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How To Properly Market Your Music

Utilize Youtube Ads For Musicians

How to Market Your Music in 2021 SUCCESSFULLY!

In order to set up your video as a paid Ad on YouTube, you must first have a account. From there, you can easily target your video to reach certain audiences that are similar to your fanbase. Paid YouTube Ads are one of the best ways to quickly start racking up those YouTube views and make sure the right demographics are seeing your music video. Learn more about YouTube Ads for musicians here.

Using Stories And Igtv Toshowcase Your Music

Instagram Stories

Throughout 2019, Instagram Stories has beenone of the most important platforms on Instagram both for personal andmarketing usage. Instagram reported half a million daily active Stories in January2019 , so its a very effective platform toreach your audience.

You can upload up to 15 seconds worth of videoin Stories, and throwing out the right 15-second part of your song caneffectively engage your fans .

You can also promote various things related toyour music in Stories such as:

  • Upcoming gigs, fairly obvious
  • New releases of your single, musicvideo, album, etc
  • Throwback content by engaging yourfans with older songs from your back catalog
  • Promoting your merchandises
  • Running polls, hosting giveawayquizzes and Q& As to engage your audience

Stories disappear after 24 hours , you can be more experimental and use the trial-and-error approachwhen promoting in this medium.

Also, one of the key advantages of usingStories is that the notification is placed at the top of the Instagram feed, sothey are more noticeable. Yet, nowadays more people are using Stories, so youstill have to combat all the noises and saturations. Make sure to useattractive visuals, appropriate hashtags, and location tags.


IGTV essentially allows us to upload longervideo content, up to 10 minutes for regular users and up to 60 minutes forverified accounts. Also, IGTV is uniquely designed for vertical videos.

Effective use of IGTV by Keke to promote her live performance and weekly show.

Create Social Media Accounts For Your Music

Once upon a time, music fans liked their favorite artists to be mysterious and aloof, today we want constant access to the acts we love. We want to know where you are, what youre doing, and whats inspiring you right now. Social media is where we go to find out.

Having a strong social media following on sites like Facebook, , and Twitter can make a big difference for an up-and-coming act. Today, its not uncommon for artists to generate a ton of social buzz before the media have even noticed them.

Use your social presence to speak directly to fans, promote your music, announce new tour dates, and generally build a community around your work.

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Create Content On Social Media

Social media remains a key player for artists.

Tiktok is now a significant platform for discovering new songs. Artists who want their music to find new listeners can see if they can create content that is native to Tiktok using their track.

Other platforms like Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook remain places that artists can promote new music. Being present in these spaces allow artists to share new music in creative ways.

From pictures, videos, and skitsartists can market their new song, along with their aesthetic and personalities, through social media. Its just crucial for musicians to recognize what kind of content fits each platform. The content might include the hook of a song, or the lyrics of a song without being the entire track.

The Music Industry And The Internet

How To Restring An Acoustic Guitar  Easily Change Your ...

The good news is that the internet offers artists flexibility even with the world in lockdown. Without live shows, artists need to see how to maximize their digital opportunities so people can hear their music. The internet has many outlets for artists to find new listenersits just a matter of understanding how to harness the connections the internet provides.

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Promote Your Music On Your Website

I tell hip hop artist all the time that this needs to be your main platform. Your website will allow you to track your success, stay up to date with your fans, and convert potential fans. Youll also have access to other marketing techniques such as content marketing and SEO. If you dont have a website, create one as soon as possible.

Send Your Music To Blogs Playlists And Press Outlets

If youre promoting an album, getting your music out there in advance will help build momentum and reach as many listeners as possible. Part of your music marketing efforts can include pitching your music to press to get some coverage.

Any mention of your music from outside sources can be helpful for your marketing efforts – in addition to reaching more listeners, it can help with your band websites SEO.

Whether youre looking to secure a place for a premiere, or release a single, create an electronic press kit that mirrors your intention. Then, research music blogs and Spotify playlists, create a spreadsheet, and reach out personally to those that are a good fit with an email that includes a link to your EPK.

You might send dozens of emails before getting a positive reply, but keep at it. Momentum can start with even a couple of people becoming loyal advocates for your music before growing into something more substantial.

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Promote Your Music On Stumbleupon

Stumbleupon is a simple content sharing platform. People thumbs up or thumbs down pages. Use your website to create landing pages for each song and then post them on StumbleUpon.

I hope you found this list helpful and it motivates you to try some techniques that you may not have thought of before.

Heres My Question For You!

Whats your favorite methods, techniques, or platforms that you use to promote your music and why?

  • Nice promotion ideas to get the mind flowing. I prefer building up a list of radio shows, blogs, podcasts and what not to slowly build a grassroots marketing campaign over time.

  • Great Article! Also here are 2 more options artists can try out!

    1. Build Relationships With Local DJs2. Use Call To Actions On Your Social Medias

    Neiman Samuel CEO of Launch DonInstagram : NeimanSamuel1

  • Marketing Tips For Independent Musicians


    This post was written by guest contributor Dave Kusek of New Artist Model.

    Youve worked long and hard on your new album, but all that work is for nothing if no one knows about it! Thats where promotion comes in. The key with album promotion is to start early and to be really active. Just changing your Facebook cover photo to the album cover and announcing the release the day of isnt going to cut it. You need to build up hype over time and keep on going even after the album drops.

    The fact of the matter is you dont need the marketing department of a record label to launch an album campaign of your own. With all the tools available on the internet, you can spread the word for little cost, or even for free. In fact, the creative campaigns executed by agile indie musicians tend to be more effective than the one-size-fits-all strategies employed by big labels. Heres four cool creative strategies you can use for your next album release.

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    Find Different Ways To Repeat The Message

    Youve got your hook now how are you going to cast it into the same waters over and over again without the fish getting bored of that same bobbing lure?

    Switch the tone. You can communicate through:

    • hints and teases
    • facts and backstory about the song
    • and more

    The first thing I did was set up my Spotify pre-save campaign. Once I had the link, I started to slowly tease the cover artwork by . When a viewer looked at my profile at the end of the week, all nine of the smaller images formed a grid revealing the full artwork. Every time I posted I would share the pre-save link.

    I then shifted to a more direct approach for the pre-save campaign, but with a focus on an emotional appeal

    Once the song was released I put out a lyric video with tons of buried text posing as a letter from the 22nd-Century referring back to the origins of the photograph:

    I then placed it inside a Show.co video feature page to drive conversions outside of YouTube:

    I also repeated that little hook In 1905, the people saw something so mysterious you might say that it almost wasnt there in a number of ways throughout the campaign: emails, tweets, etc.

    Then I did the obvious things, like adding a Spotify player to my website announcement bar about the song.

    The next thing I did was to take a bunch of phrases from the letter portion of the lyric video and .

    Lastly, I posted the complete text of the letter on Facebook.

    Create Merch To Market Your Music

    You should definitely consider designing and selling your merchandise as part of your music marketing strategy.

    For one thing, merch is big business, with global sales reaching almost $3.5 billion in 2018.

    However, merch isnt just a direct way to make money it can be a marketing tool in its own right.

    People love wearing band hoodies and tees to bars and gigs. If someone sees a hoodie they like the look of, maybe theyll ask that person about the artist in question, Google them, or find them on Spotify. Its like having a bunch of walking billboards!

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    A Different Sort Of Tree House

    Starting from scratch might mean just taking a walk in the woods. A tree stump might just be laying around begging for a second life as a mouse dollhouse. This house by Maddie Brindley can be found complete with instructions at Mads Mouse House on WordPress with more information about the craftsman.

    Feature Your Music Prominently On Your Website

    How To Restring An Acoustic Guitar  Easily Change Your ...

    Under tip #2, we mentioned that Facebook is now encouraging artists and businesses to sell tickets directly through their Events. This is huge because it makes it a lot easier for consumers to purchase tickets to your shows. Nobody wants to catch wind of an exciting concert and then dig around a bunch of different websites for a ticket. The underlying principle is that you want to make consumers exert minimal effort.

    This principle applies to your website design. If you bury your songs under a Music tab, youre forcing the people who visit your site to click at least once to find your material. That sounds like nothing, but it makes a difference. Regardless of which streaming platforms youre onBandcamp, SoundCloud, Spotifymake sure to embed your newest music prominently on your homepage. This way, when someone visits your site, they dont have to lift a finger in order to hear your music.

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    Promote Your Music In Hip Hop Forums

    Hip hop forums are a cool place to build relationships with those similar to you. I dont recommend directly promoting your music on the forum, but there are times when its acceptable. Youre better off becoming an influential member on the forum and then using that credibility boost to help get your music heard indirectly.

    Create Professional Quality Music

    Although Iâm about to gloss over the fact that you should have a catalog of professional music that youâve already produced, mixed, and mastered, itâs incredibly important that you donât rush past this step! If you compare your tracks to others within the genre you make, do they stack up?

    Have a good honest talk with yourself before you go and invest a whole bunch of time and money into promoting your music. Deep down youâll know if itâs time to release music, or if itâs time to head back to the drawing board.

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    Play Some Shows For Free

    If someone does ask you to play for free and you’re early in your career, don’t be so quick to jump on it. Alternatively, if you’re a bit more established, don’t be so quick to say no. It’s important to assess the opportunity.

    Here are some questions you can ask a promoter when you’re asked to play without pay:

    • What other artists are playing?
    • When do we play in relation to other artists?
    • How many people will be at the show during out set?
    • Will we be able to sell merchandise?

    If the opportunity really is going to provide a huge leap in the size of your fanbase, it’s for a cause you believe in, or it’s for a huge conference or event, go for it.

    If you’re a new musician or band and don’t have much experience playing live, it might be a good idea to take what you can get for practice and even small amounts of exposure. Don’t play too many shows out of your hometown early on – it’s important to build your local fanbase before branching out.

    In the extremely early stages, any amount of free exposure is good. Pay close attention to the type of people who love your music, and figure out how to get in front of more of these people using targeted music marketing strategies.

    Promote Your Music By Networking

    How To Market Your Music With Cheap Ads… *RESEARCH IS 80% OF THE GAME*

    Networking is your golden key to success. Its the reason youve probably asked yourself how the hell is he famous? when viewing a music artist on TV that you thought made horrible music. Networking will get you opportunities that you would not have had without it. Get to know the influential people in your city and start networking. Here are 3 Benefits of Hip Hop Networking

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    Have A Well Designed Website

    Many people feel that having a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page is enough online promotion for their songs.

    Although these are all excellent tools, none of them serve as a true home base where interested fans can find out more about you and your music.

    Not only that, but social media pages are not forever. Facebook is already on the decline and its only a matter of time before Instagram bites the dust as well.

    However, a website is the only online presence you have full control over and can really put your best foot forward to the industry.

    Building a site that looks professional, is easy to navigate and serves as an augmentation of your social media presence can only have a positive impact on the publics perspective of you and your music.

    Tip #: Promote A Tweet From Your Desktop Laptop Or Mobile Device

    If a tweet you made is already gaining attention, you can boost its potential even further by turning it into a promoted tweet. Promoted tweets are just like any other tweet, except that theyre paid for by advertisers in this case, that would be you who want to expand their reach.

    Accessing this type of advertising places this content in a few different locations around the site, including home timelines, user profiles, and search results for promoted trends. Promoted tweets also appear on the top of related search results. Just follow these five steps to promote a tweet on Twitter:

  • Pick the tweet you want to promote.
  • Choose the location you want to target.
  • Choose your budget.
  • Confirm.
  • You must also choose carefully not only how, but when to use this resource. Take advantage of the tools available to determine when promoting tweets would be more efficient. For example, a service called Tweriod will let you see when more of your users are online, so that your content has a deeper impact on the media landscape. Twitters FAQ section also points out that promoted tweets are a great way to build buzz for upcoming sales .

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    Effective Ways To Promote Your Music

    Im sure youre already aware of how important promoting your music actually is. Getting your music heard is just as important as making the music. It doesnt matter if you have the best song in the world if no one listens to it, its almost like it doesnt exist.

    So, in an attempt to send you in the right direction for promoting your music Ive put together a list of 30 effective ways to promote your music. Its in no specific order and is a collection of thoughts from my consultations, conversations with friends, and experience.

    Strategies For Better Music Marketing

    How To Improve Your Singing Voice In A Week, 11 Proven ...

    The advent of P2P file-sharing and streaming services changed music forever. If you only read the headlines, you might think the industry is on shaky ground. Google the phrase Napster killed the music industry, and youll see 242,000 results. Does that mean music marketing is dead?

    Actually, the reality is very different. In fact, the music industry is growing at a healthy rate and has been every year since 2013. By the end of 2023, global revenue is projected to surpass $65 billion.

    Not bad for an industry on its knees!

    Despite this, music is a notoriously uneven playing field. Huge names like Paul McCartney, Jay-Z, and Madonna have become multi-millionaires, or even billionaires, off the back of their success. For every superstar, there are tens of thousands of unknowns.

    Roughly 50 percent of artists tracked by online music analytics and insights provider Next Big Sound are considered undiscovered. These acts have small social followings, minimal views on Vevo and YouTube, and few radio plays.

    Next Big Sound tracks hundreds of thousands of artists worldwide, but consider how many more artists it doesnt know about. That proportion of undiscovered artists is likely much, much higher.

    How do you make the leap from unknown to established?

    For starters, you need to make amazing music. Beyond that, you need to get your music marketing spot on.

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