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How To Sell Your Own Music Online

Sell In A Way That Works For You

How To Sell Music Online (Shopify For Musicians)

Don’t have your own store or a website?

With Sellfy you can easily create an online store even if you are a complete non techie. Add your own domain, customise the look and feel. Sell your sheet music in your own way. Online store, hosting, unlimited products – everything’s included.

Want to sell through your own website?

Use embed to add individual products, your whole store or just a “buy” button for your sheet music that you want to sell.A pop up with a checkout will appear and your customers will be able to buy without leaving your site.

=> Third Try A Grass Roots Campaign

If your research doesnt turn up a viable contact or you dont hear back, get involved with the artists fans. There should be groups of fans on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Be sure to participate as a fan. Find out which songs the fans like best, which songs theyd like to hear the artist record. Now make your song public on Soundcloud and post a link asking for opinions.

If the fans are excited about your song, someone close to the artist is going to take notice.

What Are People Looking For

As we continue, let’s just confirm our market numbers:

1. Number of monthly searches

As we are looking to see if there is an interest in the purchase of music and accompanying products or accessories online , our first check is for purchase related searches. You will need to find yourself a good keyword tool and enter in the keywords that best describe your market. In this case, let’s start with the basics:

So that was pretty much as I expected over 1.2 million searches per month. And we can start to see some of the influences in this area such as music downloads and online radio. Let’s try this from a different angle as discussed above:

We sort of knew this would also be popular and we are also seeing over 11000 sales related searches which is also good. Just to round things out a little, let’s just expand things here a bit

Cool we could really look at these sorts of searches all day such as 29000 searches for sheet music and 57000 looking to download music for example.

All in all, those numbers are really good and make this a fantastic niche if you were looking to set up an online business around the world of music. But just so we have all bases covered, let’s check if it is sustainable.

2. Search Trends

Another important aspect of online sales and niche selection is to check that interest is maintained over time. To gain an insight into this let’s check out how the searches for a few of our music related searches are trending online.

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What Members Are Saying

With ArrangeMe, I can create and market arrangements of in-demand copyrighted works that I would otherwise not have access to as an independent composer and arranger. Since joining in 2015, I have sold thousands of copies of my music to customers from around the world.


I love that I can finally search for songs that already have permission to arrange! Plus, ArrangeMe takes care of all the commissions so I can just sell and collect my money


I’ve always dreamed of composing and arranging for a living and now my dream is coming true!


Are You An Artist

Concert Online Event Registraiton &  Ticket Sales Website ...

If you have songs that you want to share with the world we want to help boost your career and get them noticed. Including promoting your music and improving your streaming presence!

Additionally, check out our sync opportunities page to get your music in TV and Film. Try it out for free today by signing up or clicking the button below.

Making it in this business, means making sure you haveeverything you need to succeed.What you can expect from our newsletters:

  • Industry news and tips
  • Opportunities to submit your music and collaborate with others
  • Free software and resources

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Using Your Own Website

You can make more money selling music on your own website, in theory, but its hard to get traffic to your website.

There are many advantages to selling your music or audio directly to customers on your own website. You get to:

  • Build and maintain a relationship with your fans/customers
  • Have direct communication with customers
  • Have complete control over pricing
  • Keep all of your revenue
  • Develop and control your voice/brand/style
  • Control the entire experience
  • Expand and sell other products or merch

Even if you are using other platforms, marketplaces, and social media to build an audience, its a good idea to have your own website.

Having your own website is a key element to building a successful business.

Lead With Your Best Stuff

According to Ecology.com every day there are 360,000 births in the world. If your target fans are 18 years olds, that means every day there are roughly 300,000 new potential fans for you to attract. Think of them when you release content. Because every day you have a chance to put your best songs, best photos, best product out there for people to make a choice. Conversely when you put bad material out there, you are missing an opportunity. Review your content, photos, images, from time to time. Finally, if youre not proud of it, or you have something that is an improvement, take them down, or bury them.

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Vip Ticket Packages / Vip Experience / Fan Clubs

If youre the type that likes to sign autographs and hang with the fans, then you can look forward to selling them upgrades with the help of these VIP ticket experience companies. This ties in nicely with the 1,000 True Fans concept mentioned above. Ticket upgrades are a powerful revenue source, and something the artist should always strive to retain . Most of all dont sell these rights. There are some fantastic players in this space to partner with.

Wonderful Union, Sound Rink, and Terrific Ticketing are a few.

Promote Your Music On Social Media

How To Sell Your Music Online

Whether you just created your social pages, or you’re engaging with fans in the millions, TuneCore Social Pro can help you wherever youre at in your music career.

TuneCore Social is your all-in-one solution for social media management with the capabilities of multiple apps all in one place to simplify social media for artists on the go.

Get started today and start saving time and money all while taking the mystery out of how to do social media.

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How Do We Get Started

Before we begin however, as usual I just wanted to check right off the bat as to whether there is actually a market for selling music online. I mean I am pretty confident, but let’s just check anyway And before I get to the numbers, some very quick research on my behalf has found that worldwide guitar sales alone are a 1.07 Billion dollar a year industry And did you know that roughly $3.37b worth of headphones were sold in 2018? So based on that alone I think we are ok however let’s just make sure at least some of these sales were undertaken online

How To Sell Sheet Music Through Your Website

Updated by Melanie Kealey on Mar 04, 2021 in: Selling Music Online

Posted on Feb 18, 2016

Do you have a stellar ear, and strong transcription skills? Maybe you have lots of original compositions just waiting to find a home, but you havent considered selling your music online before.

Selling sheet music is another way to make money from your music, and allows you to reach an audience anywhere in the world. You can start with even one composition, working on generating a steady income stream by selling it multiple times.

For this reason, the best place to sell your sheet music online is your own music website. This way, you dont lose a commission on any of your sales, and you can promote your sheet music to your fans directly.

If youve been thinking about how to sell sheet music on your website, here are some ideas to get you started.

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When To Sell Your Music Online

Once your music is ready to go, making your songs available for sale online is the easy part. The real trick is creating a strategy including when to sell your music online, and what tools to use to maximize revenue.

Before we get into the details of how to sell your music, create a strategy first. This way, when your music is ready, you have something to follow through with.

To make things a bit easier, decide on a few phases of selling your album or single. Youll want to build anticipation for your new music, strengthen your relationship with your fans, and raise money in the process. It might look something like this:

  • Engage fans
  • Album or single release
  • Music sales follow-up

Once youve sketched things out, prepare all of the communication, photos, and videos, as best you can. Things will start to move quickly, and organization will be key to make sure you maximize your release.

Earn Streaming Royalties Through Digital Distribution

How To Sell Your Beats Tutorial (Live Sale)

Its important here to understand the difference between a streaming service and a distribution network:

  • A streaming service is a platform people use to listen to music. The most popular are Spotify and Apple Music.
  • A distribution network distributes and collects royalties from those streaming services.

Musicians dont really have a choice when it comes to streaming services. Not even the biggest artists in the world are protected from backlash when removing their music from popular streaming platforms.

Its important that you stream your work on Spotify and Apple Music, the two largest, most globally available services. Other popular streaming services include Google Play, Amazon Music, and YouTube Musicplus genre-specific streaming services like BeatPort and JunoDownload, both of which cater to electronic music producers and fans.

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How To Sell Music And Audio With WordPress

If you are a professional musician, band, or audio producer, you should have your own website and your own domain name. Having this digital real estate is essential to establishing yourself as a serious professional.

You never know when and why you might need your own website. Here are some important business functions that a website provides:

  • A portal for direct communication with fans and customers, where you dont have to play by anyone elses rules or terms of use
  • A professional email address
  • A platform to have a consistent brand/tone/voice to sell:
  • Music
  • A cohesive hub for your social media platforms
  • Launch A Crowdfunding Campaign

    Crowdfunding is a great way to set up pre-orders. You should create a crowdfunding campaign directly on your website. This means you will keep 100% of the crowdfunding pledges sales.

    This not only brings in some cash, but it will also give you a rough idea of the number of CDs and other items you will need to produce. It also rallies the community you have built as they anticipate your release.

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    What Problem Are We Solving

    If there is a niche or sub niche that you are interested in, you may already know what it is that you are trying to sell. If not, then maybe start to look at it from the perspective of solving problems. This, added to your area of interest is a great way to work out exactly what you think you might like to base your online business upon.

    Think about your own search behaviours when you are online I would hazard a guess that most searches you do are in order to solve a problem. Now think of these in a manner in which someone might have problems within music related niches such as:

  • You know that you want to buy new strings for your acoustic guitar but don’t know which ones are best’.
  • You have a problem and need a solution I.e. My drum sticks keep snapping what can I do?.
  • Your goal here is to determine just what problem/s you are trying to solve for your readers. This maybe one problem that spans your site or differ for each post that you write. For example, if you have chosen electric guitars for your niche, then problems might be:

    • Matching products to use They want to know what the best guitars would be for beginners.
    • Which to buy There are a number of guitar amps on the market but which are best on a budget?

    In these cases, people would be searching for those topics based on having a problem and needing a solution. Your site would outline and review the best options for them.

    You Can Mix And Match

    How To Sell Your Music Online | Get Major Distribution Without A Record Label

    You don’t have to stick with one avenue for selling your compositions. These different sales scenarios may make sense for different compositions. Building an online following of people who like your compositions will be helpful under all three situations.

    You may be selling the emotive experience of your music, but you’re still selling. Selling is a business. Approach your efforts to sell your music compositions with the seriousness you’re due as a professional composer.

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    Streaming Platforms: Spotify Apple Music Amazon Music

    Many music fans will only listen to music on services like Spotify and Apple Music. While the amount an artist might make from streaming is often small, dont ignore these platforms. They can be crucial when it comes to music discovery. Getting your song on a Spotify playlist can make a DIY career, and result in more sales over the long term.

    Have Focus And The 80/20 Rule

    This is a crazy long list. Dont have too many distractions for your customers, however at least make them aware of each option sometime during your album cycle. The 80/20 rule proves that 80% of your income will come from 20% of these revenue streams. Therefore when asking the customer to buy or stream, the best bet is to focus on the top two or three streaming outlets, top two MP3 Outlets, Top two Physical Outlets. Also you can use an infographic or widget to steer your audience where you want them to purchase.

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    How To Find And Select The Right Distribution Network

    Most distribution networks are able to send your music to all major streaming platforms, so this isnt a major concern. However, there are significant differences in what services distribution networks offer, their pricing, and their royalty payments that are important to consider when youre looking for your distribution service.

    Let’s go over some of the more common distribution networks.

    1. Landr

    Price: Plans start at $4/month

    Pros: Provides access to all major streaming services and pays 100% of streaming royalties to the artist, making it one of the less expensive options.

    Cons: Intrusive ads for Landrs flagship productits mastering softwarecan become irritating, especially if youre an experienced producer and have no use for the product.

    2. TuneCore

    Price: Plans start at $9.99/year for each single

    Pros: Includes a suite of tools to help artists prepare, promote, and sell their music. Also pays 100% of streaming royalties to the artist.

    Cons: Confusing pricing structure. Since youre charged on a per-song, per-year basis, theres a higher risk of paying out more than you take in.

    3. CD Baby

    Price: Plans start at $9.95 for one single

    Pros: Includes CD and vinyl distribution, allowing you to easily sell physical copies of your music alongside digital downloads, as well as access to Show.co, a music marketing platform.

    Cons: Pays a lower percentage of streaming royalties91%to the artist than other services.

    4. Amuse

    Price: Free

    Synch Fees For Tv Film Video Games And Ads

    Sell Music with Your Own Direct To Fan Music Store

    Every synch has two fees involved A master fee , and a publishing fee . Therefore those need to be agreed on in two separate contracts. Research and contact music supervisors yourself to start. Be wary of signing any exclusive agreements to pitch your music, or you risk not getting signed by a publisher or label.

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    Try A Publishing Administrator

    If youd rather another entity handle the workings of publishing, consider using a publishing administrator. For a small commission fee, these entities oversee the publishing, and distributive rights of your music. This way you dont need to publish your own music and youll still be compensated fairly for any sale or performance of your copyrighted property. Companies like TuneCore and CD Baby are considered publishing administrators. CD Baby Pro, for instance, collects 15% of any royalties they claim for you. By going through these sites, you can share your music via every digital platform and make money for streams, downloads, YouTube plays, and even ringtones!

    What Technical Specifications Do I Need To Be Aware Of

    Each service has its own set of specifications. However, if you stick to worldwide standards, you should pass any quality control tests.

    • Audio files should be uploaded as a 16 bit, 44.1 khz WAV file
    • Artwork for digital album releases should be sized at 1400 pixels X 1400 pixels, at 300 pixels per inch. Remember, its always possible to downsize artwork, but not make it larger.

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