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How To Put Background Music On Iphone Video

How To Add Background Music In Imovie From An Iphone

How To Add Background Music To Iphone Video

Adding background music in iMovie from an iPhone is easy since you just have to tap on the + icon and pick the Audio option from the menu. Then proceed to browse through the Music Theme menu and tap on the Use button after you find a song you want to use in your project. Optionally, you can also import a song from your iTunes collection.

How To Add Background Music With Imovie

The next way to add music to your videos is with iMovie. This video-editing app is specifically designed for iOS users and isnt available for Windows 10 or Android devices. On the other hand, you can add custom music to your videos, whether its MP3 or MP4, using the software.

The app has a large sound library with a wide variety of songs to select from. You can insert sound effects onto your movie to make it funny or quirky or add soundtracks to different parts of your video. Whether youre making travel videos or movies, the iMovie app will work well for you.

Follow these easy steps to learn how to add background music to your videos using iMovie.

Add Background Music To Video

Make your throwback memories from your vacation a perfect video. If you are looking to add music to videos on iPhone, Background Music is the right app to go. It is also great for creating those short Instagram videos with music.

It brings hundreds of options when it comes to picking a soundtrack for your next video.

For a more interactive experience, you can add a voiceover too. This is great for creating YouTube and Instagram tutorials with voiceovers. Moreover, removing an unwanted part from your videos has never been so easy through its trim and cut frame feature.

So be it your friends birthday party, a summer getaway, or a family reunion dinner, BackGround Music is one of the best iPhone apps for adding music to videos.

You can download the free Add Background Music To Video app from the App Store.

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Adjust The Volume Of A Clip

After you add sound to your iMovie project, you can adjust the volume of audio clips to get the sound mix just right. You can also adjust the volume of video clips that were recorded with sound.

To adjust the volume of an audio or video clip, tap the clip in the timeline, tap the Volume button at the bottom of the window, then adjust the slider to increase or decrease the volume. When you turn the volume of a clip all the way down, a Mute icon appears on the clip in the timeline.

You can also make other adjustments, such as fading the volume of the clip or changing its speed. Learn how on iPhone and iPod touch, or learn how on iPad.

Vlc: Adding Music Is One Of The Many Possibilities

[48+] Music Wallpaper for iPhone on WallpaperSafari

Ease of Use: :

If you need a free program to nail the task, VLC, although best known as media player software, should be on your list. The good thing is, with audio filters like audio channel remapper, pitch shifter and volume normalizer built in, VLC allows you to add sound to video with rough control over audio quality. But you wont see any specific parameter adjusting settings. That makes sense. After all, it is a media player.

How to add audio to video in VLC:

  • Open VLC media player, click Media> Convert / Save.
  • Click +Add to load your video file in the pop-up Open Media window.
  • Choose Convert in the dropdown menu of Convert / Save.
  • Move to Settings> Profile> Edit selected profile.
  • Switch to Audio codec, disable Audio, and then Save to mute the original audio.
  • Go back to the main interface > Media> Convert / Save.
  • Import your video clip by +Add.
  • Re-enable the Audio option and Keep original audio track.
  • Click Show more options> enable Play another media synchronously> Extra media.
  • Load the audio you are going to add into video, click Select> Convert / Save.
  • Browse to reset the destination folder and rename your file > Save> Start to add new audio.
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    How To Add Music To Video On Iphone Using Imovie

  • First off, from the App Store
  • Open the app and tap Continue. Tap Create Project. Tap Movie.
  • Select the video and tap on it. Next, tap Create Movie. The video will be imported to iMovies editing timeline. Scroll to the beginning.
  • Tap on the plus icon from the middle left. Choose Audio and then tap on Soundtracks, My Music, or Sound Effects. Soundtracks and Sound Effects are free from Apple. They are also copyright free. It is an impressive collection. Make sure you check it. My Music has songs from your Music app.
  • Choose an audio file. It will start playing. If you like the audio, tap on the plus icon next to it.Now, you have to decide, do you want to remove the original video sound entirely or let it play faintly in the background. You can do the same with the audio file you imported. Let me show you how to remove audio from the original video so that only the music you add is there
  • Tap on the video in the editing timeline. Tap on the speaker icon. Drag the slider all the way to left.
  • Tap on the triangleplay button from the middle of the screen. You will see the video play and hear the music you added. Perfect! Let us export this edited video now.
  • Now, tap Done from the upper left. Tap the share icon from the bottom. Tap Save Video. Choose the video quality. 1080p is the best. For social media, 720p is also a good choice. The edited video will be exported and saved to the Photos app.
  • How To Get Music On Imovie Using Themes

    When you start an iMovie project, the software applies the simple theme by default. You can change the theme you use based on your personal preferences and the content you are creating. Using a theme is the easiest and quickest way to create a video in iMovie. An iMovie theme includes coordinated tiles, transitions, and music to help your project look cohesive and professional.

    iMovie comes with seven ready-to-use themes. You can try out different themes before choosing the right one for your movie. Heres how to add theme music to your movie:

  • Open iMovie and tap on a video clip to edit. If you dont have any videos in iMovie, tap the + icon to choose one from your camera roll.
  • Tap edit and then the settings icon in the bottom right corner.
  • Scroll through the themes and choose one to experiment with.
  • Toggle the Theme Music button to the on position.
  • Tap Done.
  • Tap the play icon to test the music.
  • If you are happy with the music, tap Done. If you want to choose a new theme, go back to the settings and try again.
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    How To Add Background Music To A Video

    As mentioned above, the process of just adding a background song is quite simple. For this tutorial, the Lomotif program will be used, which is available for Android and iOS phones . Look:

    1. Access the or App Store and download the Lomotif

    2. Open the application normally and tap the + icon on your home screen

    3. In the message that appears, grant the necessary permission for the application to access your files and select the desired video to edit

    4. On the next screen, search for the song you want to add to the video. If you want to use a song, which is on your cell phone, use the option “My songs”. When selecting a song, you will be able to listen to an excerpt before proceeding

    5. On the next screen, you can define when the music starts, the length of the video and, if necessary, even add another video for the montage. With the editing ready, tap the “Download” icon and click “Yes”.

    After you have created the video, Lomotif itself already gives you the option to share it on the main social networks and applications. However, if you prefer, automatically, the video must also be saved in your Gallery with the MP4 format for you to enjoy it anywhere.

    Ready! Now you know how to add background music to videos using Lomotif on your phone.

    Using Videoshow Video Editor

    How to add background music to YouTube videos!! IOS, iPhone | iPad | iPod

    Install the VideoShow Video Editor from Google Play and then open it. When the app opens, tap on the Edit video tile, select a video to add background audio to and then tap on the Next button at the bottom.

    In the video editor screen, tap on the Sound tab at the bottom and select Music. The app also allows you to select multiple audios, add sound effects, and a VoiceOver over your video.

    When you tap on the Music option, you will be taken to a new screen, asking you whether you want a background sound from VideoShow Video Editors options or from your own library. To select your own sound, tap on the My Music tab, if not, go to the My downloads tab at the top and tap on the Download more music button.

    Choose your background song from VideoShows library and when youre ready with your selection, tap on the download icon next to the audio and then on hit the + icon when the download is complete. In the next screen, you will be asked to trim the audio that you want to add to the video. When trimming is done, tap on the Add music button at the bottom.

    Youre almost complete. When the main editing screen appears, you can choose to adjust the volume of the original sound by sliding through the volume control bar at the top. You can now save the video by tapping on the Export button at the top right corner and then hitting the Save to Gallery button on the next screen.

    So, these were the three best apps to help you add background music to your videos on Android.

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    Just What I Wanted For Insta

    Works great for putting together videos with music downloaded already does your library and doesnt degrade the quality of the video!! Its perfect!! only thing I would say is to make multiple video or photo options for one song choice, because I had to do a couple different separate ones to make movie collage.

    S To Add Music From Spotify To Imovie To Your Iphone & Mac

    After Spotify music has been downloaded and converted, you can upload Spotify music for iMovie. You can add Spotify music directly to your iMovie on iOS devices.

    You can also edit Spotify songs in your iMovie Mac project to create a fun final video. Heres how:

    Adding Spotify songs into iMovie on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

    You must first move your converted Spotify music to your iOS devices via iTunes or iCloud before you can add Spotify music to iMovie. You can then add a variety of Spotify music files into your iMovie Project:

    Step 1: Once you have your project open in the timeline click the Add Media button.

    Step 2: Select Audio, then tap My Music to browse Spotify songs youve transfer to your device in the Music app.

    Step 3: Choose a Spotify song youd like to add to iMovie and tap the selected Spotify song to preview it.

    Step 4: To add a Spotify track to your project, click the Plus button beside a song. Your Spotify song will be added to the bottom of your project timeline, beginning at the beginning.

    Adding Spotify tracks to iMovie for Mac

    iMovie Mac allows you to drag Spotify audio file directly into your timeline using the Finder. You can also access Spotify songs from your music files and other locations via the media browser in iMovie.

    Step 1: Once you have your project open, click Audio in the top right corner.

    Step 2: To access your music library click Music in the Libraries list. Next, browse Spotify songs.

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    Voice Overs Backing Music And More

    Add your own voice over to a video. Record your voice over, upload and add it to your video. Or, add your own background music to a video online whether itâs a professional video, educational, or a video Ad. Adding music to your video makes it more engaging for viewers create different moods, use sound effects and more! WIth VEEDâs online video editing software itâs easy to add any kind og audio to your video clips.

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    Top 9 Best Background Music Apps For Ios And Android Devices

    [48+] Music Wallpaper for iPhone on WallpaperSafari

    #1. FilmoraGo for iOS

    As a powerful video editing app, FilmoraGo is able to edit music for your video. It allows you to add multiple audio tracks, add background music and sound effects to cideo, split, paste or remove audio, etc. Moreover, you can use it to record voice and make your own background music. And you can directly share your video on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.

    #2. Video Star for iOS

    Video Star is an easy to understand background music app and you will not require any expertise to add the favorite background music to video on iPhone or iPad. It has every tool that you will need and allows the user to select music from a personal library. All songs are available for free and offer in-app purchases to ensure you get all the effects that you need with ease.

    #3. Magisto for iOS and Android

    Many of the background music apps in the market demand one to have advanced video editing skills before adding background music to a video. Fortunately, Magisto is an exception and will be the ideal choice for a rookie who is new to these things. It can add the background music on Android and iPhone before and after you have edited the video while its key feature is limitless storage space, downloads as well as making of long movies.

    #4. VivaVideo for iOS & Android

    #5. iMovie for iOS

    #6. Replay for iOS

    #7. MixBit for iOS and Android

    #8. Splice for iOS

    #9. VideoSound for iOS – Add Music to Instagram Video

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    Video Maker With Music Editor

    If you want to add background music to videos on iPhone in a much easier and the best way, Video Maker is the right option.

    One of the amazing features is that you can make your funny Dubsmush videos and post on your Instagram, YouTube or TikTok.

    Video Maker, one of the best iPhone apps for adding music to videos, has unlimited music tracks as well as video editing options and change the position of your music tracks.

    Speaking of background music categories, it includes party, cinematic, rock, romantic, sad, pop or relaxing, and many more.

    Additional Features:

    Why I Dont Like It That Much

    This app makes you wanna use it, and if your new when it says My project pick what you wanna name your project and if you want it Portrait, Square, Landscape pick one and then go to the top and click create, and this is the part where I dont really like… It makes you pay 2.99$ or 9.99$ its alit of money sometimes and some other people also dont like it and have made reviews of it and its a waste of money one review said Review by: Jennyjolll Title: Why its a huge waste. This app is making us pay a lot of money by Apple Pay and it making us pay like $9.99 and its a lot for me and it is probably a lot for a lot of people and a lot of people cant pay for that because maybe they dont have any money for Apple Pay. I know some people like this app but other people dont and it makes us pay a lot so whoever sees this that was helping or doing something with the game please tell the creator or if the creator is seeing this review Im sorry but its making a lot of us pay like around 9.99 so please low it down thank you. And that bad review is making a lot of people not buy it much. Thank you for reading this whole review and have a good day! Bye!!!

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    How To Add Background Music To Imovie Project And Videos

    Sometimes, videos will be amazing with some background music, say, wedding videos with some background wedding songs.

    iMovie gives you the option to add background music to your iMovie project. With a piece of background music, you can make your videos seem more professional. Follow this iMovie tutorial on how to add background music to iMovie to enhance your videos instantly.

    In this article, we will offer two solutions for you. The first part is to use iMovie, and the second part is to use iMovie’s alternative – Wondershare Filmora.

    How To Do A Voiceover In Imovie


    The voiceover option in iMovie allows you to record external audio, and add it to your movie whether or not you already have a music track added to your video. Heres how to do a voiceover in iMovie.

  • Navigate to your iMovie project or start a new one.
  • Tap Edit.
  • A small record window will pop up below your video.
  • Tap Record when you are ready and speak into the microphone.
  • Tap Stop when you are finished.
  • Tap Review to listen to your audio, and if you arent happy with the results, tap Retake.
  • When you are happy with your voiceover, tap Accept. Your recording will show up as a purple line beneath your video.
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