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How To Play Music On Your Phone On Alexa

Use Bluetooth For Everything Else

Best Skills & Commands for Playing Music with Alexa

Aside from Kindle and Audible , the list of officially Echo-compatible music services is limited to the above. However, you can easily send your tunes from Google Play Music or anywhere else by using your Echo as a Bluetooth speaker.

It’s easy to do this: just say Alexa, pair Bluetooth and your Echo will start looking for Bluetooth devices to connect to. Pop open the Bluetooth options on your phone or computer and look for Echo-XYZ to pair them. After this, play any audio from your device and you’ll hear it on your Echo.

Alexa supports basic audio commands when acting as a Bluetooth speaker, so you can say Alexa, pause or Skip this song to control playback without lifting a finger. When you’re all done, just say Alexa, disconnect and the Echo will end the connection with that device.

Fix 4 Power Cycle Your Echo

Some users reported that the Alexa won t play music issue can be fixed by power cycling the Echo. Lets have a try.

Step 1. Power off your Echo devices completely.

Step 2. Disconnect the Echo from the power source.

Step 3. Wait for a few minutes, and then reconnect your device to the power source.

Step 4. Power on your Echo and see if the Alexa wont play music problem is solved.

How To Connect Spotify To Alexa

1. Open the Alexa app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android.

2. Tap the More icon.

5. If you don’t see Spotify listed, choose Link new service. Otherwise continue to the next step.

6. Select Spotify, followed by Link account to Alexa.

7. Tap Enable to use and log in to your Spotify account.

Quick tip: Spotify is supported on the following devices that use the Alexa virtual assistant: Amazon Echo, , Amazon Echo Spot, Amazon Echo Show, Amazon Tap, Cube, Facebook Portal/Portal+, and all Sonos players.

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Disconnect From Mobile Device

To disconnect your Echo from your mobile device, say “Alexa, disconnect from .” Alexa responds “Now disconnected from .” To reconnect, say “Alexa, connect to .” Alexa responds “Searching. Now connected to .”

You can also disconnect through the Alexa app. Open the screen for your Echo device and tap Bluetooth Devices. Tap the down arrow next to the name of your device and select Disconnect Device.

How To Control Multi

How To Play Amazon Alexa Own Mobile Download Video Audio ...

After you set up one or more groups, its time to have fun playing music in more than one room at a time. You can command Alexa to play music by saying Alexa, play music . In other words, you can say Alexa, play music downstairs.

Multi-room music works with all the usual Alexa commands as well. You can ask for specific artists, albums, specific songs, genres, and more. Here are some examples:

  • “Alexa, play Moving Pictures by Rush downstairs.”
  • “Alexa, play The White Stripes upstairs.”
  • “Alexa, play blues everywhere.”
  • “Alexa, pause the music everywhere.”

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How To Play Songs On Your Friends’ Echo Speakers With Amazon Alexa Music Sharing

Amazon has updated its Alexa voice assistant with a new music sharing feature that lets users send songs to each others’ Echo devices. So if youre enjoying a track and want to share it with a friend, you can ask Alexa to send a prompt to the recipient so they can play it on their own , Echo Dot or Echo Show.

While you cant unilaterally take over an acquaintances smart speaker, as entertaining as that would be, this could be a fun little feature to enjoy with family, friends and partners especially with Valentines Day coming up. There is a little setup work involved, though, so heres a quick guide on how to use Alexas new music sharing.

  • Plus:

Option : My Media For Alexa

Mentioned in this article

My Media is similar to Plex, in that it requires setting up a media server device for streaming your music files to the Echo. It also has some of the same restrictions: Whole-home streaming isnt supported, and you must use specific Ask My Media… syntax to start listening.

But My Media does have some advantages: It can index playlists from iTunes and play music by genre, and it doesnt have the Echo Show playback issues I experienced with Plex.

On the downside, the service isnt free like Plex. You can try it for seven days, but after that it costs $5 per year for a single media server and access from up to two Amazon accounts, $10 per year for two media servers and five Amazon accounts, and $15 per year for five media servers and 25 Amazon accounts.

Heres how to set it up:

1. , run the installation file, and go through the setup process.

2. In the My Media for Alexa Console, click the green Next button, sign into your Amazon account and select Allow on the next page.

3. Select No when asked if youd like to automatically download sample media.

4. On the left sidebar, select Watch Folders, then hit the Add Folder button. Select the folder or folders where your songs are stored.

Jared Newman / TechHive

5. Install the My Media skill for Alexa, either directly through the web or by searching for My Media under the Skills section of the Alexa mobile app.

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Who Is Alexa And How Can She Be Helpful

, or more popularly known as âAlexaâ is an artificial intelligence virtual assistant which was created and developed by Amazon itself. This was actually first integrated and used by the Amazon products such as Amazon smart speakers wherein users utilize their voices as command signaling mentioned artificial intelligence.

It was initially released November of the year 2014 and keeps in the list of the most used up until today. This uses an operating system of 5.0 for Kindle and Echo devices, iOS 8.0 for Apple devices, and version 4.4 for the Android ones making it compatible with numerous devices and gadgets including below:

  • Amazon Basic Microwave
  • Amazon Smart Plug
  • Amazon Echo Sub, and more.

With Alexa, you can be capable of doing a lot of things including letting the user listen to most loved songs, creation even of shopping lists, checking of traffic status and weather monitoring or updates, setting of everyday alarms and reminders, playing podcasts and audiobooks, getting hold of real-time events and information about the latest news or even sports, and many more.

Alexa can even control a number of smart devices making itself an automation system. Nothing to worry about if you are speaking a language other than English since Alexa can support a number of other languages including German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, and even Hindi.

How To Play Apple Music On An Amazon Alexa Device

How to: play Apple Music on your Alexa devices!

Recently I was asked a question by a YouTube viewer and I thought the answer would actually prove helpful to a lot of you out there so I decided to post it here on the blog. The question is about whether your Apple devices like Apple iPhone or iPad and specifically the Apple Music service can pair and play nicely with Amazons Echo devices like Echo Dot, Echo Show and more.

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Convert Spotify Music To Mp3

After adding songs to the converter, you are able to customize the output settings by clicking the Options button. Select MP3 as the output format. Then click the Convert button, the converter will start to convert Spotify music to MP3.

When the conversion is done, click the History button, then you will find all converted Spotify songs. Transfer the songs to the folder you choose when you set My Media for Alexa. Then you can ask Alexa to play them to your Amazon Echo or Amazon Dot device.


Streaming Music Through Bluetooth

Once your Echo is plugged in and online, you can actually bypass the Alexa App entirely and use a Bluetooth connection to play music through your phone.

This essentially allows you to pass all audio from your phone through the speaker, which opens up the ability to stream audio from any service you can access on that device.

Step 1. Set up Bluetooth pairing by saying Alexa, pair, while your mobile device is nearby.

The next part of the process is to navigate to the Bluetooth menu on your phone. The steps below is for iOS, but Android should generally be some sequence of opening Settings and navigating to the Bluetooth menu.

Step 2. Open the Settings app.

Step 3. Tap on Bluetooth.

Step 4. If your Echo device is in pairing mode, you should see it listed on this screen under Other Devices.

Tap on it to add it to the menu, and ensure your phone is connected to the smart speaker within the Bluetooth list.

Step 5. Find the music youd like to play through your speaker, and enjoy your favorite tunes on your chosen Echo device!

Once youve gone through this initial setup process, you can connect or disconnect your Echo device to your phone with voice commands like Alexa, connect to , or Alexa, disconnect from .

While there are definitely a few hoops to jump through in order to get your Amazon Echo set up to stream music, youll generally be able to play tracks and adjust settings using just your voice moving forward.

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Set Apple Music As Default Streaming Service

Once you have completed the first step, you would now be needing to set Apple Music as the default streaming service. You can do this by heading to the âDefault Servicesâ button followed by hitting âApple Musicâ. After this, you can just send a command to Alexa to play all those songs you wanted to listen to!

But what if you wanted to download your favorite Apple Music songs and have those streamed and played even offline? Are you aware of any methods you can make use of? We are to give you a sample on the next part.

Fix 1 Optimize Your Internet Connection

Alexa, Tell Me Some Amazon Echo Tips

The first thing you should do is to improve your internet speed. This is because poor internet can cause the Alexa not playing music issue. To speed up the internet, you can follow the tips below:

  • Disconnect all unnecessary devices that you are using from your Wi-Fi network.
  • Place your devices in a relatively high location.
  • Move your devices away from metals, walls, ovens, or other interferences.
  • Connect to 5GHz WiFi if your router supports it.
  • Restart your modem or router.

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Using Bluetooth To Connect Your Iphone To Alexa

You can connect an iPhone to the Amazon product via Bluetooth, giving you the ability to start streaming and control the audio with the following products:

  • 1st or 2nd generation Amazon Echo
  • 2nd gen Echo Dot
  • Echo Plus

Initial pairing

The first thing youll have to do is get the two devices connected.

This entails pairing the iPhone with your Echo device via Bluetooth. To do this, take your iPhone near the Alexa device that you want to pair. On your iPhone, open the Settings app. Navigate to Bluetooth and open it.

Say, Alexa, pair to put the Amazon Echo device in Bluetooth Pairing mode. With that command, Alexa should give you an audible acknowledgment that it is searching and confirm when your Echo device is in pairing mode.

Next, youll get a notification on your iPhone screen asking if you want to pair or giving you the ability to cancel the pairing request. Tap Pair to connect the two devices via Bluetooth.

Alexa should also give you an audible confirmation that it has just connected to , adding that now that youre paired, you should just say connect my phone next time you want to reestablish the pairing.

On your Bluetooth screen, the Echo will now show as connected. You can see this by scrolling to Other Devices at the bottom where the particular Echo device appears.

Streaming music and more

Controlling playback and more

Choosing The Perfect Streaming Service

If you want to play music on your Amazon Echo, first, you need to select the right streaming service. You can link each one of the reviewed services to your Alexa device, and they are also somewhat different.

An alternative here would be to stream music directly from your phone or PC. But this limits your options and isnt as convenient as using a dedicated streaming service.

Which service would you go with and why? How much are you willing to pay for a subscription? Hit the comment section below and tell us all about it.

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Disconnect From A Computer

To sever the connection, return to the Bluetooth settings screen on your computer, click the name of the Echo, and then click the Disconnect button. To reconnect in the future, click the Connect button or just say Alexa, reconnect .

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The Living Guide To Alexa Use Your Echo Device As A Bluetooth Speaker

Tutorial: How To Play My Own Music On Alexa

Amazons Echo smart speakers are best known for the Alexa voice assistant that powers them, but they can also function like any other Bluetooth speaker to play music, podcasts and other audio programming from your smartphone, tablet and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Not only does this bolster the quality of your audio, but it also allows you to source services that remain inaccessible by Alexa, including Apple Music and popular podcast apps.

The Echo Tap does not support Bluetooth pairing.

Not all Echo smart speakers offer superior sound quality, however. The Echo Dot is best for engaging with Alexa and receiving spoken audio updates rather than listening to music. The second-generation Echo can supply quality sound to a small or medium-sized room. And the Echo Plus is quite robust for any room.

Echo speakers can be synced to boost volume collectively, but Multi-Room Audio is not supported for Bluetooth connections. This is due to limitations of Bluetooth technology rather than a shortcoming of Amazon.

While limited, Alexas control of your Bluetooth audio source is not completely absent. Generally, shell retain the ability to play, pause, stop, skip forward and backward, and adjust the volume, among other basic functions.

And of course, shell coordinate the Bluetooth connection.

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Use Bluetooth With Echo Speaker

Amazon Echo devices are all compatible with Bluetooth, so you can hook them up as speakers for your devices. That means you can play any music source you like to your Amazon Echo if you pair the two first.

Its a bit of a faff, but Alexa will remember devices, so you can just say Alexa, pair my device at any point to quickly get the two hooked up.

How To Use An Amazon Echo As A Bluetooth Speaker With Your Android Phone

Your Amazon Echo isn’t just an effective smart assistant capable of managing your smart home. Echo devices are also capable Bluetooth speakers for those of us who store our music on our Android smartphones. Don’t know how to set this up? Let us show you how to use Amazon Echo as a Bluetooth speaker.

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All The Ways To Play Music Using Your Amazon Echo And Alexa

The Amazon Echo excels at playing music. Here are all the ways to listen to music using your Amazon Echo and Alexa.

The Amazon Echo is a great cornerstone for turning your house into a smart home. Having one device that can dim your lights, update you with the latest news, and adjust your thermostat is pretty neat.

But even if you don’t have any other smart home gadgets, the Echo makes a great music player. No matter which Echo device you have, here’s a guide covering all the ways to play music on Alexa.

Streaming Music Through Amazon Prime

How to Make a Playlist on Alexa Using the Amazon Music App ...

If you have an Amazon Prime account, youll automatically have access to millions of different songs. Upgrading to Amazon Music Unlimited ups that amount to 10s of millions of tracks, encompassing pretty much any genre and artist you can think of.

Whether youre using Amazon Prime or Amazon Music Unlimited, the process for getting the streaming service up and running is pretty much the same. Youll also be able to connect services like Spotify, Pandora, or iHeartRadio following roughly the same process.

Step 1. Open the Amazon Alexa app and open the sidebar using the menu button at the top left of the screen.

Step 2. Select the option for Music and Books.

Step 3. There are two main parts to the next menu: device selection, and service selection. At the top of your screen, you can choose the Echo device that youd like to stream to.

Below, there is a large list of compatible music services that you can connect to and control through the Alexa app. For the purposes of this guide, well use Amazons own music service.

Step 4. The content of the next screen will depend on what service you selected, but for Amazon Prime, youll have the ability to choose between radio stations or playlists. Choose the content you like and your music should start streaming to your Echo device!

Once youve connected your accounts and have synced up the Alexa app with your chosen Echo speaker, you can bypass these steps and use commands like Alexa, play iHeart Radio, or Alexa, play Spotify.

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