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How To Sell Your Music Online

Streaming Platforms: Spotify Apple Music Amazon Music

How To Sell Your Music Online

Many music fans will only listen to music on services like Spotify and Apple Music. While the amount an artist might make from streaming is often small, dont ignore these platforms. They can be crucial when it comes to music discovery. Getting your song on a Spotify playlist can make a DIY career, and result in more sales over the long term.

Purchase A Domain Name And Hosting

There are two things youll need to get your website online. The first is a domain name, and the second is a hosting plan. Your domain name is the primary URL for your site, and can be purchased from any domain registrar on the web .

As a musician, youll almost certainly want to use your own name, or the name of your band or group. If the domain is taken, try adding an additional word or two, such as or

Hosting is the engine that powers your site. When youre just getting started, you should be fine using a basic shared hosting plan. They can be found for $5 or less per month, and will offer plenty of power for a long time.

For example, Bluehost has plans starting at just $2.75 per month and even offers a free domain name to boot.

As your site grows, you can move up to plans with better performance and more space. Just make sure to choose your hosting provider carefully, as some are more reliable than others. In addition, youll want to consider signing up for a plan offering WordPress-specific optimization and features.

With your domain and hosting in place, you can go ahead and set up the website itself. How you do this will vary, but many hosting providers provide simple one-click options for WordPress, or even offer plans with the platform pre-installed. If you find yourself needing to install WordPress manually, dont worry its a simple five-minute process.

Have A Website & Sell Through There

Everyone has a blog nowadays, so use that to your advantage. Have a website that actually sells where customers can sample songs and purchase the albums.

You can also have your page link directly to an page to buy your album and whatnot as well. But make it direct for the customer and easy. Its not easy they will go somewhere else.

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Phase : Album Or Single Release

Once your album or single is ready, release it to the fans who pre-ordered. Then, make it available for sale on your website, and in popular online stores and streaming services.

This should coincide with a series of email newsletters, social media posts, and other music promotion tactics. Add each of your new songs to your YouTube channel for discovery .

Even though your album will be available through popular online stores, your website should still be where you drive your fans to purchase.

Make sure your Homepage contains updated details about your new music. On your Music page, offer a direct-to-fan purchase option front and center, then include links below for where to buy and/or listen on other platforms.

Heres a detailed look at how to set up the Music page on your website: How To Create a Perfect Page to Sell Music on Your Website

When To Sell Your Music Online

Tips and Advice: How to Start Selling Your Music Online ...

Once your music is ready to go, making your songs available for sale online is the easy part. The real trick is creating a strategy including when to sell your music online, and what tools to use to maximize revenue.

Before we get into the details of how to sell your music, create a strategy first. This way, when your music is ready, you have something to follow through with.

To make things a bit easier, decide on a few phases of selling your album or single. Youll want to build anticipation for your new music, strengthen your relationship with your fans, and raise money in the process. It might look something like this:

  • Engage fans
  • Album or single release
  • Music sales follow-up

Once youve sketched things out, prepare all of the communication, photos, and videos, as best you can. Things will start to move quickly, and organization will be key to make sure you maximize your release.

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Making Money Will Prepare You For Getting Signed

What? Bear with me. Most bands have been struggling to make ends meet, so when a label offers them a $25,000 advance it seems like such a large sum of money, and the opportunity to make even more. But if your band is already financially stable, $25k wont seem like such a big deal. When the label does a Dr. Evil with the pinky and says Well offer you $25,000 dollars as an advance, you want to be in a position to negotiate a better record deal. Maybe a joint venture. In addition, you could cut a deal that dedicates more of those dollars to marketing, music videos, advertising, or upgrading your live show.

Sell Band Merchandise Online

Selling band merchandise is one of the best ways to make extra money while working as a musician. With a fully automated merch store, you can generate income without taking any time away from writing and performing music.

Monetize your passion

Inspired to start your own merch brand? Learn how Shopify’s tools empower musicians to connect with fans and monetize passion.

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Where To Sell Your Music Online

Before anything else, youll want to decide where you want to sell your music. When it comes to selling music online, you have two avenues to explore:

  • Selling in digital download stores such as iTunes and Beatport

  • Uploading your music to streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music

  • However, it is common to use a mix of the two.

    With online music download stores and streaming services, it is increasingly hard work for independent artists and labels to get their music approved and uploaded to the major players in the market, which is where our digital music distribution services come in. As a digital distributor, well deal with the heavy lifting in order to get your music onto all the best international music stores and streaming platforms, allowing people across the world to discover and listen to your music, whatever their preferred method.

    How Do Background Music Make Money

    How To Sell Music Online (Shopify For Musicians)
  • Distribution of streaming services through digital means makes you richer.
  • Profits from gig-work can be earned
  • Band merchandise can be sold online.
  • Collaboration with brands and other musicians is key.
  • Are you interested in selling mp3 beats or samples?
  • You can sell music lessons or teach classes.
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    Offer Digital And Physical Bundles

    Even if your album has been out for a while, you can continue to find ways of promoting it and generating sales revenue. A great way to re-engage fans and give them the opportunity to support you is by offering physical and digital bundles. If you have released a CD or vinyl copy of your album, why not offer a free digital download with every purchase? Bundles dont need to be limited to music and you can also throw any merchandise you have into the offering!

    Use Visual Content Like Music Videos

    Music videos are always a great promotional tool for music. There are plenty of ways to go about creating video content but, for musicians specifically, there are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Start with a strong video idea. If youre envisioning your band playing in an empty warehouse, it might help to restart the brainstorming process.
  • Prioritize uniqueness over professionalism. Your video needs to grab attention. Working with a full professional production team can get expensive quickly and doesnt guarantee any social media views. A cheap but interesting music video is far more likely to go viral than an expensive boring one.
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    Promote Your Music On Social Media

    Whether you just created your social pages, or you’re engaging with fans in the millions, TuneCore Social Pro can help you wherever youre at in your music career.

    TuneCore Social is your all-in-one solution for social media management with the capabilities of multiple apps all in one place to simplify social media for artists on the go.

    Get started today and start saving time and money all while taking the mystery out of how to do social media.

    Launch A Crowdfunding Campaign

    How To Sell Your Music Online (iTunes + Spotify ...

    Crowdfunding is a great way to set up pre-orders. You should create a crowdfunding campaign directly on your website. This means you will keep 100% of the crowdfunding pledges sales.

    This not only brings in some cash, but it will also give you a rough idea of the number of CDs and other items you will need to produce. It also rallies the community you have built as they anticipate your release.

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    Vip Ticket Packages / Vip Experience / Fan Clubs

    If youre the type that likes to sign autographs and hang with the fans, then you can look forward to selling them upgrades with the help of these VIP ticket experience companies. This ties in nicely with the 1,000 True Fans concept mentioned above. Ticket upgrades are a powerful revenue source, and something the artist should always strive to retain . Most of all dont sell these rights. There are some fantastic players in this space to partner with.

    Wonderful Union, Sound Rink, and Terrific Ticketing are a few.

    Great Sites Where You Can Sell Your Own Music

    Want to show off your music to the world? Here are the best sites that let you easily sell and distribute your music online.

    If you’re a budding musician who is just starting out, you probably don’t have a manager, a label, or a distributor. It’s fineyou’ll get there.

    In the meantime, why not sell your music online without any help? Who needs an agent anyway…

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    Lead With Your Best Stuff

    According to every day there are 360,000 births in the world. If your target fans are 18 years olds, that means every day there are roughly 300,000 new potential fans for you to attract. Think of them when you release content. Because every day you have a chance to put your best songs, best photos, best product out there for people to make a choice. Conversely when you put bad material out there, you are missing an opportunity. Review your content, photos, images, from time to time. Finally, if youre not proud of it, or you have something that is an improvement, take them down, or bury them.

    Synch Fees For Tv Film Video Games And Ads

    How to Sell Your Music Online

    Every synch has two fees involved A master fee , and a publishing fee . Therefore those need to be agreed on in two separate contracts. Research and contact music supervisors yourself to start. Be wary of signing any exclusive agreements to pitch your music, or you risk not getting signed by a publisher or label.

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    Start Selling Within Minutes

    As a creator, you deserve to get paid for your work. ConvertKit Commerce is ready-made to help you sell digital products.

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    How To Sell Music Or Mp3s From Your Website Using Sellfy

    Building a website from scratch seems like a lot of work, but it doesnt have to be.

    Theres a solution that can help you navigate the bigger chunk of the work in no time. Sellfy is a great solution for everyone who wants to sell music online but doesnt like complicated setups.

    Anyone who has internet access and a few minutes of time can build a store on Sellfy.

    Heres how:

    Step 1: Set up an account.

    When you start using Sellfy, all you need is a valid email address. There are four Sellfy subscription plans available, including a free one. You can start with a 14-day free trial to give Sellfy a test run before you can choose the plan that fits you best.

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    When To Sell Music Online

    Sometimes, the urge to get it to other peoples ears can be immediate. Especially with the ease of uploading to streaming services and social media.

    Take as much care releasing your music as you did in recording and finishing. It can be the difference between being successful and your music flopping. Determine your music branding, and use this to gain a following.

    A good first step is to take some time away from your finished work. This hopefully removes any tunnel vision you had about the project. After youve done this, ask yourself some powerful, effective questions about the audience you want for it.

    Set Up Your Artist Profile

    How To Sell Your Music Online in 2019

    There are more and more platforms that allow you to create your own artist profile where you can upload your images and write a bio for you or your band. Having an artist profile is a great way of customizing the way you appear to fans on streaming platforms and download stores. Having an attractive-looking artist profile can also increase your chances of success when submitting your music to Spotifys playlist curators.

    Some platforms, such as iTunes, Apple Music, and Deezer require you to go through a digital distributor like iMusician to claim an artist profile, but several other online platforms such as Spotify and Beatport offer the possibility to claim it yourself.

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    How To Upload & Sell Your Music Online

    Selling your music worldwide is easy with our web uploader or mobile app. Just sign up, upload your audio, add release details and cover art, and select the stores you want us to deliver to. Well send your music to all of the stores you selected and collect the money owed to you from downloads and streams. You keep 100% of your rights and royalties. No catch.

    Tips How To Make Money With Music Online In 2021

    Knowing how tough it is for young musicians to fund their band, I wondered how much does it cost to start a band? Its more expensive than I imagined. $15,000 USD was what I came up with based on the costs of collective gear, rehearsal space, website and hosting, photography, design, learning to play, merchandise, first CD pressing, etc. This doesnt include transportation, living expenses, touring, promotion, and advertising costs. Its a lot of money for a group of four or five people to come up with, and the expenses keep snowballing every month. The next question is how to make money with music online, at shows, and from other sources. Below, Ill explain my approach and best tips for how to make money from your music and fund your band.

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    Start Making Money With Your Music

    For musicians in the 2020s, its rare to collect revenue from a single source. Being able to fund your music career is about constructing a system of diverse revenue streams that are easily manageable so you can focus on whats most important: making music.

    Managing risk is all about how well you diversify. Dumping tons of money into your music career isnt going to pay off if you dont have enough revenue streams. But by understanding how you create those protective streams, you can focus on the most important thing: making kickass music.

    Ilustration by Pete Ryan

    What Is A Spotify Code

    How To Sell Your Music Online

    Spotify Codes is a feature that lets Spotify users share songs, playlists, or artists as a scannable image. Other users can use the Spotify app on their phones to scan the QR code-like image. You can generate these shareable codes on Spotifys desktop app, web player, and mobile app. Meanwhile, you will need the mobile app to scan the generated Spotify codes, and it wont work with other QR code scanner apps.

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    Sell Beats And Samples

    If youre a producer, one common way to make money online is by selling samples and beats as digital products. For some producers, this can even become their primary form of income. Selling samples and beats allows you to spend work hours making music, which is the primary benefit.

    What to know about selling your beats online

    • Mixing and mastering. Performers purchasing your beats will expect a level of technical quality. If youve never produced beats before, its not something you can pick up in an afternoon.
    • Licensing. When performers purchase beats from you, theyre actually purchasing a license to use that beat in their music. There are many types of licenses, so make sure you understand what rights youre giving up when selling your beat.
    • There are a ton of places to find beats to license, but performers tend to be very picky about what theyre looking for. This means that successfully selling beats online will be very dependent on your ability to find a niche and build a reputation on social media.

    The Part Everybody Skips

    Before diving into the specific revenue streams and how to make money from music online, lets consider the process and strategy. The first 10 items cover that. If you want to skip steps, this is not the blog for you. But if you want to understand how Ive approached sales at Sony Music and Fearless Records for the past 15 years, here it is. Here are 35 tips on how to make money with music online, around the world, and many other places you may have overlooked.

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