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How To Post Music Videos On Instagram

How To Add Music For Instagram Videos

How to Add Music to an Instagram Post in 2021

While Instagram allows you to crop a video and add filters to it during the upload process to your main feed, it doesnt offer any way to add music to it. This means you need to add music to your video using another app, save it, then upload this newly edited video to Instagram.

Fortunately, there are a large number of free video editing apps available for iOS, Android, and Windows that makes adding music to video clips very easy.

Gather Information About Instagram And Facebook Copyright Laws:

Various social media platforms consist of discrete copyright rules and regulations. Thats why with learning the basics of copyright laws, you should also distinctly look after the protocols of different social media sites. So, in the case of Instagram and Facebook, you have to learn in-depth about their rules and processes regarding this topic. You can visit the below-mentioned pages to comprehend about their copyright protocols in and out.

to know about the top three prominent changes going to take place on Facebook this year.

Faqs On Avoid Copyright Music In Videos On Instagram

1. Can you copyright Instagram photos?

No! You cant copyright Instagram photos. The most reliable technique to secure your media is not stolen and is not to share them on Instagram!

2. How do you avoid copyright on Instagram?

You have to follow three simple steps to ensure that you do not infringe the copyrights of other people on Instagram. They are as such:

  • Avoid posting content you did not create
  • Get written permission from the author to post their content otherwise and.
  • Do not think the fair dealing exception covers you without receiving legal advice first.
  • 3. What are the Instagram Music Copyright Rules?

    Fortunately, Instagram shared some of their Instagram Copyright Music Rules with users they are as fashioned:

    • Always post a video when you are sharing music.
    • Keep your video short.
    • Unlimited music for your Instagram Stories

    4. What actions does Instagram typically take when copyright music is detected?

    Whenever Instagram found any of the copyrighted music used by the user, they follow the below actions against them:

    • Mute your post and block the music from playing,
    • End your live stream, or
    • Takedown your Instagram post entirely.

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    How To Add Music To Instagram Story Posts Videos & Reels

    Instagram has been catching enormous attention for some time now. After Tik Toks perpetual success, Instagram introduced a similar feature that soon got spread like fire. Yes, that is right. No matter how young or old are you, once you must have questioned how to add music to Instagram story? Guess what? We are here to offer you the answers for the same today.

    One of Instagrams recent and popular features is that it offers users the opportunity to add music directly to their Instagram stories. As a result, the favorite platform of numerous influencers provides the chance to select tunes from Instagrams lengthy selection of songs.

    Long gone are the days when people used to put a picture on Instagram and call it complete. The platform is a lot more today. It is getting celebrated as it can import songs from other music streaming services, like Spotify, along with avant-garde editing features. In case for a long time, you have been shying from asking your friends about how to add music to Instagram posts, how to add your music to the Instagram story, how to add music to Instagram video, or how to add music to the Instagram story without a sticker. Guess what? We are here with an answer!

    Before we move ahead with the blog, let us go through the table of content for your better understanding!

    How To Add Music To Stories And Feed Videos

    How to Add Music to Instagram Video Post Quickly &  Easily

    Adding a great tune to your Stories is pretty easy. Just record your video in the Stories section of the app, then tap on the icon at the top of the screen that looks like a smiley face inside of a square. From there, tap on the Music icon and choose a song from the list. The lyrics will pop up on the screen and you can choose what part of the song plays, font type, and the color of the lyrics. If you dont want lyrics, you can also choose to display the album cover.

    Unfortunately, you cant add music to videos for your feed unless you create them through the Stories option, save them, and then upload the video to your feed. There are some third-party apps that can help, though. Here are a few.

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    How To Put Music On Instagram Video Stories

    If you’re sharing a video to Instagram Stories, there are built-in features to make adding music easy. You can add copyrighted music to Stories in most cases because Instagram automatically gives credit to the creator.

    The easiest way to add music to your Stories is to use the music sticker feature. Simply select your video, add the music sticker, and choose the perfect music for your clip. The sticker will mention the artist, so you’re in the clear as far as copyright goes.

    Find A Right Song For Your Music Video With Itube Hd Video Downloader

    As mentioned, few apps for music videos on Instagram above have the music collections for you to select, but most of them lack the feature. Therefore, you’ll need the help of a music discover and download program to help you get the right song for your video. Among all the music programs, is one of the best choice. This program can help you to download music from website directly, and also enables you to find the music you want within the Discover section. Moreover, iTube HD Video Downloader enables you to transfer the downloaded music to your mobile devices directly. This part will introduce how to download music with iTube HD Video Downloader for Instagram.

    • Exceptionally good in converting any video to more than 150 file formats making the video best suited for your every purpose.
    • Its ability to record the videos from the websites with its in-built screen recording function makes it stand out amongst others.
    • Supports all major web video portals and more than 10,000 video sharing websites.
    • The lightning speed offered by this program to download your videos 3X faster than any other program is remarkable.
    • This Vimeo embedded video downloader equips with a video recorder which allows to capture from any online site.
    • It holds a Private Mode to fully protect your video downloading information with a password.

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    How To Avoid The Instagram Music Copyright Issue In Videos

    If you would love the music that you watched in your Instagram Feed and want to use that particular music on your videos then copyright is a must. There are various ways to copyright music in videos so that you can use it to get the Instagram copyright music in videos. Make sure to follow these few tips and avoid Instagram copyright music issues to some extent:

  • Need to give credit to the first composer while making use of their music.
  • Request creators to share their music.
  • Do changes in music beats. So, it wont sound exactly the same.
  • Utilize free music for your videos
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    What Kind Of Music Is There To Choose From

    How To Upload Music To Instagram

    There are millions of songs to choose from in the Instagram music library. When you tap on the Music sticker, you can search for a particular song, or you can find one in the For You section. You can also go to the Browse section where you have different categories:

    Genres Rap, Hip Hop, R& B and Soul, Pop, Latin, etc.

    Moods Bright, Dreamy, Groovy, Peaceful, etc.

    Themes Arabic party, Love, Family, Movie soundtracks, Morning, etc.

    If you cant find your song in the Instagram music library, you can import it from external sources .

    You can find virtually any type of music for your Instagram stories.

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    How To Promote Music On Instagram In 2021

    Instagramâs potential for promotion is massive, especially for musicians. So weâve created this essential guide to the best tips, tricks, hacks & know-how you need to effectively promote your music on Instagram.

    Instagram has more than one BILLION active monthly users. So as well as , itâs well worth investing some time in creating and maintaining an awesome Insta profile.

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    In fact, there are lots of musicians and influencers who have built a career off the back of Instagram alone.

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    Remember, itâs important to spread your efforts and focus on all aspects of music promotion. But with that in mind, letâs dig into how Instagram can help you reach new fans, engage current ones and grow your brand as an artist.

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    How To Add Music To An Instagram Post The Old Way

    Adding songs to your Instagram story the old way refers to how people used to add tunes before the music feature was introduced. This is how its done:

  • Start playing the song you want to post. It can be any song in your phones library or from a music streaming app.
  • Go to Instagram and open your story, while the song is still playing in the background.
  • Start filming your story by pressing the record button.
  • Make any necessary adjustments to the story.
  • Post it by tapping Your Story in the bottom left corner.
  • When you play your story, youll be able to hear the song in the background. Whats great about this method is the fact that you dont have the 15-second time limit. You can record as many stories as you want to.

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    Add Music To Instagram Story

    • Step 1 Create a new Instagram story and tap the sticker icon at the top of the screen. Search for the Music.
    • Image Board: How to Add Music to Instagram Story with Music Sticker

    • Step 2 On the search interface, select a song under the menu of Popular, Moods, and Genres.
    • Step 3 Click to add a song to the story. Tap Done.
    • Step 4 A sticker will be added to your story. Hold and drag to re-position or resize.
    • Step 5 Preview and share. If you are satisfied with your video, tap Send to to share your Instagram story.

    Make Use Of Right Social Media Automation Tools:

    How To Add Music To Instagram Post (Part 1)

    It is a fact that these days, the use of social media automation tools has become prominent. There are various benefits that step-in with the use of automation tools. However, you can face some drawbacks, if not make use of well-programmed automation software.

    As we all know, with social media automation, we can automate likes, comments, scheduling of posts, and many more in no time. But, the overuse of these aspects can make our social media presence look robotic and inauthentic that directly affects engagement rates the key to get exposure online. Also, the use of simple automation tools can make you violate the laws of social media hubs like Facebook and Instagram.

    Various laws can violate, if not make use of the right automation tool. Hence, were going to recommend you one of the best social media automation tools of this era- Socinator.

    Socinator is an all-in-one social media tool that can perform automation functions for Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit, Quora, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest. Below-mentioned are some of the remarkable features which Socinator can bring to your table-

    Advanced Publishing:

    Socinator lets you schedule and auto-publish your posts on multiple social media networks simultaneously, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.

    Instagram Automation Features

    Facebook Automation Features

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    How To Add Music To Instagram Reels

    Instagrams most recent feature addition is its spin on TikTok, known as Instagram Reels. Its a format that heavily relies on popular music tracks, so working out how to add music to your Reels is key to their success. Its a little different from the process for adding music to stories, so weve covered the basics below:

  • Browse to the Reels creation screen in the Instagram appOpen up the app, select the Reels button at the bottom of the screen, then the camera icon in the top right corner. Alternatively, swipe right and select Reels from the menu at the bottom of the screen.
  • Search for music for ReelsWhen youre on this screen youll be ready to start creating. Before you get going though, youll be able to add music. A new menu of icons will be displayed on the left, simply select the music icon and youll be able to browse the Instagram music library. Youll have four options at this point:
  • The selection of tracks available on the Reels library is limited, and this is where Lickd can help. Lickd can give you access to the hottest tracks from chart-topping artists to help your Reels stand out.

  • Add music to ReelsSelect the song you want to use music clips from. Youll be able to specify the exact part of the song you want to use for your video, and Instagram will even highlight the most popular segment.
  • Instagram Is Testing A New Feature That Allows Users To Add Music To Their Feed Posts: How It Works

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    How To Post A Song To Instagram Using A Streaming Service

    If you’re using a streaming service like Spotify, Apple Music, or Pandora Music, you can post your favorite songs to your Instagram Stories. Heres how to do it.

  • Open Spotify, Apple Music, or Pandora Music and start playing the song you want to add to your Instagram Story.
  • Tap on the three dots in the upper right corner of your screen.
  • Tap Share.
  • Choose Instagram Stories from the list. The track and album cover will be added to your Instagram Story.
  • Choose Your Story to share it with your followers.
  • The steps might vary slightly depending on which streaming service youre using, but all three work in a similar way, allowing you to share music to Instagram Stories, but not posts.

    Adding music to your Instagram video posts and Stories is an awesome way to connect with your followers on a deeper level. Whether you’re uploading funny video clips to your Stories or creating a cinematic Instagram post, the right music makes all the difference.

    Upload Mp3 File Or Import Music From Youtube

    How To Post A Youtube Video On Instagram

    Use the Audio tool in the toolbar to open the music tools and choose a way to get the music you want. To import a song from YouTube, copy and paste the URL from the YouTube page. I found a Mickey Mouse Theme Song from a YouTube video online to add to my Instagram Story of a real mouse.

    You can also upload an MP3 file or MP4 file from your computer or phone by clicking the upload button or dragging/dropping on to the rectangle.

    After you’ve imported your music, you can trim the audio, adjust the volume, or change when the song should start playing in the Instagram story. Drag the white slider to set a delay before the audio will start during the video.

    If you have multiple sound tracks that you want to add, you can open the “Timeline” tool to arrange your music. The Timeline supports multiple audio files, so drag the Mp3 onto the screen to upload and drag to set the start time.

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    How To Add Music To Instagram Feed And Igtv Videos

    Instagram music is restricted to Stories and Reels when using the app. However, there is so much opportunity to create interesting videos for your feed and IGTV. If you are wondering how to add music to your Instagram video posts or IGTV videos, the simplest way you can do this is using an online editor like InVideo.

    For this, you simply need to sign-up for a free InVideo account if you haven’t already! If you just want to add text and music to an existing video, simply start with a blank canvas. To do this – select the Blank Canvas option. Make sure you choose the – 1:1 and 16:9 for Instagram feed videos and 9:16 for IGTV videos.

    Once you are in the editor, you can simply follow the same exact steps discussed previously for adding your own music to Instagram stories and reels.

    How To Add Music To An Instagram Video Post

    Adding music to your Instagram videos or IGTV content is a little different. When you create or upload a video theres no way of integrating it with the audio library, unless you want to create it as a story then save the video and upload it as a main feed video, which will minimize quality. To add music to your Instagram videos youll need to follow these steps:

  • Find the song you want to useInstagram doesnt offer the same Music Sticker functionality for timeline posts, so if youre looking to spice up your timeline video with popular music, youll have to license it first or risk copyright infringement.
  • Obtain a license for your music, with LickdYou can license music for Instagram videos using Lickd. When you obtain a license you wont have to worry about a copyright claim or your content being taken down. Lickd has an extensive library of 150,000+ tracks, so theres a good chance youll find your chosen song in our library. Once you have, you just need to add it to your basket, pay a small fee based on the average views your content receives, and then youll be ready to use it across multiple platforms.Some songs may not need a license, for example if theyre in the creative commons library or its your own music that you own the rights to. If this is the case youre good to go without having to worry about this step.
  • Create your videoStart creating your videos however you usually do. Whether its recording them directly on your phone or using a separate camera.
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