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How To Share Music On Instagram Story

How To Share Spotify Song On Instagram Story

How To Share Apple Music On Instagram Story

Instagram Stories are simple to create. But if you want to increase their engagement rates, you should put some thinking into them. Fortunately, Instagram provides a variety of features to assist you in making your stories entertaining and interesting.

It seems there are some amazing stickers, clocks, calendars, etc. You can also use some interesting effects and decorations for the story. But the story on Instagram may be lacking one important element: music. Instagram plays music from its own catalog. You can also take it from your favorite streaming platforms such as Spotify. All you need to learn about music and Instagram is right here.


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  • All The Ways To Share Your Songs On Socials From Spotify

    Our mission is to help artists connect with their fans, and we know that social media is a huge part of cultivating those connections. Thats why weve focused on building tools like Promo Cards that help make the link between Spotify and social media seamless and effective, including integrations with Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, along with a few other nifty features weve made available to our Spotify for Artists community. You can unveil a brand-new song, celebrate an album anniversary, or share a personally curated playlist in just a few clicks and see your listening numbers soar.

    Of course, for starters, you can always share your music on platforms like SMS, Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, or email via a link. Just go to your profile, track, playlist, or album click on the three dots and tap Share, and Copy Link.

    Beyond a link, though, weve expanded our sharing options to offer a smoother, more visually engaging experience with Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, Snapchat, and more. Here are seven effective ways to share your music on Spotify in an instant.

    Instagram Stories

    Sharing on Instagram Stories

    Facebook Stories

    Sharing on Facebook Stories


    Sharing on Snapchat

    Scannable Spotify Codes

    Sharing With Scannable Spotify Codes

    Promo Cards

    Sharing With Promo Cards

    Sharing Your Canvas to Instagram Stories

    Get unique links for personalized editorial playlists

    Sharing Personalized Editorial Playlists

    -Spotify for Artists

    Add Your Favorite Tunes To Your Instagram Story

    Now you know how to add music to your photos and videos on your Instagram stories. When you take into account the different music apps you can use to add your favorite tunes, the sky is the limit!

    Have you ever added a song to your Instagram? Did you use any of the methods outlined in this guide? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    How To Add Music To Instagram Posts

    Instagram posts are photos or videos that appear on your feed. Unlike Instagram Stories or Reels, you cannot add music to Instagram posts within the app. Instead, you will need a third-party app to add music to your posts.

    While you can create stories and reels within the app, Instagram posts are required to be imported from your gallery. But its not such a bad thing as you get a lot more freedom in the video editor apps compared to Instagram.

    Need To Know How To Add Music To An Instagram Story Its A Great Way To Engage Your Audience

    How to share Spotify music in Instagram Stories

    Making entertaining Instagram Stories should be your primary goal for maintaining an audience. Sharing music is a great way to keep your audience engaged, but clever in-jokes and fan service can make an account worth following. Sharing great videos, behind-the-scenes look at sets, and giving fans a personal view is just one part of social media success.

    How to Add Music to An Instagram Story

    Instagram has licensing deals for its own library, but it also integrates with several music streaming services. Spotify, SoundCloud, and Shazam all offer a music sharing feature. Heres a quick look at everything you need to know when it comes to how to add music to an Instagram Story.

    Adding Music to Instagram

  • Tap the camera button or the Your Story icon to begin.
  • Snap your photo or shoot your video, and add filters.
  • Tap the Sticker icon at the top of the screen, then tap Music.
  • Search for the song you want by song, artist, or album.
  • You can also search by genre or whats popular.
  • Tap the song you want in your story.
  • The music will run for 15-seconds on a static image. The music will play for as long as the entire video runs.
  • Instagram Story Photo with Music

    When choosing to place a music track over a static image, you can select the portion of the song that plays. Move the slider bar until you find the 15-second song clip you want to play. Tap the photo thumbnail to change the image. Songs can offer multiple images and lyrics that appear as the music plays.

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    Add Music To Make Your Instagram Stories More Appealing

    If youre finding your Instagram Stories dull and you want to spice them up a bit, adding some music to them is a really good idea. Instagram lets you add music to your Stories using various ways: you can add music from within the app, or you can fetch music tracks from some of the popular streaming sites.

    There are many ways to make your Instagram Stories interesting, with adding music being one of them.

    Cant Find The Music Sticker On Your Instagram

    If you cant see the music sticker in your Instagram yet, then that probably means that youre in a country where this has not been rolled out yet. Instagram has launched this feature only in a few countries, so not everyone yet has access to this feature.

    This feature was launched in 2018 and the US, the UK, Australia, Sweden, New Zealand, France, and Germany were the first countries to get it. However, they didnt announce when other countries can expect it.

    However, this will be launched worldwide, eventually, so all you have to do is wait for this to be launched in your country.

    Till then, you can use other ways to add music to your as detailed in the next section.

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    How To Add Music To Your Instagram Story

    To add music to an Instagram Story, tap the square smiley face icon in the top-right, and select the Music sticker in the pop-up menu. Choose a song by searching in the list and customize it using the buttons that appear at the bottom of your Story.

    Here’s a full step-by-step breakdown.

    1. Open the Instagram app on your iOS or Android device.

    2. Swipe left from your feed’s home screen to open the Stories feature. Alternatively, tap the plus “+” sign on your profile picture in the top-left corner to create a new Story.

    3. Take or select the photo or video you want to post to your Instagram Story.

    4. In the menu bar along the top of your screen, tap the square smiley face icon, which looks like a Post-It being peeled away.

    5. In the pop-up, tap the “Music” option. Then, in the search box that appears, type in a song or scroll through the listed options.

    6. Tap on the song you want to include when it appears on the list.

    7. Drag the small bar at the bottom of the screen to the segment of the song you want on your Story.

    8. Hit “Done” when finished. You can then drag the song icon to a different location, or pinch the icon outward or inward with your fingers to make it larger or smaller. Then post your Story as you normally would.

    Quick tip: You can select how you want the music to visually appear on your Story as lyrics in different fonts, the cover art of the album, or a small text box announcing the name of the song.

    Add music to Instagram Story from Spotify

    Add Your Tracks To Music In Stories

    How To Add Music To Instagram Story

    One more thing about Instagram Stories.

    When you release a track though us here at Ditto Music, you can actually select the option to release it to Instagram and Facebook, as well as release music to major platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. That means itâll be in Instagramâs âMusic in Storiesâ audio library for everyone to post in their own stories.

    So if youâre not already releasing music through Ditto, you can create a free account and get started here.

    < br>

    Do you have any questions about promoting music on Instagram? Or any tips for other bands and artists? Let us know in the comments below.

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    Apple Music And Instagram Stories

    Instagram has supported music in its interactive Stories feature since June 2018, and users are even allowed to pre-select a song and record a video to match, similar to the many lip-syncing apps out there . Wouldnt it be great if you could share what youre listening on Apple Music in much the same way with your followers on Instagram and Facebook?

    Starting with iOS and iPadOS 13.5, you can.

    This feature creates a slide that you can publish as an interactive story on Facebook or Instagram. The story displays album artwork along with a matching animated background, and your followers can tap the song name in the story to listen to it on Apple Music.

    Follow along with our tutorial included right ahead for step-by-step instructions on how to share Apple Music songs on Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories.

    Add Music To Instagram Stories Without Using The Music Sticker

    The easiest and most obvious way of adding music to your Instagram Stories is by creating a video with music in it and adding it to your Story. You can share videos with music in it simply by adding it to your Instagram Story.

    There are numerous tools available that allow you to make videos with music in it. If you want to use this option, remember to keep your videos less than 15 seconds long. And, another best practice to follow while uploading videos with music is to add the Sound On sticker that lets people know that the Story has sound in it.

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    Add Music In Instagram

    You can add music directly to your story using Instagrams library. Tap the plus icon at the top of the app, then scroll to Story on the bottom navigation bar. You can also long-press Your Story and tap Add to Your Story or swipe to the right to open your camera, then select Your Story after the photo or video is captured.

    At the camera screen, snap your photo or video. You can also swipe up to see your photo library, then select what you want to add. Apply whatever filters or special effects you want. When you’re ready to add a tune to your story, tap the Sticker icon and then tap the Music sticker.

    At the Music screen, browse through the different sections and genres to find a tune. You can also use the search field at the top of the screen to search for particular music by song, artist, or album. Spot a song you like? Tap the Play button to hear a short clip.

    When you’re ready to make a selection, tap the song you want in your story. You will have the opportunity to scroll through the song and decide what sound clip will play over your story. Move the slider bar until you find the section you want added.

    Some songs offer multiple images from which you can choose, so tap the music thumbnail to change the image. Some even offer lyrics that appear on the screen as the music plays. When you’re happy with the image you’ve chosen, tap Done and the song is added to your story in the form of a sticker.

    Using Your Music On Instagram Stories And Reels

    How to share music on Instagram

    Now that you know how to get your music into Instagrams in-app library, lets talk about how to use it.

    After you open Instagram Stories or Reels and take a photo or video , swipe up. You will see the display of stickers that Instagram offers for their Stories. Click the Music sticker.

    Next, start searching for your music in their search bar. Click on the song youre looking for and it will open as an overlay on your Story or Reel. Tap on the sticker itself to change it. There are multiple options some are cover art/song title display options, and others are font options for the lyrics !

    Note: With the 2021 Instagram roll-out of the Music sticker globally, there have been a lot of issues. Business accounts may only be able to access a small amount of royalty-free music . Good news is that there is an easy fix to this! Switch your account from a Business account to a Creator account and BOOM, problem solved! .

    Want to learn more about how to utilize Instagram for your music career? Check our out Musicians Guide to Instagram Stories & Highlights here.

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    How To Post A Video With Music On Instagram Avoiding The Copyright Issue

    Fortunately, there are several ways to troubleshoot this issue and get rid of it. So, stay tuned and find the one that you can do.

    Give Credits to the Owner and Composer

    Obviously, when , no matter if it is a photo, music, video, or even a caption, you always have to mention the owner to declare that you are using content that is not originally yours. Actually, this is what Instagram wants from users. If you want to use the app without getting banned, youâd better pay attention to ethics and laws. So, give the full credit to the owner to not only avoid getting reported, but also help the original composer of the music to grow.

    However, notice that despite giving credits, sometimes Instagram deletes your content because you donât have permission from the creator. In this case, you will get the following messages:

    As you see, you can appeal to Instagramâs decision if you hold a permit from the original owner. After tapping on the appeal link, you will see to the following message:

    So, you can easily repost the deleted video.

    Always Ask Before Sharing

    If you want to completely avoid this issue, ask for the music producerâs permission before sharing it. This prevents your videos from being deleted easily. Just DM the owner and ask them for permission.

    Use Free & Non-Copyrighted Music

    Finally, I highly recommend you to take a look at the following video for more information about this law:

    How To Add A Music Sticker To An Instagram Story

    The process of adding a music sticker to your Instagram Story is straightforward:

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Press your Story icon at the top-left of your screen.
  • Upload your Story by swiping up to access your Camera Roll or shoot it with the Story camera.
  • Press the sticker button at the top of the screen or swipe up.
  • Tap the Music button.
  • Either type the song you want to use into the search bar or browse via your mood, genre preference, or whats popular today.
  • Press the song to add it to your Story.
  • Then, press Done at the top-right corner of the page.
  • Move your sticker to the placement you want on your Stories.
  • Press the Your Story button at the bottom-left of the screen.
  • When selecting a song for your Story, you have the option to listen to a preview before adding it. All you have to do is press the play button to the right of the song.

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    Option : Use Animoto Online

    It’s easy and free to create vertical videos with Animoto. Keep scrolling to preview some popular vertical templates. However, keep in mind that you can start from scratch or use any template that you’d like – all Animoto projects can be made into a vertical video, which is optimized for Stories.

    Learn more about the power of vertical video with our guide for creating vertical video in Animoto and our tips for shooting vertical videos. If you’re in need of inspiration, look no further than our list of .

    New Post Teaser TemplateUse this template to bring your audience back to your feed for the fresh content you’ve shared.

    How To Share Songs From Apple Music To Instagram Story On Iphone

    How to Share Apple Music on Instagram Story – iOS 13.5 Review
  • Update your iPhone to the
  • A menu will swipe up from the bottom of your phone screen tap on icon
  • From the Share sheet, tap on app.
  • If Instagram is not seen in the Share Sheet, browse to the end of the sheet and tap on the More option. From there, tap on Instagram.

    Now iOS will automatically generate an Instagram story this will be a vertical image with a songs title, album cover, and a hazy background. Finally, you can share this image on Instagram as an interactive story.

    When your Instagram friends or followers will tap on this story , they can also listen to this song. It goes without saying that they must be Apple Music subscribers.

    Note: Users, who have accessed the Share sheet by using 3D Touch, should jump on to the five-step above.

    Thats all friends!

    What is your story?

    Apart from Instagram, you can also share Apple Music songs to your Facebook stories. Update your iPhone to the 13.4.5 beta version to share music to Instagram and Facebook. Enjoy this experience of sharing your favorite music with others!

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    Add Music From The Soundcloud App

    Share a song from the SoundCloud app to your Instagram story by selecting a song and choosing . Select Stories to import the song and its associated image into Instagram.

    Once the story has been published, it will serve as a link back to the song on SoundCloud. View the story, tap Play on SoundCloud, then select Open SoundCloud to open the song in the app.

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