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How To Redeem Free Apple Music From Best Buy

Watch Out For Partnerships

How To Get Apple Music For FREE!

Every now and then, companies promote Apple Music to their members by offering free trials in exchange for things like signing up to their mailing list or joining a service.

For example, Best Buy had a six-month free Apple Music trial for Best Buy account holders. Verizon had a similar promotion for subscribers of its Get More Unlimited plan. While there are no permanent promotions and partnerships, you can follow social media pages for updates on new campaigns.

Get 6 Months Free Apple Music

In fact, Apple is not the only platform offering free Apple Music deals. Best Buy has a partnership with Apple Music also gives subscribers a free Apple Music trial without buying anything on But note that Best Buy only gives you six-month free Apple Music and is just available to new subscribers.

Requirements of this deal:

1. Discount valid for new subscribers only.

2. It’s only available for customers in the U.S.

3. account required.

4. This order is non-returnable.

How to get it? Follow these steps below:

Step 1. go to, click “Account”> “Sign in” to sign in with your account. If you donât have a Best Buy account, then click “Create Account” to create an account at first.

Step 2. Enter “free Apple Music for six months” on the search box, then click “Add to cart” of the first item shown on the page.

Step 3. Click “Go to Cart” to go to the checkout page, then simply click “Checkout” to finish the order process. After that, you will receive a digital code.

Top 5 Easy M4p Converter

Easy M4P Converter is another best Apple Music converter of 2021 in the market. It can convert Apple M4P files to MP3 files and extract audio from music videos.

You can customize the audio parameters like channel, codec, sample rate, bit rate and edit the meta data, and so on. Like NoteBurner software, it speeds up the music playback from iTunes. But it records Apple Music at up to 16X faster speed.

This tool also comes with some shortcomings. For example, the sound quality will be reduced unavoidably. The user interface is too complicated, you can’t preview the songs during editing.

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Get Free Apple Music Trial Of 3 Months Using Family Plan

Apple Music offers a couple of choices, starting from a student plan to a family plan. If you have already opted for the Apple Music free trial in your account, you can ask your friend to start the family plan trial.

With the family plan trial, you can invite up to 6 members for free access. This way, you can have additional 3 months of free access to Apple Music even if you opted for the Individual plan before.

Apple Music With Verizon

Apple Music Free Apple Music for 3 months (new subscribers ...

If youre a Verizon Unlimited customer, we have some good news: Youre eligible for a free Apple Music subscription. Yep, you can score a six-month Individual membership for the low, low price of absolutely nothing per month. Currently, to qualify for the free six months, you must be signed up for either the Play More or the Get More Unlimited plan through Verizon. As with a subscription directly from Apple, you will have access to the Apple Music library, download songs for offline playback, and stream your favorite songs over 5G, 4G LTE, or Wi-Fi.

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What Happens If Free Trial Or Subscription Ends

Note: Only your purchased iTunes songs or songs that you added to the library won’t be affected. And you can download them again without paying extra.

Also, as you may know, Apple Music is linked to your iCloud Music Library. And every time you log out and log in to your Apple ID on your device, your data will be automatically removed so you need to resync backups and sometimes, even rebuild your library. Therefore, if you determine to leave Apple Music and not renew your plans after the free trial, we strongly advise you to keep your playlists or transfer your playlists to another music streaming service. Or all your created playlists will become inaccessible after the cancellation.

Rebuild your Apple Music library can be a huge project. Still, here is a way to keep Apple Music free forever and save all your playlists effortlessly. Just read on.

Free Trial Of Apple Music Switched Into A Full Subscription Get A Refund With Donotpay

The Fair Credit Billing Act allows you to dispute a charge on your credit card within 60 days from the purchase. DoNotPay helps you apply this beneficial rule if your Apple Music free trial turns into a paid subscription without you noticing.

Follow these steps:

  • Open DoNotPay in your web browser
  • Tap the Chargeback Instantly option
  • Give your bank details to our chatbot
  • Type in Apple Music as the name of the merchant
  • Follow the prompts to build up your case
  • Once the process is completed, DoNotPay will fax a dispute letter to your bank. We will send important Visa and Mastercard codes, which can help in your case.

    DoNotPay can also contact Apple on your behalf and request a refund from them.

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    How To Get Free Apple Music In 2021

    Without a doubt, Apple has become quite serious about its music streaming service Apple Music. Today, this isnt just a viable alternative to popular services like Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal, and similar but a leader of the music streaming industry. If youve been wondering how to get free Apple Music in 2021, know that youve come to the right place.

    Before we dive in, a quick note. At the moment, there are two ways to get Apple Music for free . However, the following methods apply only to new subscribers. If youre a newbie to Apple Music, heres everything you want to know.

    Earn Free Apple Music Gift Card

    How to get Apple Music for FREE!!! (Best Buy 2021 Method)

    One way to get a free Apple Music code is to earn points by completing offers, such as installing apps on your iPhone and run them for a while, completing a game, or filling out a survey. Then you can use these points to exchange for prizes, such as Apple Music free code. But this is not the most efficient method, because not all offers are actually working. Even worse, some of the free Apple Music code generator tools found on the Internet are probably just scams.

    But if you are still interested and would like to give them a shot, you can check out the following 2 methods.

    1. Earn Free Apple Music Gift Card with PointsPrizes

    2. Win Up to 12 Months of Free Apple Music Account with Music Machine

    Note: This method allows you to get free Apple Music directly on iPhone, no credit card or jailbreak is required.

    Step 1. Open this webpage on your web browser.

    Step 2. Scroll down and click the “PLAY” button at the bottom of the screen.

    Step 3. Enter your Apple ID / Email and then hit “Next” to participate in the game.

    Step 4. Now you can start playing the game to win your free Apple Music subscription, 3 options are available including 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. In total, you’ve got 5 chances to get your best shot, if lucky you can get the 12 months Apple Music premium.

    Step 7. When you’ve done human verification, you can delete the 2 apps from your iPhone and open Apple Music.

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    Sign Up For Rogers To Get 6 Months Of Apple Music Subscription

    Rogers is yet another communications company similar to Verizon based in Canada. You should find a free 6 months of Apple Music free trial from its official promotion page if you opt for any of their unlimited plans.

    This offer should be available all the time because it requires you another subscription. If you need a rogers unlimited plan, this should be a good deal.

    Get 6 Months Of Apple Music For Free If You Buy Airpods Or Beats

    After delaying the iPhone 12 in 2020, Apple is having a much more traditional September this year. Apple unveiled the iPhone 13 last week, launched iOS 15 on Monday, and will start shipping the new phone before the weekend. Apple also introduced the Apple Watch Series 7 and two brand new iPad models. But the company still wasnt done. Starting this week, you can now get six months of Apple Music for free when you buy a new pair of AirPods or select Beats products.

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    How We Do Apple Music Promo At Omari

    The best way to get traffic to your Apple Music songs is through Facebook/Instagram ads. We’ve run MILLIONS of dollars in ads in the music business and know how to set them up the best way.

    Even if you’ve tried running ads by yourself, chances are there’s still something you can learn about optimization. What a lot of people do is get our management services for at least a month or two to see how exactly us running the ads is different, then you can take all the strategies we use and apply them to your ads going forward.

    You can see examples of previous campaigns and get our ads management services in the button below.

    Is Apple Music Promo Good For Location Targeting

    FREE $20 Best Buy eGift Card + 4 Months of Apple Music ...

    Location based targeting is not available for independent Apple Music playlist promotion, nor is the platform itself set up for effective location based targeting.

    Heres what we mean by that:

    Anyone from anywhere is free to follow any playlist on Apple Music. There are some lists that are more language specific, but seeing as English is a widely spoken language, youll still see followers from all over following English speaking lists.

    While we do try and put a focus of social media advertising to particular country, it is not guaranteed that all followers of a list will be from one area.

    Should you be dead set on location based targeting, our YouTube or IG ads promotion are more equipped platforms for that.

    For location based targeting, we recommend our Facebook & IG ads management. Oftentimes, we’re able to send traffic directly from the ads to a smartlink that has Spotify, Apple Music & YouTube links in it.

    This way, the user can choose which platform they listen on the most and artists can see a nice boost in their Apple Music listens.

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    What You Need To Know

    • Best Buy is offering free trials of Apple Music, Apple News+, and Apple Fitness+.
    • There are free six month trails for Apple Music and Apple News+ as well as two months for Apple Fitness+.

    Best Buy routinely runs special offers for different Apple services, and the offers it is currently running are some of the best we’ve seen for Apple Music, Apple Fitness+, and Apple News+.

    While Apple Music has seen three and four-month promotions from platforms like Shazam and TikTok, Best Buy has one-upped them all by offering six months of the service for free. The promotion is only available to new subscribers to the service, so you won’t be able to redeem it if you have an active subscription or had recently canceled.

    Apple Music

    Best Buy is currently offering six months of Apple Music, Apple’s music streaming service, to new subscribers for free.

    Apple has been offering four months of Apple News+ for free with Best Buy for a while now, and now it has upgraded the offer to six months. While the offer says it is only for new subscribers, I was able to sign up for the promotion after only canceling the service a couple of months ago.

    Apple News+ is Apple’s premium news service that gives users access to hundreds of magazines as well as some prominent national newspapers.

    Apple News+

    Best Buy is currently offering six months of Apple News+, Apple’s premium magazine and newspaper service, for free.

    Apple Fitness+

    Its As Easyas It Sounds

    • Immerse yourself in spatial audio with dynamic head tracking. And unlock amazing definition with lossless audio.

    • Listen Now is the easiest way to play what you love and discover something new.

    • Tune in to three live radio stations hosted by artists playing todays hits, classics, and country.

    • Tap into our editors picks with curated playlists.

    • Sing along, tap ahead, or just listen with lyrics view always on unless you turn it off.

    • Enjoy your Apple Music experience in the car with CarPlay.

    • Get the full Apple Music experience online.

    Apple Music is available in iTunes, and for iOS and Android devices.

    Play tracks in Dolby Atmos and hear over 75 million songs in lossless audio, adfree


    Access your entire library from any device and listen online or off


    Free trial with no commitment


    Stream ad-free music and music videos


    See what your friends are listening to


    Original shows, concerts, and exclusives


    Live and on-demand radio stations hosted by artists


    Access for up to six people

    A personal account for each family member


    Play tracks in Dolby Atmos and hear over 75 million songs in lossless audio, adfree


    Access your entire library from any device and listen online or off


    Free trial with no commitment


    Stream ad-free music and music videos


    See what your friends are listening to


    Original shows, concerts, and exclusives


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    Get Apple Music 6 Months Free Trial From Individual And Family Plan

    Normally, Apple Music offers 3 months free trial for every new subscriber and once the trial is over, users will have to pay for a plan among the Student plan, Individual plan or Family plan.

    But there’s a trick to get you another 3 months of the free trial. Since the Apple Music Family plan allows up to 6 people to share under one subscription, users can share an extra 3-month free trial by accepting the Family plan invitation. You can ask a friend or family member who has never used Apple Music before to subscribe Apple Music Family plan and invite you into the plan. Then you can enjoy the same 3-month free trial.

    To start a Family plan:

    On iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch:

    1. Go to Settings, and tap your name

    2. Tap Set Up Family Sharing, then tap Get Started.

    3. Set up your family plan and choose the first feature you’d like to share with your family.

    4. Invite family members by sending iMessage.

    On Mac:

    1. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Family Sharing.

    2. Type the Apple ID that you want to use for Family Sharing

    3. Follow the onscreen instructions.

    When you receive the invitation, you can accept it on your phone or Mac and you’ll need to confirm your account and choose the features or services for the family plan.

    How To Get Your Free Apple Music:

    How to Get up to 6 Months of Apple Music For Free
  • Visit the companys website by clicking Get This Offer .
  • Hit Add to Cart.
  • Go to your cart and hit Checkout.
  • Sign into your account to confirm your digital download.
  • The instructions to redeem your free 4 months of Apple Music will be emailed to you in about an hour. Enjoy!
  • This becomes a billed subscription after the trial period. Use or RemindMe.In so that you can evaluate whether you will keep the subscription or cancel in time to not be billed.
  • * US only. Non-returnable. Valid only for first time subscribers to Apple Music. Terms and conditions apply.

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    How Much Does Apple Music Cost Is There A Free Apple Music

    As a subscription-based service, Apple Music offers three plans, so how much you should pay depends on which plan you choose.

    1. Individual Plan. This plan fits everyone. Just by paying $9.99 per month, you can join Apple Music.

    2. Family Plan. If your family members also want to stream songs from Apple Music, then the family plan may be your best choice. It costs you only $14.99 per month, but up to six people are able to access the Apple Music library.

    3. Student Plan. Students studying at degree-granting universities and colleges can subscribe to Apple Music at $4.99 per month, half-off the individual plan.

    Since Apple Music doesnât offer a free plan, you may wonder if there is a free Apple Music. Here comes the good news – all new subscribers can get free Apple Music for at least 3 months by following the below methods. Besides, you can also find some smart hacks to keep Apple Music free forever in the next part.

    How To Get Apple Music Free Trial For 3 Months If Not 6 Months

    Apple Music is a very popular music streaming service. Not just limited to its growing library, but it offers a fantastic user experience and sound quality, especially with lossless audio support and spatial audio support introduced in 2021.

    To get access to Apple Music, you normally need to opt for a monthly subscription of about $10, which can prove to be expensive in the long run. But is it worth it? Unless you try it out, theres no way to figure that out. Hence, you can start by getting Apple Music free trial to test it out. If you feel upbeat about the free Apple Music trial, you could eventually go ahead to purchase a subscription.

    But, how do you get Apple Music free trial? Is there an official promotion offer? Or, is there a specific place where you can find the trial offer? Fret not, here, well cover all the grounds to help you get free Apple Music trial.


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