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How To See My Most Played Songs On Apple Music

Download Your Information When Available

How To See Your Most Listened Songs in Apple Music | Apple Music Replay

Look out for an email from Apple letting you know your files are ready to go. The email will contain information about your download sizes as well as the expiration date for your request. Again, this step requires a computer at this time.

Now, open the email, then choose “Get your data.” Log in to your Apple ID the one you request the information with then select the download icon next to your information.

Apple Music Replay On Apple Music Online

View your songs and playlists online on the Apple Music website. It includes a built-in player so you can listen from any computer with just a web browser. Like the mobile app, you can hear your most played songs by year with Replays.

  • Go to the Apple Music website and click Sign In on the top right.

  • Select Continue with Password, then enter the Apple ID and password for your Apple Music subscription.

  • Select Listen Now on the left side and scroll down on the right to Replay: Your Top Songs by Year.

  • Choose a Replay for any year to view the songs and artists, or simply hit the Play button to listen.

  • If you select a Replay, youll see the Featured Artists for those songs at the bottom.

  • Click the three dots on a Replay in the Listen Now section to add it to your library, share it, or play it next.

    How To Find Your Apple Music Replay 2020 Because Spotify Can’t Have All The Fun

    Until last year, Apple Music users couldn’t join in the fun. Now, though, users of that service can finally see just how much they actually listened to “Yummy,” or how often they’ve been spinning Ariana Grande’s latest album, with detailed stats similar to those provided by Spotify’s Wrapped feature.

    Apple Music users can access their data, via the “Replay” feature, in a few ways. To simply access the playlist of your 100 most played songs, go to the “Listen Now” tab in the Apple Music app and scroll to the bottom of the page. Once there, you’ll see your Replay for 2020 and every year you’ve had Apple Music. While it’s interesting to look back, it’s probably not going to impress your friends that you listened to Modern Baseball more than any artist in 2016. You can also add the playlists to your own music library for easier access.

    Once you’re in, you can see the top 100 songs you listened to this year , which might lead you to think, “Jeez, there are so many Phoebe Bridgers songs here. I was really going through it, wasn’t I?”

    To access more of the details about what artists and albums you listened to the most, you’ll need to go to in a browser. The page will ask you to sign-in with an Apple ID or use your thumbprint to log-in, if you’re not already signed-in.

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    How To Find Your Most Played Apple Music Songs On Android

    If youre an Android user, you can download Apple Music on your device. It works the same as it would on an iPhone. As long as you have a subscription, youll be able to use Apple Musics Replay feature as well. Heres what you need to do to find your most played Apple Music songs on your Android device:

  • Open the Apple Music app on your Android device.
  • Proceed to the Listen Now tab at the bottom of the screen.
  • Go to Replay: Your Top Songs by Year folder.
  • Locate the Replay folder for one year.
  • How Do I Find My Apple Music Replay 2021 Stats

    Apple Music won

    Finding your Top Songs, Top Artists and Top Albums for 2021 on Apple Music is easy. Just follow these simple steps. First of all, visit the Apple Music Replay website, secondly sign in to your Apple account, and finally click: “Get Your Replay Mix”. It instantly puts together a series of facts and playlists based on your personal stats and listening habits for the year so far.

    The website will show you exactly how many hours of music you’ve listened to this year and a playlist of your top 100 most played songs with exact play counts. It also reveals how many different artists you’ve listened to in 2021 to date and who your most popular artists are. If that weren’t enough, it also tells you your top 10 most played albums of the year too.

    You can add the Apple Music playlists straight to your library and even find out your Apple Music stats for 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 and 2015.

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    How To Find Your Apple Music Replay 2020

    You cannot find your Apple Music Replay stats in the app itself, you have to go to the Apple Music website.

    Head to and you will be given the option to get your replay mix.

    From there you can find out who your most streamed artists were this year, the total amount of time you spent listening and your favourite albums.

    You will also be presented with a playlist of your top 100 songs of the year.

    You can then add this playlist to your Apple Music library, along with playlists dating back to 2015.

    Apple Music Replay doesnt have the same fancy share graphics as Spotify Wrapped, but you can share your years playlist through the app.

    How To See Your Apple Music Replay 2021 This December

    As December approaches, music lovers are taking to social media to share their most listened to artists and playlist throughout the year.

    While Spotify Wrapped may be taking over your Instagram Stories, Apple Music actually has a similar feature for uses of that platform, called Apple Replay.

    Here is everything you need to know

    Me, an Apple Music user, sharing my 2021 Replay a couple days from now

    Brian Burns

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    How To See Your Top 25 Most Played Songs In Apple Music

    Have you ever wanted to see a list of the songs you listen to most on Apple Music? Most of us have a set of songs that we find ourselves often listening to, and if you make use of Apple Music to listen to your favorite songs on your iPhone or iPad, then youre in luck. Apple Music curates a set of default smart playlists based on your listening habits, and one of them is simply called Top 25 Most Played.

    If youre looking to just sit back and enjoy listening to some of your most favorite songs, then youll probably want to use this smart playlist every now and then. It also comes in handy when youre driving or doing something important and cant keep manually switching between songs, you can just rely on listening to your favorites by play-count.

    Are you interested in making use of this playlist on your iPhone and iPad? Perfect, because in this article, well be discussing exactly how you can view your top 25 most played songs in Apple Music. Without further ado, lets take a look at the procedure.

    Yes Apple Music Has A Yearly Recap

    Reacting to my Apple Music Replay 2020! – Most Played Songs of the Year!

    Yesterday Apple began rolling out this years Apple Music Replay playlist at the bottom of everyones Listen Now Page. It features your 100 most listened to songs of the year and, as always, its fascinating to get that kind of insight into your moods and habits.

    My top is made up of the new album from my favourite band that came out this year, songs that I like playing the drums to, and a variety of anguished and angry songs that perfectly summed up the general 2020 mood.

    Technically the Replay playlist has existed since February and has been updated every week since then but its only now that its being featured. Its also really only helpful at the end of the year.

    In that same Replay row you can also see your playlists going back to at least 2015, if youve been on the service that long.

    Its worth having a look and comparing the genres in this years playlist to previous years and seeing how covid-19 has changed your music taste. There was a lot of evidence that people were listening to more mellow music during the lockdown. Were you? Or were you one of the people who found comfort in rage? Or did you confusingly mix the two?

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    Who Are The Uks Most Streamed Artists This Year

    According to the Spotify Wrapped highlights data, Drake was the UKs most streamed artist in 2020, while Bad Bunny pipped the Canadian rapper to the global top spot.

    The most listened homegrown British artist was Ed Sheeran, who was fourth overall and beat Stormzy, Dua Lipa and Lewis Capaldi.

    British users streamed The Weeknds track Blinding Lights more than any other , while Capaldis Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent was the most played album.

    Here is the UK and global data in full

    Apple Music Wrapped: A Shortcut To Visualize Your Most Listened Songs Artists And Genres Of The Year

    When Spotify was my music streaming service of choice, one of the features I really liked was its personalized Wrapped report generated at the end of the year. Ive always been a fan of geeky annual reports and stats about the usage of any given web service be it Spotify, Pocket, or Toggl. I appreciate a detailed look at 12 months of collected data to gain some insight into my habits and patterns.

    Ive always been annoyed by the lack of a similar feature in Apple Music Im surprised that Apple still hasnt added a native Year in Review option a baffling omission given how the company is already collecting all of the necessary data points in the cloud. Official Apple Music Wrapped functionality would bolster the services catalog of personalized features, providing users with a reward at the end of the year in the form of reports and playlists to help them rediscover what they listened to over the past year.

    But Apple doesnt seem interested in adding this feature to Apple Music, so I decided to build my own using Shortcuts. The result is the most complex shortcut Ive ever created comprising over 540 actions. Its not perfect due to the limitations of iOS and Shortcuts, but its the closest I was able to come to replicating Spotifys excellent Wrapped feature.

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    Create A 2020 Wrapped & Apple Music Playlist

    Now it’s time to run the Apple Music Wrapped shortcut and create your visual. In Shortcuts, tap on the Apple Music Wrapped card to run the shortcut. The shortcut will ask for access to your notifications and your music library the first time you run it. Tap on “OK” for both to continue.

    After a few seconds, the shortcut will ask you if you want to create a playlist within the Music app of your top ## songs for 2020. If you create the playlist, you’ll be asked to give the shortcut access to and another website, which it requires to build your playlist. If you tap on “Nope,” you’ll continue with creating the 2020 Wrapped.

    Next, the shortcut will ask if you want to save your report as a PDF to either Files or Dropbox. Do this if you want to share it later, but you can also tap on “Nope” to view the preview, which you can take screenshots of. I’ll be saving the PDF to the Downloads folder in Files.

    Finally, you can preview the newly created report, either from inside Shortcuts or Safari. I didn’t have any luck viewing the report within Shortcuts, but you might. If not, choose the “Launch Safari” option.

    Find Top Playing Songs In Apple Music On Macos

    Apple Music Replay: How to use it and see your most played ...

    Step 1: Launch the Music app on your iMac, iMac Pro, Mac, Mac Mini, or Mac Pro.

    Step 2: On the left side of the app, you would find a sidebar.

    Step 3: Scroll down on the sidebar and you will find the Top 25 Most Played playlist.

    Step 4: Click on the playlist and you will find all your top 25 most played songs.

    You can also find out more top-playing songs by doing this:

    Youll find a list of all your songs. Here you can find the column that says Plays on it.

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    How To See ‘spotify Wrapped’ For Apple Music

    At the end of each year, streaming music service Spotify provides a “Spotify Wrapped” recap of each user’s listening habits and favorite songs. Spotify Wrapped is a highly anticipated year-end feature that Spotify users love, and Apple Music listeners may be wondering how to get their own “Wrapped” rundown.

    Apple does not have a year-end wrap up that’s equivalent to what Spotify has, but the streaming music service does offer “Apple Music Replay,” a feature that ranks all of your top songs for the year.

    Apple Music Replay is refreshed on a yearly basis, usually during February, and it updates each week to provide an ever-changing playlist of your favorite songs. The best Apple Music Replay experience is on the web, and you can get to it by navigating to the Apple Music Replay website and signing in to Apple Music.

    On the Replay website, you can see details like the number of hours you’ve listened to music during the year and your top albums and artists. If you want to share these statistics on social media, you’ll need to take screenshots.

    You can listen to the Apple Music Replay playlists on iPhone or iPad, but you’ll need to sign in on the web to see the more detailed statistics mentioned above.

  • In the Apple Music app, navigate to the “Listen Now” tab.
  • Scroll down to “Apple Music Replay.”
  • Select one of your replay lists. Apple offers playlists for every year that you’ve been subscribed to Apple Music, so you can see how your tastes have changed over time.
  • What Is The Difference Between Top 25 Most Played Playlist And Apple Music Replay

    Apple Music subscription is a must for Replay. You can see your top songs, playlists, and insights in Replay, which is updated every Sunday. It has a rank wise list of the top 100 songs from your library that you have played the most.

    Just like regular playlists, you can save, download, and . Finally, you can even see Replay for the year 2015 and onwards.

    Wrapping up

    These were the steps to view your top 25 most played songs in the Apple Music app or iTunes. It is always great to have a dynamic playlist of the most listened tracks that you love and enjoy repeatedly. What are your thoughts on this? Kindly share it with us in the comments section below.

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    How To Clear Apple Music History

    Now you can clear the Apple Music History within no time. Make sure the iOS device is updated to the latest iOS 14 software and then you are ready to delete the Apple Music History on iPhone. Heres how to do it.

  • Launch the Apple Music App on the iPhone.
  • Tap on the Library tab at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap on the Song as shown in the image.
  • Bring up the playlist, tap on the List icon.
  • Now pull down the list to clear history.
  • When pop-up asks you to confirm, tap Clear.
  • Alternatively, you can also remove songs from the playlist one by one, swipe right to left, and tap Remove.
  • Apple Music Replay: How To Access Your Most


    Apple Music Replay is a collection of the songs a user has listened to most from their Apple Music subscription. Here’s how to find the playlist.

    Apple Music offers users the opportunity to listen to songs and artists they love, tune in to live radio stations, watch music videos and more. With the Apple Music Replay feature, they can also take a look back at their most-played songs and albums. Accessing this feature requires a subscription to Apple Music, and from there, its simple to discover which artists they have had on repeat in 2020.

    First launched in 2015, Apple Music is a subscription service similar to Spotify Premium or Pandora Plus. The subscription fee for Apple Music is $9.99 a month for an individual plan and $14.99 for a family plan, with students receiving a discount at $4.99 a month. The family plan includes access to Apple Music for up to six people, along with a personal account for each family member and the option for users to share their music library with anyone they want. Other features include access to 70 million songs, the users iTunes library, and the option to listen on multiple devices. Over 60 million people are subscribed to the service and recently, Apple released the Apple One subscription bundle, which bundles Apple Music with other services, like Apple TV and iCloud Storage.

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    View Your Apple Music 2020 Wrapped Report

    In Safari, you should see your 2020 in Apple Music. At the top, you’ll see a collage of album artworks made up of your most listened to songs. If there are songs from the same album, you may see the same album cover multiple times.

    Underneath that, it’ll mention the song you listened to most in 2020, as well as how many times and hours you listened to it. Unfortunately, some of the report may come out incomplete. For example, none of my top ten songs appeared , and neither did my top artists .

    You’ll also see your favorite genre , a nice graphic of your top nine songs , and then a list of your most listened to tracks, the number of which is for how many you selected when configuring the shortcut . This section will list the tracks, as well as the average track length and total duration. You’ll also see info for how many hours you listen to these top songs.

    If you saved the report to Files, you could also check it out there. However, the graphics may get cut off by the page, and the text is smaller, so this version might be a bit more difficult to share online. While I prefer the Safari version, either one works.

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