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How To Share Music On Zoom

Can You Share Device Audio After Sharing The Screen On The Computer

Share music from iPhone on Zoom

Yes, you absolutely can. Zoom has provided provisions that enable the user to do so. Lets take a look at how its done.

When you share your screen, Zoom provides a separate control panel to change your settings if you need to at the top-center part of your screen. Run the mouse pointer over the area to reveal the entire control panel.

A window will open with an action button that will state Join With Computer Audio, click on it to connect your device audio to the call.

In the same window at the bottom, Zoom will ask you if the computer audio should be connected automatically when you join a meeting, click on the checkbox to enable this setting.

Thats how you can share device audio even after youve already shared the screen on a Computer.

How Do We Fix It

In addition to screen sharing, Zoom also supports sharing your computer audio. You can share music from applications on your computer with participants on the call, and the audio is really good. This tells me that Zoom doesnt perform the same audio processing on audio shared this way. That got me thinking: Is there a way to share my microphone audio in the same way? It turns out there is.

In order to your microphone audio as described above, you have to create a situation where your microphone audio is being played through your speakers. In the music world, this is referred to as monitoring your microphone input.

The instructions below are for a Mac. Depending on the type of computer youre using, you may have to find a different way of accomplishing it.

How To Host A Zoom Concert With High

At Atomic, weve been staying connected with Quarantunes mini live concerts given by employees and streamed to the entire company over Zoom. These concerts are a fun little pick-me-up during the week that help many of us get through the emotional roller coaster brought about by current events.

Zoom is a great platform for virtual meetings. But while its audio is great for speaking, Zoom has problems when you try to use it for music. Fortunately, I found a way to configure Zoom to provide high-quality audio even when playing musical instruments.

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How To Share Video With Audio In Microsoft Teams

For now, the feature to share your screen containing the video along with its sound in Microsoft Teams is limited to the Windows app only. You cannot use it on Mac and mobile apps . Also, you will not be able to share computer audio if you are using Whiteboard in Teams or while sharing a PowerPoint file.

To share system audio in Microsoft Teams, click on the Share icon present in the bottom toolbar in a Microsoft Teams meeting. A number of options will show up. First, check the box next to Include system audio and then, choose your sharing mode.

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How To Get Good Sound Over Zoom

Share video and audio of music notation software via Zoom ...

Zoom is optimised for speaking. If there is any other noise Zoom will think it is background noise and try to remove it! To share a movie or song over a zoom meeting you need to change some settings. Heres how.

Go to Zoom/Preferences/Audio Advanced and select the following options

This is what it looks like when Original Sound is turned on.

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How To Screen Share With Computer Audio On Zoom

Screen sharing is by far one of the most useful Zoom features. But youve probably had the unfortunate experience of sharing your screen to show a video, only to discover that the other people on the call cant hear the videos audio stream.

The default Zoom configuration is set up to play the audio from your microphone, so you can talk. But its easy to change your settings so you can screen share with audio. You just have to know where to look and which buttons to click.

Well show you how to screen share with audio, along with a few bonus tips to make screen sharing with Zoom even better.

How To Share Computer Audio In Zoom

William StantonRead more October 20, 2020

Zoom offers plenty of options to share files and media with participants of an online meeting. And sharing computer audio is among the platforms most useful features, especially if you host webinars.

The great thing is that this feature doesnt require a complex set-up and there arent too many actions. With that in mind, this write-up focuses on sharing computer audio, and the other sharing options available during a meeting.

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Improve The Acoustics Of The Room To Avoid Echo

If you use an excellent mic and your configuration is spot on, but the rooms acoustics is poor, the sound quality will still be terrible. Usually, echo is the main problem in places with poor acoustics.

Echo happens when sound waves that move through the air hit hard surfaces and bounce back. To stop the echo, you need a way to absorb the sound waves so that they cant bounce back and forth within the room.

There are different ways you can improve a rooms acoustics. One way is by using curtains on the wall and carpet on the floors to absorb the sound. Another way is by using carpet on the walls and floors. The only thing is that it might look ugly.

Additionally, you can use absorption panels on the walls to help reduce echo. You can build your panels to add more personality to your room while helping to reduce the echo. Here is a tutorial I found on Youtube to make your own high-performance sound absorption panels very cheap that deliver excellent results.

If you rather have professional acoustic panels like the ones used in recording studios and dont mind spending some money, choose professional-grade acoustic material.

There are several kits that come with everything you need to improve the acoustics of a room. Here are some examples of what you can get depending on the size of the room :

Set Quicktime Output Volume

How to share music on zoom

On the Audio Recording window, move the volume slider all the way to maximum. If you didnt connect your headphones, prepare for a wonderful ear-splitting effect! You are now monitoring your microphone audio. If you look at the level indicator on the Audio Recording window, you should see it dance as you talk or play. You can also listen to your headphones for a moment to ensure that its working. If its not working, try restarting Quicktime Player.

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Tips For Sharing Tap Over Zoom

Thank you Ballet School of Chapel Hill for these instructions

Instructions to Fix Audio in ZOOM for Tap

  • At the bottom left hand corner click the small arrow next to Join Audio/Mute
  • A small menu will pop up. Click the last option. Audio Settings
  • At the bottom right hand corner in the new window click Advanced
  • Check the box that says

For Screen Sharing And Audio Sharing

  • Select what you would like to screenshare. Then, in the bottom left, youll click the box next to Share computer sound. Then click Share
  • Open spotify . Select the track or playlist you want to share.
  • Move the audio volume to be halfway to start. This is normally about the level youll want it. You will want to adjust depending on the level youd like to have. Having someone else be on the call to listen helps a great deal here.
  • Thats it! Now everyone on the call hears your music. If you would like to end the music before the call ends, simply stop your music and then end your screenshare.

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Playing Music On A Zoom Live Stream/video Call

The right music can help to create an excellent online event experience. Achieving the correct balance between your background music and the volume of your instruction is critical in ensuring that you are heard and understood over your soundtrack.

A lot of the common audio issues with Zoom calls are the result of your background music being picked up by the same microphone that you are speaking into. You can adjust your Zoom settings to prevent this from happening.

Other factors can also play a part, and there are several things, outlined below, that you can try to improve the quality of your audio.

If you aren’t already a Bookwhen subscriber you can learn more about our online event booking system here, or

Sharing Computer Screen And Audio

How Do I Share Music on Zoom in Good Quality?

Note: If multiple screens are being shared, the sound from any particular screen can not be shared.

  • Click the button in the toolbar
  • Check the box to at the bottom of the pop-up window.
  • If you are going to share a video clip, also check Optimize Screen Share for Video Clip.
  • Make sure your volume is an appropriate level.
  • If you are trying to share a video , make sure the screen is visible to participants. What participants see is outlined in green:
  • To stop sharing your screen and audio, simply click Stop Share at the top of your meeting screen.
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    How To Share Audio In Zoom

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    This wikiHow will teach you how to share music or other audio from your computer in a Zoom meeting using the desktop client for Mac and Windows. You can’t use the mobile app to share audio this way. If you’re trying to share a video that contains audio, refer to How to Play a Video in a Zoom Meeting instead.

    How To Record Zoom Meetings

    If you are hosting a meeting, you can record it by hitting the Record button on the right-hand side of the bar at the bottom of your screen.

    Once the meeting is over, your recording will be saved as an .mp4 file.

    Youll get a message at the end of the meeting which tells you where to find your video file, normally in your downloads folder.

    For free accounts, only the host can initiate a recording, so if another participant wants to record, they must get permission from the host.

    To do that, they can set them up as an alternative host

    There is advice on how to do this on the Zoom website.

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    How To Make Zoom Work For Music

    With self-isolation likely to continue for some time, we talk you through using the world’s leading conferencecall service for remote music performance and recording audio.

    Even before the current circumstances, Californian company Zoom were the market leaders in teleconferencing worldwide. Now, of course, they are a household name something I guess they could never have expected. This article gives a brief introduction to using Zoom and, as befits a music technology magazine, some information on how to get the best sound out of it.

    Zoom distinguishes two types of users: meeting hosts and meeting participants. Only hosts need to have an account with Zoom, participants do not. Users must of course have access to a microphone on their machines, and a webcam of some kind is highly desirable.

    The basic host account is free and has one significant limitation: while meetings involving just two people may continue for as long as required, meetings with three or more are limited to just 40 minutes. This, of course, is excellent for evaluating the system but for anything serious one of the paidfor accounts is needed. The next one up is the Pro account, for £11.99 per month in the UK, which allows meetings of up to 100 people lasting up to 24 hours. Pay more and you get more facilities but I suspect the Pro account is the one most people will go for.

    Screen 1: The ‘meeting start’ screen, as seen by the host.

    How To Share Music Through Zoom

    Share Sound WITHOUT Sharing Screen in Zoom

    Whether you want to share your computer audio for your virtual music quiz or just want to have a listening party with your friends, it couldnt be easier to share music through Zoom.

    Firstly, you need to download the desktop app, as you cannot share audio through the web browser.

    • Next, when youre on a call, you simply click on Share Screen on the bottom bar, underneath your camera
    • From here, click on the Advanced on the right-hand corner

    If you want to share your screen at the same time, then simply click Share Screen and then tick the Share computer sound at on the bottom left-hand corner.

    This option, needless to say, doesnt work so well for quizzes.

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    How To Look Better On Zoom

    Unbeknownst to some, Zoom has a special hidden beauty feature which allows you to apply a filter which smooths out your lines and brightens your skin ever-so-slightly.

    Zoom describes the effect as a softening effect to skin to minimize the visibility of imperfections. Which is basically a beauty filter for our new working environment.

    To use it, go to Preferences then click on Video and press Touch up my appearance.

    Alternatively, you can change this setting when youre in a call by clicking on Video settings in the bottom left hand side of your screen.

    No-one will ever know

    Tired of looking like crap while my staff looks amazing on Zoom. How come no one told me about the little filter on Zoom? Had to google how to look better on Zoom to discover this little gem of a button. I dont look great but I look better! A shower helps, too. Thx, !

    Dr. Kathy Wiebke, NBCT

    Play Music From Whichever App Or Website You Want

    Go to whatever music playing app or website you wish to use and choose your music. You will definitely want to adjust the sound on the music playing service youre using so that your voice can be heard over it.

    If the music is still too loud, go to your device settings and change your microphone options to increase the volume.

    Microphones and Headphones?

    To ensure clear and consistent sound, we advise using a good quality microphone if possible so that your lovely voice can be picked up clearly.

    It can be advised to use headphones too when instructing and playing music, so that the music that’s playing doesn’t get picked up by your microphone. When the sound is playing through the meeting on your computer, but also getting relayed through your microphone it can create out of phase music.

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    How To Play Music On Zoom

    Playing music on a Zoom call might have limited application. But its handy for calls where you have long periods of silence such as Zoom classes or to spice up fun Zoom events like ice breaker games.

    To play music on Zoom, begin with the same steps you used to share your screen with audio. Choose to share your main desktop, then open your music player and play your music while sharing your screen with the computer audio enabled.

    Thats all for sharing your screen with sound. But, theres one more tweak you can make to give the best screen sharing experience possible.

    Getting The Best Sound

    Music Over Zoom (for Windows) · Andrew

    In order to save bandwidth and increase intelligibility, Zoom does various tricks with sound. The main one is that it decides who is speaking at any given moment and concentrates on their sound and quietens down everyone else’s. There’s not much you can do about this apart from mute your mic when someone else is singing or playing . It also prioritises speech over other sounds such as music, which it can regard as extraneous noise. However, there is a way to minimise some of the effects of this by using what they are pleased to call ‘Original Sound’, ie. the sound captured by your computer’s microphone before Zoom get their mitts on it.

    To make this work there are things both the meeting host and the participants have to do, but almost all of it needs to be done once only.

    Screen 5: When you’re in the meeting, you’ll want to tick the ‘Enable Original Sound’ box. This prevents Zoom from applying its own automatic level adjustment, which can be handy for speech but tends to deprioritise music.

    Screen 6: Make sure the ‘Automatically adjust microphone volume’ box is deselected.

    At the bottom right-hand corner you’ll see a button labelled ‘Advanced’, which takes you to another screen full of settings. Towards the top of this you’ll see ‘Show inmeeting option to Enable Original Sound from microphone’. Make sure it has a tick next to it. You should also set both ‘Suppress Persistent Background Noise’ and ‘Suppress Intermittent Background Noise’ to Disable .

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    Disable Background Noise Suppression On Zoom

    Zoom audio is optimized to create clarity in speech, and remove unwanted background noise. This becomes problematic for users conducting fitness classes or teaching musical instruments or anything that requires music to be played through a Zoom call.

    In this case, your audio needs to be optimized to pick up not only your voice but also music, without clipping the sound. Zooms audio enhancement settings allow you to disable audio suppression, and enable Original sound. This means that whatever sound enters your microphone, will be transmitted to your listeners, without any optimization.

    Follow the simple guide to set up your Zoom audio for music.

    Step 1: Log in to the Zoom Desktop client.

    Step 2: Click your profile picture in the top right corner of the app and select Settings.

    Step 3: Select the Audio tab in the left panel and click the Advanced button at the bottom of the page.

    In the Advanced Audio page, you will see the following settings. Change them as follows to optimize your audio for background music.

    • Suppress Persistent Background Noise: Disable
    • Suppress Intermittent Background Noise: Disable
    • Echo cancellation: Auto

    For a more detailed summary of the audio settings available, check out our article below.

    Best Audio Settings for Zoom

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