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How To Set Up Apple Music

How To Set Up Apple Music Family Sharing

How To Setup Apple Music

To use the family Apple Music family sharing feature you need to have a family subscription. If you are new to Apple Music then you will have to download the Apple Music app, install the app on your device and then launch. Once this is done, you can then launch the app and select the family option when registering your account. If you already use the individual plan, then log into your account and elect to change your plan to the family plan. Once this is set you can now set up Apple Music family sharing.

Inviting Family Members To Join Apple Music

Once you have set up family sharing the next most important step is to invite your family members so that they can enjoy the services. Just like setting up the family sharing, inviting family members is a very simple process. However, the steps to follow differ depending on the device you are using. Here are the important steps you should follow for the different gadgets out there:

Create A Soundtrack To Your Photos

With iOS 15, Apple rolled out a deeper integration between its music app and its photos app . Specifically, it allows Apple Music subscribers to select songs to play while using the Memories feature in the Photos app you can have a soundtrack for your photos. There’s even a song suggestion feature that will recommend songs based on the time and location of your photo memory if you attend a certain concert, the suggestions are smart enough to recommend songs by that artist.

To add a song to your Memories, open the Photos app > select the For You tab > select the Memories tab and select a specific Memory you want to add music to > select the music icon in the bottom-left corner and you’ll be directed to Apple Music.

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Setting Up The Apple Music Family Sharing On Mac

If you are using a PC to listen to Apple Music then it must be a Mac. To set up Apple Music family sharing on a Mac, follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Log into your Apple Music account to start the process.

Step 2. Open the iCloud settings by clicking on the apple logo located on the top left corner of your screen and then click on the “system preferences” icon. On the preferences window click and open the “iCloud” icon.

Step 3. Now select the “Set Up Family” icon and follow the prompts on the screen to start and compete the set up process.

Step 4. The final stage is to invite family members to enjoy the features of the family plan features.

How To Set Up Apple Music On Google Smart Speakers

How to Set Up Your Apple Music Profile and Share Playlists ...

Here’s a look at how to link your Apple Music account in the Google Home app.

1. Download and open the Google Home appLog in to your Google Account. If youre already logged in to the , check to make sure that you’re running the latest version before continuing with the setup.

2. Update your music service preferencesTap the plus sign icon in the upper left corner of the Google Home app and navigate to Add Services> Music. Select Apple Music as your default music provider of choice.

3. Log in to Apple MusicUse your Apple ID and password to log in to your Apple Music account. Face ID works, too, if you have that set up on your iOS device. Now youre ready to start playing Apple Music on your Google smart speakers.

Google Assistant can play a specific song, artist, or playlist with voice commands. You can simply say, Hey Google, play New Music Daily playlist, or, Hey Google, play Rap Life playlist, etc. You can also ask Google to put on music for a certain activity or to match your mood by saying specific phrases like, Hey Google, play workout music, or, … play happy music.

Additionally, the “Hey, Google” command allows you to play your entire Apple Music library by referencing “my songs” or “my library.”

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First Set Up Family Sharing

Set up Family Sharing on your device. Then invite family members to join your family group.

If you already set up Family Sharing, everyone in your family group will automatically have access to Apple Music after you subscribe.

Already subscribe to Apple Music? Learn how to change to a family subscription.

If someone in the family group already has an individual or student subscription to Apple Music, renewal of that subscription is automatically canceled when they join the family group.

How To Set Up Your Apple Music Profile

Here’s how to set up your Apple Music profile.

  • Open Apple Music.
  • Tap the For You tab.
  • Tap your avatar in the top-right corner.

  • Tap on your name.
  • Choose who can follow your Apple Music activity, Everyone or People Approve.
  • Under Shared Playlists, select the playlists to appear on your profile and in search results.
  • Under Show on Profile, tap the toggle on whether visitors to your profile will see what you’re listening to at the current time.

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    Use Your Beats Fit Pro

    When you take your Beats Fit Pro out of the charging case, they’re on and ready to use.

    To control your music, you can use the Beats logo button on either earbud:

    • To pause or play audio, press the Beats logo button once.
    • To skip to the next track, press the Beats logo button twice.
    • To listen to the previous track, press the Beats logo button three times.

    Turn Automatic Ear Detection on or off

    Your Beats Fit Pro sense when they’re in your ear and receive the audio from your device. Beats Fit Pro also pause and resume playback when you remove one of your earbuds, or stop playbackand won’t resumewhen you remove both. When you have Automatic Ear Detection on and you’re not wearing your earbuds, audio plays through your device’s speakers.

    When you turn off Automatic Ear Detection, all audio plays to your Beats Fit Pro whether or not you’re wearing them.

    Here’s how to turn Automatic Ear Detection on or off:

  • Go to Settings > Bluetooth on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
  • In the list of devices, tap the More Info button next to your Beats Fit Pro.
  • Tap the slider next to Automatic Ear Detection.
  • Inviting Family Members On Android

    How To Set Up Apple Music On Amazon Echo

    Step 1. Log into your Apple Music account and open the Apple Music settings by clicking on the “Apple Music” icon and then taping on the “menu” icon then selecting Apple Music settings.

    Step 2. Navigate the Apple Music settings and open the icloud setting by first opening the manage membership then entering your password to open the iCloud settings.

    Step 3. In the iCloud settings find open the Family settings by tapping on the family setup icon.

    Step 4. Now follow the pop up instructions on the screen to add members of your family to the plan.

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    Alternative Solution: Sharing Apple Music To Others Without Family Plan

    In fact, if you want to share Apple Music to others without signing up Apple Music Family plan, you can simply use a 3rd-party Apple Music converting tool such as ViWizard Apple Music Converter to firstly remove DRM lock from Apple Music songs and then convert the music tracks to MP3 format. In this case, you can share any Apple Music track with your family or friends without needing to join and set up Apple Music family sharing.

    • Remove DRM from Apple Music & iTunes songs without quality loss
    • Convert DRM M4P to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4A, M4B
    • Keep and fix ID3 tags and metadata
    • Convert Audible and iTunes audiobooks to MP3, AAC, etc.
    • Convert between DRM-free audio formats

    It’s easy to convert DRM Apple Music songs to MP3 with ViWizard Apple Music Converter. The whole process could be completed in 3 steps only. Here’s the detailed guide to convert Apple Music to DRM-free formats: How to Convert Apple Music to MP3.

    Take Advantage Of Quick Actions

    A pro Apple Music user knows all the little secrets and shortcuts. One of those is quickly accessing menus using 3D touch. If you long press on a song, for example, you’ll get quick-access menus to do things like download it, add to it to a playlist, or create a station around the song. You can do this same sort of thing by long pressing on a playlist.

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    Apple Music Family Plan: What Is It

    The Apple Music’s family plan is one of the best family discount plans among music streaming services in the world. For only $14.99, a family of six can have full access to all features of Apple Music. This saves you $144.95 had you bought individual plans for each of the six family members at $9.99 per individual. With the family plan, you can share app store purchases, iTunes, ebooks and Apple Music playlists. This makes a lot of sense especially for a family with children and teenagers who don’t have credit cards of their own for purchases.

    Where Can I Listen To Apple Music

    How to set up Apple Music with Google Home and Nest Audio ...

    You can listen to Apple Music on the Apple Music app and The Apple Music app is already on your Apple devices. But if youve removed it, you can download it again from the app store. You can also listen to Apple Music on many popular streaming devices, smart TVs, and gaming consoles if they support the Apple Music app.

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    Adjust Apple Music Equalizer On Iphone

    Step 1. Open the Settings app and tap at Music.

    Step 2. Scroll down and tap EQ.

    Step 3. Select your favorite sound effect from the list of EQ options, then you can play Apple Music at your personalized sound quality.

    Tips: Some of you may be not satisfied with the sound effects offered by Apple Music’s default equalizer, if that so, you can always look for other powerful Apple Music equalizers that can provide more fine-tuned presets and customizable features.

    How To Join A Family Group

    If you receive an invitation sent to you by email or text message, then you need to respond from the invitation. But if you miss the invitation, then you need to:

    On iPhone, iPad or iPod touch: Go to Settings > > Invitations and then accept the invitation.

    On your Mac: Go to Apple menu > System Preferences > iCloud > Manage Family and then accept the invitation.

    Note: You are only allowed to join one Family Group, so I recommend that you accept the invitation carefully.

    Once your family members accept your invitation, you can start to share purchased Apple Music tracks, playlists and albums with your family group members. In addition to that, you can also share family photos, videos and Family calendar. Therefore just get started on setting up Apple Music family sharing by following the steps above.

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    How To Invite Family Members To Apple Music On A Mac

    You can manage your subscription plan via the Apple Menu. Heres how to invite family members to Apple Music on a Mac:

  • Open the Apple Menu. Select System Preferences from the control panel.
  • To initiate the step-by-step walk-through, select Add Family Member.
  • Make sure not to skip any steps.
  • If your laptop is running an older version of macOS , youll have to use your iCloud account. Heres how to do it:

  • Navigate to the Apple Menu in the upper-left corner of the screen.
  • Open System Preferences and select iCloud.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the process.
  • Much like with an iOS device, you can set up your childs Apple ID on a Mac. Heres how to do it:

  • Open the Apple Menu in the top-left corner. Go to System Preferences > Family Sharing.
  • Select the Add Family Member option. For older versions of macOS, you have to open iCloud first. Then go to Manage Family and click the + Add button.
  • From the list of options, choose Create an Apple ID. Click Continue.
  • Set the month, date, and year to your childs birthday. Be sure not to make a mistake you cant change the date later.
  • Type in your childs name, password, and create their Apple ID username. Click Next when youre done.
  • Fill in the information regarding your chosen payment plan. Click Agree.
  • A new window will appear instructing you to set up the account. Come up with a memorable password and security questions and fill in the info.
  • Troubleshooting Common Problems With Apple Music Family Sharing

    How to set up Apple Music with SEAT CONNECT

    Quite a number of Apple Music customers report Apple Music family sharing not working for their family members they just added. This is may be because a family member has multiple accounts and may be trying to access the family sharing feature using an unlinked account. It is always important to make sure that the family members are using an account with the names or email address you used to invite them. If you encounter this problem, make sure to check that the right account is being used.

    Sometimes family members report that the Apple Music family sharing not working even when they only have one account. This could be a bug causing a delay synchronizing of the service. If this is the case, let them try logging out of Apple Music and logging in again. This will likely solve the problem.

    If the Apple Music family sharing is still not working even after logging in and out, then as the family sharing administrator, you should try removing every family member from the family sharing feature, log out of Apple Music then log in again and add everyone again. This should solve any problem you may have with Apple Music family sharing.

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    How To Sign Up For Family Sharing On Iphone Or Ipad

    Since the Apple Music Family Plan uses Family sharing, you’ll need to sign up for Family Sharing first.

    The family organizer is the person that should initially set up Family Sharing. As the family organizer, you are the one that will receive requests for purchases, and, more importantly, you are agreeing to pay for any purchases that anyone in the family group makes, adult or child. The steps below assume you’ve already set up your iPhone with an Apple ID and payment information tied to your account. If you haven’t done that, you’ll need to follow the step to .

  • Launch the Settings app from your Home screen.
  • Tap the Apple ID banner at the top.
  • Tap Family Sharing.

  • Tap on Set Up Your Family.
  • Tap on Invite People. Here you’ll also see a list of current services that will be shared.

  • Tap the invite method you want to use and invite the contact.

  • Tap Done.

  • You can add more people to your Family Sharing account later if you want, but once they have accepted your invite to your family. You’ll be ready to start sharing your Apple Music family plan with them.

    How Do I Select Apple Music As My Smart Benefit

    To select Apple Music as your Smart Benefit on an eligible Smart plan:

  • log in to My EE or use the My EE app

  • go to Menu > Plans, Smart Benefits & add-ons

  • select Smart Benefits and follow the steps to select the pass

  • Alternatively, you can choose Apple Music as a Smart Benefit via text:

  • text PICK to 150 to select your Smart Benefit

  • > Find out more about Smart Benefits

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    Albums Artists Songs And Playlists

    With any Apple Watch, you can sync your albums and playlists with your watch. Create a playlist on your phone if you haven’t already done so. Connect your watch to the charger and confirm that it’s charging. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Bluetooth and make sure Bluetooth is turned on.

    Open the Watch app on your iPhone, open the My Watch section, then tap on Music. At this screen, you can enable or disable the option for Recent Music to automatically add music youve listened to recently. Tap Add Music, then select the albums and playlists you wish to hear on your watch. Connect your watch to a charger and wait for the music to sync.

    Moving To Apple Music From Other Streaming Services

    How to set up Apple Music on Google smart speakers

    I have an iTunes Match subscription. If I subscribe to Apple Music, do I still need iTunes Match to keep my complete music collection together? According to Apple, iTunes Match and Apple Music are completely separate services, so it will be up to you to decide if youd like to keep iTunes Match. If your personal music collection has a lot of rare tracks and content that you cant get through Apple Music, then you may want to consider keeping both subscriptions. Check out our explainer to learn more about how Apple Music and iTunes Match work together.


    Apple still offers iTunes Match, a service that lets you store the music that you own in iCloud. You can then access it anywhere you have an internet connection.

    I spent years perfecting my playlists on Spotify and iTunes. Can I import these into Apple Music? Your iTunes playlists will automatically be pulled into Apple Music when you set up your account, as will the rest of your iTunes library.

    However, if you use Spotify, Google Play Music, or any other music subscription service, youre out of luck. There is no easy way to directly import your playlists into Apple Music. There are some third-party playlist importers out there, like Stamp, but we havent tried any of them.

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