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How To Sell Music On Beatport

Tips And Tools: Selling Your Music On Beatport

How to Sell Music on Beatport


Beatport provides the global DJ community access to a vast catalogue of high quality digital music from the industrys leading artists and labels. Want to sell more music on Beatport? Youve come to the right post. Here are some tips, tricks, and useful tools for selling your music on Beatport

For Dj’s & Edm Music The Future Belongs To Beatport

In 2017, Beatportâs sales nearly doubled. And after yet another great year in 2018, they mapped out some pretty exciting changes, changes which will benefit both music fans and music artists such as yourself.

Their new Beatport Cloud service will come in three tiers, Beatport Cloud +, Beatport Cloud X, and Beatport Cloud Pro. These come with a variety of features, including: unlimited re-downloads , âneedle-dropâ previews , free lossless and MP3 songs , and discounted store prices for subscribers.

After selling nothing but downloads for years, Beatport surprised users by buying Pulselocker in November 2017. Now theyâre gearing up to offer new subscription and music streaming services for 2019 and beyond. Based on Pulselocker technology, Beatport Link will act as streaming integration for DJ software. That means DJs everywhere will be able to build their own playlists on-the-go using their own online music libraries. Thatâs a game changer.

How Producers Get Music In Digital Stores

Youre an independent DJ with a back-catalogue of tracks that youre ready to get out to your fans but where do you start? First of all, youll need to find a good music aggregator.

A music aggregator will get your music into the online stores and out to your fans. Choosing the right aggregator is particularly important, especially for DJs and producers looking to get their music onto the best platforms for the best price. Unfortunately, there are very few aggregators who will distribute music to Beatport. Of those that do, producers may have to pay extra charges or sacrifice some of your royalties to get your tracks on to the most important platforms for DJs and producers.

However, independent music distributors Ditto Music have just launched a new unlimited distribution service aimed specifically at DJs and producers, offering everything they need to get their music into the biggest mainstream and EDM-oriented stores in one simple package. Its called Ditto DJ Plus.

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Enjoy Listening To Your Music On Beatport

Beatport has greatly impacted the musical industry. This is especially true for DJs and artists involved in electronic music. It gave the genre a mainstream channel and made millions of followers. The digital platform is still growing and there are plans to roll out a subscription service.

This will help artists and DJs earn more. The music industry has become a multi-billion industry. Through platforms such as Beatport, artists and DJs can reap the fruits of their hard work. So jump on board, and become a part of the change.

How To Sell Music On Beatport

How To Sell Music on Beatport

Multiza – is the best solution for musicians, music labels owners and aggregators who wish to sell their works on Beatport. Now you can focus directly on the creation of music, ensuring maximum revenue from its sale at the Beatport, and all other concerns will assume Multiza Distribution.

To date, the Beatport is one of the largest and most important platforms for the dissemination of music. Isprolzuya our platform, you will be able to deliver content around the world. Your music gets on the world’s largest portals , and it is no secret that getting into the Beatport guarantees musicians and labels increase awareness on the global music market. Commercial download your content will be available worldwide, 24 hours a day!

We offer a single contract for the distribution of music of your content, in which there is no hidden fees, which can be terminated at any time at your request. Our system is constantly evolving, and increases the number of sites for the dissemination of music. All the necessary tools to deliver on the Beatport music, you’ll find in your account in your account.

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Why Is It Important To Get Your Music On Beatport

The most important part about getting your music on Beatport is that it will be accessible to millions of fans all over the world. With over 40 million users, Beatport allows you to connect and share your music with basically everyone across the world.

Beatport also has a streaming service. This means that an artists content can be provided to their fans instantly. The streaming service is also very suitable because it allows fans to enjoy your music without having to download it.

Getting your music on Beatport will help give you exposure. As an artist or DJ, having a lot of exposure does wonders for your career. For instance, you may get better deals, have better-paying performances and increase your net worth as a musician.

Beatport also gives you more royalties and pays you for every song that is downloaded. Putting your song on Beatport means that you sell it to your fans who access it at a fee. This fee is then divided between Beatport, your distributor and you.

Beatport is also a very important platform, especially for DJs. This is because it is primarily focused on electronic or dance music. This genre of music was not very popular but due to Beatport, DJs can now sell their mixes and earn from their hard work.

Getting your music on Beatport also helps you as an artist or DJ get more followers. By having your tracks on Beatport, you allow more people to listen to your music. This means that they become your fans if they like your music.

With Beatport Insider We Look At Key Stats From The Beatport Store Each Month This Time We Look At The Artists Tracks And Labels Across All Genres That Have Dominated Beatports Sales And Streaming Charts Over The Past Six Months

With half of the year now behind us, we take a look back at the imprints, tracks, and producers whose music, across all genres, have taken Beatport by storm in 2021 . Just as the year before, Defected holds fast as the top-selling and most-streamed music label on the site, with imprints like Anjunadeep, Drumcode, and Toolroom all following close behind. While big-league artists David Guetta, Purple Disco Machine, and Camelphat hold the top three spots for most-streamed artists on the site this year, funk specialists Block & Crown has taken the top spot as Beatports best-selling artist of 2021 up to this point. Check out the rest of the stats below!

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Sell Your Music With Beatport How To Become Recognizable

A gem in the world of DJ stock music, Beatport provides access to music from professional artists and labels. Thats why it is the right time to look at some tips and tools which can help you efficiently sell and use music on this platform.

Beatport is an American Internet shop with full songs and pieces for remixes. It works for 16 years, gathering the global DJ community and versatile content for their art. If youre new to the platform or need experience this post is just for you.

Complete your Artist Page

Adding an avatar and a short biography is one of the simplest and effective ways to improve your profile. This will attract more traffic and turn your page into something plausible.

However, you dont need to overdo it because there are also strict restrictions for photos and text description. You can always learn more in the Help tab on the dashboard, where dance music specialists will help you to analyze your profile.


Pre-orders will be always a tempting thing. They are a part of the strategy for the dance specialist partners, which cause many shares of the release, using a pre-save and smart link button, and simply appearing on promotion campaigns in social media. An especially approved method to sell music online is including a SoundCloud snippet of your song below the link.

Get on DJ Charts

If youre signing up for the first time, youll be required to set up a new DJ profile. Read the instruction step by step.

Label Playlists

Beatport Hype

Beatport Is An American Electronic Music Online Store Which Is Oriented Primarily Towards Djs Selling Full Songs As Well As Resources That Can Be Used For Remixes

How To Sell Your Music on Beatport

Since the last MusicDiffusion update, you can now sell your music online on this strong marketplace alongside to Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify, Amazon and much more. This is for free whatever you release your music with our Standard Plan or our Unlimited Plan .

As Beatport is very strict in the reviewing of new content, you have first to create your own label on MusicDiffusion and submit it to Beatport with our help before being able to deliver and sell your electro tracks on it. Dont worry, we made it easy for you. .

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Why Should I Opt For A Music Distributor To Put My Music On Beatport

With so many benefits of uploading music on Beatport, its no wonder that most music artists and DJs want to use their services. Although its relatively quite simple to avail the facilities, its much easier to do it with a good distribution partner.

Some music creators might even find it extremely challenging to follow the procedure to directly use Beatport.

As a matter of fact, if youre starting off in the music industry, you may not be having your own label that meets the requirements of Beatport. In such a case also, youll need a music distributor, who can provide you with a hassle-free music distribution facility through Beatport.

Even if youre an eminent artist with existing fans, you can skip the troublesome registration procedure by hiring a reliable distribution partner.

A distributor can not only save your efforts, but also enhances your chances of reaching a greater number of people through Beatport. Therefore, its always prudent to use the services of a music distributor in order to maximize your profits and royalty.

In the following section, well have a look at the top three distributors that you can use for selling your music on Beatport. Read on, if youre wondering, how to get your music on Beatport?

What Is Beatport And Who Is It For

If youâre an electronic musician or electronic music producer, Beatport is where you want to be. Back in 2004, they decided to completely stopincluding other genres in their library, focusing exclusively on DJs, EDM, house, trance, and other electronic music. That decision has proved tobe a good one for them. While most people have virtually stopped downloading music, opting instead for streaming services, Beatport actuallysaw its download sales increase by 8% in 2018, with most of those sales going to independent artists. Thatâs incredible news for emergingelectronic musicians and producers looking to make a name for themselves and start selling music.

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How Much Does It Cost To Sell Music On Beatport

Our plans are flexible and easy. Whether you want to get on Beatport now and add other stores onto your plan at a later stage or prefer to distribute your music in several stores from the beginning, we can help you share your electronic music with a plan that suits you.

You also have the option to upgrade to more professional plans in the future to pay less commission on your releases.

How To Sell Your Music On Beatport

Beatport shares its best

To sell your music on Beatport with Wiseband, you need to have an account. Thus, to sell your music on Beatport is to be sure to be present on one of the biggest music platforms.

Selling your music on Beatport is a way to get paid by selling your own tracks.Distribute and share your single, EP or album with Wiseband on all download and streaming services! Beatport is one of the most recognized music distribution services in the world, offering millions of contents from independent and major labels.

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Does Distrokid Distribute To Beatport

DistroKid can distribute music to Beatport. To use DistroKid to distribute to Beatport, you must contact DistroKid to enable Beatport as a store and make sure that you submit a genre or sub-genre of electronic music.

It is important to note these 3 things when using DistroKid to distribute your music to Beatport:

  • Beatport only accepts electronic music
  • You wont see Beatport listed as an available store by default, you must contact DistroKid to enable this
  • Your music will be uploaded under a label named DistroKid
  • This is what it looks like when you upload your music to Beatport by using DistroKid as your music distributor:

    Perfect Your Artist Page

    Having a photo and a short text biography is a great way to establish a presence at these platforms and like DJ Charts, it shows the platform that an artist is active and engaged on the platform.

    Unlike the streaming platforms, the dance specialists largely do not allow Artists to claim their Artist pages and add any assets. All of them require particular specifications for photos and any short biography text.

    • For information on this process and photo/bio specs for the particular platform, please create a Support request via the Help tab on your account dashboard. Then, one of our specialists will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

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    Music Publishing Royalties Collection

    For collecting all of the publishing, mechanical, and live performance royalties owed to me whenever my music gets streamed or played, my go-to is Songtrust.

    Songtrust is a publishing administration company which means that in addition to collecting all of those royalties for me, they do it on a global level.

    To learn if Songtrust is right for you, Id recommend checking out this article on Songtrust vs BMI.

    And if you want to get started with Songtrust right now, Id recommend learning about the Songtrust discount code so that you can get the best price.

    Why You Need A Music Distributor To Get Your Music On Beatport


    The main reason why you may need a music distributor to get your music on Beatport is if you are an independent or upcoming artist or DJ. If you are working alone, it is better to let a music distributor handle how to add your music on Beatport.

    This will give you more time to focus on your music. Music distributors are also more experienced and they will correctly format your music before uploading it on Beatport. You will also need a music distributor if you dont have a great online presence or many followers.

    As an independent artist or DJ, it will also be difficult to meet all the requirements of Beatport. This is also one of the main reasons youll need a music distributor. A music distributor will also fast-track the process of getting your music on Beatport. If you worked alone, it could take weeks or even months and still there would be a possibility that you wont get your music on Beatport.

    You may also need a great music distributor if you want to get the most out of the sales of your music on Beatport. Music distributors negotiate for better deals to ensure you get paid better.

    A music distributor will also help in promoting your music. This means that in addition to getting your music on Beatport, they will ensure that the fans, know about it. This means that more people can easily find your music once its on Beatport.

    Some of the most recommended music distributors for getting your music on Beatport are:

    • Amuse
    • Ditto
    • Multiza

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    Requirements Of Beatport Before Uploading Your Music

    Although its completely possible to release your music directly on Beatport, its not very convenient because of the stringent requirements that they have. If youre planning to upload your music on Beatport without using any of the above platforms, following are the four basic essentials that you must have :

  • A biannual schedule of releases along with an effective marketing strategy.
  • A substantial presence in the digital world you must be there on Twitter, Facebook, etc with adequate followers.
  • An established team of experienced music creators, mixing artists supported by a reliable label.
  • References and endorsements from DJs to validate your claims of previous experience in promotional and release activities.
  • When And How Do You Get Paid By Beatport

    Beatport sells music at a cost of between $1.50-$2.00 per song. The earnings generated from your song or album are then divided between Beatport and your label. The label then divides the remaining share with you, according to your agreement.

    Many artists usually have a 15% or 25% share of the total. This means that Beatport and the label take the bulk of the earnings. Beatport usually pays artists of their label after thirty days after getting your song on their platform.

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    How To Enable Beatport In Distrokid

    When you are first submitting music to DistroKid, you will notice that Beatport is not listed under the standard steaming services and stores by default.

    As previously mentioned in this article, to enable Beatport distribution via DistroKid, you must first contact DistroKid to enable this store.

    There is nothing special you have to say or any extra information that you have to provide to DistroKid. All I personally did was submit a ticket to DistroKid with this in the subject title: Please enable Beatport on My Account.

    After reaching out to DistroKid to get Beatport enabled, they responded quite quickly and this is how they replied to my request:

    Weve just enabled Beatport for your DistroKid account. Please sign in to DistroKid and upload a release to Beatport.If youre uploading something that already exists in DistroKid, upload it again as a new release, but deselect all stores except Beatport.

    DistroKid Support Dude

    As you can see, it is super easy to distribute music to Beatport using DistroKid.

    Just remember that you need to enable Beatport and if you do so after youve released a bunch of music, you will need to re-upload it to get it on Beatport.

    If you are releasing music for the first time and know that you want to distribute music to Beatport, Id recommend getting Beatport enabled first so that you do not need to go back to re-distribute your music later.

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