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How To Share Playlist On Apple Music

How To Create An Apple Music Playlist

Share a Playlist using iMessage in Apple Music

The procedure for creating a playlist on Apple Music differs depending on whether you’re using a mobile device or computer.

On the iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices, follow these steps to create a new playlist:

  • Launch the Music app and tap on the Library tab.
  • In the list of categories, choose Playlists.
  • Tap New Playlist.
  • Enter a name and an optional description for your new playlist.
  • If you’d like, tap the Camera button to use a new photo or one from your library as the playlist’s cover artwork.
  • Use the toggle labeled Show on My Profile and in Search to determine whether your playlist will be visible on your public Apple Music profile.
  • Tap Add Music to browse the Apple Music catalog and search through your collection for songs and albums to add.
  • When you’re finished, tap Done to save your playlist.
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    Here’s how to create a playlist in the Music app for Mac or iTunes for Windows:

  • Launch the Music app and click File > New > Playlist .
  • Give your playlist a name and hit the Enter key or click outside the text field.
  • How To Share A Playlist With Friends In Apple Music On Mac

  • Launch Apple Music or iTunes on your Mac.
  • Open the playlist you want to share.
  • Click on the three-dots icon.
  • Hit
  • Choose the right sharing medium, and thats it!

    Signing Off

    Now you can tune in your favorite songs with your best friends and family in Apple Music together. Do you know that you can also download songs from Apple Music to your iPhone?

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    How To Add Songs To A Shared Apple Music Playlist

    From above, we’d learned how to make Apple Music collaborative playlist. Now, we will see how to add songs to collaborative playlist Apple Music. There are multiple methods to import songs to your shared playlist Apple Music. You can either do it within the iTunes, Music app or third party apps like Shazam. Following are the best methods.

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    How To Transfer Albums From Apple Music To Spotify

    Do you have favorites albums on Apple Music and want to move them to Spotify? The steps below can help you:

  • Open the Web App Open
  • In your Library, select the Albums category Albums Tab
  • Connect Apple Music
  • Select the Apple Music albums you want to move
  • Select Spotify as the destination
  • The process starts. Once finished, if albums have been found, your albums will be available on Spotify
  • How To Transfer Albums From Spotify To Apple Music

    How to share Apple Music playlists

    Do you have favorites albums on Spotify and want to move them to Apple Music? The steps below can help you:

  • Open the Web App Open
  • In your Library, select the Albums category Albums Tab
  • Connect Spotify
  • Select the Spotify albums you want to move
  • Select Apple Music as the destination
  • The process starts. Once finished, if albums have been found, your albums will be available on Apple Music
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    Share Playlist With Itunes

    Step 1 Download and run iTunes

    To share playlist with others via iTunes, and run it first. Sign in with your Apple ID and password.

    Step 2 Export iTunes Playlist

    Select the playlist in the iTunes sidebar, then choose File > Library > Export Playlist. Save the file in the default XML format. Send it to the person with whom you want to share this playlist.

    If you want share iTunes playlist that include your iPhone music, just transfer iPhone music to iTunes firstly.

    Step 3 Import iTunes Playlist

    For the recipient, open iTunes and choose File > Library > Import Playlist, then select the XML file.

    Note: If your friend doesn’t have all the songs on iTunes, he/she will see an import iTunes Playlist error.In this case, you can turn to iTunes’ Home Sharing feature for help, or turn to Method 3. Otherwise, the playlist will be added to his/her iTunes. Your friend can listen to the playlist in iTunes or transfer the iTunes Playlist to iPhone/iPod as he/she like.

    What To Do If Apple Music Family Sharing Not Working

    You can troubleshoot Apple Music family sharing not working with the following tips. These are also the possible reasons that make you can’t share Apple Music playlists.

    1. Remove someone from Family Sharing and re-add him or her.

    2. Sign out of iTunes & App Stores, then re-sign into it.

    3. Review your family sharing settings to see if you sign into the correct Apple ID.

    4. Make sure Purchase Sharing and Apple Music options are turned on.

    5. Your iPhone should be iOS 8 or later versions. As for Mac users, you need to run Mac OS X Yosemite or later.

    6. Use MobieTrans to share Apple Music playlist without family sharing between all devices and music streaming platform.

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    How To Make Collaborative Playlists On Spotify And Apple Music


    If your group of friends is anything like mine, youre obligated to share every great track you come across. Whether you send it to the group chat or through social media, sharing our favorite songs with our friends is one of the best ways to find new music. If only there was a way you could team up to create the ultimate playlist that all of your friends could add to whenever they please Oh wait, there is! Heres how to make collaborative playlists on Spotify and Apple Music

    Use Family Sharing> use Family Sharing

    How to create and share a playlist in Apple Music on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch Apple Support

    Home Sharing is a great way to sync all the Apple devices in your home, but what about syncing with the people in your life? Thats where Family Sharing comes in.

    First, lets make a quick distinction. Home Sharing is about syncing media between devices, whereas Family Sharing is about sharing purchases between accounts. With Family Sharing, you can sync your purchases on the App Store, Apple TV, and even Apple Music with five other accounts be they friends or family.

    To set up Family Sharing on Apple Music, you will have to switch to the Family Plan. Thats $15 a month, up from the $10 for the Individual account. Each person then gets their own profile on Apple Music, where you can send them playlists and songs as well as see what they are listening to.

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    How To Get Started Using Apple Music Playlists

    In this article, we explore how to create, populate, share, discover, and become a master of Apple Music playlists.

    Modern streaming services like Apple Music can help you create a playlist of your favorite tracks. Perhaps one to get moving at the gym, and one to focus and be more productive at work.

    In this article, we explore how to create, populate, share, and discover Apple Music playlists. By the end, you’ll be a pro who can fully wield the power of Apple Music.

    How To Share Apple Music Collaborative Playlist On Iphone And Ipad

    Step 1. Set up the Apple Music app on your device.

    Step 2. Tap ‘Library’ and then ‘Playlists’.

    Step 3. Choose the playlist you want to share on the ‘Playlists’ menu.

    Step 4. Click on the ‘three-dot’ icon and then you will see the ‘More’ menu.

    Step 5. Choose ‘Share’ option and then you will see some options to share your playlist.

    Step 6. Besides, you could tap ‘Edit’ from the top-right corner of the screen. In there, you can show off your playlist on your Apple Music profile.

    Step 7. Touch once on the toggle right next to the ‘Show on My Profile and in Search’. Then you can make your playlist visible on your profile. And then click ‘Done’ to confirm it.

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    How To Create Playlist In Apple Music On Mac

    If your device is running on the latest macOS Catalina or the following, you can create playlists in the Apple Music app. Older Macs and other desktops can use iTunes for the same.

  • Open Apple Music or iTunes on your Mac.
  • Select a song you want to add to a playlist.
  • Click on the three-dots menu.
  • Click Add to Playlist and then select New Playlist.
  • Give a name to that playlist.
  • Making The Most Of Your Apple One Subscription

    How to share playlists on Apple Music with friends ...

    If youve recently got Apple Music because youve chosen to dive into a new Apple One bundle, youll likely have more available to you at your fingertips. Depending on which bundle you chose, youll be able to give Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple News, extra iCloud storage and, for the most premium package, Apple Fitness+.

    With the Individual and Family bundles, youll get Music, TV+, Arcade and iCloud storage for £14.95 and £19.95 per month respectively. The Family bundle gives you access to 200GB of storage compared to 50GB on the Individual, while it also lets you share all your app access with up to five other people a great money saver if youre a family of Apple users.

    Fans of online workout classes or premium magazines, may want to stump up £29.95 per month for the Premium bundle. Youll get access to the new Fitness+, News+ and a whopping 2TB of iCloud storage and you can share this all with five other people, too.

    Adam Speight is a product writer at WIRED. He tweets from

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    How To Share Apple Music With Your Family

    Preparation: Set up Family Sharing Feature

    To use the Apple Music Family feature, you first need to set up the Family Sharing feature. Once set up, you can share content purchased from iTunes, iBooks, and the App Store with other family members. Go to your Apple device, open the Settings app, select iCloud and click ” Set Up Family Sharing”. Please confirm that you want to be a family organizer. After that, you can sign up for Apple Music.

    How To Save Apple Music Songs For Offline Listening

    Adding music to your library is great, but Apple Music lets you do something even better.

    Just adding music to your library means that every time you listen to a song, you stream it. That requires either being on Wi-Fi or using wireless data, and if you don’t have an internet connection you won’t be able to listen to the music. Get around those limitations by downloading the music to your iPhone or iPad for offline listening. This uses storage space on your device, but it means you’re never without the songs you want. Here’s what to do:

  • Go through the steps from the last few sections to add a song, playlist, or album to your music library.

  • Go to the item you just added. If it’s a song, you can find it from the Songs list on the Library tab. For an album or playlist, go to the screen that lists all of the tracks.

  • Tap the download icon to download the song, album, or playlist to your device.

  • You can download individual songs or entire albums, depending on the download icon you tap.

  • Want to remove downloaded music from your iPhone or iPad? It’s almost as easy as adding it. Just find the music you want to remove and tap the icon and select Remove. Then you can decide to Remove Downloads or to Delete from Library .

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    How To Move All Your Music Data From Spotify To Apple Music At Once

    Here are some steps to help you transfer your playlists and favorites from Spotify to Apple Music in one go

  • Open the Web App Open
  • Select Spotify as the source service
  • Choose the categories of elements you want to transfer by checking the corresponding box in left
  • Select Apple Music as the destination service
  • The transfer process runs in the background. You can see the batch progression in real-time in your Batches list See your batches
  • Connect With Friends Through Apple Music


    In addition to being one of the most popular music streaming apps, Apple Music is an excellent tool for making and maintaining friendships. By sharing playlists, songs, and albums with your friends, you show youre thinking of them, which is always a compliment. Sharing playlists on Apple Music isnt complicated, but it requires you to have a profile and add friends.

    We hope the article taught you how to share a playlist on Apple Music. Plus, we hope you learned more about how sharing works and what you need to do if the option isnt available.

    Do you often share music with others? Do you prefer using Apple Music on your Mac or iPhone? Tell us in the comments section below.

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    The Best Bookshelf Speakers Of 2021


    The other big element to these music streaming services is podcasts and Spotify definitely has the upper hand. It has struck deals with some of the biggest podcasts to make them exclusive to Spotify, meaning you can’t listen to them on Apple Music.

    But switching from Spotify to Apple Music can be intimidating. The two interfaces are noticeably different and podcasts arent integrated into the Apple Music app like they are with Spotify . If you find yourself in this predicament not wanting to switch over because youre so heavily invested a way to make that transition slightly easier is to quickly transfer your Spotify playlists over to Apple Music.

    You need to download a separate app, like the ones below, and youll most likely have to pay a small fee, but its a small price to pay to carry over your playlists. Also, many of the below services aren’t limited to Apple Music or Spotify. If you’re switching from basically any music service to another, be it from Tidal to Amazon Music or from Pandora to Deezer, these services will likely be able to help you out.

    To Share Apple Music Playlist Via Facebook Messenger

    It is also possible to share Apple music playlist with the person you met online. You can now share the playlist on Facebook messenger as well.

    Steps to follow to share the Apple Music playlist Via Airdrop

  • The first step is to open the apple music app on your Apple device.
  • Go to the library tab and search for the Playlists option.
  • Open the playlist. You will find the three-dot icon on the top of the playlist page.
  • Many options will pop up from the bottom of the screen. Choose the Facebook messenger option.
  • You will be redirected to the chat page of your Facebook messenger app.
  • Tap on the name of the person you wish to share the music list with.
  • Hit the send button.
  • Your Playlist is being shared.
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    How To Share Playlists On Your Public Apple Music Profile

    It’s also possible to display playlists for followers to see on your public Apple Music profile.

  • Go to the Listen Now tab and tap your user icon .
  • Then, tap the button that displays your name and View Profile.
  • Tap the Edit button.
  • Select the playlists you’d like to make visible on your profile.
  • Finally, tap Done to save your changes.
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    How To Add Songs To An Apple Music Playlist

    How to Share Playlists With Friends in Apple Music

    On an iPhone, iPad, or another mobile device, you can add songs using the following methods:

    • Find your playlist under Library > Playlists then tap Edit followed by Add Music. This allows you to keep adding tracks until you hit Done.
    • When browsing albums or tracks in other playlists, long-press on a track and choose Add to a Playlist.
    • From the Now Playing screen, tap the ellipsis button. Then choose Add to a Playlist to add the current song.
    • Download the Shazam app, identify a song, then tap Add To and choose an Apple Music playlist.

    Image Gallery

    In Music for Mac or iTunes for Windows, there are several ways to populate your playlists:

    • While browsing albums and tracks, click and drag your song to the left-hand sidebar and release it over your chosen playlist.
    • While browsing albums and tracks, right-click on a song and choose Add to Playlist > .
    • In the Now Playing area, hover over the track name. Then, click on the ellipsis button and choose Add to Playlist > .

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    How To Share Apple Music Playlist With Friends On Iphone & Mac

    Trust me you got the best Apple music playlist among all your friends. Why dont you share it with them and tell them what you listen? If you dont know how to share Apple music playlist then read the article given below. In this article, you will come across various methods by which you can share Apple music playlists with your friends.

    You may have created the best Playlist according to your moods. You may have different playlists for traveling, sleeping, partying, romance, and various other moods. If you are confused about how to the apple music playlist with your friends then you must read the full article.

    How to share Apple music playlist with friends?Well, sharing the Apple music is quite simple Follow the stepsLibrary Tab > > Playlists > > Three Dot Options > > Share

    Well, we have explained various methods to share the Apple Music playlist in detail. Read below to know the steps involved to share the apple music playlist via Airdrop, Email, Messaging, and social media.

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