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How To Put Music On Your Iphone

How To Transfer Music From Computer To New Iphone Se 2020

How to Add MUSIC From Computer to iPhone, iPad or iPod

Want to transfer music from computer to iPhone SE 2020 but do not know? This guide will show you the methods to add music to iPhone SE with or without iTunes.

ByLena/ Last updateAugust 31, 2021

Now you just get the new iPhone SE 2020 to replace your current Android phone. Listening to music is a very important part of your daily life so you want to add music to your new iPhone SE. The Move to iOS app can help you transfer data from Android to iPhone SE but not including your lovely songs. If you have songs stored on computer, you can choose to transfer them to your iPhone SE. Letâs see how to transfer music from computer to iPhone SE with or without iTunes.

How To Add Mp3 To Apple Music On Iphone

Here is a step by step guide to add music to iPhone using iTunes:

  • Step 1: Establish a connection to your computer via USB
  • Step 2: Launch iTunes, and look for your device on the top of the screen
  • Step 3: Scroll to the Options section and check the Manage Music and videos box
  • Step 4: Select your mp3 file and drag & drop it into the iTunes window
  • Step 5: Go to the Music app of iPhone and find your song

How To Download Music From Youtube To Iphone

There are some services or tools that enable you to download music from YouTube to your computer . Afterward, you can transfer the downloaded songs from computer to your iPhone to add music to your device, using software like EaseUS MobiMover.

Although not straightforward, it’s a proven way to download music to your iPhone.

To download music from YouTube, you can use online tools like Keepvid. Here is how to use it:

Step 1. Go to YouTube and copy the URL of the video that contains the tracks you like.

Step 2. Go to visit Keepvid and then paste the URL to the address bar.

Step 3. Then you will see two options available: “Download to MP4” or “Download to MP3”. Click the “Download” button under “Download to MP3” to download music from YouTube to your computer.

Step 4. Afterward, you can follow method 1 to put music on your iPhone using the iOS data transfer tool.

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Option : Cydia Tweaks For Jailbroken Iphones

If your iPhone is jailbroken, you can use Cydia tweaks to import music directly onto your device. Unfortunately, most of these tweaks have become outdated recently, so we only have one left to recommend at this time. There is currently no working jailbreak method for iOS 10.3.x versions, but if you’re still running iOS 10.2 or lower, you can use this guide to get started:

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How To Change And Add Music To Memory Videos On Iphone

How to TRANSFER MUSIC from Computer to iPhone WITHOUT ...

First, make sure your iPhone is running iOS 10 or later. And the following screenshots and instructions are taken from iOS 13.

Open Photos app and tap For You tab, scroll down to Memories and tap it.

Tap on the Memory that you want to customize and tap the play button on the right lower corner to preview the premade video.

Tap on the Edit button to change the video cover title, the cover image, video duration and music.

Tap Music and youâll see different genres of music such as Blues, Classical, Country, Dance, Electronic, Holiday, Jazz, Latin, Pop and Rock.

After you made all the changes, tap Done to return. Click the Share button and then you can send the video via mail, AirDrop, or save the video directly on your iPhone.

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How To Download Free Music On Iphone From Youtube

Much like SoundCloud and Spotify, YouTube is probably one of the most diverse of all streaming platforms since youâll have popular music and artists that are uploading their videos themselves. Hereâs how you can get your favourite artists onto your device.

Step #1 – Finding Your YouTube Music

Open the KeepVid Music software.

Head over to YouTube and start browsing for the songs that youâll want download.

When youâve found one you like, copy the URL in the browser header.

Step #2 – Download Your Free Music For iPad

Head back over to KeepVid Music and click the âGet Musicâ button, followed by âDownloadâ. In this bar, you can paste the URL of your chosen track, select âMP3â and then click âDownloadâ. This will download the track to your iTunes library.

Step #3 – Transferring Your Music to Your Device

Using the method listed above, simply select âDeviceâ on KeepVid Music and then follow the on-screen instructions to transfer your music on your iOS device, making your music ready for you to listen to, wherever you are and whatever youâre doing.

Q: Why Some Of The Songs Cannot Be Added To Itunes

Problems like that may also happen when you are going to transfer some music files that Apple devices donât support with iTunes. Although iTunes can help you convert some unsupported formats, for example, WMA to MP3/AAC, there are still restrictions, like the DRM protected songs.

In order to add the music to iTunes and transfer it to iPhone successfully, you can try to convert the music format first. If you want to skip the converting process, we also recommend you try FonePaw iOS Transfer, which can automatically convert the unsupported formats.

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How To Enable Background Music To Slideshow On Iphone Or Ipad

Note: If you wish to just bring together some of your memorable images and view them with your favorite music without needing to save the slideshow, follow the below steps:

Step #1. Open the app on your iPhone and tap on Select and then drag your finger over photos that you wish to include in Slideshow.

Step #2. After you are done selecting photos, tap the Share icon at the bottom-left corner. From the list of available options, tap on Slideshow.

Step #3. By default, the slideshow will play in full-screen mode. Tap anywhere on the screen once and then tap on the Options at the bottom-right corner.

Step #4. Here you can customize the slideshow theme and also Music. Tap on Music and then select the background music that you like. You can also add music from your iTunes library.

Step #5. After you are done selecting the music go back to the previous screen and then tap on Done.

Now just tap the Play icon at the bottom and youll have a slideshow with your favorite music in the background.

How To Put Music On Iphone From Computer:

How To Put Songs On Your iPhone For Free!

Option 1. Open AnyTrans and connect your iPhone to the computer, when you see your iPhone screen just click the + icon and browse songs from computer. You can also drag and drop the songs to your iPhone directly.

Run AnyTrans and Connect your Device

Option 2. From the above screen, click on Music, then you will see two categories under Music. Click Songs > Tap + > Select songs on computer > Click the Open button to add songs to your iPhone.

Select Music from Computer and Open them

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How Do I Get Imusic For Free

How to get free Apple Music subscription. Once you download the Shazam app on your iPhone or iPad, you then need to ask the app to identify a song. You can play any song on YouTube and tap the Shazam icon within the app. Once you do this, the app will show you an option to play the song on Apple Music.

How To Download Music To Iphone With Apple Music

Apple Music is Apples subscription-based music streaming service, and you can use it to listen allows you to listen to a number of music tracks on all of your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iTunes on Mac or PC, or Apple TV. You have to sign up for Apple Music to use it . Then it costs $9.99 per month or $14.99 per month for a family subscription for up to 6 people. Here is how to download music to your iPhone with Apple Music:

Step 1. Sign up and subscribe to Apple Music on your iPhone.

Step 2. Browse the track name and when it shows you can click the + button to add the music to your library.

Step 3. Stream the song and you can listen to it offline. You need to connect to Wi-Fi or using wireless data. Click the download button which looks like a cloud with a down arrow in it.


  • You can also try some other music streaming services to download songs to your iPhone like Amazon Music, Spotify, Google Play Music, etc.
  • If you meet some problems with Apple Music, you can check this guide on Tips to Fix Apple Music Not Working >

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Sync/transfer Itunes Music To Iphone Using Windows

You can sync and transfer iTunes music from your Windows PC to your iPhone. There are two ways of doing this. One requires a USB cable while the other is done over Wi-Fi.

These are the steps for syncing via USB cable:

  • Connect your iPhone to your Windows PC via USB cable.
  • Open iTunes on your PC.
  • Locate the Device icon in the shape of an iPhone at the top-left.
  • Access your iPhone and select Music.
  • Choose what you want to sync.
  • Select Apply.
  • If it doesnt sync immediately, select Sync.
  • You can make your iPhone sync over Wi-Fi after this process. Heres how:

  • Connect your iPhone to your Windows PC via USB cable.
  • Open iTunes on your PC.
  • Select Summary on the left side of the window.
  • Select Sync With This Over Wi-Fi.
  • Select Apply to begin.
  • Make sure both devices are on the same network. If not, the syncing process wont start. As long as both devices are connected and iTunes is open on your PC, your iPhone will sync automatically.

    Transferring music over manually takes on a different process. It requires a bit of setting up. After that, its an easy task.

    Heres how you transfer music from Windows to iPhone manually:

  • Connect your iPhone to your Windows PC via USB cable.
  • Open iTunes on your PC.
  • Locate the Device icon in the shape of an iPhone at the top-left.
  • Select Summary.
  • Go back to the Library section.
  • Select what you want to transfer. Pressing Ctrl will allow you to select multiple items.
  • Wait for everything to transfer over.
  • Apple Music Voice Plan

    itunes tutorial: How to put music from itunes on your ...

    Apple in December 2021 introduced the Apple Music Voice Plan, a $4.99 Apple Music option that allows for content to be accessed solely by âSiriâ command on supported devices like âHomePodâ, âiPadâ, âiPhoneâ, and Mac.

    Apple designed the âApple Musicâ Voice Plan as a more limited version of the standard âApple Musicâ subscription. It’s primarily designed to allow you to ask for songs and albums from the âApple Musicâ catalog by ââSiriââ request rather than through the âApple Musicâ app interface.

    So to find music, you’d just go ahead and ask ââSiriââ to play something instead of looking it up in the âApple Musicâ app. You do need to have ââSiriââ enabled on your devices, and âApple Musicâ Voice works well on all devices that support ââSiriââ. It’s particularly useful with CarPlay in the car and on the ââHomePodââ where the natural inclination is to use voice control.

    âApple Musicâ Voice Plan has a limited interface in the âApple Musicâ app, but it does offer full access to Apple’s song catalog and radio stations, as well as playlist suggestions. You can actually search for artists, albums, and songs using the âApple Musicâ app, and you can listen to previews of songs, but not the full song. If you find a song in âApple Musicâ that you want to play after hearing the preview from tapping it, you’ll need to ask ââSiriââ to play the full version.

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    How To Put Music On Iphone From Itunes Library

    iCareFone let you put iTunes music files from your computer to iPhone without syncing with iTunes. The following shows how to put song to iPhone using this software.

    • Connect your iPhone to your computer and click on Transfer iTunes Media to Device in the software.

    • Select the music you want to put to your iPhone and click on Transfer at the bottom.

    • Wait while it transfers your chosen songs from iTunes to your iPhone.

    Your chosen songs should now be put on your iPhone. In this way you can easily transfer music from iTunes to iPhone.

    Transfer Songs From Computer To Your Iphone With Itunes

    After connecting your iPhone to computer with its USB cable, you’ll find a cell phone icon besides content menu on the top. Click the cell phone icon and choose “Music” in the “Settings” menu.

    Then tick “Sync Music” so that you can choose either “Entire music library” or “Selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres”. If choosing “Entire music library”, click “Apply” in the bottom right corner, then all songs in iTunes music library will be transferred to your iPhone.

    If you prefer to sync some of songs in iTunes music library to iPhone, choose “Selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres” and all songs in the music library will be listed, from which you select songs that you would like to have in your iPhone. After you have chosen the right songs, click “Apply” and wait a few seconds for the synchronization to complete. This is how to transfer music from PC to iPhone using iTunes so you can enjoy songs now.

    Tips: If you want to transfer music to iPhone using iTunes but without syncing, you can go to Summary > Manually Manage Music and Videos to apply the manually transfer feature, and then go back to Library, choose and right-click the songs to add to your iPhone device .

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    How To Transfer Music From Ipod To Iphone Using Itunes

    If you want to transfer purchased songs from iPod to iPhone, iTunes is a nice option. You can first sync music from iPod to iTunes and then sync these songs to your iPhone. To start with iTunes, you’ll need to do some preparations:

    • Make sure that the iPhone iOS version is higher than your iPod version.
    • Make sure that you have installed the latest iTunes version.
    • Turn off Find My iPhone: For iOS 10.2 and earlier: Go to Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone > Slide Find My iPhone off. For iOS 10.3 and later: Go to Settings > YOUR NAME > Tap iCloud > Find My iPhone > Turn it off.

    To transfer music from iPod to iPhone:

    Step 1. Connect your iPod to the computer and launch iTunes.

    Step 2. In iTunes, go the “Account” > “Authorizations” to authorize this computer.

    Step 3. Then, go to “Files” > “Devices” > “Transfer Purchases from .

    Step 4. Connect your iPhone to this computer and click on your device icon.

    Step 5. From the expanded section, choose “Songs.”

    Step 6. Right-click the music files you want to transfer and choose “Add to Device.”

    Note: Generally speaking, the operation steps above can lead you to a successful iPod music transfer. If you are faced with iTunes won’t sync to the iPhone problem, it won’t go smoothly, click and check how to fix it.

    To Put An Mp3 On Iphone Using Airdrop Do The Following:

    How to put music in your iPhone

    Before we begin, head to Finder on your Mac and make sure that AirDrop is enabled in the sidebar.

    Step 1. Swipe upward from the bottom of the display on your iPhone & start the Control Center.

    Step 2. Make sure that Bluetooth and WI-FI are turned on.

    You don’t actually need wireless networks for the transfer, it’s just that it should be enabled.

    Step 3. Enable Airdrop by tapping on it. It turns white when it’s on.

    You are to select who can see your device & airdrop files to you: your contacts only or everyone. If you choose contacts you have to be logged in to your iCloud account. To avoid extra hassle and put an MP3 on iPhone ASAP, you may as well let yourself be discovered by everyone nearby.

    Step 4. Now check if you see your device in the AirDrop tab in Finder. Positive?

    Step 5. Use the finder to find the MP3 you want to put on an iPhone.

    Step 6. Drag it to the AirDrop in the sidebar and hover till you’ll see an AirDrop window.

    Alternatively, you might also find the MP3 file you wish to share, right-click on it, in the context menu choose Share’, then AirDrop’. You will see an AirDrop window, select your iPhone from the list.

    Step 7. Head to your iPhone and confirm the transfer.

    Note. You need to have some third-party player to open your MP3 on your iPhone. Unfortunately for the Apple fans out there, there is no way to play MP3 files on iPhone without the side apps unless you transfer MP3 to iPhone using WALTR 2.

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    How To Set A Song As A Ringtone On Iphone

  • Open the Settings app and tap on Sounds & Haptics.
  • Tap on Ringtone. You will see your custom tone at the top of the list. Tap on it to set it as your ringtone.
  • If the duration is less than 30 seconds, you can use this custom tone as text tone, new mail tone, reminder alerts, etc.

    To delete this ringtone, swipe right to left on it and tap on Delete.

    Wrapping Up!

    Using the above steps, you can effortlessly create as many awesome ringtones you like.

    Use Third-Party Apps: You can also use ringtone apps for this job. Besides letting you create custom tones from songs saved in the iPhone Music library, these apps even have a rich library of premade sounds from various categories. Once you create your ringtone, you will have to use a computer to copy these tones from the app and transfer it to the iPhone.

    Create Custom Ringtone Without Computer: If you do not wish to use a desktop, you can easily create ringtone straight on your iPhone or iPad. It requires GarageBand, which is a free app from Apple.

    Buy Tones: You can also purchase ringtones of several popular songs from the Tones section of the iTunes Store app.

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