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How To Read Ukulele Music

The Anatomy Of Ukulele Tab

Learn how to read TAB for Ukulele AND Guitar – IN TWO MINUTES!

The Strings

If you think of TAB as a ukulele fretboard its going to make your understanding of it a lot easier. Imagine you are hovering above it and looking straight down. You have 4 horizontal lines that are made up of dashes and they are your strings. You can tell what strings they are because of the letter on the far left.

the frets/notes

Next, you have the numbers and these represent the frets. Check out my guide to the different parts of the ukulele if you are not sure what they are. This is telling you what fret to put your finger on. So if you see the number 3 on the C string, you need to press your finger down on the 3rd fret and pluck the string.


When you see multiple numbers above o beneath each other, this is representing a chord. So for example, if you saw 0 on the G, 2 on the C, 3 on the E and 2 on the A. This is the tab telling you to play a G Major chord. You can either pluck them all with 4 fingers or strum them depending on what the song requires.

new sections

The lines that split the strings are signalling that its the start of a new bar or section of the song.

Those are the basics of how to read ukulele tabs. However, as you advance as a player. You might stumbled across some other interesting looking things on the tabs.

Time To Start Picking

Now that you understand how a bar of uke tabs relate physically to your instrument, youve probably noticed numbers on the tab. What the heck do these mean?

Each number relates to a fret on your instrument. So, if you see the number 8 on your C string, then that means you need to put your finger on the eighth fret and play it once. If you see a number 2 on the A string, then play the second fret once.

Although tablature doesnt indicate time, it implies a progression forward. So, youll notice that the numbers move from the left to the right implying forward motion. You read this the same way that you read a line of poetry, left to right.

A number to the left of another correlates a note that gets plucked before the next one. Tab also indicates repetition when the same number shows on the same string consecutively. So, if you see 444 on the G string, then you know that you need to play the fourth fret G string three times in a row.

At first, youll probably notice a distinct brain drain as you try to wrap your head around this system. But over time, youll come to appreciate its simplicity.

Not only will it give you the chance to master a wide range of tunes without diving into complicated Classical music notation, but it gives you the ease to start composing and notating your own music, too. Just make sure you commit the rhythm and tempo to memory!

Open Notes In Ukulele Tabs

So, how do you know when to play an open string on a Ukulele tab? Pretty easy! Youll know to play an open note when you see a 0 on a tab instead of a fret number.

So, using the image above, instead of the 2ndfret being played on the E string like we had in the first example, thesecond note in the sequence would be an open E string!

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What Makes A Power Chord On A Ukulele

Power chords consist of only two notes: the first and the fifth note of the major scale. Power chords, both guitar and ukulele) are often played in the open position or with one finger. They ease the transition between chords. The interesting thing about power ukulele chords is that they are neither major nor minor.

How Do You Read Piano Keys


The easiest way to read the keys on a piano is to find D first. The black keys on the piano form a pattern: a set of 3, a set of 2, a set of 3, and so on. Look for a set of two black keys, the white key in the middle is D. Scroll from D alphabetically to G using only white buttons. The next white key is E, then F, and so on.

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Where To Find Ukulele Tabs

Now, where are you going to find these tabs? Well, Ive done a lot of research for you and found 10 places where you can find ukulele tabs.

1. is a site that hosts tabs and chord charts. They are much heavier on the chord-chart side of things, but you might find a few tabs there. They do, however, include a lot of chord diagrams with their charts.

2. is a site for beginners with few tabs, but lots of chord charts and videos for beginning ukulele players.

3. is a great site for finding tabs and chord charts for the ukulele. It has a great deal of the popular ukulele songs out there that everyone wants to learn how to play. It also has a neat feature that lets you transpose the song into a key you want to play in.

4. has a lot of tabs and chord charts for older songs. Some of the songs go way back to the 20s and 30s, and some of the classic rock songs from the 70s and 80s also make an appearance.

5. is another chord-heavy site, but the chord charts are partially tabs as well, because they give you the strums written out between the chords .

6. is the best ukulele tab site that Ive found with actual tabs. They have chord charts, as well, but they have tabs for popular songs. I was able to find a tab for Sunshine of Your Love by Cream. They have Eric Claptons guitar part tabbed out properly! Pretty cool site.

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Important Music Tablature Symbols

If youve made it this far in the article congratulations,you can read almost every piece of tablature youll find. The basics of musictablature are firmly within your grasp!

There are some less common and advanced techniques thatyoull run across occasionally that we havent covered. This next section isdedicated to some very specific types of movements that will be made with theleft hand that are used to give a piece of music a verydistinctive, original sound.

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Learn To Play Guitar By Chord / Tabs Using Chord Diagrams Transpose The Key Watch Video Lessons And Much More

How to read tabs ukulele teacher. . Ukutabs is your true source to find chords and tabs for all of your favorite songs. You can find me on teachers pay teachers at pitch publications.

One of the few youtubers that have made the transition to music pretty seamlessly. Ukulele tabs ukulele teacher ukulele videos ukulele warm ups vibrato video lessons videos Get the most downloaded uke app on the planet!

On top of that, you’ll also get all of the perks from the tiers below you: At the end of the listing is a selection of nursery rhymes for young children. 46,024 views, added to favorites 5,258 times.

Strumming is the most crucial part of playing songs. Youre already well on the way to learning how to read ukulele tab. Heres some blank ukulele tab .

Along with being able to tune your ukulele, knowing the parts of the ukulele, how to read chord diagrams and being able to change quickly between chord shapes, strumming is one of the most essential aspects to achieving that genuine ukulele sound. I love creating and sharing resources with other elementary music teachers. Lets put the simple chords and easy strumming patterns in the bin for a few moments.

Designed by ukulelists, for ukulelists. Those 4 horizontal lines relate to the strings on your ukulele. Every video 24 hours before the rest of the world

Most people learn a new piece of music by using tab. Beginner lesson reading tablature song: Tabs articles forums wiki + publish tab pro.

If You Didnt Already Know That Id Imagine That This Is A Bit Of A Lightbulb Moment For You

How to Read Sheet Music for Ukulele Players 1/4 – Ukulele Tutorial

How to read guitar tabs for ukulele. Read all about it, part iii by emeli sandé album: For more on the 3 numbering systems for guitar check out fingers, frets, & strings. Lots of guitar songs are in g major and use the four chords g, em, c and d7.

Read all about it ukulele chords. Muso types like to bemoan the rise of tablature but its been a way of representing music for hundreds of years. Tab is a way of writing music that is specific to fretted instruments like the guitar.

How to read ukulele tab. Fingerstyle solo arrangement tabs shown below include the melody interlaced with the chords, intended to be played by a single player and imply harmony and lead. 0232 (to play without a capo r

As an example, think about a basic d chord. A d7 on guitar is a g7 on ukulele and so on. Look for individual numbers on the 6 lines of your guitar tab, and start reading them from the left.

While it might seem pretty easy to play, it is a good idea to learn how to read ukulele tabs before you get started with playing it. On a guitar, you only really need the four thinnest strings to play it anyway. Ukulele is fun and easy to play an instrument, which is like a miniature guitar.

Due to its simple nature, learning how to read ukulele tab is very straightforward and once you get the concept you can progress quickly. Guitar tab is a way of writing music specifically for guitar. Heres some blank ukulele tab .

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Types Of Ukulele Chords

While there are dozens of ways to play ukulele chords, they can be broken down into three specific types of chords. These types of ukulele chords have their own mood and sound when played as a single chord, or create the feeling of a song when different chords are played as part of a chord progression in a song.

What Do Ukulele Chord Diagrams Represent

If you have a ukulele nearby, go ahead and pick it up. Hold it in front of you with the headstock at the top, and the fretboard and strings facing you.

Ukulele chord diagrams are literal representations of your ukulele! The rectangle represents the fretboard, and the vertical lines represent the strings as you see them from left to right: G, C, E, and A.

The horizontal lines are the ukuleles frets.

Basic chords the ones that you play at the top of the fretboard have no numbers beside them. This means that the first horizontal line you see represents the bottom of the headstock and the second horizontal line represents the first fret, which is the fret thats closest to the headstock.

Chords that you play further along the fretboard will have a number to the right, next to the top fret line, or they might have a number and the letters fr. If you see a 5 or 5fr, for example, this means youre playing a chord that begins at the 5th fret.

When reading most chord diagrams, the number is located to the right of the second horizontal line. This means that the horizontal line at the top represents the fret above the numbered one in our example with the 5th fret numbered, the one above it would be the 4th fret.

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Start Reading Music In 30 Minutes Or Less

Being able to read music is an extremely powerful skill.

For myself, growing up, I played piano and ukulele. I relied very heavily on my ear to learn how to play songs. Im very thankful for my ear, but this really limited me in the types of songs I could play.

So, for example, whenever I would visit my grandparents, it wasnt uncommon they would want me to play a hymn on piano for them, or if it was around Christmas, a carol. They would put the songbook in front of me, and unless I knew the hymn or carol from memory, I would freeze or have to fumble my way through it.

Whenever I looked at a piece of music, I was completely intimidated by it.

The Problems With Ukulele Tab

How to Read Ukulele Chord Diagrams  Monk

Not A Clear Picture

Whilst tab is great for beginners who are just starting out or people who are familiar with the songs they are trying to play. After you have learnt how to read ukulele tabs, There are a few issues when it comes to relying on the TABs to learn songs. One of them is theres no sense of timing in TABs. Unlike sheet music, its impossible for the TAB to tell you how much space you should leave between notes. Equally how quickly you should play notes after each other. The only way to combat this is to know how the song sounds before you are learning. Which about 99% of the time this would be the case. However, If you are seeing the TAB for the first time you are going to NEED to listen to the song to learn it.Whereas if you had sheet music, through to the use of quavers and crotchets, you would be able to know exactly how long to play each note for.

Lack Of Tabs Online

Another issue with TAB is the severe lack of it on the internet. Especially for the ukulele. You can find guitar tabs for any song you want to try finding them on the four string and youre going to become stuck, very quick.

Thats why I made a guide that teaches you how to hack guitar tabs and turn them into ukulele tabs, very simply. Check out my guide to learning guitar tabs on the ukulele. I used guitar tabs extensively when arranging this video below.

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How To Read Ukulele Tabs

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There are many different ways to read music, but tablatures, or tabs, are very popular for learning how to play stringed instruments, like the ukulele. If youre learning the ukulele, using tabs can help you understand where to position your fingers on the neck of the instrument. Playing with tabs is easy, but youll need to learn and understand the basics of reading tabs, learn how to play chords and special pitches, and figure out the rhythm and tempo for the song.

How To Write And Understand Guitar Tabs

How to write and understand guitar tablature Know your guitar. Before learning to play music, it is important to have a basic understanding of your instrument. tabs. Tabs are a simplified way of writing music that works especially well for guitar. Good thing. Like many other successful musicians, I am a self-taught guitarist. explanation No hammer. They are going.

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Ukulele Tabs The Basics

Ukulele tabs are basically a drawing of your fretboard with numbers and symbols on it representing frets, notes and more advanced techniques like hammer-ons and slides.

To the left of the tab you will see a letter next to a rowof dashes. This represent the each of the strings and the note that correspondsto playing it in open position.

For standard ukulele tuning, that is G-C-E-A, with the Gchord being closest to your head, and the A string the thinnest, and nearestthe floor. If the song is not in standard tuning, youll know what notes youropen strings need to be at by the letters on the left.

Next, you will notice that on each line, or string, there are numbers scattered around. Each of these numbers represent a fret. A 0 is an open string, a 1 symbolized youll hold down the first fret, a 3 for the third fret, and so on.

So, looking at the image of a basic ukulele tab that weshowed earlier, to start this piece of music you would pluck the A string, orthe thinnest one, while holding down the first fret. Just as youd read a bookyour eyes would follow the tab to the right and the next note would be the 2ndstring with the 2nd fret held down. The top string, the G stringwould then be played while the 3rd fret was held down. Then the 3rdstring with the 4th fret held down.

As you can see, for this song youd repeat this sequence ofnotes twice.

Uke Minutes 30 How To Read Tabs

How to Read Ukulele Tabs

Connect with ukulele players and discuss this episode HERE.

Hey Undergroundlings! Have you ever wondered, how the heck do people read tabs? In this episode, the one and only Dominator stops by and explains the basics of reading ukulele tabs! How convenient!As Dom explains:1. To orient yourself, it may help to draw the headstock on the left side of the tab, and the body on the right side of the tab. This way you can see that the top line is the A string , the second to the top line is the E string, the second from the bottom line is the C string, and the bottom line in a tab is the G string .2. A number on a specific line corresponds to a fret on a specific string. So if a number 4 appears on the top line, you would play the fourth fret on the A of you ukulele.3. Numbers that are stacked on top of each other are to be played or strummed at the same time. Numbers that are staggered are to be played one at a time from left to right.

There are many more notations that go along with tabs but we’ll save these for another episode. If you’re excited and want to learn the ins and outs of reading ukulele tabs right now, just log into the UU Forum and click on the “Tabs” section. And for more awesome tabs of great ukulele songs, check out Dominator’s site: Dominator Ukulele Tabs.

AND if you haven’t ordered your ukulele-related paraphernalia from the Ukulele Underground Store yet, go on and click! Lock them in and get them shipped in time for the gift giving!


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