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How To Slow Down Music

Does The Song Slower Work On Pcs And Laptops

How to Slow Down and Reverb Songs (Tutorial)

Yes. Our online Song Slower is accepted on all platforms. You can use this free tool on your website from your pc and your laptop as well. It supports both Windows and Mac. All you need to do is choose a track that needs to be worked on and select the speed you want to alter it to. You can download the track on your laptop after that.

Music Editor Pitch And Speed Changer : Up Tempo

Up Tempo is an application created by musicians to facilitate their work and learning. It allows you to change the speed and pitch of a song on your device. You can do this either by using a timer or manually, choosing your own starting point or changing the whole song.

The interface of the application is quite simple and will not require any special knowledge from you. The soundtrack itself is presented to you as a kind of oscillogram, which displays the height and volume of sounds.

This is exactly how you make changes to the sound for example, marking the minute you need to speed up the pace. For convenience, you can change the orientation of the images and make all the adjustments horizontally. All changes are made in real time.

In the Pro version, you can even apply the same default settings to different tracks. Song export is available in m4a and mp3 formats. Do you need a variety of songs or do you just need to speed up your songs? Then Up Tempo will not disappoint you.

Learning Music By Ear Makes You A Better Musician

This is a common theme that youll notice across most of the articles that I write. We are musicians, we must exercise our ears!

Dont get fooled into reading tabs without spending some serious time matching what your ear hears to notes on your instrument. Learn how to hear what key a song is in. Learn how to create harmonies just by hearing certain parts of the song.

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What Is Tempo In Music

What is tempo in music is common question that comes up and we use it to describe the speed that a piece of music should be played at.

But describing the tempo of a piece of music is a little harder than using words like fast or slow.

One way we can set the tempo is by using a BPM marking that tells the musician exactly how many beats they should count in one minute.

They can use a metronome to work this out.

But before metronomes existed, tempo was more of a relative term and so in music, we tend to use different Italian terms to describe different speeds.

Best Apps To Slow Down Music

Slow Down Sheet music for Piano

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Summary :

Slowing down music is a useful way for those who want to learn new songs or work out recorded music by ear. In this post, Ive collected the 4 best apps to slow down music. Check out this post now!

Quick Navigation :

You may want to transcribe a piece of music and play it on your instrument when listening to music that is not written down. To help you transcribe music quickly, here are some slow-down music apps for you .

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Slow Down Music To Hear Whats Happening In A Song

Sometimes a song goes by too quickly for you to understand whats happening, especially if youre an inexperienced player. Listening carefully to a song you have slowed down helps you identify the notes in chords, riffs, and solos more easily. For example, not sure which note a player has put in the bass position on a particular chord? Slow it down and listen. Is a riff or solo going by too quickly for you to recognize the notes? Slow it down to the point where you can hear each note clearly.

How To Slow Down Your Garageband Audio With The Tempo Track

Using the Tempo Track to slow down your audio isnt terribly different from adjusting it with the Time Position display. In fact, the two are essentially the same thing, however, the tempo track is doing it with automation points and an automation line, and it can be controlled at various points of the project, rather than all at once. So what does that look like?

As you can see here, the blue line, which represents the Tempo Track automation line, has been pulled down at various points of the project. Ive adjusted the tempo there about 4 different times, once at 80 BPM, 70 BPM, 87 BPM, and then up to 107 BPM. Setting this up isnt terribly difficult it functions the same way as the automation function which Ive written guides on before.

1) Use to bring up the tempo track, or click on Track, in the toolbar to bring up the Tempo Track manually .

2) Once the Tempo Track has been presented, youll see a solid blue line that runs all throughout the project.

3) Drop blue automation points on the line wherever you want to make adjustments to the BPM of the project, and then drag the line down to slow down your audio, or up to speed it up.

4) Use more than two points on each side of the areas where you want to adjust the BPM, that way you dont increase or decrease the speed of other areas by accident. Ill show you what I mean by that now:

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Prepare The File You Want To Slow Down

Next we need to make sure that the file we want to slow down is in the correct format. Transcribe! will take .wav, .mp3, and .m4a files. I would recommend using mp3 for its relative ubiquity, size, and nearly every program can handle them.

If you already have an .mp3 file to slow down, skip the next step where I detail how I download mp3s from youtube in order to slow them down in Transcribe!

How To Slow Down The Audio Of One Track Independently

How to Slow Down Music using Windows Media Player

To slow down the audio of only one track in Garageband, hit the Solo button to isolate the track. Click on Share in the toolbar and then export the track to your desktop. Import the audio track into a new project and then change the BPM. Export it again, and then drag it into the first project.

Everything I just said may seem like a mouth full, but dont worry. Ill show you how to do this now in a step-by-step fashion.

1) Hit Solo on the audio track that you want to slow down individually. This has the effect of muting all of the other tracks.

2) Click Share in the toolbar, then Export Song to Disk, and then AIFF.

3) Save your Garageband project, close it, and then open a new project

4) Import your audio recording into your new project

5) Check off the box, Enable Flex.

6) Change the BPM using the Time Position Display or the Tempo Track

7) Click Export again, choose AIFF, and put it on your desktop

8) Open your old Garageband project and then import the modified file.

Youll notice now that the speed of your audio file will be totally changed but the rest of your tracks will be the same. And thats how its done. I said at the start of the article that I was going to show you some other methods for doing the same thing and thats what Ill do now.

The first way is to use Audacity, which will do the same thing and at a similar quality as Garageband, and the last is with Celemonys Melodyne 5, which is by far the best way of doing it.

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Introducing The Amazing Slow Downer App By Roni Music

Ted Ervin

Readers note: This post is geared towards students of Crescendo Music System but others will find it useful as well.

The Amazing Slow Downer app is a great tool for the practicing musician. Here are of some of the cool things you can do with it:

  • Speed up or slow down a song on the fly without changing pitch
  • Change the pitch of a song on the fly without changing the tempo and,
  • Select and repeat a song section.

ASD also connects with Spotify and Apple Music so you can play and adjust music from those services.

OK Ted, youve convinced me. Where can I get this Amazing app ?

I am so glad you asked! Here you go:

OK, now that youve gotten the app, open it up. On Apple devices the interface should look something like this:

On Android devices it should look something like this:

Best Apps To Speed Up Or Slow Down The Music

People who listen to audiobooks or prefer to take up podcasts on the road, know about such a situation as uncomfortable rhythm. Your audio track may be too slow or too fast in general, such that you will feel really uncomfortable listening to the information. Constantly rewinding, switching on and off again in general is not very convenient.

Nowadays, modern technology has developed many applications that are designed to make our lives a little easier. Fortunately, special services have been created in order to change the pace of music. All you have to do is install the necessary application on your smartphone. So which ones will help you slow down or speed up your music? Here are 11 of the most convenient apps that are popular among users and have high ratings.

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Amazing Slow Downer Lite By Roni Music

Roni Music designed and developed Amazing Slow Downer Lite. The app is available on android devices only. iOS owners might want to think about using it. With the help of this app, you can slow down the track.

The program is ideal for those of you who want to experiment with your singing and learning music. Perhaps, this can help you create your fusion and music. For any musician, you must come up with your own song style and creation.

This app can help you achieve that. With slow music, you can easily listen to the track or songs repeatedly again. When the need arises, you can also increase the speed of the song or music.

This software enables you to make changes, perfect for audio editors. If you are a budding music composer, then you will find this app useful to meet your requirements.

The Amazing Slow Downer Lite by Roni Music app ranked number 8th in our Best Slow Down Music Apps list that you should download.

Windows Media Player And Apowersoft Free Audio Recorder

Slow Down sheet music by Bobby Valentino (Piano, Vocal ...

This method is easy to handle, and the two tools are both free and efficient. Windows Media Player comes with your system as default. For the Apowersoft free audio recorder, you only need to download it from its official website. The process of making an audio file slower comes in two stages:

Stage 1: Playback

First you have to open the Windows Media Player and you would normally arrive at the library. The following steps will guide you through it:

  • Play any audio file and then go to the Now Playing Mode. Maximum the window and you will see the button for switching at the lower right corner of the entire user interface just above your computers time display.
  • Just right-click anywhere in the player like the visualization display and mouse over the Enhancements tab. You will be shown a list of categories and then you can click Play Speed Settings.
  • You will see a small window that contains one adjustment bar and three links for slow, normal, and fast. You can either adjust the button in the bar or click any of the links to slow down an audio file. After adjusting the settings, your changes will be applied to audio playback.
  • When you are done, you can close the window and proceed to the next stage.

    Stage 2: Recording

    Install Apowersoft Free Audio Recorder, open the application and you will arrive at the main user interface. The rest is as follows:

    Thats how to slow down audio using the two programs. For reference, Ill introduce another audio slow downer.

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    Voice Pitch And Tempo Changer

    Voice Pitch and Tempo Changer is an app that can be used on Apple devices like iPad, iPod, and iPhones. Perhaps, this does work against android device users who do not have a clue of what they are missing out on.

    The app is named aptly so because it changes the tempo of the song as well as the pitch of the voice. Extremely suitable for beginners who want to learn how to sing and dance. You can decide on the speed of the song being played.

    It comes with a simple interface that allows even novices to operate using it. Apart from the features mentioned above, you can also share your work with others through messenger, emails, and social media.

    What Do We Really Want

    If you have never tried it then you might think that once you have some music on your hard diskin digital form, it would be easy to change the speed without changing the pitch – just a bit ofresampling or something like that. But in fact it’s difficult. Resampling – changing the sample rate- merely enables you to change the pitch and speed together in a way that’s exactly analogousto varying the speed of an analogue tape recorder or vinyl record player. Halve the speed andthe pitch goes down an octave.

    Before we can decide what we should be aiming for we have to ask what our slowdownprogram will be used for. Here are some questions we must consider:

    • Are we working on polyphonic material or just one note at a time?Different techniques may be preferred, depending.
    • Are we running in real time on a desktop computer in which case we must use efficientprocessing techniques, or are we running on expensive dedicated hardware or non-realtime,in which case we can use more sophisticated methods?
    • Are we aiming for a high quality realistic musical result, in which case it is reasonable tolimit ourselves to small changes in speed or do we want large changes, in which case we must accept that it will sound”processed”?

    The bass note vs. guitar strum example above is a tricky one but multi-resolutionprocessing helps a lot.

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    How To Slow Down Your Garageband Audio With The Bpm

    As Ive said earlier, there are a few different ways of slowing down your audio in Garageband.

    1) The first thing you need to do though is double click on your audio tracks in order to bring up the Audio Editor.

    2) From there, you have to check off the box that says, Enable Flex, which will make it so that changes you made to the Time Position display will be reflected in the audio.

    3) Navigate to the Time Position display as whats shown down below and type in the BPM that you want. Obviously, if youre trying to slow down your audio, youll want to lower the number, rather than increase it. Once youve done that, youll notice how it has changed the tempo of your entire project.

    Benefits Of Slow Down Music Apps

    How to slow down your music!

    Listening to a song or track repeatedly might not do you any good. However, when you listen to it slowly or a little faster, you can memorize it so well that you know what comes next. This immensely helps in your preparation for singing or dancing.

    The apps to slow down your music should be able to change or modify the speed of the music or song being played. However, you would be surprised to know that the reasons for slowing down music and songs are not limited to musicians alone.

    There are a few more other benefits of slowing down songs and music. Perhaps, you could be a dance teacher or an aspiring dancer, music teacher, or even a choirmaster.

    For example, when you are learning a dance or trying to perfect some steps when dancing, then listening to the beat and tune, slowly enables you to match the rhythm.

    We have come up with the best apps to slow down music in the market. Our research team has done all the hard work for you.

    So, all you need to do is sit back and relax and go through the post carefully.

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    The Best Software For Slowing Down Music

    The best and easiest program to use for slowing down music to learn guitar parts is called Transcribe! This software is simple, clean, and has all the functionality you need without going overboard. If youre looking for a simple solution to slowing down music while maintaining the correct pitch, Transcribe! Is the software for you.

    I have been using this piece of software for over 10 years, and its still the best that is out there in my opinion. Its incredibly powerful without being too complicated. Its got all the features you need and Ive never run into a situation where it couldnt do something I needed it to do.

    One of the things I like about it is their free 30 day trial. The trial software has all of the functionality of the paid version, so you get a good idea of what it can do before you buy it. Click on the link below to get the free 30 trial.

    Once you decide to buy, the software is only $39. This is a lifetime software license and you never have to pay a subscription fee and there arent any annoying in-app purchase offers. Just a well made, simple tool to slow down music.

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