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How To Submit Music For Commercials

Your Audio Ad Script Matches Your Brand Voice

How to submit your songs to music libraries for ad placements, tv commercials and more.

Depending on your brand and the goal of your advertising, you may either integrate cheeky language into your script or opt for a no-nonsense approach. In the end, what matters most is that the words, phrasing, and tone you choose to include match your brand voice, making your ad come across as authentic.

Get scriptwriting inspiration for a wide variety of industries, with this collection of voice over scripts.

Vocal Or Instrumental: Which Type Of Music Is More Suitable For Commercials

At this point, you have already answered many of the questions you had about music for commercials.

You even now know the best platforms to get it.

However, we still havent solved the riddle about the best type of ad music.

There are many people who wonder what kind of music ads use. And the truth is that the answer is very variable.

According to a study conducted by the marketing agency Main Street Host, which analyzed the 50 most viewed commercials on YouTube, the following conclusions were drawn:

  • 62.8% used instrumental music.
  • 37.2% used vocal or lyrical music.


As for vocal music, it is often used in commercials for two reasons:

  • Establish a more concrete association between music and visual elements.
  • Create a popular reference that gets instant recognition from viewers.
  • In any case, you will have to take into account the type of ad you want to create and then find the type of music that best accompanies your message.

    Research How You Can Make An Emotional Connection With Your Lead

    Once you have a pretty good picture of what your lead has been up to, take the time to figure out how you can make an emotional connection with them.

    Do they mention anything interesting during interviews?

    How do they talk about music? Do they go into the technical detail of a piece or do they use more visual imagery?

    Do they seem pretty laidback or friendly or the type of person who appreciates formal marks of respect?

    How do they talk about songwriters approaching them?

    The idea here is that you want to get a fairly good idea of their personality, what theyre likely to respond to and the kind of things that just pisses them off.

    Action item: read and watch 2-3 interviews of your lead and complete their profile with the information that makes an impression on you.

    Try to stay away from clichés for this.

    We dont care that they say they are looking for great music that makes them feel something.

    Who isnt?!

    We do care that theyre not interested in the latest trends or dont like to receive follow up emails from people they dont know or never open emails with files attached.

    That tells you something about them and gives you a hint of how you should approach them.

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    Loud Background Music Is Distracting

    You dont necessarily need to eliminate background music, but rather, consider the volume level of the background music in comparison to the voice overwhich should be heard front and center.

    On the topic of background music, you can license a track from a music provider. There are literally thousands of tracks to choose from online, and youll be sure to find one that represents your brand and matches the performance style of the voice talent.

    Research How You Can Get In Touch With Your Lead

    How to Submit Music to Spotify Playlists 100% Free ...

    Now you know a little bit more about what the person youre trying to impress likes and doesnt like, wants and doesnt want, its time to figure out how you can reach them.

    If they mentioned how to approach them in an interview, youre golden. Just do what they say!

    Otherwise, ask yourself.

    How do they get the music?

    Are they clearing tracks themselves or do they work with a third-party?

    Would it make sense to get in touch with that third-party first? Do you know or can you guess who their contact is there?

    Do they have their own production company? Who can you get in touch with there?

    Can you get an introduction?

    Theres no doubt about it: getting a referral makes your life wayyyy easier.

    Music supervisors are inundated with music submissions for TV placement.

    The easiest way to stand out is to have someone they trust introduce you.

    Action item: research how your lead gets their music and if there is anyone in their entourage that might be able to recommend you update their profile with this information for future reference

    Asking other songwriters whove placed music with them is good way to gain useful insight.

    imdb, LinkedIn, Twitter are your friends here. These tools give you a good idea of who your lead works and engages with.

    Once youve done all your research on the music supervisors you want to work with, its time to SEND THEM MUSIC!

    To get their attention in a sea of competition, youll have to communicate effectively.

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    Where Can I Go To Get My Music Placed

    Thats what were about to get into, and make no mistake about it, there are plenty of companies that can help you get your music into TV, films, games and beyond.

    What should be said at the outset is that every company is a little different.

    Some require you to sign over exclusive rights to the music you submit, while others do not.

    Some will be proactive in finding placement opportunities for you, while others will just maintain a catalog that filmmakers and others can browse and license at their convenience.

    Some are opportunity directories. Others have direct access to people who are looking for music they can use in their projects.

    There isnt necessarily a right or wrong way. But based on your goals, you should always be mindful of what youre signing up for.

    With that, here are 11 of the best and most well-known licensing companies around.

    A Qualified Professional Who Oversees All Music Related Aspects Of Film Television Advertising Video Games And Any Other Existing Or Emerging Visual Media Platforms As Required

    Music supervisors are the actual people who take the cues from the producers and director when the picture is locked and underscore the picture with songs. The composer underscores the picture with original, scored compositions written specifically for that scene.

    Sometimes music supervisors use the instrumental version and most of the time its just a small snippet of the song .

    On the ASCAP panel sat Rebecca Rienks, who currently places music for E! Holly Hung, who primarily places music in film trailers Jeff Gray just finished a feature film Lindsay Wolfington , mostly works on TV shows and the moderator, Jason Kramer, is a music supervisor at Elias Arts, a music production company that specializes in original music composition and sound design for TV, films and commercials. Kramer is also a host on Los Angeles KCRW.

    They rapped for just over an hour about what types of music they look for, day to day challenges and showed us some of the spots theyve placed music in.

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    Your Audio Ad Music And Sound Effects Create A Mood

    Without visuals to rely on, the music and sounds effects, or the inclusion of a sonic logo all need to work together to convey the mood and setting of your commercial. This careful attention to detail can mean the difference between catching a listeners attention or fading into background noise.

    For instance, if youre a company that sells vacation packages, imagine how your target audience might be captured by the grating sound of an ice scraper on a car windshieldespecially when juxtaposed with the sound of ice cubes clinking together in a fresh, cold drink as waves crash in the background.

    Best Music Licensing Companies 2022 That Can Get Your Music Placed

    How to Sell Your Music for Commercials – Tips episode 32

    Licensing and placements are a major source of income for musicians. Some musicians live exclusively off the royalties they earn through strategic placements.

    Although it does get talked about a lot, its surprising that it doesnt get talked about more. Even for independents, licensing represents a good opportunity.

    You might think that major label artists have the upper hand but thats not necessarily the case. If youre tenacious and have the right connections, you can get your music placed in media too.

    But first, if it’s your aim to do music professionally, you’ll want to check out our free ebook while it’s still available:

    Free eBook: Discover how real independent musicians like you are making $4,077 – $22,573+ monthly via Youtube, let me know where to send the details:

  • Best Music Licensing Companies That Can Get Your Music Placed, Final Thoughts
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    Make A Production Thats Cinematic And Stands On Its Own As An Instrumental

    Oftentimes when a song is licensed both the vocal and instrumental versions of the song will be asked for. This is because if theres a voiceover or dialogue over the song, the editor might want to drop out the vocals in that section of the song. The instrumental that is left still needs to offer dynamics and help move the scene or the commercial along.

    How To Create Audio Ads: 8 Tips For Digital Advertising

    Audio ads have become one of the most prominent forms of digital advertising in the world today. Served to listeners through a range of distribution channels, including podcasts, smart speakers, audio search, music streaming services, and traditional radio, audio ads are a central component of the audio revolution that has taken the world of advertising by storm.

    According to Statista, the digital audio advertising space is anticipated to grow by more than 23.5% in 2021. Some studies also indicate that audio ads may be more effective than any other form of media, including old-school radio.

    A study commissioned by Pandora found that when audio ads were integrated with participants personal music playlists, these ads impacted long-term memory 49% better than radio, 36% better than television, and 29% better than mobile video ads.

    Due to the easy availability of voice recording software, the affordability of professional-grade recording equipment, and the variety of digital platforms that now host audio ads, it has never been easier to get your message out there.

    In this article, well explain everything you need to know about audio ads, including:

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    What Is Music Sync Licensing

    Music sync licensing is basically placing one of your songs in a YouTube video, on a TV show, in a film or in a video game. In exchange, you get paid a synchronization fee upfront and, depending on where and how often the track is played in public, on TV, for example, you also get paid royalties.

    There are other ways you can license your music – you could license a composition to a performing artist for example, but, for the purposes of this post, letâs keep it simple. Weâll focus on licensing music for film and TV.

    < hr>

    Can I Use Famous Songs In My Ads

    15 Tips and Tricks for mastering Apple Music

    The easy answer to this question is yes.

    However, there are certain details you should be aware of before choosing this option.

    The first thing to keep in mind is that you cannot use famous music in an advertisement without first having acquired the license to use it.

    If you do so, you will be risking your ad being blocked from any social platform such as YouTube or Facebook.

    But the worst consequence is that you can be fined for copyright infringement.

    To avoid this, you will have to get the corresponding licenses for the song you want to use in your ad.

    However, another problem arises here.

    There are many artists and record labels that refuse to allow the licensing of their songs for advertising use.

    The most common reason is that they do not want to associate the name of any brand or product with their song, as this could have a negative impact on their reputation.

    However, there are also many artists and record labels that will release the rights to their songs for commercials.

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    Slower Voice Over Delivery Forms A Connection With The Listener

    When youre writing a voice over script, it can be easy to lose sight of the fact that the voice actor may only have a limited amount of time to deliver the whole read. You dont want your audio ad to sound like the rapid chatter associated with disclaimer statements, like those that appear at the end of a prescription drug commercial!

    When you want your ad to be conversational, it pays to be sparing with the copy. By nature, conversations are much slower than ads you hear on television or on the radio.

    Give time for the listener to mentally absorb what theyve just heard and take action.

    Soundstripe Offer Unlimited Licenses Of Music

    Soundstripe works a lot like Artlist in that they offer unlimited music subscriptions to their clients.

    So, anyone looking for loads of quality music they can use in their productions is sure to love what Soundstripe has to offer.

    Although they arent currently accepting applications from artists, they will be in the future.

    So, if youre shopping around for a platform where you can submit your music, its worth keeping an eye on Soundstripe.

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    Music For Your Videos And Online Projects

    Over the last few years, the use of music on the Internet has evolved along with the industry. You cant just take any famous song, add it to a YouTube video and sit back and relax. Thats why an alternative was quickly born: Royalty-Free music. The licenses and subscriptions offered by many of the online platforms we review here at Legis Music allow you to use high-quality music for your projects in a very simple way, usually offering even unlimited downloads of songs and sound effects for a small monthly fee. All so you can create the best online content without worrying about acquiring royalties.

    Minutes To 30 Seconds: How I Started Writing Music For Commercials

    How To Get Your Music Placed In TV and Film | Music Business Shortcuts

    This article originally appeared on Living on Gigging.

    I get a lot of questions about how I became a jingle writer and how it’s possible to have a career as a songwriter and a career as a composer. Everyone who writes for ads has a different story of how he or she landed into the world of writing a 30-second film score. Here’s mine.

    To start, I have two upfront confessions. One, I only have one career: I create music while sharing my process. The whole kit ‘n’ caboodle is what I do to make a living, to stay creative and wake up excited about my day of work ahead of me. Two, I’ve never really written a typical “jingle,” you know, like Folgers’ “The Best Part of Waking Up” or “The Joy of Pepsi” or McDonald’s “ba da ba ba ba.” I write what I’d call music underscores the kind of music that you can maybe hum along to, but usually doesn’t have lyrics and is often specific to a certain commercial , like this Honey Nut Cheerios ad.

    While I was at the jingle house and not on the road, I started staying late, using the empty composers’ studios to write on whatever jobs were in-house. The next morning, I would present my tracks to the bosses, and they started to include my compositions in the batch of tracks they sent to the clients. And pretty soon, I started “winning” jobs.

    Can you write a great jingle? Get paid a minimum of $10,000 and have your song used in a national ad campaign by submitting to these free opportunities:

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    Conversational Tone In Your Audio Ad Voice Over Can Be Powerful

    As Dale Carnegie aptly pointed out in his classic book How To Win Friends and Influence People, people like listening to friendly people who speak clearly and in a conversational manner. This has never been truer than in present day, when relatable voice over reads are dominating the advertising space.

    When you post your voice over job for your audio ad, you can provide artistic direction to auditioning voice over actors that includes a read thats conversational and friendly.

    Read more about voice over trends in our Voice Over Industry Research Reports.

    Listen To Music On Tv

    The key here is to listen with an open mind.

    You may think you know what kind of music gets licensed on TV.

    You may assume your songs are too this or that to land certain placements in commercials.

    Heres an eclectic playlist of music from TV shows:

    Action item: for the next 7 days, pay attention to the music in TV shows, films and adverts Shazam the music you hear and write down what song played and where you heard it in a notebook.

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    The Creative Process Points

    The vast majority of the music I make is music underscore, not the jingle style melodic hooks with product-based lyrics you would traditionally think of with ad music. I write with a mixture of MIDI and recorded instruments.

    MIDI has more flexibility and live instruments can help the music feel more organic. This is the word that gets used most in music briefs!

    Im not a very technical musician at all, but Ive found that, the majority of the time, simple works best.When it comes to writing music for commercials, I think there are a couple of routes.

    A lot of commercials are only 30 seconds long and may have wall to wall voiceover, so you have to get to the point but also not overcrowd things.

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