On another note, it’s highly recommended that you enable two-factor authentication on your Apple ID for an extra layer of security, especially if you use multiple accounts.

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    Change Apple Id Country

    Family Sharing works best when the Apple ID accounts of all members are in the same country. If you cant use Apple Music or other Apple services on your device, check if your Apple ID country or region is the same as the organizers. You also want to confirm that Apple Music is available in your region.

    How to Check or Change Apple ID Country

    Follow the steps below to change your Apple ID country or region on your iPhone and iPad.

  • Launch Settings and select your Apple ID name.
  • Select Media & Purchases.
  • Select View Account.
  • To access this section of your Apple ID account, youll need to provide your devices passcode or authenticate via Face ID.

  • Select Country/Region.
  • Check your Apple ID country and confirm if its a supported country. Additionally, make sure the selected country is the same as the Family Sharing organizers account.
  • Note: To change your Apple ID country, youd need to first cancel any active Apple Music subscription. Youll also have to wait for the canceled subscription to expire.

    How to Cancel Your Apple Music Subscription

    Follow the steps below to check and cancel an Apple Music subscription on your iPhone or iPad.

  • Open the Settings app and select your Apple ID name.
  • Select Subscriptions.
  • Select Confirm on the prompt to proceed.
  • Get Your Family On The Same Page

    When you set up your family, a shared album is created automatically in the Photos app on all family members devices. Everyone can add photos, videos, and comments to the album whenever they like and get notified when something new is added. Family Sharing also sets up a family calendar where everyone can view, add, or change events and appointments, and get an alert when something changes. And anyone can use the Reminders app to send time or location reminders to the family. So when its picture day, pizza night, or just a trip to the beach, everyones in the know.

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    Why Cant I Find The Discount That Im Looking For

    We aim to have a strong selection of discounts in the regions we are currently available in. In some cases retailers may only be available in specific regions.

    If you have signed up after seeing a certain discount and after verification couldnt find that retailer, it is likely this retailer is not available in your region.

    Change Your Subscription Plan On Your Mac

    View, change, or cancel your subscriptions
  • Open the App Store app.
  • On the page that appears, scroll to Subscriptions, then click Manage.
  • Choose a different subscription option.
  • If you chose a subscription that you can share with family, scroll down and turn on Share with Family. If you don’t want to share the subscription with your family, turn off Share with Family.
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    Switching From Spotify To Apple Music

    You can also send your latest playlists back the other way from Spotify to Apple Music should you ever change your mind. The switch may be something you’re minded to do if you were a reluctant Apple Music user who jumped across to iOS to take advantage of things like offline listening on your Apple Watch. However, Spotify recently announced it’d be adding this very feature. It will soon be added to Wear OS for Android smartwatches too.

    To switch your playlists back from Spotify to Apple Music, simply follow the above steps with the music streaming services swapped around and you’ll get the same desired results in reverse. Just as fast and just as simple.

    I Already Have An Individual Apple Music Account How Do I Get The Student Membership

    If you’re eligible and already have an Individual or Family Membership, you can change to a Student Membership in the Apple Music app or in iTunes on a computer.

    Learn how to manage your Apple Music membership on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, or PC, or on an Android phone by following the link below:

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    How To Change Your Apple Music Plan In 3 Simple Steps

    • You can change your Apple Music plan from your iPhone or iPad, using the Settings app.
    • In the Settings app, you’ll have to open your Apple ID profile, where you can change your Apple Music preferences.
    • An individual Apple Music plan costs $9.99 per month, while the Family Plan is $14.99 per month, and a student plan is $4.99 per month.

    Apple Music offers several plans at different price points, including a student plan and a Family Plan .

    And luckily, if you pick one plan but later find that you’d like to sign up for another, it’s easy to change your Apple Music plan.

    To do so, you’ll need to use the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

    It’s important to note, though, that you can only share the Family Plan with six people including yourself. And to sign up for the student plan, you’ll need to have a valid college or university ID.

    Here’s how to change your Apple Music plan.

    How To Use Different Apple Id For Apple Music And App Store On Iphone

    How to Add Multiple Accounts to One iTunes Library : How to Use iTunes

    Apple Music is an excellent choice to stream songs when you are on the Apple ecosystem. Despite the value-for-money streaming quality, there are even better subscription plans for Apple Music, especially if you are a student. Apple Music for students costs just as half as the normal pricing, and now offers access to the Apple TV+ for free. If you are a student, you might have created the students Apple ID using the .edu email from the university, which is different from the actual email ID used to create Apple ID on your iPhone.

    Do you have Apple Music or other subscription on a different Apple ID than your Apple ID on your iPhone? Here is how to use a different Apple ID for Apple Music, Apple TV, App Store, and more on your iPhone.


  • Set Up Family Sharing on iPhone to Share Apple Subscriptions
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    Cancel Through Apple Tv

    Apple Music is also available on the fourth-generation Apple TV and Apple TV 4K. You can manage your subscription directly from the TV by going to Settings > Users and Accounts > > Subscriptions > Apple Music Membership. At this screen, you can then cancel or change your subscription status.

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    I Can’t Remember Which Email Address I Use To Log In With What Do I Do

    The best way to find out which email address you registered with is to try using your various email addresses to reset your password as that will tell you if the email address is recognised.

    If none of your email addresses are recognised it means you havent registered, so youre free to create a new account.

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    Set Up Family Sharing On Iphone To Share Apple Subscriptions

    If you do not want to change Apple ID for App Store and Apple Music, but want to save money with Apple Subscriptions, Family Sharing might be the best bet here. With Family Sharing on iPhone, you can add your Family members and buy Family Sharing subscriptions for everything. You can share these subscriptions among family members, which can help you save money more than you can think of. To set up family sharing on your iPhone,

  • Go to Settings and tap your name at the top.
  • Choose Family Sharing from the next screen.
  • If you have not set up Family sharing yet, follow the instructions on the screen.
  • After setting up, tap Add Member.
  • Tap Invite People from the popup window.
  • Choose Invite in Person from the Share Sheet.
  • Sign in using the family members Apple ID to add to your family.
  • Once you add members to your family, all Family Sharing plans can be shared among everyone. A total of up to 5 members can be in a Family Sharing plan. You can subscribe to the Family Sharing plan of Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and other services to share with everyone. Anyone in the family can purchase the subscription and you will be able to use the same.

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    How To Switch From The Head Of A Family Subscription To An Individual Subscription

    How to Change Apple Music Account on HomePod

    The Apple Music Family plan is not only good for family members but also friends. But if all your relatives or friends except you are not interested in Apple Music anymore, there is no reason to keep it.

    You can switch to Apple Music Individual within a few steps. When it is done, all the members from the family group won’t have access to the account anymore. But their playlists, likes, preferences are still kept for a brief time in case they want to subscribe to it again later.

    1. Open the Apple Music app from your iDevice.

    2. Go to “For You” tab.

    3. Click the account icon and login with your account and password.

    4. Click “Manager” menu under the “Subscriptions” tab.

    5. Click the “Subscribe”icon next to “Individual” to change to personal subscription.

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    How To Share Apple Music With Your Family

    Preparation: Set up Family Sharing Feature

    To use the Apple Music Family feature, you first need to set up the Family Sharing feature. Once set up, you can share content purchased from iTunes, iBooks, and the App Store with other family members. Go to your Apple device, open the Settings app, select iCloud and click ” Set Up Family Sharing”. Please confirm that you want to be a family organizer. After that, you can sign up for Apple Music.

    How Many Different Family Members Can I Add To Apple Music

    Theres a limit to how many different family members you can add to Apple Music. Only six people or, more specifically, six separate Apple ID profiles can share the same subscription plan.

    Each member has to have their own Apple ID. Parents can set up an account for their kids if theyre under the age of 13.

    However, thats not the only way to add them to the Family Sharing group. If they happen to have a Game Center account, you can use that instead. Heres how to add your child to Apple Music without an Apple ID:

    1. Open Settings and tap on your name. If youre on your Mac, go to Apple Menu > System Preferences.

    2. Select Family Sharing then Add Family Member. For Mac users, click the + Add button.

    3. Type your childs username from Game Center.

    4. Complete the steps from the onscreen instructions.

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