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How To Produce Music For Beginners

How To Stay On A Beat

How To PRODUCE MUSIC (In 3 Ways) | #MusicProduction

In contrast, take into consideration that if you do have a good ear for music and you want to make songs.

Learn how to produce music, as it is not as difficult as you might think it is.

Do some research about DAWs as thats where music production starts. DAW means/ full form Digital Audio Workstation.

A Combination of Fl Studio & Audio-Technica ATH-M50x can help you kickstar your music career!

Akai Mini MK2 is one of the best & most affordable Midi Keyword out there!Therefore, to benefit commercially you should start learning how to make your own beats ASAP!

Experiment With Writing Your First Song

You probably won’t get a full song completed or even one that sounds great yet. But that’s exactly where you want to be. You should be exploring the software, testing out plugins and sounds, and simply learning your way around.

DAWs have a learning curve and more and more features get revealed to you over time, but typically only as you need them. So don’t get bogged down or overwhelmed. Start simple and work with what you know.

That might mean you create a drum loop and then add a melody and bass line to it that are incorrect as far as music theory goes. Who cares? As a beginner you should be having fun, stay excited, and keep learning.

How To Produce Music: A Free Beginners Guide

Most likely youre reading this post because you want learn how to produce music, but either you dont know where to look, dont know how to begin, or, perhaps youve just started but you feel you need a little guidance.

Youre in the right place.

Let me not overwhelm you, but theres a ton to learn, a lot to explore, and many things to discover

But of course, you have to start somewhere, right?

Well, bookmark this page, because here we will discuss every step involved in getting into music production, from gear to songwriting, up to mastering your final draft.

We will be covering a lot of ground, so dont rush. Try to take in as much information as possible before moving on to the next step.

And of course, dont forget to enjoy it!

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Explore Studio Monitors And Acoustic Treatment

Studio monitors are the big speakers that you see in music studios. In comparison to a pair stereo speakers that you set up in your living room for casual listening, studio monitors tend to be quite “revealing.” Instead of coloring the sound they produce to enhance the listening experience, they make issues abundantly obvious, which lets you identify and correct these problems. Unfortunately, new producers don’t really know what they’re getting themselves into when they buy their first pair of studio monitors, which means they often end up wasting their money on overpriced products. In the following video, I explain what to look for in a quality pair of studio monitors, and I provide you with some great budget-friendly studio monitor recommendations.

Connecting a pair of studio monitors to your computer is easy enoughâyou just need an audio interface. An audio interface, like the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, allows you to convert analog signal into digital signal and vice versa. You connect it to your computer with a USB cable and it lets you to record instrument level signals, microphone level signals, and line level signals. It will also let you to play back audio from your computer through a set of professional studio monitors.

Start With The Melody

Music Production For Beginners 2020 Edition : How to ...

Every producer has their own method for starting a new song. We recommend first starting with an instrument, whether it be a classic piano or a punchy synth. Creating a melody then, adding your drums around it. After a bit of experimenting, you might find your workflow easier by starting with the drums, and thats fine too!

From there, add as many accompanying sounds, instruments, and bass lines as you see fit. Once youve got a good loop foundation, its time to start arranging your sounds into a proper song structure.

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Music Production For Beginners

A music producer must be creative and artistic, but also highly organised and able to lead. They are likely to be involved in the evolution of the song, from its inception through to its completion. Or they might just be hired to work within one section of the process.

So what are the various stages of music production?

  • Writing and preparing the song
  • Recording it
  • Mixing the track
  • Mastering the track
  • Well go into more detail on whats involved in each of these stages shortly.

    Once all these stages are completed, youre ready to , submit it to label talent scouts, or have CDs made to sell at your gigs. It can help to spend some time shadowing a music producer before you do it yourself, particularly if you plan on making a career of it. Or you might want to have a paid in-studio experience before going it alone, so you have a practical understanding of the process.

    Key Discipline : Finish Fast And Finish Often

    As Ira Glass so famously put it, the best way to refine your craft is to create a huge volume of work. Not to create the most perfect piece you can, but to create many pieces of work. Herbert Lui, Why Quantity Should be Your Priority

    One trap that a lot of producers fall into in stage 2 is the perfection or masterpiece trap. They think that they must create amazing workthat they must focus on creating masterpieces.

    Having a perfectionist attitude in stage 2 is not only an inhibition to learning and progression, it also destroys your self-esteem. Why? Because even if you were to set the perfect standard for your work and achieve it , youre progressing at such rapid speed that youll be disappointed in your masterpiece a few weeks later.

    What you should focus on instead is finishing. Not just finishing, but finishing tracks as often as you can.

    When I was in stage 2, Id finish tracks in one day. They didnt sound that great, but I learned something new with each project.

    You have to focus on quantity during this stage, because if you do, quality will inevitably go up and youll learn much faster than you would otherwise.

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    They Dont Want To Do It

    Theyd rather be pushing faders and EQing guitars than labeling tracks. But since they understand how important the organization is, they pay someone else to do it.

    You probably arent in a position to pay someone so you have to be your own intern and do it yourself.

    The next few sections will cover some organizational things you can do to make your life a lot easier.

    The Best Music Production Software For Beginners

    Producing Drums for Beginners | Music Production Tutorial for Beginners

    Last Updated: By Sean

    The best music software for beginners will get us going on putting those creative juices to work and ultimately, down for others to hear and enjoy. Nowadays, there are a lot of solutions when it comes to music production software however, finding the best for when were just starting out can be difficult when sifting through the rubble. Through personal experience and extensive research, we were able to narrow down our search to just 4 recommendations when it comes to beginner DAWs. The reason we include 4 will depend on a few factors we also want you to keep in mind while searching, and also feel its important you take the time learn a specific music software that will also allow for some leeway when it comes to a future learning curve once youre a lot better at making music. Lets get started.

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    Make A Beat Or Buy A Beat

    A beat or instrumental is the foundation of a song. Some music artists may start with lyrics first, but often music artists find a beat that inspires them and they write to it.

    Its good if you know how to make your own beats because you can save money. But not many people are good at music production, songwriting, and performing. Stick to your strengths.

    Option 2: Buy a Beat

    Buying a beat may be easier for most of you. There are many talented music producers out there that have spent years developing their craft.

    Buying beats allow you to experiment with different types of instrumentals and does not limit you to what kind of beats you can create.

    Where to buy beats:

    Pay for quality beats. Look at each beat as an investment.

    You dont want to put your name on crappy songs or bad beats.

    You can gain and lose fans quickly with the music you put out.

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    Prepare Your Music Project

    Just like in any other craft, it is best to be organized before diving into the actual process of production. This way, it would be easier to sift through your materials and go through the production as efficiently as possible.

    In the following sections you will learn about:

  • Planning
  • Setting up your instruments
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    Get To Work On Your First Beat

    We’ve talked about finding the right software for the job. We’ve talked about learning how to structure your songs . We’ve talked about putting your own spin on the music you create .

    What’s next?

    The only thing left to do now is gain experience as a music producer. The more you experiment and try different things, the better you will become over time.

    I can’t tell you step-by-step how to do this , as it will vary depending on the software you’re using, but I can give you a solid overview of how it works. Here we go:

  • Write your song. You can have your entire beat worked out before you even open your DAW software.
  • Open your DAW. You can’t begin work without starting your beat making application. So, fire it up!
  • Set the tempo. Again, if you already have a good idea how the song is going to go, you should know approximately what value to set the tempo at. If you’re not sure yet, however, don’t worry. You should be able to change this later.
  • Make the drum beat. A good place to start with your beat is with the drums. Use the software’s built-in virtual instruments and begin building the framework for your song.
  • Write the bass line. The bass line should sit tight with the drums, so it’s a logical next step in the beat making process.
  • Add other virtual instruments. Whether it’s piano, organ, synth, or otherwise, now you can begin layering riffs and chords on top of the drum beat and bass line.
  • The Best Beginner Music Production Courses

    Music Production For Beginners 2020 Edition: How to ...

    Starting out as a music producer can often be an overwhelming and confusing leap to take. A lot of people often find themselves unsure of which digital audio workstation to use, what skills they should learn first, and are left to figure out what tools they actually need.

    There are many other common questions regarding more specific topics like EQ, compression, mixing and arrangement. We here at PH have tried to compile a list of what we think are the 9 best music production courses for beginners.

    This list should cover nearly everything you need to know and help point you in the right direction as you get started on your personal journey with making music.

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    That’s How To Start Producing Music

    That’s it. You take the methods above and repeat them again and again and never stop. That’s the path as a beginner and even as an expert. The studying and practice never stops if you want to keep improving and gaining fans.

    A few things you will start doing is improving your home studio. You’ll need to know how to setup a home recording studio as well as pick up some more and better gear. Don’t just buy gear willy nilly, wait until you have an actual need and then research which is the best and why. The same goes for plugins and sound fonts, too.

    Ultimately you can start collaborating with other artists. You’ll produce tracks for artists’ albums, you’ll work with other producers, and begin to pick up tricks of the trade from them. This will start your networking process and help you climb the ladder.

    And if you don’t want to be the independent artist or behind-the-scenes producer, you can look into other career options, though what’s the fun in that as a musician? You don’t learn how to start producing music to take a salaried job, you do it to be a rock star!

    How To Produce Music Like A Pro

    At this point, you know how a DAW works and some basic music theory and mixing principals. Now it’s time to learn music production beyond the beginner stages. What this tends to involve is a long period of time of you doing the same thing over and over.

    The difference is, with serious focus and intent, you’ll get better each time. Iteration is the key to success. You should have a monumental output, making as many songs as possible. You don’t have to share them all, but moving from start to finish is the key to improvement.

    “Lock yourself in a roomDoing five beats a day for three summersThat’s a Different World like Cree SummersI deserve to do these numbers” – Kanye West

    If you want to improve, you can’t treat this like a game. You have to treat it like you’re in school, studying and practicing with intent. And you’ll actually have to study more and more music theory and mixing techniques, etc. Discovering techniques and applying them is what it’s all about.

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    How To Create Better Intros Choruses And Verses

    Here is a process of what I like to do to create different sounding parts of a beat. The tutorial is done in Reason but it can be done in other music software as well.

    Detailed Beat Making Tutorials

    The examples below are made with different music equipment and software, but the process is very much the same for all the different music genres.

    Midi Controller For Making Your Electronic Music

    Music Production for beginners TUTORIAL

    As I mentioned above, a lot of the instruments you will be using will be controlled using MIDI information. The easiest way to control these VSTs will be through the use of a MIDI keyboard.

    They are essentially the same as a regular keyboard, but they only output MIDI data instead of sound.

    They are fairly budget-friendly and will make a big difference in your ability to control your instruments. If you have any musical background, I highly recommend it.

    My recommendation: AKM320 midiplus MIDI Keyboard Controller

    Heres another great guide for helping you select your MIDI controller:

    There are ways to get around buying a MIDI controller. You can control all your instruments in your DAW by either using your keyboard or drawing in the individual MIDI notes.

    I know many producers who dont use a MIDI controller, so you dont necessarily need one. It will just take a little more effort on your part to learn the ropes.

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    How To Make Music Using Lmms: Toolbar/transport Bar

    On the top, you’ll find the toolbar, which holds some shortcuts to the top menus like File, Edit, etc. These are for creating new projects and opening exzig. These are for creating new projects and opening existing ones, saving, exporting, and even a cool info button where you can click on it, then on someone you want to learn about, and it will tell you what it does.Below the shortcuts for the File menu are the ones for the View menu. These are for all the windows you’ll need to create or edit audio. The transport section to the right of the toolbar options shows you information about the arrangement. Click on the position to change it from “time” to “measure,” and you can either double click, click and drag, or scroll to change the rest. To the right of those are the master volume and master pitch. Then you have a CPU meter which you can enable by clicking on it.

    Plugins And Sample Packs

    What are VST plugins?

    VST plugins are digital programs that can be used within a DAW to create or add effects to sounds. They can be split into two categories:

    VST Instruments: These plugin generate audio and act as software-based instruments. They often emulate recognisable sounds of famous synthesizers and other instruments. Popular VST instruments include Serum, Massive, FM8, Sylenth 1 and Absynth.

    VST effects: Instead of creating audio, these plugins process and add effects to existing audio or MIDI sequences. These effects include reverb, delay, filters and compressors.

    Free plugins vs. Paid plugins

    Most DAWs come with free VST instruments and effects . However, youll need to spend a bit of money to get the most powerful, professional plugins out there.

    There are some very high quality FREE plugins online for beginner producers on a tight budget.

    But in all honesty, if youre after something with an insane amount of versatility with hundreds if not thousands of modifiable preset sounds youll need to fork out a decent amount of cash.

    What are sample packs?

    Sample packs are downloadable content packs that can contain various sounds, VST presets, drum and instrumentation loops, percussive one shots, FX sounds and project template files.

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    Education & Bass Online

    Suited for anyone looking to master the styles of underground bass music ala DnB + Dubstep.

    Get a free 24 hour pass to the paid members area by clicking here.

    Education & Bass Onlines content is best-suited for the modern bass music producer, i.e. DnB, dubstep, etc.

    The lecturers are also delivered by some of the most prominent figures in the scene, such as Nomine/Outrage, Leon Switch, Nurve , Occult, LSN and DubApe to name a few.

    The course content is a good balance of exploring native plugins , but there are also a handful of courses that explore some popular, paid VSTs such as Omnisphere, Massive and Serum.

    Read our full review of E& B Onlines course here.

    Claim your free 24-hour pass to the paid members area by .

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