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How To Promote Music On Audiomack

Do You Really Need Real Audiomack Promotion

How to upload music on Audiomack using phone

Ask any musician about getting popular. What advice will they give you? Some people will say to work hard, create more, and people will notice. Others, younger ones, will say to use music promotion services, to increase your chances. Why do they say differently? In the early days, there was no such thing as dedicated music promotion, it was only radio promotion or simply finding a good agent. Now, everyone is his own agent, own marketer, and own director. PEople became more self-sufficient, and musicians did too. Almost anyone can write a song, pay for the promotion, and earn fame on Spotify or other similar profit-based services.

But not everyone can dig deeper and find a place for young artists, the service that specializes in artists promotion. And Audiomack is this service. Do you really need a promotion on Audiomack? Sadly, yes. This service helps to promote young musicians, but you still need to buy Audiomack promotion to get the ultimate result. If we combine your promotion, and service promotion, it will be huge. Just imagine: you are a newbie with one song. You purchase the Audiomack promotion package from Promosound, and boom, you are now a well-known figure on Audiomack. Since you are famous already, Audiomack itself starts promoting you through its own channels. Your track appears in popular playlists, top-charts, recommendations. And since the app is free, the audience of Audiomack is huge.

Pitching For Trending Placements

Artists can pitch songs, albums, and podcasts for possible trending placement on Audiomack. But they all have to be new releases and only one trending submission can be sent at a time.

Do not pack your entire discography in one email. Your trending pitches can be sent to

for hip-hop/rap, R& B, electronic, pop, podcasts and any genre not specified on a below email.

How To Get Real Audiomack Plays And Followers

The fastest way to get real plays, followers and views for your songs and albums on Audiomack is with real Audiomack promotion. We will share your Audiomack songs and albums to our 10,000 followers on social media and blast your top songs and albums to music fans via email which will in turn get you real plays, real followers and real exposure on Audiomack.

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Mention The Genre And Mood Of The Music

Hashtags that provide an indication of the genre and mood of your music are also essential. This is what will determine who finds your content when searching for something to listen to on Audiomack.

If the tags you use arent relevant to your music, youll attract listeners with no interest in what you do. Hashtags should be used only to target those looking for the genre and mood of the music you produce and publish.

Post Your Audiomack Link On Other Platforms

Audiomack Promotion

Linking to your Audiomack profile from your other social pages is also good practice, as is posting links across all of your other online presences across the board. Your website, your blog anywhere you can drive traffic from.

Regularly remind and encourage people from elsewhere to check you out. Tell them what you do, share samples of your work, and show them the way to your Audiomack profile.

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But What Are Audiomack Promotions

Audiomack promotion can play an essential role in promoting your music. We know that as a newbie artist, your career means a lot to you, and you’re working day and night to make it successful. Artist push doesn’t deliver bots, and we help our clients gain real plays because our traffic is solely human-generated. You don’t have to fiddle around with us because we do all the work for you and make sure it’s real and legal.

Share On Social Media

I know youve probably heard it a million times.

You might want to pause for a moment to ask yourself if you created anticipation.

Lets face it:

Fans are more eager to stream your songs when you tell them upfront. What I actually mean is, adding a little bit of intrigue to it.

You cant just drop a song on Audiomack, share it on social media, and expect streams to magically roll in. It doesnt work that way.

what you need to do before any release is, create something like a 10 days countdown graphics or posting snippets of the songs daily.

Check out some of the resources below to promote your songs effectively.

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Mention The Genre Mood Or Tone Of The Music

In order to get identified easily, it is always recommended to add the right details. Otherwise, those looking for it will never be able to get it anyways. Attach hashtags with the track, this will make your track searchable and the listeners would be able to find and listen to them conveniently. To get attention across the network it is essential to give all the details carefully. Adding genre, and hashtag with the track is one of those requirements.

Use Meaningful And Descriptive Images

How to upload song on Audiomack using PC | Promote music in Audiomack 2021

No doubt that Audiomack is an audio platform with less visuals, but it doesnt mean that using images doesnt leave an impact. Visuals are important, even when it comes to music. Thats why you should use creative and descriptive images for your music titles.

Visual representation of music is one of the best ways to attract the audience. Visual representation, in this case, doesnt mean that you write notes of your music on images oh no! It means coming up with a clever descriptive image that matches the vibe of your music.

For example, if youre creating indie music, then your images should be aesthetic and soft, but if youre creating hard rock metal music, then images should be bold and robust. Images will give listeners something to expect from the music, and they will make the decision to listen or skip.

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Work To Get Featured On Playlists

Audiomack like other streaming platforms has its playlists. Artists can pitch their songs, albums, and podcasts for possible trending and playlist placement on Audiomack.

Getting your songs on one of these playlists or trending, can highly boost streams. Pitching your tracks for trending and playlist is relatively easy, you simply just have to paste in your Audiomack link and paste it in an email.

How To Monetize Audiomack Account

There are simple ways to generate revenue from your Audiomack account or profile. All you need is to

  • Create amazing playlists,
  • Start earning money from your Audiomack account

The good news is this, a well-packaged playlist can be shared on the AudioMack App where other users can find them and use them.

So, the more useful playlist you have, the more your chances of making good money /revenue.

In Addition to the above, AudioMack offers unlimited uploads and is completely free.

This is quite a good news to DJ and upcoming artistes to promote their work. Users can easily generate income when they regularly upload new songs.

Each upload also features a link to buy and follow to download options. You can actually link directly to your personal website or other social networks like SoundCloud stream too.

If your song or mixtape hits Millions of downloads, I dont need to tell you how much fortune you will accumulate for yourself.

AudioMack Premium AMP

This is the AudioMack pro-service for monetization. AMP lets content owners monetize all streams even those through embed players on 3rd party sites.

Just like we have in Google Adsense, SoundCloud, and Spotify, It requires an application for approval.

Only those who meet the requirements will be approved for earning. Of course, everyone gets approved if they dont violate the terms and conditions.

There is no need to ask How do I get verified on audio mack, just meet the requirement and you are in.

As an Artiste,

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How Do You Get A Promotion On Audiomack

You can do that by yourself or by buying Audiomack Promotion from a PR or agency.

I would tell that from my experience, doing your on PR yourself is extremely stressful, but its going to worth it.

On the other hand, a PR can help you when you pay for a particular promotion package.

It might not be advisable because most times, these agencies might give fake reports and you might not see results.

Also, its hard to know the results you see are from their contributions. These people will most times take credit for even things they know nothing about, as long as its positive.

Another, downside to this is that you cannot get your money back if promotion fails.

Audiomack Has A Massive Influence On Billboard

Do audiomack, bandcamp, datpiff, spinrilla music promotion ...

Audiomack allows streams to be allotted to artists with every music play these allotments contribute to charting and colossal goals on the Billboards. There are billions of US plays every year that feature streams from Audiomack’s subscription tiers. There are logged-in streams from the ad-supported tier that contribute to MRC data, contribute toward platinum, diamond, and gold certifications by RIAA, and influence Billboard chart positions.

No matter which part of the world you are in, you can be a part of the Audiomack club and enjoy the perks of an artist. It’s a simple thing: the more tools you have, the higher chances are there for getting on the Billboard charts. Audiomack’s director of Music & Data Partnerships, Vanessa Wilkins, states that the platform will certify numerous artists’ achievements accurately and fairly. This feature can be a game-changer as it will benefit the well-deserving talent.

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After Uploading Your Song On Audiomack What Next

As good as the platform is, only known Artistes are getting good numbers while the up & coming are left to suffer.

Sadly, it can be very frustrating seeing your song with poor numbers/low streams on Audiomack it can lead to depression

Over the past years, we have promoted/pushed a lot of songs for our clients who want massive streams on Audiomack. We know how to get good numbers for any song on Audiomack.

We have done 500k, 1 million and even 2 million streams for songs on Audiomack for different artiste we can do it for you too

We know what works and what doesnt work on the platform, so be rest assured you are in a good hand.

Introduction In The World Of Audiomack

So, you have recorded some songs, and you have got some music gigs too, but there is no good progress seen so far because your phone doesn’t seem to be ringing all the time. That’s a sign that you need the music promotion services from Artist Push! We let you benefit from the power of streaming, improve by collaborating, promote your shows, and build a fanbase for your music. We’ve built the best autopilot music promotion packages for our DJ, artist, label, or other music professional friends to enjoy!

If you’re not a musician, the chances are that you haven’t heard about Audiomack. But for musicians and young artists, Audiomack is a game changer! It is a free music streaming service that is created especially for emerging artists. This platform’s main idea is to help the young musicians and not focus on the popular ones. Audiomack is good at promotion and will work like magic if you promote it wisely. So do you need Audiomack promotion or not sure about it?

Ask any young artist about getting popular and what it means to them. Music promotion services provide an easy and quick way to make your music reach your audience and get famous. We provide one of the best Audiomack promotion services to help you make your music successful. Just imagine what will happen if we combine your music with our music promotion services it will be a huge turnout!

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Smartly Edit The Tracks

All you need is to be conscious about the length and precious of the audio track, with which it has been edited. It is very important that you do it with perfection or get it done with expert hands. This is going to decide how good your work is, and mind you, content is the King. If its good no one can stop it from becoming popular and will naturally be heard more by the listeners. Make sure you match up to that level of expectation.

Buy Audiomack Plays And Get Discovered By Many

Why you should Upload and Promtote Your Music on Audiomack!

If you have decided to buy Audiomack plays, you’re in the right place. The Audiomack promotion is all about how to use various techniques to get you reached by real people.

With our promotion techniques, you’ll get real plays. Our Audiomack promotion services and packages are very affordable, plus our plans are 100% organic true music fans around the world will hear this way, your songs, and tracks, and you’ll get numerous Audiomack plays. Each and every service and package of ours will help you get heard by real music lovers in 2021. You’ll be featured on music blogs, social media and get an email blast to a specific audience to get access to thousands of fans around the world.

We know how to promote your music on Audiomack. With us, you don’t have to worry about how to promote your music on Audiomack because we have all the tools and techniques to get you started. If you want to buy Audiomack plays, the following are the points that will help you join the club:

Choose a package on our website and select the most suitable plan for yourself. Consider the package price and the number of plays before choosing a plan.

Provide your contact information and submit your track to us. We’ll then inform you about the progress of your track.

We have a team of experts and professionals who will then evaluate your song by listening to it and developing a strategy to promote it and make sure it gets featured in the most popular playlists.

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Use Meaningful And Descriptive Images Only

It would be unjustified to add images that are not relevant or part of the audio they are attached to. When the track plays on Audiomack, the artists are given an option that is to add an image with tracks. The condition is that it should be interpretative in nature, the track and images should be in sync. The image should be able to depict and explain the mood, and emotion of the track, to make it more presentable.

The Top Online Music Promotion Sites

First, you should discover the top online music promotion sites. Learn which sites are most effective for music promotion and provide an easy way for you to submit music. The top sites include:

  • Spotify
  • Vimeo
  • These sites are not your only option for band promotion, but they are among the best. You do not need to use all of the sites on this list. In fact, you may have trouble taking the time to upload your music to all of these sites at the same time. Instead, focus on a few different platforms. This way, you can respond to comments and track results.

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    Define The Genre And Mood Of Your Music

    If you want people to identify you and your songs easily, make sure you are able to define the genre and mood of your music.

    This would make your proposed listeners have an idea of the kind of music they are about to listen to.

    You can also add hashtags to your music to make them searchable, so that listeners would be able to find and listen to them conveniently.

    What Are Your Outcomes

    Best Ways To Increase Your AudioMack Streams/Plays ...

    After you chose your package, paid for it, and saw some plays coming in you got to choose, what to do next? Should you sit calmly and wit for success or take everything into your hands? Yes, you gain new plays, maybe some followers too, royalties are coming up, but is it over? When will be that golden limousine and prestigious concerts? You shouldnt stop! You need to write more tracks, promote them, and one day music producers will see you. Audiomack has contracts with worlds biggest music labels and record studious, so if your tracks will be good and gain enough attention – buckle up, your fame train is leaving the station!

    Why promosound? Well, if you are here then you know what you are doing. Promosound is an experienced, highly-rated, effective and legal promotion service. Our clients are happy with their promotion campaigns, and outcomes. Dont wait till your opportunities go by, grb them and build your career! And your Audiomack promotion? We will nail it!

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    Upload High Quality Related Images And Cover Designs

    Never upload those images or cover design you snap with your phone, but make sure your images and Cover designs are of high quality and relates to your music before you upload them.

    On your profile there is a part that allows you to add your cover image, so make sure you put an image that is attractive up there.

    And when you upload your song to Audiomack, there is also an option to add a cover design.

    So make sure the cover design you put up there was designed by a professional graphics designer.

    Your goal here is to make your account interpretative and attractive so as to draw listeners to consume your music.

    Therefore, let your image express the purpose, mood, and emotion of your music to make it more presentable.

    Cross Promote Your Music

    Cross promoting your profile and tracks from Audiomack to social media platforms will help you gain a big boost in followers and streams. So you should work to build yourself a social proof as much as you can so that you have a solid foundation for the long run.

    Link your artist page on Audiomack to your website and share it to your social media profiles. Dont be afraid to promote your links and ask your fans to follow you on the platform.

    Some of your fans dont know they can even do so and include it in the email newsletters you send to your newsletter subscribers. Encourage your followers to follow you on Audiomack and you should as well share links to your tracks or albums on your social media bios.

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