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How To Post Your Music On Spotify

Complete Package: Cd Baby

How To Upload Music To Spotify

CD Baby offers pretty much anything youd need to distribute your music. They send your music to every possible online store and streaming platform.

Plus, they partner with companies that will create physical CDs, vinyl, and merchandise.

They also collect more than just streaming payouts.

They offer admin publishing services to collect your songwriters royalties. And they partner with SoundExchange to collect your mechanical royalties.

They take 9% commission, but you get all this for a single one-time payment for each release.

Drive Traffic To Spotify From Off

Ultimately, the most important thing from Spotify’s point-of-view is getting more people to listen to music on their platform.

They love it when artists bring listeners to Spotify from off platform, so share your Spotify links everywhere! Post them across your socials, your website and any other channels.

This will work in your favour as Spotify’s algorithms will recognise that you’re bringing in listeners from across the web and driving users to the platform.


Pitch Directly To Spotify Via Spotify For Artists


Ok, this is a big one. If youâve got music on Spotify, you NEED to be using Spotify for Artists.

If you havenât already, go sign up and link your Spotify artist profile to Spotify for Artists right now!

Spotify for Artists has loads of great tools to help you understand and adapt your approach to promoting music on Spotify, but perhaps the most powerful part of the service is direct playlist pitching.

Just head to the Music tab of your Spotify for Artists dashboard and choose ‘Upcoming’. From here you can select the release you’d like to submit for playlisting.



Here are a couple of key things to remember when pitching for playlists through Spotify for Artists…

You can only pitch music that hasn’t been released yet. Once you’ve uploaded your music to Ditto and it’s been accepted by Spotify , it’ll be available in your Spotify for Artists upcoming releases.

It’s best to upload to Ditto with plenty of time to spare and pitch early. The very latest you should be pitching is 7 days before your release date, but ideally you want to be uploading &amp; submitting your tracks to playlists weeks in advance of your release date.


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How To Submit Your Music To Spotify

Plus, all about Spotify playlist

Are you a new artist wondering how to get your music on Spotify? Distributing your music in the digital age is very different than it used to be.

This article will explain how to get your music on one of the most popular online streaming services. Learn how to submit your music to Spotify.

Add Local Music To Playlists Like You Would Any Other Music

How do I post tracks using Instagram Stories?

Once you’ve added various directories to Spotify on the desktop, it’s simply a measure of creating playlists so that you’re able to save those playlists for offline listening.

Highlight whatever tracks you want, right-click while hovering over those tracks, and select the “Add to Playlist” option like so:

You can add them to an existing playlist, or you can create a new one.

Either way, get whatever tracks you want into a playlist , and grab your phone/tablet/whatever device you want to save those tracks on.

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How To Add Your Own Music To Spotify On Computers

Spotify desktop client supports to import music from iTunes automatically. And it is same for the Windows Media Player.If you have already import your songs , then you don’t have to do anything else. But if your tracks are located in different folders, please follow the steps to add them to Spotify.

Step 1. Launch Spotify app from your Windows or Mac computer. If it is the first time you use it, please sign in with your account name and password or sign up a new account.

Step 2. On the top of the software main screen, you will see the downward arrow icon, just click it and select “Settings”.

Step 3. Scroll down the settings window until you see the “Local Files” menu. You should see the sources of music “iTunes”, “Downloads”, “Music Library”. If you don’t want then to show up, just switch the toggle buttons off.

Step 4. To add a new folder of songs, please click “ADD A SOURCE” button. Then browse to select the folder where you saved your local music and click “OK”.

Step 5. You can go back to the main menu of Spotify and click “Local Files” and you should see the music you imported. Note: Spotify only supports to import MP3 and MP4 music files. If your files are in other formats or with DRM encryption, they won’t be supported.

Set A Release Date And Select Streaming Services

Youre almost there!

In the final step, you must set your release date.

This is very important because setting your release date far enough in advance will give you time to clear your samples and also prepare your for your release.

In the final step, youll also choose the platforms on which youd like to release your music on.

Since were talking about releasing music on Spotify in this article, make sure Spotify is selected in this section.

If you dont want your release to be available in certain countries you can also specify this here too.

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Build Your Own Playlists

This is an easy way to give your music a boost on Spotify. Start creating your own public playlists, filled with great music and include your own tracks too.

With a bit of work, you could build your playlist to have thousands or even millions of followers over time.

But even if your playlist only has a few followers, it&rsquo;ll still help your chance of landing on other, bigger playlists.

Remember, the Discover Weekly algorithm takes EVERY playlist placement into account, no matter how small. So you have nothing to lose in creating a playlist featuring your own music.



Remember, if you donât land big playlist features straight away – donât worry! Keep your head up and keep trying.

Have you had success using any of the playlisting tips here? Or have you any more advice to share with your fellow artists? Let us know in the comments below.

How To Put Your Music On Spotify And Get Streamed

How to Upload Your Music to Spotify?

Spotify is easily the biggest music streaming platform in the world right now.

Every day thousands of artists upload their music to the platform to reach their fans, find new ones and earn money from streams.

It goes without saying that distributing your music online to Spotify and other streaming platforms should be part of your music promotion plan.

In this article, well look at everything you need to do to get your music on Spotify, get placed in the right playlists and find new fans.

Well also look at some tips for getting more out of digital distribution, getting your lyrics on Spotify and your online music marketing plan.

But first, heres how to put music on Spotify.

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How To Add Your Music To Spotify Playlists

We cant overstate how influential and important Spotifys official playlists are. Millions of listeners from every corner of the globe rely on these editorially curated playlists to find new artists and hear music from the ones they already know and love. In fact, these playlists are so large and influential that many music experts credit them for the decline of the traditional album format.

Only songs that havent been released before are able to be put up for playlist consideration on Spotify. To formally submit your songs for playlist consideration, first login to your Spotify for Artists profile. Click the MUSIC link at the top of your profile, and then click UPCOMING. Choose your best song and fill out the details.

Important note: if you dont set the release date for your music out two weeks or more from the time you upload it with a distributor, this process wont give Spotify enough time to review your music, and it wont be considered. Like we mentioned before in this guide, there are many benefits to giving yourself lots of time to promote your music, and pretty much nothing but drawbacks by releasing it as quickly as possible.

Is It Free To Put Music On Spotify

To answer this question, I have to first say that nothing is actually free. So if you dont pay money to distribute your music, the cost is coming from somewhere else.

Sure, there are distribution companies that dont charge you distribution fees upfront. So you can send your music to Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming platforms for free.

But those companies will likely take a higher commission from your streaming royalties.

So, yes, it can be free on the front-end to put your music on Spotify. But youll probably pay for it on the back-end.

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Getting Music On Spotify

Spotify is the leading music streaming service worldwide, offering both major and independent labels and artists a place to promote their music. Spotify offers two models: Spotify users can either listen to music for free with audio advertisements in between tracks, or pay a subscription to remove the advertisements and access other Spotify premium features such as offline listening.Either way, you make money every time someone streams your music. So how do you upload and sell your music on Spotify? Unfortunately, Spotify does not have direct deals with independent artists and labels, which is why you need to go through a digital music distributor like iMusician. No setup or yearly fee, no paperwork, we save you time by distributing your music library on all the streaming sites and up to 250 other music platforms.

After You Submit Your Release

Post your Playlist!

Congratulations! Your release is ready to hit Spotify.

Now its time to plan some promotion around your track.

The best way to get exposure for your music on Spotify is to get playlisted on a major playlist.

No matter who you are, you can pitch your tracks for any playlist thats relevant to your genre.

To pitch your tracks for playlisting, you first have to claim your Spotify artist profile, if you havent already.

Right now, if you release your tracks through LANDR a profile will automatically be created. All you have to do is go and claim it.

To do that youll have to log in to your Spotify for Artists account and claim your profile.

Once you claim your profile you can update your profile picture and youll get that nice blue verified checkmark on your artist page.

Youll now have access to pitch your tracks to playlists for any unreleased track.

Remember, its super important to plan your release well in advance because it takes time to pitch your tracks to Spotifys playlists curators.

As a general rule, you need a bare minimum of five days to get your tracks considered for playlisting, but it wont hurt to leave a bit more time than that.

Thats why its key to plan your release date well in advance of submitting your tracks to your distribution service.

Plus youll have some extra time to plan all the other marketing you need around the release of your track or album.

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How To Put My Own Songs On Spotify

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Depending on your setup, your music can either be delivered by a record label or distributor. A distributor will handle the licensing, distribution, and royalty payments associated with your release; they usually charge for their services, so its worth doing some research to find out which will be the best fit. If youre looking for a place to start, check out our list ofpreferred and recommend distributors.

If you want to submit a track for playlist consideration, but its from your first release on Spotify, its important to make sure that you find a distributor that allows you to select a release date thats at least one week in the future. That should give you enough time to claim your artist profile and get your track submitted. ;

For more info, check out ourGuide,FAQs, and the rest of The Game Plan video series.

Depending on your setup, your music can either be delivered by a record label or distributor. A distributor will handle the licensing, distribution, and royalty payments associated with your release; they usually charge for their services, so its worth doing some research to find out which will be the best fit. If youre looking for a place to start, check out our list ofpreferred and recommend distributors.

For more info, check out ourGuide,FAQs, and the rest of The Game Plan video series.

How To Get Your Music On Spotify Playlists

Millions of music fans use Spotify to discover new artists. So as an up-and-coming musician, it’s vital to get your music on Spotify playlists and in front of legions of potential fans. But how do new artists get featured?

<p>The only way to land on the biggest Spotify playlists is by putting your music in front of curators and making an impact. It’s hard to understate the boost a great playlist placement can give your music, so we’ve laid out this essential advice to help you grab those major playlist features in 2020.</p>


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How Long Does It Take To Distribute Your Music

The time it takes for your music to go from the distributor to the streaming platform can vary. It mainly depends on the distributor.

Some distribution companies are pickier than others when it comes to their release requirements.

Spotify and other platforms have certain parameters for album covers and file types. But some distributors are more strict.

For example, I tried to release a song through one company, but they said the artwork was too pixelated.

It was an artistic choice on my part, so I tried another distributor and they sent it to Spotify, no problem.

But typically, distribution can take 12 weeks from the time you submit it to your distributor.

Thats why you need to give yourself plenty of lead time, especially if you have a specific release date you want to hit.

How To Add Local Music To Spotify Playlists

How To Upload Music To Spotify

Once youve added locations with your local music files to Spotify, you can start adding local music to your Spotify playlists.;

  • First, go to Local Files, find the tracks you want to add to a playlist, and highlight them.;
  • Right-click a track or click the three horizontal dots on the right side of its title. Select Add to Playlist.;
  • You can add the track to an existing playlist, or create a fresh one by clicking New Playlist.;
  • You can then edit your playlist, make it a collaborative or a secret one, download, or delete it.;

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    How To Create A Spotify Playlist Cover

    As discussed above, Spotify playlists have a significant impact on getting your music heard. When a listener comes across a track in a playlist, it is the cover art that they see first.

    The artwork for your music will contextualize your song, grab attention, or tell the story of your single or album.

    There is no need to be a graphic designer or a Photoshop expert to create an engaging playlist cover. Below are a few tools you can use to create impressive and cool artwork.

    How To Listen To Playlists Offline

    After you add your local music to Spotify albums and playlists, you can download them to listen offline on Spotify.

    To download your tracks for offline listening, first grab the device that you want to use to listen to Spotify whether its your smartphone, your computer, or else. Navigate to the playlist that contains your local files and find the toggle. After you switch it on, youll be able to download your tracks and listen to them offline.;

    If you run into problems at this stage, check that youre logged into the same Spotify account on both your computer and your smartphone. Make sure both of the devices are connected to the same WiFi network. Finally, check if your Spotify app is up-to-date. You should now be all set to go.;

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    What Does Spotify For Artists Do

    Simply put, Spotify for Artists is a back-end look at the worlds largest streaming site for the musicians who make it what it is. The platform lets every artist control their profile by claiming it, filling out their bio, choosing their images, uploading new music, picking which titles should be focused on, accessing important data regarding what people are listening to , adding merchandise and concert dates, and, perhaps most importantly , choosing songs to submit for consideration for various playlists compiled by the company.

    How To Prepare Your Music To Upload To Spotify

    Post your Playlist!

    Putting your music on Spotify through TuneCores distribution service is easy, but to get the most out of your releases, your songs need to be prepared a certain way.

    We should note that while not doing some of these things listed below probably wont keep your music from being featured on Spotifys platform, focusing on getting your music sounding its best and uploading the correct metadata associated with it will make your life easier in lots of ways.

    Music that sounds professionally mixed and recorded has a much better chance of being picked up for Spotifys big editorially curated playlists and music discovery features. Incorrect metadata details can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in streaming revenue if your music takes off. So while some of the following advice isnt mandatory for having your stuff sent to Spotify, its pretty important.

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