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How To Set Music As Ringtone On Android

Use Music To Customize Your Smartphone

How To Set Any Song As Ringtone On Android? Tutorial Video
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In the past, it was a little tricky to choose a new ringtone on Android compared to making a ringtone on iOS, but things are much easier now and you don’t need special software. Here’s everything you need to know about how to make a ringtone for Android and how to make a song a ringtone.

To follow most of these steps, your Android smartphone needs to be running Android 9.0 Pie or later.

Easy Method To Use Spotify As Ringtone On Android

Tired of the same ringtone every time you picked up your Android phone to answer a call? No problem! Android has a flexible operating system and it allows us to do a lot of customizations. Among them, the most useful one is to add personalized ringtones to your smartphone.

Spotify has a growing number of large music library, and it has become more and more popular nowadays. When you’re wandering in the music world and attracted by one song, you may want to download it and set it as your Android ringtone. Unfortunately, Spotify doesn’t allow you to do that, even if you’ve upgraded to the Premium plan.

This is because all Spotify music tracks are protected and we can only listen to them but not “own” them. But don’t worry, we have a solution to help you set Spotify music as Android phone ringtone, with the help of ViWizard Spotify Music Converter. In the following, I’ll show you how to use Spotify as ringtone on Android devices easily.

Part 3. The Bottom Line

How To Set Google Play Music As Android Ringtone

Step 1 When the Google Play ringtones are downloaded, you should find them and select one as your new ringtone. If you feel hard to find these Google Play ringtones, you can go to the File Manager.

Step 2 When you find the tones you want to use, tick the check box beside it and look for an option to Copy. Tap on it, then you need to return to the File Manager home interface and browse to Ringtones folder. Tap Paste to copy the Google Play ringtones into this folder.

Step 3 Get back to the Settings app, find and tap Ringtone option. Then you can easily set your new ringtone for Android from these Google Play ringtones.

With this method, you can handily set Google Play ringtones as your new prompts of calls, messages or notifications. What’s more, for some downloaded audios on your Android phone, you can still easily set them as ringtones. For some Android phones, you can directly find the song and set it as your Android ringtone. When you keep tapping on it, there will be a prompt guide you to set ringtone.

In this post, we mainly show you how to get Google Play music to your ringtone on Android phone. You can get free downloads from Google Play ringtones directly. In addition, you can get the audio recorder software to save any music from Google Play as the ringtones. Moreover, you are able to use the ringtone maker to create the ringtone for Android easily.

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How To Set A Custom Notification Sound In Settings

You didn’t settle for a default ringtone, so why would you settle for a default notification tone? If you already have a text tone you like â I have about ten I’ll cycle through myself â you can add them to the Notifications folder just as we added our custom ringtones to the Ringtones folder. From there, the process should seem familiar by now.

  • Open Settings.
  • Tap Sound. This menu may be named differently depending on your phone, with possible names being Sound and Display, Personalization, etc.
  • Tap Default notification sound.

  • Select the custom notification sound you added to the Notifications folder.
  • Tap Save or OK. If you do not see these options on your device, simply tap the back button to exit the sound picker.

  • If your custom notification sound has been properly set, you will see its name underneath the Default notification sound.

    Custom Ringtones With A Third

    How To Set Any Song As Ringtone On Android

    There are several apps on the Play Store which can do this, but for this tutorial, we’ll be using an open-source app called Ringdroid. Don’t let the old school design fool you, Ringdroid is the best out there in terms of features and reliability. The app allows you to use any sound or song you have on your smartphone as a ringtone. Once you have created your ringtone, you can then set it as your default sound or assign it to a specific contact. In addition to ringtones, the app can also create custom alarms and notification sounds.

    Getting started: First things first, you’ll need to install the free Ringdroid app from the Google Play Store. To turn a song into a ringtone, you’ll also have to have the audio files or music you wish to use on your smartphone’s internal storage or its microSD card. Ringdroid is compatible with MP3, WAV, AAC and AMR audio files.

    1. Open the Ringdroid app on your smartphone.

    2. Once the app launches, you’ll see a list of all the songs on your device, as well as all the ringtones that came with the phone. To view all the sounds on your device specifically, hit the More icon in the top-right corner, and choose Show all audio.

    3. Select the song you would like to use as a ringtone from the list.

    4. Once you have selected a song, its waveform will open up in the editor. Use the two sliders above and below the graph to choose a start and end point for your ringtone.

    What song will you be using as your ringtone? Let us know in the comments.

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    How Do You Make A Song Your Ringtone On Android

    How to Make a Song Your Ringtone

  • On your smartphones home screen, tap Apps.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap Sounds and Notifications. If its not listed under Quick Settings, scroll down to find it.
  • Tap Ringtones > Add.
  • Choose a track from the songs already stored on your phone.
  • Tap the song you want to use.
  • Tap Done.
  • The song or audio file is now your ringtone.
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    How Do I Make Custom Ringtones

    To set your new ringtone, head to Settings > Sound and select it from the list. To create your ringtone in Windows, use Fried Cookies Ringtone Maker. When youve created and saved your custom ringtone, connect your Android phone to your computer and mount it. Drag and drop your custom MP3 in to the new folder.

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    How To Set A Song Your Ringtone On Your Android

    Are you tired of hearing the same ringtone for calls and SMS each time your Android is ringing? Do you want more cheerfulness when you hear your Android ring? You could make it meet your expectations.

    This page is made for you as we offer you an article about customizing the ringtones of your Android. We will explain to you first, how to put a music for an incoming call, then a music in SMS ringtone.

    Third, well see how to set a different ringtone to more easily identify a contact, before concluding on third-party applications allowing you to do so.

    How To Make A Ringtone Using Ringdroid

    Android 101: How To Set a Song as a Ringtone or Notification

    RingDroid is an intuitive app that lets you create ringtones from any WAV, 3GPP, ARM, AAC, MP4, or MPE3 audio file stored on your Android phone. The process is straightforward and easy to grasp, at least after one or two attempts. The best part? Its completely free, and you can create ringtones without your computer on hand.

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    How To Set Customized Ringtone On Whatsapp

    WhatsApp is a widely-used instant messaging app available in kinds of devices, like Android, iPhone and Windows phones. You can make a direct call to people via WhatsApp calling service. So as one of the WhatsApp users, have you ever changed the messages, group and call tone on your WhatsApp? Still use the default one? Do you want to customize ringtones by yourself and then you can easily distinguish the received messages is from group or individual? Read this article to learn how to make ringtones for free and then set on WhatsApp.

    How To Set Any Song As Custom Ringtone In Android

    Many default ringtones, like the original iPhone Marimba or the iconic Nokia monophonic tune from the 1990s, have attained cult status over the years. Things, however, have changed since those days, with people preferring to set custom ringtones to stand apart from the madding crowd. So if youre also looking to set your favorite music as the custom ringtone on your Android smartphone, youve come to the right place. Because today, we will show you how to set any song or audio track as custom ringtone on your Android smartphone.

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    How To Add Custom Ringtones And Sounds To Your Android Phone

    Don’t like your launcher? Pick out a new one from among the best Android launchers. Don’t like your garishly gray keyboard? Change it up! Got the same ringtone as that annoying coworker at the other end of the room? Just don’t like the lame, old sounds that came with your sweet, new phone? No problem! We have options aplenty for Android sounds these days, and once you get the hang of these tools, the world is your ringtone. Whether you need to find that sweet new sound or just need to know how to add a custom ringtone to your Android phone, we have you covered!

    Let awesome ring.

    How To Set Apple Music Songs As Ringtone On Android

    How To Change Your Ringtone To A Song On Android

    Most Android phones allows you to set custom ringtones. You can turn your favorite songs into ringtones, or set a custom ringtone for specific callers. This ringtone file can be a song, a recording of you or a loved ones voice, or even your favorite line from a movie.

    Generally you can set any MP3 songs stored on your Android phone as ringtone. If you subscribe to Apple Music, you have access to a huge music library. You can manully turn them into ringtones. To set Apple Music songs as ringtones on Android, you need to convert the songs to mp3 format first. As we all know, songs you downloaded from Apple Music are in DRM-protected M4P format, which can’t be used as ringtone directly.

    Due to the DRM protection. you can’t convert Apple Music songs to MP3 with iTunes or other music converter. You will need a DRM removal tool, here we will recommend Ondesoft iTunes Converter.

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    Assign The Ringtone Through Your Phones Contacts Menu

    If you think a number of contacts deserve their own custom ringtones, you can set individual ringtones in the Contacts app. Just follow the steps above to make a ringtone, then assign it in the following way:

    Step 1: Open Contacts and select your desired contact.

    Step 2: Tap the three dots in the upper-right corner.

    Step 3: Select Set ringtone.

    Step 4: Choose your desired ringtone for that contact.

    Again, the process may be different on your Android phone. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy A10e requires a tap on the contacts Edit button to change the ringtone.

    How Do I Buy Ringtones

    Here is how to locate ringtones that you can purchase in iTunes on your iPhone

    • Open the iTunes Store.
    • Tap the More tab at the bottom of the screen.
    • Select the Tones option.
    • Select a tone to purchase.
    • Tap the price button to the right of the tone, then follow the instructions to complete the purchase.

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    Create Spotify Mp3 Music As Phone Ringtone On Android

    It could be simpler than setting Spotify ringtone on iPhone. You just need to sync downloaded Spotify audio tracks to Android device from your computer via USB cable and then you can directly go to the setting section to define Spotify music as ringtone. But if you need more professional features for making perfect ringtone for Android, you can turn up to Syncios Android Manager. Let’s see how it works.

    Step 1. Install this great Syncios Android ringtone manager on your computer and connect your Android device to computer via Wi-Fi network or USB cable.

    Step 2. Please select ‘Ringtone Maker’ from the key four functions and upload Spotify MP3 downloads to Syncios. And then you can start to edit the segments as you like to make the exclusive Android ringtone. Finally, you can save this Spotify ringtone to your Android by clicking ‘Save & Import’ button.

    So easy to make your exclusive Spotify music ringtone on Android. Now, when someone calls, you will hear Spotify music coming from my mobile phone.

    Posted by Charles Davis to Spotify Tips

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    How To Set Up An Mp3 File As Ringtone On An Android Phone

    How to set any song as ringtone (Android)

    wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 41,847 times.

    Setting MP3 files as a ringtone on an Android device is easy, but many people face difficulties in doing so.

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    How To Make A Ringtone Using Garageband

    GarageBand is another free alternative that lets Mac users create their own custom ringtones for Android. It comes bundled with all Macs, so theres no need for an additional purchase.

    Make sure GarageBand is up to date before opening the app.

    Step 1: GarageBand opens with New Project selected by default and Empty Project highlighted. Click the Choose button to begin.

    Step 2: Select the Microphone tile on the pop-up window to import an audio file. Make sure No Input is selected before clicking the Create button.

    Step 3: Locate your song using Finder and drag it into GarageBand. It loads into the first track.

    Step 4: Click the Cycle button to the right of the red Record button. Leave this button toggled on until the end.

    Step 5: Hover the cursor over the left end of the yellow highlight shown on the number line. Shift the arrow left or right accordingly to set the ringtones starting point. Do the same on the right end to set the stopping point.

    Note that the cycle is highlighted in yellow so you can see where the clip begins and ends. Remember, Android ringtones typically run in 30-second loops.

    Step 6: On the menu bar, go to GarageBand > Preferences > Advanced and make sure the box beside Auto Normalize is checked.

    Step 7: Once youve settled upon a ringtone selection, click on the menu bar followed by Export Song to Disk.

    Step 8: Select a name, save location, file format, and quality in the pop-up window.

    Step 9: Click Export to finish.

    Check The Converted Music Files

    When the conversion completes, you can click “Converted” tab to check all the converted files displayed here, where you are allowed to open and listen to the output MP3 file. And you can directly find your favorite song in the locating directory you set and send it to your Android phone for setting the song as ringtone for your Android phone.

    Actually, Leawo Prof. DRM is far more than an Apple music converter tool that enables you to convert Apple music for Android phone ringtone. It is a comprehensive DRM removal and converter suite that could remove iTunes DRM protection, convert iTunes DRM video/audiobooks, Audible audiobooks, eBooks from Kindle, Kobo and Adobe Digital Editions, and download Spotify songs.

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    Turn Any Song To Ringtone

    If you want to set your PC songs as ringtone on your Samsung Galaxy 21, you can actually use Syncios Mobile Manager. That is a tool with Ringtone Maker function built in Syncios Mobile Manager, which is more secure, easier to customize song as ringtone, including messages notification sound. You can take any song from PC to the music track and tailor it into both messages notification sound and phone ringtone. If you are still confuse with that, let me show you with the program figures with steps required.

    Syncios Mobile Manager
    • Support to transfer, edit, backup, manage, view mobile data such as contacts, apps, photos, music, ringtone, videos, SMS messages, eBooks and more.
    • Handy tools: HEIC Converter and Photo Compression, Ringtone Maker.
    • Fully compatible with latest Android and iOS devices.

    Step 1:Run Syncios Mobile Manager on your computer.

    Step 2:Navigate to ‘Toolbox’ tab on the top menu, you can see some handy tools including One-click backup, One-click recovery, HEIC converter, Photos Compression and Ringtone Maker.

    Step 3:Click into the ‘Ringtone Maker’ function. Right now, you are right here to start a ringtone customization.

    How To Set A Custom Ringtone In Settings

    How to Turn Any Song into a Ringtone on your Android Phone
  • Open Settings.
  • Tap the Sounds section. If you don’t see a section with Sound in the title, type “Ringtone” into the search bar at the top of your Settings app.
  • Tap Phone ringtone.

  • If you get an “Open with” or “Complete action using” prompt, select the system’s Sound Picker app instead of a file manager or Zedge.
  • Tap the custom ringtone you added to the ringtones folder.
  • Tap Save or OK. If you do not see these options on your device, simply tap the back button to exit the ringtone picker.

  • If your custom ringtone has been properly set, you will see its name underneath the Phone ringtone.

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