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How To See My Top Artists On Apple Music

What Is A Stream On Apple Music

How to Play Apple Music on Windows PC! (No iTunes)

When you add an Apple Music album and play Apple Music files, it is streaming. Every time you listen to a song from the Apple Music Library, it’s a stream. Playback is saved when the user starts playing a song in Apple Music for more than 30 seconds.

Google listen to meCan you listen to Google Play Music offline? Google Play Music has a cool feature: the ability to listen to your favorite songs even when you’re offline. In other words, if you don’t have an internet connection or the signal drops, you can still listen to your favorite music. How to listen Google Podcasts from Google search?To listen to a podcast, you must first open the Google Play Music app.With the Google Play Music app op

What Is Apple Music Replay And How Does It Work

Replay playlists are designed as a showcase of what youve listened to the most throughout the year. This includes not only your most played artists and albums but the 100 topmost played songs and other AI-powered charts. With Replay, you get one playlist with your top songs of the year for every year that youre subscribed to Apple Music. Read: How to get an auto-refreshing playlist with your top Apple Music songs of the year

A support document on the Apple website explains that Replay uses your Apple Music listening history to calculate which songs, albums and artists youve been listening to the most throughout the year. On top of that, Replay takes into account the following factors:

  • Music played on any device thats signed in to Apple Music with your Apple ID
  • Not including music played on devices that have Use Listening History turned off in Settings
  • Counting only music thats available in the Apple Music catalog
  • Songs played in your library must be synced with your Apple Music subscription
  • A minimum amount of plays and time spent listening to a song, artist or album

Rival Spotify has its own Replay-like feature, dubbed Wrapped.

What You Need To Know

  • Access Apple Music Replays on your iOS device: Open the Music app and go to Listen now > Replay: Your best songs by year.
  • In Apple Music online: Sign in, then select Listen now > Replay: Your best songs by year. Click on a replay to play it.
  • Or go to the Apple Music Replay website, sign in and click Get your play mix to start listening.

This article explains how to listen to your best Apple Music songs for a whole year with Apple Music Replay. Access your Replays in the Music app on iPhone and iPad, as well as online. All you need is an Apple Music subscription.

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How to upload music to apple music

Download & Add ‘apple Music Wrapped’ Shortcut

How to Find the Perfect Apple Music Playlist

Download “Apple Music Wrapped,” created by Reddit user u/federicoviticci, directly from the link below, or check out its Reddit thread for more info.

Once you tap on the download link , you’ll be redirected to the Shortcuts app. Here, you can go through the various actions the shortcut will perform and notes to help you better use the shortcut. Scroll to the bottom and tap the red “Add Untrusted Shortcut” button to add the shortcut to your library.

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Remind Yourself About All Your Past Favorite Songs

Figuring out how to view the music you listened to the most on Apple Music is a piece of cake. No matter which device you use, youll be able to see the songs you listened to the most for each year, ever since you subscribed to Apple Music. You can even take a look at this years favorites, although its always best to wait until the end of the year for the full effect.

Have you ever used Apple Musics Replay feature before? Which playlist surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Apple Music Wrapped: A Shortcut To Visualize Your Most Listened Songs Artists And Genres Of The Year

When Spotify was my music streaming service of choice, one of the features I really liked was its personalized Wrapped report generated at the end of the year. Ive always been a fan of geeky annual reports and stats about the usage of any given web service be it Spotify, Pocket, or Toggl. I appreciate a detailed look at 12 months of collected data to gain some insight into my habits and patterns.

Ive always been annoyed by the lack of a similar feature in Apple Music Im surprised that Apple still hasnt added a native Year in Review option a baffling omission given how the company is already collecting all of the necessary data points in the cloud. Official Apple Music Wrapped functionality would bolster the services catalog of personalized features, providing users with a reward at the end of the year in the form of reports and playlists to help them rediscover what they listened to over the past year.

But Apple doesnt seem interested in adding this feature to Apple Music, so I decided to build my own using Shortcuts. The result is the most complex shortcut Ive ever created comprising over 540 actions. Its not perfect due to the limitations of iOS and Shortcuts, but its the closest I was able to come to replicating Spotifys excellent Wrapped feature.

Apple Music Replay: Find Your Top Artists And Top Songs Stats

How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone 13 – iTunes Music Sync

11 December 2020, 17:52

Is there an Apple Music Wrapped? Here’s how to find out your most played artists and most played songs on Replay.

Apple Music Replay is back and it’s telling Apple Music users what their most played artists, songs and albums of 2020 are.

Every year Spotify Wrapped breaks the internet as it lets Spotify users know detailed stats about their listening habits. Every year Apple Music users feel left out. However, that all changed in 2019. Apple Music launched their own version of Spotify Wrapped called Apple Music Replay which reveals your Top Songs, Top Artists and Top Albums of the year and more.

Better yet, you can access Replay all year long. In other words, you don’t need to wait until December to see your stats.

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How To Access Apple Music Replay 2022 From Your Iphone

  • Open the Apple Music app on your iPhone.
  • Head over to the Listen Now tab from the bottom navigation bar.
  • Scroll to the very bottom of the list, where you’ll find your Replay playlists from the current and past years.
  • Tap the Replay 2022 playlist to access it.
  • Depending on where you live, the playlist will be automatically updated every Sunday or Monday with your top songs, albums, and artists. The playlist will have a maximum of 100 songs, but if there’s not enough data, it could initially have fewer songs than that.

    Create A 2020 Wrapped & Apple Music Playlist

    Now it’s time to run the Apple Music Wrapped shortcut and create your visual. In Shortcuts, tap on the Apple Music Wrapped card to run the shortcut. The shortcut will ask for access to your notifications and your music library the first time you run it. Tap on “OK” for both to continue.

    After a few seconds, the shortcut will ask you if you want to create a playlist within the Music app of your top ## songs for 2020. If you create the playlist, you’ll be asked to give the shortcut access to and another website, which it requires to build your playlist. If you tap on “Nope,” you’ll continue with creating the 2020 Wrapped.

    Next, the shortcut will ask if you want to save your report as a PDF to either Files or Dropbox. Do this if you want to share it later, but you can also tap on “Nope” to view the preview, which you can take screenshots of. I’ll be saving the PDF to the Downloads folder in Files.

    Finally, you can preview the newly created report, either from inside Shortcuts or Safari. I didn’t have any luck viewing the report within Shortcuts, but you might. If not, choose the “Launch Safari” option.

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    How To See ‘spotify Wrapped’ For Apple Music

    At the end of each year, streaming music service Spotify provides a “Spotify Wrapped” recap of each user’s listening habits and favorite songs. Spotify Wrapped is a highly anticipated year-end feature that Spotify users love, and Apple Music listeners may be wondering how to get their own “Wrapped” rundown.

    Apple does not have a year-end wrap up that’s equivalent to what Spotify has, but the streaming music service does offer “Apple Music Replay,” a feature that ranks all of your top songs for the year.

    Apple Music Replay is refreshed on a yearly basis, usually during February, and it updates each week to provide an ever-changing playlist of your favorite songs. The best Apple Music Replay experience is on the web, and you can get to it by navigating to the Apple Music Replay website and signing in to Apple Music.

    On the Replay website, you can see details like the number of hours you’ve listened to music during the year and your top albums and artists. If you want to share these statistics on social media, you’ll need to take screenshots.

    You can listen to the Apple Music Replay playlists on iPhone or iPad, but you’ll need to sign in on the web to see the more detailed statistics mentioned above.

  • In the Apple Music app, navigate to the “Listen Now” tab.
  • Scroll down to “Apple Music Replay.”
  • Select one of your replay lists. Apple offers playlists for every year that you’ve been subscribed to Apple Music, so you can see how your tastes have changed over time.
  • After Processing It Is Ready


    Go to the generated URL and enjoy your freshly created stats!

    With FreeYourMusic, you can get a personalized summary of the music youve streamed the most. Dont wait until the end of the year to access your Apple Music Wrapped! Check your individual top songs, artists, albums at any time. Download our app for your iOS, Android or Desktop device and see how easy it is to see your stats for Apple Music


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    Apple Music Replay On The Web

    With Apple Music Replay, you can relive the music that defined your year. Get insights in to your most played artists and albums. And get a playlist with your top songs of the year and one for every year that youre subscribed to Apple Music.

  • Sign in with the same Apple ID that you use with your Apple Music subscription.
  • Don’t see Replay? You might need to play more music. As soon as you’ve played enough music, check back to see your Replay Mix.

    How Do You Use Apple Music Replay And See Your 2019 Stats

    Apple Music Replay is a new feature which allows Apple Music users to get access to all of their most played stats. To use it all you have to do is visit the Apple Music Replay website, sign in to your Apple account and click “Get Your Replay Mix”. It then immediately generates a selection of playlists based on your personal stats and tells you some key information you probably never knew about your listening habits.

    First of all, Apple Music Replay tells you exactly how many hours of music you’ve listened to this year. Then, it shows you a playlist of your top 100 most played songs this year along with exact play counts. It also reveals how many different artists you’ve listened to this year and who your most popular artists are. Better yet, it also tells you how many albums you’ve listened to and your Top 10 most played.

    You can also add the playlists straight to your library.

    Oh and to make up for lost time, you can also find out your Apple Music stats for 2018, 2017, 2016 and 2015.

    We have no choice but to stan.

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    How To Find Your Apple Music Replay 2021

    You can find your Replay mix on any device that supports Apple Music. Just follow these steps:

  • Tap the Listen Now tab inside the Apple Music app, or, on the web, click the Listen Now option in the sidebar.
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen.
  • Select the Replay 2021 playlist to start listening.
  • How To Find Your Apple Music Replay 2020 Because Spotify Can’t Have All The Fun

    How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone

    Until last year, Apple Music users couldn’t join in the fun. Now, though, users of that service can finally see just how much they actually listened to “Yummy,” or how often they’ve been spinning Ariana Grande’s latest album, with detailed stats similar to those provided by Spotify’s Wrapped feature.

    Apple Music users can access their data, via the “Replay” feature, in a few ways. To simply access the playlist of your 100 most played songs, go to the “Listen Now” tab in the Apple Music app and scroll to the bottom of the page. Once there, you’ll see your Replay for 2020 and every year you’ve had Apple Music. While it’s interesting to look back, it’s probably not going to impress your friends that you listened to Modern Baseball more than any artist in 2016. You can also add the playlists to your own music library for easier access.

    Once you’re in, you can see the top 100 songs you listened to this year , which might lead you to think, “Jeez, there are so many Phoebe Bridgers songs here. I was really going through it, wasn’t I?”

    To access more of the details about what artists and albums you listened to the most, you’ll need to go to in a browser. The page will ask you to sign-in with an Apple ID or use your thumbprint to log-in, if you’re not already signed-in.

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    How To Find Your Most Played Spotify And Apple Music Songs

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    Ivan Mehta

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    We all like to think that we have refined taste in music, but often we end up listening to our guilty pleasures on loop. You must have heard a ton of songs on Spotify or Apple Music, whatever service you use.

    So, how can you know what your most favorite songs are? Heres how you can do it:

    If you use an iPhone, you can download the TuneTrack app.

    • Once youve downloaded the app, sign in to Apple Music or Spotify.
    • Tap on the service.
    • You will be able to see your top tracks for that app.

    Filters for Apple Music and Spotify are different because of their APIs. For Spotify, youll be able to see your top tracks and top artists for the last month, six months, and all time.

    In contrast, for Apple Music, youll only get to see top songs, but you can also know your favorite tracks genre-wise.

    TuneTrack also offers a Trending section, so you dont miss out on some of the popular tunes.

    If you dont have an iPhone, dont worry, weve got you covered there too.

    Apple Music Online Replay

    To see this years replays of the most streamed songs to date, visit Apple Musics online replays directly. Get the mix or start listening to add songs.

    Visit the Apple Music Replay website and register Upper right.

    Choose Continue passwordThen enter your Apple ID and password for your Apple Music subscription.

    click Get the mix again I will start listening.

    If you havent listened to enough songs this year, youll see the following message:Then you can knock Listen now How to enjoy Apple Music service

    If you subscribe to Apple Music, enjoy the benefits of Apple Music Replay. With each year of subscription, you will receive replays of your best songs and artists. Also, if youre using Apple Music on Windows, be sure to visit one of the above websites to check your replay.

    How to check Spotify stats

    How to see top artists on Spotify

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