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How To Play Music On Alexa From Phone


Stream Apple Music On Amazon Echo Dot Via Bluetooth

How to: play Apple Music on your Alexa devices!

Yes, you can also use Bluetooth to play Apple Music on Echo Dot. Please make sure that your devices support Apple Music playing working as well. In the next example, we take iPhone setting as an example.

Click Settings icon > tap on Bluetooth. Then you will see Amazon Echo device after searching and just pair it with iPhone.

And then you can play them on Echo Dot.

How To Use Spotify With Amazon Alexa

For many people, Spotify may be the main reason to buy one of Amazons Echo speakers, or at least near the top of the priority list. Its hard to beat having millions of songs and podcasts playable with your voice, or else a few taps on your phone. Heres how to use Spotify with Amazon Alexa, whether on an Echo or on another smart speaker.

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To use Spotify with Amazon Alexa, youll first need to link the two services using the Alexa app for Android, iPhone, or iPad. You can find the option under Music & Podcasts in the Alexa apps Settings menu, including the choice to make Spotify your default service. Once this is complete you can play music by asking any Alexa-compatible speaker in your home, or by starting music in the Spotify app then clicking/tapping on the Spotify Connect button to choose an Alexa device as the output. More details are below.


Spotify On Multiple Speakers

While you can use Spotify to play music onto a single group of many Alexa devices, its not natively possible to play different music on different groups of Alexa devices simultaneously with Spotify.

However, a cumbersome yet feasible workaround is to create an Amazon Household that has several Amazon accounts linked to it and add the groups of devices to separate accounts.

With the help of Spotify Connect, each group of Alexa devices can be assigned their own separate track to play using different Amazon Accounts.

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How To Set Up Spotify As Default Music Player With Alexa

If you don’t want to have to add the phrase “On Spotify” to your voice commands when playing music, you can make Spotify the default player:

1. Open the Alexa app.

2. Tap the More tab in the bottom toolbar.

3. Hit Settings.

6. Tap Change next to the existing default music player, then select Spotify and then hit Done.

Note: This method doesn’t work for podcasts, so you’d still need to specify that you wanted a particular podcast to be played via Spotify in voice commands.

Option : My Media For Alexa

How to Get Alexa to Play Amazon Music?
Mentioned in this article

My Media is similar to Plex, in that it requires setting up a media server device for streaming your music files to the Echo. It also has some of the same restrictions: Whole-home streaming isnt supported, and you must use specific Ask My Media… syntax to start listening.

But My Media does have some advantages: It can index playlists from iTunes and play music by genre, and it doesnt have the Echo Show playback issues I experienced with Plex.

On the downside, the service isnt free like Plex. You can try it for seven days, but after that it costs $5 per year for a single media server and access from up to two Amazon accounts, $10 per year for two media servers and five Amazon accounts, and $15 per year for five media servers and 25 Amazon accounts.

Heres how to set it up:

1. , run the installation file, and go through the setup process.

2. In the My Media for Alexa Console, click the green Next button, sign into your Amazon account and select Allow on the next page.

3. Select No when asked if youd like to automatically download sample media.

4. On the left sidebar, select Watch Folders, then hit the Add Folder button. Select the folder or folders where your songs are stored.

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5. Install the My Media skill for Alexa, either directly through the web or by searching for My Media under the Skills section of the Alexa mobile app.

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How To Play Apple Music On Your Amazon Echo Or Echo Dot

Amazon Echo speakers have Amazon Prime Music as the default music streaming service. It needs a separate payment and most users do not like it. If you have an Apple Music subscription and you wish to go with it, you can. We have linked Apple Music with Amazon Alexa and we will show you how we did it.

Let us see how to connect and play Apple Music on Amazon Echo or Echo Dot.

Why Wont Alexa Play Music From My Phone

One issue that could be causing the music to stop playing on the Amazon device is Wi-Fi connectivity. Wi-Fi congestion can be reduced by turning off any devices that are not in use. If the Alexa device is too close to a source of interference, like a Bluetooth device or cordless phone, move it away.

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Convert Spotify Music To Mp3

After adding songs to the converter, you are able to customize the output settings by clicking the Options button. Select MP3 as the output format. Then click the Convert button, the converter will start to convert Spotify music to MP3.

When the conversion is done, click the History button, then you will find all converted Spotify songs. Transfer the songs to the folder you choose when you set My Media for Alexa. Then you can ask Alexa to play them to your Amazon Echo or Amazon Dot device.


Use Bluetooth For Everything Else

Alexa iPhone Music Bluetooth Commands – Stop and Start with your voice

Aside from Kindle and Audible , the list of officially Echo-compatible music services is limited to the above. However, you can easily send your tunes from Google Play Music or anywhere else by using your Echo as a Bluetooth speaker.

It’s easy to do this: just say Alexa, pair Bluetooth and your Echo will start looking for Bluetooth devices to connect to. Pop open the Bluetooth options on your phone or computer and look for Echo-XYZ to pair them. After this, play any audio from your device and you’ll hear it on your Echo.

Alexa supports basic audio commands when acting as a Bluetooth speaker, so you can say Alexa, pause or Skip this song to control playback without lifting a finger. When you’re all done, just say Alexa, disconnect and the Echo will end the connection with that device.

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Access Free Radio With Tunein

If youre not interested in the free tier of Amazon Music, you can always hit up the radio.

While Google obviously has YouTube to call on, theres no option for that on your Alexa speaker unless, of course, you’re trying to watch YouTube on the Echo Show. But there is the TuneIn radio skill, which will give you access to pretty much any radio station on demand.

Just say Alexa, play ” to get started. It should work automatically but say “Alexa, enable TuneIn skill,” if not.

How To Play Music On Multiple Devices With Alexa

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This wikiHow teaches you how to play music on multiple Alexa devices across your home. Once you’ve set up all your devices in the Alexa app, you can use voice commands to play music in different rooms. Currently, this only works on the Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show. Only music can be played in a multi-room group. Timers, alarms, flash-briefings, and audiobooks will only play on a single device.

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How To Play Apple Music On An Alexa Device

While Amazon and Apple are competitors in the realm television streaming services, they collaborate to let you listen to music across brand lines. If you want to play music from the Apple Music subscription app or from songs stored on your Apple device, there are ways to do both. Well show you the steps you take to do so.

How To Play Spotify On Alexa Devices

How To Play Music On All Alexa Devices

Alexa starts to support Spotify to play on Alexa devices. Not only Spotify, but you can also play Apple Music, Pandora or Spotify on Amazon Alexa devices. There is no need to have Amazon Prime or Spotify paid account for playing on Alexa. Lets take an example here Spotify and see how to play Spotify on your Alexa devices?

Lets the steps here how to play Spotify, Apple Music or Pandora on Amazon Alexa devices.

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How To Set Your Favorite Music Service As The Default

To set your favorite default service for music:

  • Open the Alexa app and tap on the More button.
  • Select Settings and then Music & Podcasts.
  • Tap on Default Services and then on Change in the Music section.
  • Tap on your favorite Music service.
  • Now we can leave out the music service and just have to say:

    • Alexa, play music

    and shell play it from our favorite music service. Repeat the process to set your favorite music service for artist and genre stations:

    • Alexa, play a < genre> station
    • Alexa, play a < artist> station

    Add Up To Five Family Members With The Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan

    You can also share music with up to five family members AND listen on up to six devices at the same time with the . Invite family members with a quick email so they can set up their own personalized profiles. Try creating cutting-edge Alexa Voice Profiles for each family member. Easy to set up, Voice Profiles are exclusively for Family Plan members and use Alexa to recognize your unique voice and play your favorite music when asked.

    Prime members have the exclusive option to save on this plan by purchasing an annual subscription for $149, or you can pay the regular subscription fee of $14.99 per month. You’re eligible to try Amazon Music Unlimited for free if you haven’t already signed up for a free trial in the past 12 months. Just visit the , scroll down to Amazon Music plans, click “Start your 30-day free trial” under the Family Plan option and easily invite up to five family members with a quick email invite.

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    Use Your Personal Music Collection With Alexa Even After Amazon Music Storage Shuts Down

    Top Deals On Great Products

    Picked by Techconnect’s Editors

    Amazons Alexa isnt as hospitable as she once was to people who prefer to buy music instead of just signing up for a music subscription service such as Spotify. But well show you the best ways to stream the music you ownwhether youve ripped it from CD or purchased it as a downloadto any of Amazons Echo smart speakers.

    To play your own MP3s on the Echo or other Alexa-compatible devices, you can still use Plex or My Media Server for Alexa, both of which allow you to stream songs youve stored on another device. Alternatively, a service called My Pod lets you to stash some songs in Google Drive and access them with custom voice commands. These services arent as full-featured or as easy to use as Amazon Music was, but at least they still let you access your music collection with voice commands.

    Heres how to keep the music playing:

    How To Connect Spotify To Alexa

    Best Skills & Commands for Playing Music with Alexa

    1. Open the Alexa app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android.

    2. Tap the More icon.

    5. If you don’t see Spotify listed, choose Link new service. Otherwise continue to the next step.

    6. Select Spotify, followed by Link account to Alexa.

    7. Tap Enable to use and log in to your Spotify account.

    Quick tip: Spotify is supported on the following devices that use the Alexa virtual assistant: Amazon Echo, , Amazon Echo Spot, Amazon Echo Show, Amazon Tap, Cube, Facebook Portal/Portal+, and all Sonos players.

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    Enjoy Amazon Echo Music From Anywhere

    The Amazon Echo allows you to stream music from pretty much any source you could want. Prime Music is a nice starting point if you don’t have the money to spend on another music subscription. But if you don’t want to use Amazon’s options, several third-party services are available. Or just bypass all that and stream your music via Bluetooth.

    Whatever your preference, you should be able to get unlimited tunes playing on your Echo device in just a few minutes. This makes a worthy purchase for anyone who loves listening to music.

    Are you looking to get more out of Alexa? Check out some .

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    How To Use An Amazon Echo As A Bluetooth Speaker With Your Android Phone

    Your Amazon Echo isn’t just an effective smart assistant capable of managing your smart home. Echo devices are also capable Bluetooth speakers for those of us who store our music on our Android smartphones. Don’t know how to set this up? Let us show you how to use Amazon Echo as a Bluetooth speaker.

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    How To Play Music With Alexa

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    This wikiHow teaches you how to play music on Alexa using popular music services like Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, and others. Once you’ve linked your music accounts you can select one to be your default music service and begin using voice commands to play music on your Alexa enabled device.

    Play Apple Music With Alexa On Echo Dot

    Play Music with Audio Station using Alexa Device ...

    Recently you can ask Alexa to play songs, artists, playlists, and more from Apple Music or playlists from your Library, please make sure that you are an Apple Music subscriber.

  • 1. Open the Amazon Alexa app, then tap the menu button Menu button in the upper-left corner.
  • 2. Tap Settings.
  • 6. Tap Enable To Use.
  • 7. Follow the instructions to sign in with your Apple ID.
  • And you can also enable the Apple Music skill in the Alexa skill store on the web.

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    How Long Will Alexa Play Music Before Turning Off

    Amazon Alexa devices have a general timeout period of 4-6 hours.

    So, even if you intend to play music for a long time, the device would eventually go into sleep mode unless another command is given before hitting the timeout mark.

    A workaround for this is to create routines for when your playlist ends, to either replay said playlist or start a different one altogether,

    Disconnect From Mobile Device

    To disconnect your Echo from your mobile device, say “Alexa, disconnect from .” Alexa responds “Now disconnected from .” To reconnect, say “Alexa, connect to .” Alexa responds “Searching. Now connected to .”

    You can also disconnect through the Alexa app. Open the screen for your Echo device and tap Bluetooth Devices. Tap the down arrow next to the name of your device and select Disconnect Device.

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    Use Alexa And Bluetooth With A Pc

    You can also use Bluetooth to stream music from a PC to your Echo device. This works best with a Windows 10 PC.

  • Enable Bluetooth on your PC.

  • Sign in to your Amazon Account on the Amazon Alexa webpage.

  • Go to Settings in your Alexa Account and click on your Echo Device or another compatible device.

  • Select Bluetooth.

  • Select Pair New Device and select your PC when prompted.

  • In your PC’s Bluetooth and other devices page, a prompt will appear asking you to pair deviceschoose Allow.

  • When pairing is confirmed, a prompt will appear saying “connection completed”click on Close.

  • Your PC is added to Alexa’s Bluetooth Devices list. If there are multiple paired devices on the list, highlight the Bluetooth icon for the device you want to connect for music playback at any given time.

    You should be able to stream music from online streaming services, media server software , or downloaded/ripped music files from your PC on your Echo device .

  • In addition to using Alexa to control music playback from a Bluetooth source, you can also use Bluetooth to stream music from an Echo to a separate Bluetooth speaker.

    How To Control Your Amazon Echo From Anywhere Using Your Phone

    How To Use Alexa For Playing Music

    Craig Lloyd is a smarthome expert with nearly ten years of professional writing experience. His work has been published by iFixit, Lifehacker, Digital Trends, Slashgear, and GottaBeMobile. Read more…

    If your Amazon Echo cant hear you from the other room, or if you just want to control it when youre away from home altogether, you can do so with the or the Alexa app .


    The Echos far-field voice recognition technology is one of the devices most touted features. It lets the Echo hear your voice from well across the room, even when theres music playing. However, the biggest hindrance is walls, and if you want to control the Echo from the next room over, it may not hear you. Furthermore, if youre away from home and you want to give a voice command to Alexa, you obviously cant.

    However, on iOS and the Alexa app on Android both let you give Echo voice commands through your phone, effectively getting rid of the need for the $30 Voice Remote. The phone apps dont directly control your physical Amazon Echo unit, but they do act as a virtual Echo device, communicating with your Alexa account and letting you control your smarthome devices by voice using Alexa on your phone.

    Note: Amazon has announced that in the near future, the Alexa app on iOS will also offer this feature.

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