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How To Read Guitar Music Sheets

Your Next Steps For Guitar Sheet Music

How To Read Guitar Sheet Music

The best way to get to grips with these different types of notation is by confronting some real-life sheet music and working through it with your guitar.

The nkoda library contains works spanning not only the types of notation outlined here, but also all the genres of music that you can think of. Check out our collection of guitar sheet music to get better acquainted with reading these different styles.

As we said before, its best to familiarise yourself with all three systems. But focus most on the system thatll help you develop the particular playing skills that youll need in order to be the guitarist you aspire to be.

Additionally, learning how to write guitar sheet music will further develop your understanding of guitar music in a shorter amount of time, but start small.

Reading Music For Guitar: Guitar Tab

While Standard Notation is the formal way of writing music, we have another option as guitarists: Guitar TAB.

Guitar TAB is an alternative way of writing music that exploded in popularity as people realized they could easily write and share Guitar TAB online.

Standard notation uses dots on a staff to tell you what notes to play. Guitar TAB uses numbers on six lines to tell you what notes to play.

Here is an example of Smoke on the Water in Guitar TAB:

To be able to play this, you only need to know two things: what the numbers mean and what the dots mean.

The numbers tell you which frets to play and the lines tell you which strings to play.

Guitar TAB will often use a lot of symbols to represent different techniques such as palm muting, bends, slides, vibrato, etc.

To be able to read Guitar TAB, you need to know what all these symbols mean.

Some Guitar TAB also includes rhythm notation to let you know the timing of each note or rest. In the above example, you can see the rhythm notation in the lines dropping down from each note. Rhythm notation is usually added when the Guitar TAB doesnt include the Standard Notation staff.

Check out my Ultimate Guide to Reading Guitar TAB here to learn how to read Guitar TAB and all of the symbols.

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The Treble Clef Staff

For acoustic guitar, staff notation is actually organised around something known as the treble staff. This consists of a stave of five lines and 4 spaces. It is usually marked with a treble clef !

Middle C sits in the space at the very bottom of the stave, on an imaginary line.

Notes can sit on a line or in a space. The vertical location of the note defines the pitch. The higher up the stave, the higher the pitch. In the event the note has to go higher or lower than the stave lines, we add mini lines for any note that is higher or lower. These lines are called ledger lines.

Use Of Time Signature

how to read guitar tabs

To identify the songs rhythm, use time signatures. The time signature indicates the number of beats per measure in the music. The most typical is 4/4, which denotes four quarter-note beats in every step.

It is a fancy way to keep time with the song you count out 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4, 1 etc. In other time signatures, such as 3/4, the measures three quarter-note beats, as in 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, has a different number of beats.

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How To Read Music For Guitar: Traditional Music Notation

Although traditional music notation isnt as popular as tab, music notation is often used in complex styles of music such as jazz and classical music.

  • Traditional music notation paints the most complete picture of a piece of music.
  • However, there is a trade-off. Traditional music notation provides us with more musical information than tablature or chord boxes.
  • This method requires a lot more time and patience to master.

Traditional music notation is its own language and should never be rushed through when learning.

To learn how to read music for guitar when using traditional music notation, we require a small amount of knowledge of music theory to understand how notes move across the staff.

You can find some more information on music theory for guitar here

Traditional music notation divides itself into two main staffs:

  • The Treble Clef

Due to its naturally higher pitch than other instruments, the guitar uses the treble clef.

Lets take a closer look :

We can remember the notes in the spaces and lines on the Treble Clef as follows:

  • Spaces: F A C E
  • Lines: E G B D F

You can find more info on traditional notation here

Now, lets put all of this together.

How To Read Guitar Chords Tabs

Guitar tabs are taught in this lesson. The guitar tab is read in chronological order, with notes listed left to right. When there is a link between the numbers in the same space, a chord is formed. When all of the strings are in the same position, a chord is played.

Tablature writing is frequently found on string instruments. Six lines represent the loose strings of a guitar, and this is how writing by tab is written. A number on top of each string represents the guitar fret that must be pressed. When a line appears empty at that point, it should be ignored. A bent string is raised or lowered by the left hand with the aim of making the sound of the frets in front of it. It can be represented by the letter h next to the number that corresponds to the fret being played, or by a line that connects one note to another. Tapping is the process of hammering a string through a fret using the right hand rather than the left. This is the same technique as with the legatos . Tapping is expressed as the letter T, which indicates which fret and string should be pressed when performing this technique.

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How To Read Guitar Tab Symbols

Besides lines and numbers, guitar tab can contain different symbols that indicate when to play a specific technique. Learning how to read guitar tab symbols and how to apply them will make your playing sound much more authentic, and make reading guitar tab easy.

Before playing, always make sure to check your guitar tuning and adjust your pitch, or your guitar won’t sound right.

The Notes On The Lines

Read Sheet Music in 7 MINUTES! (guitar)

On the treble clef the notes are as follows.

So the lines from the bottom are E, G, B, D, F.

To remember this I like to use this:

  • Every Good Boy Deserves Food

There are a few different ones for this but this is the one that I remembered the most. As long as you remember it, it doesn?t matter what you use.

Cool, ok so now let?s take a look at the spaces in between the lines.

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Staff And Treble Clef

The Staff has five lines.

The Treble Clef Sign is used in guitar notation . The clef indicates which notes are represented by the lines and spaces on a staff. The bottom circular part of the treble clef designates the second to bottom line as G. There are other clefs in music, but guitar primarily uses the treble clef so thats all you need to know for now.

A treble clef with an 8 below is often used in guitar notation. Guitar sounds one octave below where its written but well learn more about this later so you dont need to think about it.

Bars, also called Measures, are used to divide the staff into sections. Bar lines divide the staff into bars. Double bar lines usually mark the end of a section, final bar lines mark the end of a composition.

Understanding Of Guitar Frets

The metal strips that span the fretboard on a guitar are called frets. Most modern guitars have 19 and 24 frets and may be between them. One note or half step separates each fret from the next. Most guitars have fret marks on the side of the neck or the fretboard, and there are 12 notes in each octave.

When playing, you can quickly identify the fret locations thanks to these markings, normally located at the third, fifth, seventh, ninth, and twelfth frets.

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How To Read Music For Guitar: Tablature

So you want to know how to read music for guitar? Then tablature is your golden ticket to becoming the guitarist you want to be.

  • Tablature removes the traditional music staff and replaces it instead with fret numbers and a horizontal display of our guitar strings.
  • When learning how to read music for guitar with tablature, it can look as though we arent being given much to work with.
  • However, tablature does a great job of enhancing our fretboard knowledge, listening and music reading skills.

When learning how to read music for guitar, tablature looks like this:

  • Our low E string is represented by the bottom line.
  • Our high E string is represented by the top line.
  • Our frets are represented by the numbers shown on each line.

As well as this, our strings are laid out as follows:

When reading tab, its important to link the strings with the fret numbers.

The fret numbers will sit on top of the strings on the tab.

How To Read Acoustic Guitar Chord Charts

[Question] For those who read sheet music. Why is this note the way it ...

Chords for guitars are made up of two or more strings that are played at the same time. A guitar chord chart is a vertically positioned photograph of a fretboard and neck section. The dots determine where your fingers should be placed, and the numbers beneath reveal your preferred finger position.

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Tip No : Count The Beats While Playing

Knowing how to read sheet music for guitar has a lot of advantages. One of them is being able to actually know what part of the bar you’re in, even when the rhythm you’re playing is difficult. But to do that, youll first have to understand how time signatures work.

Time signatures have two numbers: One at the top and one at the bottom. They’re always written after the clef and the accidentals that make up the key signature.

The number on top means how many beats there are in each bar and the one below shows how long the beat is. For example, if you have 4/4, that means there are going to be four beats made up of four quarter notes. If you have 2/2, that means you’ll have two beats of half notes.

This doesn’t mean that the rhythm will have to be the same as the beats, but counting them will help you understand what you’re reading and play a lot better.

How To Read Sheet Music Notes On A Guitar

Guitar sheet music is written on the treble clef, which is the upper half of the grand staff. Thats because the guitar has a higher pitch when compared with other instruments. However, the music is transposed. That means that all notes written on guitar sheet music are actually an octave lower than when played on the guitar. But dont let that confuse you for now.

The musical staff is made up of different symbols including five lines which have four spaces in between them. This is where the notes are going to sit. The treble clef, the key signature, and the time signature are all also included on the staff, as well as the notes themselves.

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Do You Really Have To Learn To Read Music To Play Guitar

Well it depends on the innate talent of a guitarist wannabe if you ask me. Some people have an innate inclination to music or even specific instruments that they could play songs on the guitar by just listening to it and automatically picking up the tabs for the song. This is called playing by ear.

On the other hand, some musicians really start with undergoing the process of playing the guitar through music sheets and following music notations.

The trebles, note measurements, G-clef, sharps and flats might look daunting to look at but know that famous guitar players like Jimi Hendrix and Van Halen always were rumored to practice on guitar music sheets no matter how inborn their talents were at playing the guitar.

So to answer the question, yes. At some point, knowing how to read music sheets will come in handy and not just with the guitar but will all musical instruments that you might want to explore next.

Disadvantages Of Reading Guitar Sheet Music

How To Read Guitar Sheet Music – Guitar Lessons
  • Time Consuming: It can take some time to learn guitar sheet music. It will likely frustrate you at the beginning but will get easier over time
  • Learning Curve: You will kind of learn as you go. You will make some mistakes at the beginning, but gaining more knowledge from each guitar sheet you read. Be patient, in time you will learn.

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How To Read Music For Guitar: The 3 Step System For Rapid Progress

Learning how to read music for guitar can be tough, but it doesnt need to be. In this lesson well show you the easiest ways to read guitar music as well as bonus tips which will turbo-charge your progress.

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If you want to be a better guitarist

How To Read Music For Guitar: Chord Boxes

Chord boxes are the perfect choice for songwriters and vocalists who are looking to accompany themselves, as they can be quickly and clearly illustrated.

  • There is no faster way to communicate what chords you are playing to another person than chord boxes, this makes them a great tool when jamming with others.
  • When learning this method of how to read music for guitar, its important to note that chord boxes only teach us finger positions for chords.
  • While tablature and traditional notation convey a timeline of notes, chord boxes convey static positions.

Lets take a look at what chordboxes look like:

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Do You Need To Read Music To Play Guitar

You dont need to read music to be able to play guitar. Many great guitarists dont know how to read music.

But that doesnt mean you shouldnt learn to read music. Knowing how to read at least one format of written music for guitar will speed up your learning.

If youre a beginner, if you learn how to read standard notation or Guitar TAB, youll be able to learn songs lightning fast compared to learning to play them by ear.

How To Read Music For Guitar The Pros And Cons Of Tablature

How To Read Sheet Music For Guitar Chords

Here are the main pros and cons of tablature:

The Pros

  • Displays the fretboard in a linear way that is easy to understand, and easier to play along to
  • The simplest, most accessible way to learn how to read music for guitarCan be integrated into software like Guitar Pro or Tux Guitar for a better learning experience.
  • Requires us to use our ears to determine the finer details such as speed and dynamics

The Cons

  • Does not communicate timing, speed or dynamics unless paired with software
  • Many free tabs can be inaccurate/poorly written.
  • Does not help us to learn music theory

Its worth noting that tablature is far from a new concept, and has been around in different forms for different fretted instruments for hundreds of years.

Tablature can be dated in its different variations all the way back to instruments such as the lute.

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Try A Composition Program

Remember MuseScore?

Its a free program you can download and use to learn and write sheet music.

In fact, all the little sheets in this post are written from MuseScore.

You can export it to PDF or MIDI or even MP3.

The great thing about MuseScore is that it gives you immediate feedback about what youre writing and how it sounds.

Overall, the main thing that will help you learn sheet music quickly is to practice regularly.

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