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How To See Your Loved Songs On Apple Music

How To Create A Smart Playlist In Miximum

Calvin Harris: “How Deep Is Your Love” Interview | Apple Music

To be honest, you dont really need a how to for this. Just launch the app, tap the + New Mix button, and follow along. The first page lets you give the playlist a name, set a picture, and choose the scope of the playlist by checking either All Songs, or by checking one or more existing playlists.

The second panel is where you build your playlists, by adding and configuring criteria. This is all done with drop-down menus, and in some sections , you can type in extra info.

Once youre done, save the playlist. You can then play it, sync it , or edit it.

How To Rate Songs On Iphone

To rate a song on the iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Open the Music app and start playing a song.

  • Tap .

  • In the menu that pops up, tap Rate Song.

  • In the Star Rating window, tap the star that equals the number of stars you want to give the song .

  • Tap Done to return to the normal view. Your star rating is saved.

  • How To Rate Songs In Itunes

    To rate a song in iTunes, follow these steps:

  • Open iTunes and find the song you want to rate.

  • In the Song view, hover your mouse over the Rating column next to the song, and click the dots that correspond to the number of stars you want to assign.

    If the Rating column isn’t visible, go to View> Show View Options> check Rating.

  • Your rating is automatically saved but can be changed whenever you want.

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    How Apple Music’s Liking System Works To Customize ‘for You’ Recommendations

    Apple Music’s main draw is its focus on curation and its ability to learn about your music preferences to provide recommendations that suit your tastes. Apple’s new Music app focuses heavily on content discovery, with an entire “For You” section dedicated to recommendations.

    According to Apple, its music experts “handpick songs, artists, and albums based on what you listen to and like,” and this content is what populates the “For You” section. Apple’s explained that “For You” recommendations get better over time based on “whether you love a song or not,” but the company hasn’t explicitly spelled out how to best use likes and listens to better tailor Apple Music to your tastes.

    To clear up confusion on how recommendations work, The Loop‘s Jim Dalrymple has spoken directly with Apple to get some insight on how the “Like” feature in Apple Music works to affect recommendations, and he’s penned a useful guide on liking from the information he obtained, which is well worth reading.

    Any song played from Beats 1 radio, a default radio station, a curated playlist, or from a search can be liked by expanding the miniplayer and tapping the heart icon. You can essentially heart anything that’s playing via Apple Music.

    Play Apple Music On Peloton Using Tunelf Audio Converter

    Get the most out of your Apple Music library with the Next ...

    Unlike the first method, using Tunelf Audio Converter allows you to play your entire Apple Music playlist on Peloton. It makes this possible by allowing you to download and convert songs from Apple Music to DRM-free format and then transfer them to Peloton. This is because even after buying Apple Music, you dont own them. But Tunelf makes everything possible. It will remove Apple Music restriction and convert your songs to a universal format, making them accessible on the Peloton software.

    Available for both Windows and Mac systems, Tunelf Audio Converter allows you to convert any songs from Apple Music, iTunes, audiobooks from Audible, iTunes, or even common audio to most popular audio formats, such as MP3, M4A, WAV, FALC, AAC, etc. With the adoption of advanced encryption technology, its able to keep all the converted audio files 100% lossless quality, including the original ID3 tags and metadata info.

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    How Rating And Favoriting Songs Are Different

    Rating and favoriting songs on iPhone and in iTunes are similar ideas, but they’re not the same. Ratings are done on a scale of 1-5 stars, with 5 being the best. Favorites are an either/or proposition: You either add a heart to indicate that the song is a favorite or you don’t.

    Ratings have been present in iTunes and the iPhone for a long time and can be used for a number of different things. Favorites were introduced with Apple Music in iOS 8.4.

    You can give a song or album both a rating and a favorite at the same time.

    How To See You Loved Songs On Apple Music

    The first step is to open the Music app on your Mac. Go to the Library section on the left and click Songs. In the drop-down box at the top, right click a column and select Love to add a check mark. In order to sort the Love column, click the column header and all songs marked with a heart should appear at the top.

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    How To See Your Apple Music Most Played Songs On Mac

    • If you use Apple Music on Android or Apple TV, the procedure is the same as iPhone
    • For, Mac you will see a playlist named Top 25 Most Played in the left sidebar of Music app. You may also click on Songs from the left sidebar and then click on Plays from the thin top bar
    • For Windows PC, the process is similar to Mac. Just, instead of Music app you have to look for this playlist in iTunes

    Find Loved Songs On Apple Music: How To

    How To See Your Most Listened Songs in Apple Music | Apple Music Replay

    Find Loved Songs On Apple Music: Apple Music offers an amazing feature that lets you love a song by tapping the heart. While the feature is deliberate to help Apple recommend songs to you based on what you like. Many people use this to mark their favorite tunes. So if you want to see all of the songs you mark as love, where do you look?

    Apple doesnt make it accessible while providing a playlist of your loved songs. We have a guide that shows you how you can do that yourself with a Smart Playlist. But you might just want to see through those songs for one in specific.

    If you have a Mac, then you can do this in the Music app. Currently, there doesnt appear to be a way to do it on iOS, unfortunately. Heres simple guide on how to find your loved songs in Apple Music on Mac.


  • 2 Conclusion:
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    Don’t Forget To Search For Playlists Too

    Did you know Apple Music is curated by human beings? While there’s an emphasis on predictive suggestions based on listening habits, there’s also a team of curators updating and creating playlists for your listening pleasure.

    Image Gallery

    To find something specific, simply search. Try searching for a genre, a band or producer, an album, or even a particular mood or activity. Scroll down in your results until you find the suggested playlists. Here are some good examples we’ve found:

    How To Add Apple Music To Peloton Using Tunelf

    First, it will require you to remove DRM for Apple Music, and then transfer them to your Peloton mill thread for playback. Heres a step-by-step guide.

    Step 1 Launch Tunelf and Add Apple Music Tracks

    Head over to Tunelf official website and click the free download for either Windows or Mac. Launch Tunelf starts the iTunes app. Select the Apple Music songs you desire using the Add function. At the same time, you can drag and drop your favorite songs from iTunes to the Tunelf interface. The app utilizes an algorithm that allows batch conversion. Therefore you can convert multiple files at a go without compromising speed.

    Step 2 Choose the Format of the Audio Output

    After selecting the song, you wish to convert, hit the Format option of at the bottom left of the Tunelf interface to open a new window that allows you to format the output audio. Select the audio format thats compatible with Peloton.

    Step 3 Initiate the Conversion

    When youre confident of your settings, click the Convert button to start the conversion. After conversion, click the Converted button in Tunelf to explore the songs you have converted. Now all that remains is to add your converted Apple Music to Peloton.

    Step 4 Integrate the Converted Apple Music to Peloton

    Now move the Apple Music youve converted to Google Play Music or Google Drive using the WebView Browser on your Peloton. Then start playing the uploaded Apple Music songs on Peloton with no limits.

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    How To Find Apple Music Songs On Your Iphone You’ve Added To Your Library On Your Mac

    As an Apple Music subscriber, you’re just a few taps or clicks away from accessing millions of songs across multiple devices. Apple Music’s “Add to Library” button makes adding those songs to your overall music library incredibly simple. To identify those songs, you can create a Smart Playlist.

    To identify your songs from Apple Music requires creating a Smart Playlist in the Music app on macOS or iTunes on Windows. Once synced with iCloud, the Smart Playlist is then accessible across all of your Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

    Beginning with macOS Catalina, iTunes is replaced by the Music app on Mac.

    How To Use Apple Music’s Love And Dislike Buttons

    How to sort your Music library in iTunes any way you want ...

    Next time you’re playing a song or listening to a custom-generated or live radio station, tap the ellipsis button at the bottom right of the screen.

    This brings up an additional options pane, at the bottom of which you’ll see Love and Dislike buttons. You can tap either of these, and Apple Music will use your preference to guide its recommendation algorithms going forward.

    You can also access these buttons to indicate whether you enjoy an album or not. From any album screen, tap the red ellipsis button in the upper right area of the screen.

    This brings up a smaller pane of options, but you’ll still find the Love and Dislike buttons at the bottom.

    If you’re listening to Apple Music on a PC or Mac, you can find the Love and Dislike options in iTunes via the Song menu bar menu.

    They can also be accessed using a similar ellipsis button that appears in the upper left of the album/playlist window, and at the bottom of the mini player view.

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    Enable Icloud Music Library On Iphone

    After enabling iCloud Music Library and syncing the music from the iTunes, it is now time to enable the same on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Only after enabling the iCloud Music Library on your iPhone, you will get to find your synced local music and stream using Apple Music app. Here is how.

  • Launch Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Scroll down and tap Music.
  • Toggle on Sync Library and confirm enabling.
  • After you enable the Sync Library feature on your iPhone, ever local music from your device will get synced across devices using the same Apple ID on Apple Music. Apart from iCloud Music Library, you can also make use of Automatic Downloads to get music on your iPhone without streaming.

    Once you enable the Automatic Downloads feature on your iOS device, every newly added music to the Music Library will be saved on your iPhone for offline listening. You can choose whether to keep the offline copies or just to stream the local music from Apple Music. You can add up to 100,000 songs to your iCloud Music Library and stream through Apple Music.

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    • Tags

    Select Your Favorite Genres And Artists

    When you first tap Listen Now, youre asked to tell Apple Music about your preferences. Apple Music uses these preferences when recommending music.

  • Tap the genres you like .

  • Tap Next, then do the same with the artists that appear.

  • To add a specific artist who isnt listed, tap Add an Artist, then enter the artists name.

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    Creating A Smart Playlist

    Open iTunes on your Mac and then follow these steps to create your Smart Playlist.

    1) Click File from the menu bar and from the New pop-out menu, select Smart Playlist.

    2) In the Smart Playlist window that appears, make sure the Match box is checked and the drop-down box is set to Music.

    3) Right below that add your rule by clicking the Artist drop-down box and selecting Love.

    4) The next two boxes will change to is and Loved, so leave them as such.

    5) Optionally, you can select the Limits for items, time, or size. You can also mark the Live Updating checkbox if you want the playlist to update whenever your library changes.

    6) Click OK.

    After the playlist is created, youll be taken directly to it. From there, you can give it a name.

    Now, whenever you mark a song you Love in your library, it will be automatically added to your new playlist.

    Explore Apple Music Or Try Something Different

    How to Access Your Apple Music Replay 2020 Playlist

    You’ve made it to the end of this introduction to Apple Music! If you’re new to Apple Music this should help you get started creating, sharing, and discovering playlists. And if you’re an Apple Music veteran, perhaps the recommended playlists will bring you some joy.

    Apple Music is only one of a number of high-profile music streaming services, all of which have pros and cons. If you don’t own solely Apple gadgets and are wondering whether to give another streaming service a try, feel free to check out Spotify or Google Play Music.

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    How Do I Find My Favorite Musicians On Apple Music

  • Your mobile device should now be connected to the Music app.
  • You can access the Listen Now tab in the navigation bar
  • You can find Replay: Your Top Songs by Year at the bottom of the Listen Now section.
  • In the bottom of your Replay, youll find the featured artists for those songs if you click on the Featured Artists link.
  • View Your 2018 Listening History

    Once the files are downloaded, locate and open the ZIP file, then open “App_Store_iTunes_Store_iBooks_Store_Apple_Music.” Next, open the “Apple Music Activity” folder to view an array of information about your Apple Music account. You can browse any of these files, but for this article’s purposes, you’ll want to open “Apple Music Play Activity.”

    This file is the one containing your listening history. It’s a spreadsheet, so you can open it in the spreadsheet app of your choice. It goes all the way back to the beginning of your account. If you opened your account in 2018, then it also doubles as a 2018 listening history record.

    Either way, Apple documents every track you listened to with your Apple Music account, including when you started a song, when you ended a song, song names, the device identifier for the song, your IP address, whether the song was played online or offline, and so much more.

    We still wish Apple would put together a fun infographic like Spotify does to commemorate another year on the platform. However, it’s a great step to see Apple being transparent about the data it keeps on us. Feel free to dig around with not only the other Apple Music data included in your download but also all the other data you can request from Apple as well.

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    How To Share Apple Music Playlists

    To share a playlist on an iPhone, iPad, or other mobile platforms, follow these steps:

  • Head to Library > Playlists and find your playlist.
  • Long-press on the playlist to show the menu.
  • Then, choose .
  • Finally, choose how you’d like to share a link to your playlist.
  • Image Gallery

    Here’s how to share a playlist on Mac and Windows:

  • Find your playlist in the sidebar on the Library tab, right-click on it then choose .
  • When in the Library > Playlist view, scroll to the top and tap on the ellipsis button then choose .
  • Both of these methods will generate a link that you can share freely via Messages, Facebook, AirDrop, and so on. There’s no way to revoke access to the URL at present, so if you want to stop sharing your playlist it’s best to duplicate it and delete the old one.

    How To Discover New Playlists In Apple Music

    Pin on movies &  music

    Head to the Listen Now tab on any platform to see recommendations based on your listening habits. Many of these playlists are automatically generated based on what Apple Music thinks you like, including a Favorites Mix, a New Music Mix, and playlists based on the genres you listen to most.

    These playlists will update regularly, as new music becomes available and your listening habits evolve. Also on this page, you’ll find some more generic playlist recommendations, including Artist Spotlight Playlists and a list of new releases relevant to your library.

    As detailed in our article on essential Apple Music tips, you can train Apple Music by using the Love and Dislike buttons hidden under the ellipsis menu. If you Love or Dislike a suggested playlist, Apple Music will take this into account and adjust future suggestions based on your feedback.

    Another way of finding similar music is to create a radio station based on a particular song. To do this, find the track you would like your playlist to be based on. Then, long-press on the track or tap the ellipsis button and choose Create Station. This will automatically queue up similar music from your library and from the wider Apple Music library, helping you hear songs you love and discover new ones.

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