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How To Release Music On All Platforms

Which Music Streaming Platform Pays The Most

How To Release Your Music On All Platforms In 2021

Heres a list of music streaming payout via. atlasvpn.

Napster has the highest payout out Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, and YouTube.

This doesnt mean all your music should be shared directly from Napster though. Find which platform your audience uses the most and share those links.

You can also use to link your favorite platforms all under one link. This will allow your listeners to choose their favorite streaming site and listen to your songs comfortably.

If you have any further questions regarding distributing your songs online be sure to leave a comment below. Otherwise, feel free to get in touch and email me personally! Contact info on the footer of the page.

Upload A Spotify Canvas Ahead Of Release

Canvases are vertical videos that loop while tracks play in the Spotify app. Because were drawn to visuals, the format has proven to boost all kinds of streaming engagement metrics.

Since a Spotify Canvas is a maximum of 8-seconds long, it doesnt have to be a big commitment in terms of video production. Whats really great is you can now upload them through Spotify for Artists well in advance of your release date.

Release As Many Singles As You Can

Putting music on Spotify for the first time is a really exciting thing. When youre uploading your music to DistroKid or Ditto, its really tempting to choose the immediate release option. I promise you, its better not to. Good things come to those who wait.

When you have a project finished and youre ready to release it in full, its best to release some singles first, spaced about a month or two apart. Again, for each single, its best to give yourself at least a month to prepare for release, build hype, and gain followers and pre-savers.

The current music industry climate, especially for indie artists, is centered around streaming, and Spotify is currently the largest streaming platform.

Since Spotify is such an important player for small artists, a release campaign should revolve around the best practices and strategies for Spotify exposure. And Spotify is very single-friendly.

Recently, Spotify has made it possible to submit upcoming releases for editorial playlist consideration and algorithmic playlist placement. That means that when you are about to release a song, you can pitch it to their editors for consideration on their massively popular playlists, and simultaneously guarantee that your music will be on your followers Release Radars.

But there are a few catches: you need to submit your music for consideration at least a few weeks in advance, and you can only submit one song at a time. So, do singles, and schedule them at least a month in advance.

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Pin Your Recent Track To Your Profile

Which brings up the second social media hack for artists. Pin your recent song to your profile. This is the first thing visitors will see. And again, if you seem interesting to them then the next thing theyll do is check out your work.

Facebook and Twitter are two social media platforms that allow you to pin a post for high visibility.

Music Assets For Your Platforms

How to sell your original songs (Release your Music on all major ...

Due to unstable music moods, special occasions, constantly changing big new hits in music, and more, people are switching from digital music downloads to on-demand music streaming where they can get huge libraries of music from these music platforms. Some artists prefer to sell their music while others want to release it into the world using free online music streaming sites.

You have probably heard about a few platforms where you can share your music, websites like Soundcloud and others, weve taken the time to scout all the best music platforms to tell you whats so great about them and whats not.

If you are trying to make it as an independent artist. Choosing where to share your music is a big decision so lets get over the best streaming music platforms for you. Take your time to scout these platforms and decide which is better for you based on A) the benefits of each platform and B) if your potential audience is there!

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Develop And Manage Your Career

Your music career is not limited to downloads and streams. MusicDiffusion® digital tools and services can help you:

  • Improve the quality of your productions
  • Expand your fan base

We offer you a variety of tools and services dedicated to independent artists and labels to assist you in the development of your musical projects.

Why Should You Get Your Music On Spotify

If you are a musician, getting your music on Spotify is the best option to build your audience.

Thanks to music streaming platforms, you can reach new listeners, and thus you may gain new fans who’ll love your tracks. Nowadays, being present on music streaming services is a must if you’re taking your music career seriously. So, let’s learn how you can get your tracks on Spotify, TIDAL, and other music platforms.

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How To Post Music On Spotify And Other Streaming Platforms

Streaming services appeared in the early 2010s, and now it’s the most popular way of music consumption. However, publishing music on streaming platforms is not as easy as it seems.

The fact is that every day, thousands of diverse titles are added to Spotify. That’s a lot!

Unfortunately, sending and selling your music directly to streaming platforms is impossible.

Thus, everyone who wants to put their music on Spotify must use so-called digital distributors.

Music Distribution Vs Record Labels

How To Release Music on All Platforms in 5 Steps With LANDR

What is the difference between music distribution services and a label distribution deal?

Let’s break it down.

Most of the time, songwriters give music publishers the rights to their written music and lyrics.

These publishers then licence to online streaming services, movie studios, and recording studios.

Distribution companies acted as a link between labels and stores that sold music.

What does “distribution deal” mean?

Back in the day, a distribution deal meant that the distributor paid for all of the costs of making an album, from pressing to printing the labels, and in turn, the artist kept 100% of their music rights.

Since people don’t use traditional record stores, music distribution companies focus on major streaming services.

The music distribution company that sold the albums made deals with stores to sell them.

Some distributors bought albums outright from labels, while others sold albums on behalf of record labels.

You might get a deal from a distribution platform like Tunecore or Boost Collective.

CD Baby charges $10 per song and $30 per album to send digital files to all of the major platforms.

A distribution deal with Boost Collective might also come with an advance,

though it might not be as much as an advance from a record label.

It’s a very good deal to get a $50,000 advance while still owning the masters, getting label-lite services, and, at worst, getting a 50/50 split on the royalties.

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Collect Songwriting Royalties & License Your Music

When theyre sold, streamed, or performed live, the songs you write generate many royalties you cant get yourself without a publishing administrator. MusicDiffusion® collects them with the help of our partner music label Most Wanted Music but not only, we will also:

  • Help you get your projects placed in commercials, films, TV & more
  • Work with music professional rights organizations to go take and give you back many others royalties
  • Register your music all over the world in 60+ countries

And you keep all of your rights!

Find Time To Enjoy The Process

The truth is that releasing music is stressful and complicated. There are a lot of moving parts, and its common for it to feel like an unenjoyable hassle. But when the work is done and the song is out , take time to enjoy the fact that you are doing something incredibly dope: putting music into the world.

Every time I release music, I get my hopes extremely high that it will be well-received. Sometimes it is. But sometimes its not.

For my last few releases , I make sure to take a moment on release day to get in my car, turn the volume up, roll my windows down, and drive for a while to my own song. I dont mean for it to be narcissistic at all I just try to allow myself the admission that its a really cool thing to be able to make music and have it where the world can hear it. Its essentially a gratitude ritual, and it helps music feel less like a job and more like a privilege and a gift.

So, whatever kind of music you make, while youre releasing it, find time to be proud of yourself and grateful for it. Any way to remove yourself from the world of comparison and people-pleasing in the middle of a release cycle is bound to make the process more enjoyable. And I think it probably leads to better music, too.

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Sell Your Music Worldwide

Need to share your music with the world? You dont need a label anymore.

MusicDiffusion® is the first low-cost and 360° music distributor that helps to distribute your music online to iTunes, Deezer, Spotify, Facebook, Google Play, Youtube, Beatport, Apple Music, Amazon and +250 digital partner stores, with all options included that the others make you pay!

Better yet, you keep 100% of your rights with no exclusivity.

What Is A Music Distribution Service

How to Release Your Songs On All Online Platforms

Before starting with the list, it is necessary to know what a digital music distributor is and what it does.The distributor is in charge of sending your singles, EPs, or albums to all digital music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Tidal, etc.Some digital distributors also offer extra services like Content ID to collect YouTube royalties, copyright protection, playlist submissions, smart links, cover licenses, and more.

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Have A Project Ready To Go

This may seem obvious, but its essential that you make sure the music, visuals, and full concept of your album and single is fully realized before moving to distribution. First impressions with DSPs, playlisters, and bloggers are important, so youll need to be prepared as possible before considering a formal release.

Make sure your music is properly mixed and mastered to meet the loudness normalization needs of each platform. If youre not mastering your own music, make sure your engineer provides you with all the necessary files for submission to DSPs.

Along with the wav file of your song, youll also need cover art, typically exported at 3000 x 3000 pixels. Youll also want to have the lyrics, production/songwriting credits, BPM, and moods of the track. These will come in handy during the distribution and pitching process.

The major DSPs include though arent limited to:

Is Your Release Going To Be A Single Ep Or Album

The difference between singles, albums and EPs is an interesting subject. Theres quite a few opinions out there as to what it all means. It can all get quite confusing

Knowing what you intend to release in advance is important for your music promotion and lead up time before your release. If you hype up your new album, and then it appears as an EP in the online stores, it might be confusing for your fans. So decide early and promote accordingly!

Hot Tip: Make sure your sound is consistent across your entire project before you release it. There’s certain steps you need to take when you’re mixing an album to keep your album consistent. LANDR album mastering is the best way to master an entire project while keeping your sound consistent before releasing.

Each digital store categorizes releases differently. Know how your release will appear before you start promoting. Heres how 2 of the biggest digital music stores do it:


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The Best Music Distribution Services

Here’s a list of the best music distribution services around the world to help you make the best decision for you and your career.

Oh, hey! Were so stoked youve found us, thanks for stopping by . Were a free music distribution service that was founded in 2015 by a global team of music industry experts with a mission to give control back to artists. We offer free music distribution and let artists keep 100% of their rights and royalties.

But, because we believe in supporting independent artists through their career journey, no matter if youre an Amuse user or not, we wanted to provide a list of the best music distribution services around the world to help you make the best decision for you and your career.

Got more questions? Awesome, wed love to chat! Hit us up here and well get back to you as soon as we can.


Amuse gets your music onto all the music stores and streaming platforms that matter, like Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Tidal, Amazon Music, Deezer, Google Music, Shazam and YouTube.

The best part? Amuse is the only free music distribution service that lets you release music direct from your phone using our app. That means you can upload your track, artwork and release info in just a few minutes, all from the palm of your hand, giving you more time for what matters most music!


CD Baby



Record Union

Spinn Up


United Masters


Ready to get started? to release your music for free.

How To Get Your Music Ready For Spotify Apple Music And Tidal

How to Release Your Music on All Platforms in 2020 / 2021

Before you put your music out there, you need to get your music properly mixed and mastered for streaming services.

If you dont know what mixing and mastering is, youre not ready to release any songs. Get in touch with a mixing engineer so they can get a more polished, clean and pro sound to your song.

When you get your mastering done, make sure the mastering engineer sends you audio files that are mastered for STREAMING with proper loudness levels.

When uploading local files from your computer, make sure they are high quality WAV audio files. Do NOT Use MP3s! USE WAV FILES! MP3s suck.

And finally, get all your metadata and additional media ready before you start the process below artist + feature names, song/album name, song files, song/album artwork files, etc.

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Find Different Ways To Repeat The Message

Youve got your hook now how are you going to cast it into the same waters over and over again without the fish getting bored of that same bobbing lure?

Switch the tone. You can communicate through:

  • hints and teases
  • facts and backstory about the song

The first thing I did was set up my Spotify pre-save campaign. Once I had the link, I started to slowly tease the cover artwork by . When a viewer looked at my profile at the end of the week, all nine of the smaller images formed a grid revealing the full artwork. Every time I posted I would share the pre-save link.

I then shifted to a more direct approach for the pre-save campaign, but with a focus on an emotional appeal

Once the song was released I put out a lyric video with tons of buried text posing as a letter from the 22nd-Century referring back to the origins of the photograph:

I then placed it inside a video feature page to drive conversions outside of YouTube:

I also repeated that little hook In 1905, the people saw something so mysterious you might say that it almost wasnt there in a number of ways throughout the campaign: emails, tweets, etc.

Then I did the obvious things, like adding a Spotify player to my website announcement bar about the song.

The next thing I did was to take a bunch of phrases from the letter portion of the lyric video and .

Lastly, I posted the complete text of the letter on Facebook.

Why Do I Need A Music Distribution Service

One might think that artists upload their music straight to individual streaming services preparing a release like you would upload a YouTube video or a song to directly to SoundCloud. But since releasing music comes with some more complications – such as keeping track of streaming data and royalty payouts – all artists should go through a digital music distribution service like amuse to get their music out in the right way.

The digital music distribution service basically mirrors your sound file and its metadata to the different streaming services, acting as a hub that collects streaming and royalty data. That means you can upload a single release and automatically submit it to all the stores you want to send it to in one go. A digital music distribution service also functions as a pipeline between services like Spotify and Apple Music and your own wallet.

When you create a release with amuse, we will automatically send your music to all the major digital music stores and streaming services, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube .

Without a music distribution service, artists would have to submit a new release to each music store or streaming service individually .

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How To Release Music Independently: Push To Distribution

Once you’re happy with the above, make sure to distribute your music through your favourite distributor 14 days before your set release date.

This way you’ll be able to send your music to playlists and allow time to get pre-saves and build a hype.


That about wraps this whole thing up!

So thank you for reading this far, and remember to keep this page bookmarked for future releases if you need any pointers.

As always, if you do have any comments at all, leave them below and we’ll do our best to help you out.

We’re going to be posting a lot more about music marketing, so keep a close eye for new updates coming soon! In the meantime, have a browse round our other content.

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