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How To Screen Record Apple Music

How To Screen Record On Your Ipad

How to record the screen on your Mac Apple Support

We use our iPad for a plethora of purposes. Whether its jotting down something using Quick Note or adding widgets to the iPad to keep track of things, the actions may vary depending on the user. However, if theres something universal, its screen recording the iPad for when you want to capture something specific or the entire screen to share it with someone. If you dont know how to go about recording your screen on the iPad, dont worry. We have created a guide to show you how to screen record on your iPad with ease.

How To Record Music From Yourself Singing On Iphone With Music Memos

Sometimes the best ideas come when you least expect them. And what you need is an app that can help you record your ideas. Music Memos is such an app developed by Apple which you can use to capture your song ideas, whenever inspiration strikes.

Although it can help you record music on iPhone simply, it is a professional software to create wonderful music. It is a totally free app you can download from App Store easily. The way of how to record music on iPhone is really easy to follow. Just read the next simple steps.

Step 1

First of all, you can launch App Store and the search for Music Memos. The results will be showed to immediately. Then download Music Memos on your iPhone.

Step 2

When Music Memos is installed, you can tap the icon to launch it. And you will see a big blue button in the center of this app’s screen. To start to record music on iPhone, just tap on it and then the color of this button will turn red. That means your recording will begin.

Step 3

Now you can play your riff, chorus, solo, or whatever inspiration you have with Music Memos. If you want to stop recording, you can simply tap the big red button to finish it.

Music Memos also supports you record music on iPhone automatically. This function can help you record music when it is heard some audio, so that you don’t need to tap it to start your recording. If you are interested in how to automatically record music on iPhone with Music Memo, you can follow the next steps.

Step 1Step 2Step 3

Pac Feat Dr Dre California Love

Burning Man meets Mad Max in 2Pac and Dr. Dre’s futuristic homage to their home state of California. Filmed inside the actual Thunderdome from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, the powerhouse rap duo threw a post-apocalyptic rave in the desert for the video.

Everyone in this video’s twisted future drove giant jeeps and wore steampunk armor. The sepia-toned, desert visuals make the video look futuristic to this day, unless you’ve ever been to Burning Man. Then it’s just another day at the Thunderdome.

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Go Record: Screen Recorder

This incredibly lightweight app is for users who like iPads native recorder but want to spice it up with a commentary or two. When it comes to adjusting things like video quality and other settings, Go Record offers no choice. Instead, the app relies on a no-nonsense approach and presents users with a Start Recording button.

While you can pay for a paid plan to add a face cam, if you are looking to shoot or import a video and add audio commentary, Go Record will do just fine. Moreover, there are no ads to distract you here.


  • Some users might find it too simple
  • Facecam locked behind paid version

Price: Free, in-app purchases starting atGet Go Record: Screen Recorder

How To Record Screen On Iphone 11 Pro Max

How to Screen Record with Sound on an iPhone (Updated for ...

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Want to know how to screen record with sound on an iPhone or iPad? It’s easy to screen record with audio on an iPhone or iPad. Screen recording, sometimes called screen capture, is a feature that allows you to record video and audio playing on your device or externally. If you want to record your screen, you don’t need a special screen recorder app or audio recording software. Apple offers a free tool for iOS and iPadOS that you can add to your iPad or iPhone’s Control Center to screen record with sound. We’ll show you how to enable screen recording in your Control Center, and how to turn on screen recording. If you’re wondering, “why can’t I screen record with sound?” we’ll answer that question, too. An iPhone screen recording will record internal audio by default . You can also record your voice during the screen recording. Let’s get started with how to screen record with audio or without audio, including system sounds and external sounds. Here are all the answers you’ve been looking for to the question, “how do you screen record?”, whether you have an older iPhone like an iPhone 6 or 7, or a newer iPhone like the iPhone X, 11, XR, or SE.

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Record Your Ipad Screen: A Step

This guide not only contains instructions on how to screen record on iPad but a list of recommendations for third-party screen recording apps as well. All these apps are for users who want more control over their screen recordings. Use the table below and go through your desired section.

How To Record Iphone Screen Using Mac

If you have access to a Mac, you can use it to record the iPhone screen. Recently, I showed you how to record iPhone FaceTime calls with audio using this method. It is fun and informative.

Let us see how to use macOS to record your iOS/iPadOS screen!

  • Connect your iPhone or iPad to Mac using an appropriate cable.
  • On your Mac, open QuickTime Player from the Applications folder, Launchpad, or using Spotlight.
  • Click File New Movie Recording.
  • Click the tiny downward arrow, and for Camera, choose iPhone. For the microphone, you may stay with the internal option. Also, drag the volume slider to the right.
  • Finally, click the record button to start capturing what is on your iPhone screen. Use the iPhone while your Mac records its screen. Just make sure not to tug the wire, else the recording will fail. If you have an old phone, keep it flat on a surface so that you do not accidentally disconnect it from the Mac.
  • When done, click the stop button.
  • Next, click the tinyred close button at the top left of the QuickTime window.
  • Now, click Save to have your iPhone screen recording file on your Mac. You may AirDrop it to your iPhone if needed.
  • Note: In some apps , you cannot record audio . Plus, with some apps , you may record the screen, but the recorded file will not have the on-screen movie or TV show content. This is primarily to prevent piracy. Finally, you cannot record your screen and use screen mirroring simultaneously.

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    How To Screen Record On Ipad Air With Audio

  • With this tutorial, you can record your screen On your iPad Air . First, we need to Enable the Screen recording option on your iPad Air .
  • Go to the Settings app. Scroll down and select the Control Center option.
  • Then click on Customize controls and under more control find and select Screen recording option by clicking on the plus sign on the left of the feature.
  • Now it’s added to the Control Center, swipe down from the top right of the iPad screen to access it, and click on the round screen recording icon to start recording.
  • Now on the top left, there will be a red icon showing the screen recording time.
  • To stop the screen recording tap on the red timer and click on “Stop” on the popup window that appears.
  • Your screen recording will now be saved and a notification will show which you can click to access the recorded video file.
  • Record Video Using The Iphone Camera App

    How to Record Screen With Audio on MacBook!

    If you have an iPhone XS or earlier, skip to the next section, as you can’t use Apple’s Camera app to do this.

    Using the Camera app to recording videos with audio playing is only possible for the iPhone 11 or later. That also includes the iPhone SE .

    Here are the instructions for how to use the Camera app to record video while music plays:

  • Play a song.
  • Hold the middle shutter button.
  • Slide shutter to the Lock circle on the right to start recording.
  • When you’re finished, tap the red square to stop recording.
  • Image Gallery

    If you’re still unsure what to do, take a look at the screen recording we created below.

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    Spice Up A Recording With Audio

    What if you want to walk someone through how to use a feature or get past a bug you keep running into? Well, you can turn on your phone’s microphone and have it record for as long as a screen-recording session is active.

    To turn it on, open the Control Center and long-press on the Screen Recording button. A new menu will show up, with a toggle to turn your microphone on at the bottom. Tap on the Microphone Audio button, it will turn red and then select Start Recording.

    The Screen Recording button turns red when your screen is being captured.

    The Advanced Way To Batch Record Apple Music Losslessly

    Do you want to record the lossless version of songs?

    And do you have hundreds or thousands of Apple Music you want to save to your computer?

    If so, a free streaming recording software seems powerless. Because it may take your days or weeks. I assume you will absolutely not want to waste your precious time.

    Please just take it easy. The development of technology has our life so easy today. With the best DRmareApple Music Recorder for Mac, you can record all songs from Apple Music within 1 click.

    It is specially designed for converting iTunes songs, Apple Music, iTunes audiobooks. It combines the smart automatic converting and background acceleration technology. You can convert Apple Music with up to 30X faster speed. No matter how many songs you have, you can finish converting them within a short time.

    What is more, instead of using the DRM crack technology, the latest Mac version has changed the mechanism to capture songs from Apple Music with the legal recording technology. So please feel free to use it at your home, office and so on.

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    Demonstrate New App Features Or Functionality

    Whether youve created a new app or just updated an existing one, video is a great way to show people the features youre most proud of.

    You may choose to do a series of short videos highlighting individual features or a more detailed version. Either way, you can demonstrate exactly how your app works.

    Plus, iOS 11s ability to capture narration means you can explain what youre doing, too.

    Luis Fonsi Feat Daddy Yankee Despacito

    3 Methods to Record Music on iPhone from Yourself Singing ...

    Before the video was filmed, Fonsi had some requests. First, he wanted 2006’s Miss Universe, Zuleyka Rivera, cast to represent “the power of a Latina woman.” Next, he wanted the video to celebrate Latin American culture and amplify the song’s soul accurately.

    He nailed it. The video perfectly captured the beauty of San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Fonsi and Daddy Yankee serenaded the world with their infectious hit. “Despacito” stands alone on YouTube with more than 6.4 billion views, making it the most viewed music video of all time.

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    How To Convert Apple Music To Mp3

    UkeySoft Apple Music Converter is a reliable and efficient Apple Music DRM Removal software that allows you to easily remove DRM protection from Apple Music and losslessly convert Apple Music songs to popular MP3 format at up to 16X faster speed. In addition, it keeps the original ID3 tags and all metadata in the converted audio file.

    In addition to Apple Music Converter, UkeySoft Apple Music Converter is an efficient iTunes music and audiobook downloader. It is very easy to convert iTunes M4P / AAC songs, iTunes audiobooks and Audible audiobooks to MP3 / M4A etc., as well as keep all chapter information.


    Christina Aguilera Lil’ Kim Pink Mya And Lil Kim Lady Marmalade

    It’s the ultimate pop music collaboration. These four powerhouses joined forces with a lot of lingerie for a cabaret like no other. Like a circus on acid, each performer showed off tiny costumes, sultry dance moves and outrageous hair and makeup.

    The blend of hip hop, pop and French cabaret was a recipe for success. The video won the 2001 MTV Video Music Award for Video of the Year and the 2002 Grammy Award for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals.

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    To Record Your Macs Screen With Both Audio And Video:

  • Install loopback audio .
  • Open the media you want to screen capture in your application . Start at least 5 seconds before where you want to start this will usually give time for the application to hide any playback controls which might be distracting. Dont press play yet.
  • Go to System Preferences/Sound. In the sound Output, choose Loopback Audio in the Output tab.At this point, you will hear no sound from any of your Macs applications, but dont worry.
  • Go to the QuickTime Player application choose File/New Screen Recording.
  • Choose if you want to record all your screen, or a portion of your screen , then click on the Record button.
  • Go to the application that was set to play the video press play .
  • After youre done recording:

  • Stop the video in your application that was playing your video.
  • At the top of your screen , click on the black square, which is the button to stop the Quicktime recording.Save your video file.
  • Go to System Preferences/Sound. In the sound Output, change the preference back to Internal Speakers . You should be able to hear sounds now from your speakers.
  • Go to your saved movie in QuickTime Player, and test out the sound. Trim the clip either in QuickTime Player or iMovie.

    Bonus: How To Take A Screenshot On Ipad

    How to Screen Record with Audio on an iPhone & iPad Updated for iOS 14

    So now you know how to record, edit, and save iPad screen recordings. However, what if you want to take screenshots on your iPad. Dont worry, we have you covered. Taking a screenshot on an iPad is easy. Depending on your model, there are two methods you can use to take a screenshot on the iPad.

    Method 1: For iPads with a Home Button

    Users who have a home button on their iPad, follow the steps below:

    1. Press the top button and the Home button of your iPad at the same time. Hold down the buttons for half a second and then release them.

    2. You will hear a camera shutter sound, and a tiny screenshot thumbnail will appear in the bottom left corner of your iPad. You have successfully taken a screenshot.

    3. You can tap the thumbnail that appears to open the screenshot directly or make your way to the app and find it there.

    Method 2: For iPads Without a Home Button

    Even if you dont have a Home button on your iPad, it is easy to take a screenshot. Follow the steps below.

    1. Press the top button and the volume up button of your iPad at the same time. Hold down the buttons for half a second and release them.

    2. You will hear a camera shutter sound, and a screenshot thumbnail will appear in the bottom left corner of your iPad.

    3. Tap the thumbnail that appears to quickly edit the screenshot or access it later via the Photos app.

    And thats how you take a screenshot on the iPad. Keep doing it enough, and you will get the hang of it pretty soon!

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    How To Record Apple Music By A Free Streaming Audio Recorder

    Audio recording is a very standard features for many devices like iPhone, Android, computers and so on. Take computers for example, you can use the screen recorder like Windows Game Bar or Mac QuickTime Player to record any screen videos with music playing on your computer directly without installing any third party software.

    If you just need the music playing on your computer, you can also try the top 5 free streaming audio recorders. Among them, Audacity is an outstanding one. It is not only easy to use but also has powerful features.

    Step 1. Download and install Audacity for free from its own official website and then launch it, you will see the main screen.

    Step 2. Launch iTunes and start to play Apple Music from your computer.

    Step 3. Click the red record button from the Audacity, it will start to record the Apple Music song from your computer. Note: Please don’t do any other actions on your computer, else it may affect the quality of the recorded audio.

    Step 4. When the song end, you can click the stop button on the Audacity.

    Step 5. Now you can try to edit the song such as trimming the blank segment out, reducing noise and adding some audio effects. When it is done, you can top “File” menu > “Export”> “Export as MP3” to record Apple Music as MP3.

    Fix 5 Update Your System

    Many reports of the iPhone screen recording no sound errors happen on iOS 11 devices. We’re not sure if it’s a bug of the system as Apple has given no official announcement. But many users have solved the problem by updating their devices to a newer system. First of all, try restarting your iPhone and see if the error continues. If you still can’t record the audio from iPhone screen, update or restore your iPhone.

    Step 1. Connect your iPhone to Mac/Computer via a USB cable and open iTunes .

    Step 2. Force restart your iPhone. Hold the button until you see the Apple Logo. Keep holding it until you see the Recovery Mode screen.

    Step 3. Then select “Update” in the pop-up box . Wait for the process to complete.

    Step 4. Then Force Restart your iPhone.

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