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How To Play Music In Car With Bluetooth

How To Play Music From Phone On Radio With Cassette Slot

How to listen to phone music using car speakers via Bluetooth (Hyundai I20)

Want an ingenious way to bring new technology to an old car.

If you were born before the year 2000, you might know what I am talking about. Rember cassettes? You may have even used a car cassette adapter to connect your old phone to your car via a 3.5mm cable.;

If you have a car with a cassette slot, you can use a for a wireless connection.

This ingenious way allows you to utilize the cassette slot, but instead of plugging a cable into your phone, you can connect via Bluetooth. This means that the cassette has a Bluetooth receiver; this requires the adapter to have batteries inside.

You don’t have to worry about all of that; keep in mind that you will have to charge the Bluetooth Cassette Adapter now and then.;;

We hope you found this guide on playing music from your Android/iPhone to your car stereo via Bluetooth helpful.;

If you would rather upgrade your stereo system, consider a head unit with Apple CarPlay;or Android Auto.;Such head units allow you to control your phone from the stereo, display your phone screen directly, and a lot more.

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Stream Spotify Music Using Fm Transmitter

It is also possible to play Spotify songs in car by connecting your phone to your car via FM Single. This alternative to Bluetooth does not require Internet access. Rather, you just need an FM Transmitter to enjoy Spotify music as you drive along the busy driveways.

Start by turning on the Spotify music on your device that you would like to listen to.

Ensure your device has an Aux port as this is the port where the FM Transmitter should be plugged into.

Search for the FM radio on your car sound system, using the same frequency and start streaming.

For Convenience: Bluetooth Audio

Even if you don’t have an auxiliary port on your device, newer cars let you play music from your phone thanks to your car’s built-in Bluetooth. Simply connect your phone to your car’s Bluetooth like you would any other device, and you can play media from any apps you like.

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Depending on your vehicle, you may be able to control your media using your car’s controls, plus see song information on its display.

Bluetooth is convenient because once paired, your phone will automatically connect to your car for easy streaming. It also has the benefit of allowing hands-free calling, which doesn’t work seamlessly with an auxiliary cable.

However, depending on your car, Bluetooth audio’s quality may be inferior to what you get from an auxiliary cable.

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Play Music With Cassette Tape Adapter

This is maybe the oldest way of transferring music to your car speakers.

Usually, the audio system cassette slot is typical for old cars, but some new ones still come with it.

Play music with the cassette adapter in an old model of car that has a unique car stereo.

If you have a cassette slot, the Bluetooth cassette adapter will function as a wireless connection. The role of the cassette tape adapter is to connect your phone to the car stereo so you can play music from phone.

Copy Spotify Music To Usb Flash Drive

How to play music in your car WITHOUT BLUETOOTH!!

To store Spotify songs to USB flash drive for playing in the car can also be a good choice. But you will find it difficult to move the songs into USB because DRM protection is added to all Spotify songs, which makes the songs only available inside Spotify program. As a result, it’s recommended that you should download and transfer DRM-protected Spotify music to DRM-free first and then copy them to USB drive for playing freely in the car.

Here we recommend TuneFab Spotify Music Converter to help you achieve this goal for better playing Spotify songs in the car. It’s a professional Spotify Converter, which helps you remove DRM from Spotify songs, download Spotify tracks freely and convert them to common formats like MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC, etc..

Guides on How to Copy Spotify Music to USB Drive:

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Having A Usb Port Can Be Very Useful Because It Has Few Advantages

Firstly, a USB port can be used as a charging outlet for your mobile device, and secondly, it can be used for converting data and playing music. This way, you can have access to a reliable connection and a clear sound quality.

There is another awesome option for using this auxiliary cable and thats an option that permits you to make hands-free calls while driving.

The best thing is that by using a USB input, you cannot only connect your phone but the USB flash drive and other external hard drives as well.

Moreover, if you want to have these options in your car, you must have a compatible USB cable for it to function.

A USB cable is usually available when purchasing a smartphone, but it is recommended to have a spare USB cable in your car because this way you will never forget to bring it on a road trip. Of course, the USB input really relies on the type of phone you have. For Android users get a USB-C cable or a micro-USB cord, and for iPhone users get an Apple Lightning cable.

How To Add A Bluetooth Receiver To Your Car

You can add Bluetooth support in your car for both calls and music streaming by adding a Bluetooth receiver to your vehicles radio.;

Simply plug the receiver into the 3.5-millimeter auxiliary plug or input jack and pair your phone with it. The jack is usually located around the center controls or center console.;

Dont forget to switch the audio source on your cars radio screen to AUX IN.

The music you play or stream from your phone will now be sent to the receiver, and you should be able to hear your music.

Bluetooth receivers come in different configurations: 12-volt, USB-powered, and battery-powered. Your car may support one or multiple receiver types, but USB models are more common.;

There are also cars without an auxiliary input. And if yours is one of them, you can use an FM transmitter. Most new FM transmitters also double as Bluetooth receivers.;

The device sends audio signals to the stereo by broadcasting them over an open FM radio frequency instead of through an auxiliary cable. So all you need to do is tune your stereos FM tuner to the right frequency and hear your music being streamed from your phone.

Check out this YouTube video demonstrating how you can add a Bluetooth receiver to your car:

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Why Is My Music Not Playing Through Bluetooth In Car

If the volume on the Bluetooth ® car stereo is set to a high level but there is either low or no sound during a phone call, there may be an incorrect setting or a problem with your hookup. Try adjusting the volume on the car stereo receiver, just to make sure the volume was not set to a low level.

How To Play Music In Your Car Using Your Iphone Via Bluetooth

How To Play Music In Your Car Without an Aux Chord/Bluetooth (With Best Sound Quality Settings)

Most people enjoy listening to music while they are driving. It helps you relax and lifts your mood. Music also keeps you company, especially during long drives.

Whether you prefer listening to Spotify or Apple Music, your iPhone can certainly help entertain you wherever you go. If its your first time to play your digital music files from your iPhone in your car, do not fret because were here to guide you through the process.


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Why Iphone Or Apple Carplay Does Not Work

If youre using an iPhone and your car has a smart interface, chances are you listen to your favorite music through Apples CarPlay. However, connection failures can happen after you update your phone with its latest software version.

When you get the connection failed notification or experience CarPlay issues, you can begin by restarting or resetting your phone.

You can also restart your cars infotainment system. So it would help if you check your cars manual and learn how to reset the infotainment system properly.

You may also need to check whether your CarPlay is enabled, especially if youre using it for the first time. This is because the CarPlay feature needs to be enabled in some cars before starting using it. Again, check your cars manual for this.;

Moreover, if youve set up restrictions on your iPhone, you may also have accidentally disabled CarPlay. So, navigate through your phones settings menu and look for the restrictions tab. Then, scroll down to the CarPlay tab and turn it off if its on.

If you have problems playing music through your cars Bluetooth and you are using iPhone but not CarPlay, try the solution shown in this video:

Four Easy Ways To Add Bluetooth To Your Car

New cars these days all seem to come standard with Bluetooth. Drivers can easily stream music, listen to podcasts, and make phone calls all hands-free.

Its clear to see: Bluetooth adds many conveniences to modern driving.

But if you dont already have it, how can you add Bluetooth to your car?

You could buy a new car, but what if you cant afford a new car?

What if you really like your current car?

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Way Four: Alternative Adapters

Aside from the above methods, you may utilize some adapters to listen to iPhone music in car. There are many adapters available on the market, which allow you to connect your iPhone to the car stereo with USB or Bluetooth. Some are cheap while some are expensive, depending on the audio quality they provide. Another traditional way is to use radio frequency transmitters to play iPhone through car radio. But its not quite practical if the signal is poor.

Useful Tip

After you are able to play iPhone in car, you may need a great app to play music. AirMore is one of your best choices. It allows you to transfer music from PC to iPhone with ease. Moreover, you can use it as a wonderful music player. Just open the app and tap Music. You will see all the music stored in your iPhone. Tap the song you want to listen to and it will play automatically. Besides, you can choose the play mode as you like, including shuffle, repeat one and repeat all. Deleting unwanted music with one click is also super easy. Overall, it is a very convenient tool for listening to iPhone music in car.

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Play Music From Your Phone Via Bluetooth

Car X8 Bluetooth Car Mp3 Player And Fm Transmitter in ...

Toggle the sound routing app on. Open any app that you like, such as Youtube for example, and start playing music. Your car radio will stop, and you will start hearing the music on your speaker.;

Because the sound gets routed through the Bluetooth hands-free calling, you may notice that the sound quality isn’t perfect. During a call, the sound uses mono, which is only one signal channel.;

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How To Get Bluetooth Audio In Your Old Car

And it wont cost you a fortune.

Problem: You want to listen to music and answer calls from your phone while youre driving, but your old car doesnt have Bluetooth. Also, you dont have an AUX or USB cord to link the two. What do you do?

Answer: Get a Bluetooth receiver. Its inexpensive and, because you can change tracks via a remote, it will probably encourage you to keep your eyes on the road. Before buying, however, you need to know which kind of receiver will work best in your car.

First, determine what kind of inputs your car has available. Most cars will have a 3.5mm AUX input. If your car doesnt have a USB port, some Bluetooth receivers will require you to purchase an inexpensive USB charger that plugs into the cars 12-volt DC outlet . And of course there are non-Bluetooth solutions as well.

The Bluetooth Solutions

Wireless Bluetooth Fm Transmitter

Dont have Bluetooth in your car? No problem. This handy transmitter gives your car an instant Bluetooth boost by connecting to your cars stereo. Enjoy hands-free calls and listen to your favorite tunes on without ever lifting a finger. As an added bonus, it comes with two built-in USB chargers, so you can charge your phone while you drive!

Handsfree Call Car Charger,Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio Receiver,Mp3 Audio Music Stereo Adapter,Dual USB Port Charger Compatible for All Smartphones,Samsung Galaxy,LG,HTC,etc.


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Fm Transmitter Plugged To Your Car Lighter Slot

This type of transmitter is wireless and gets power from the cigarette lighter slot installed in your car. The FM transmitter gets the Bluetooth signals from the FM frequency.

Steps to install the FM Transmitter in your car-

  • Plug the FM transmitter in the cigarette lighter slot.
  • Tune the FM Transmitter to an unused FM frequency in your car stereo, for example, 90.1.
  • Rotate the Frequency select dial to select the same frequency that you set on the car stereo.
  • Tune your car stereo to the same frequency. Now you select the same Frequency as selected on the FM Transmitter .

Now you are ready to play music on your iPhone, and sound will come out from your car speakers.

Play Spotify Music Via Android Auto

How to Play Music via Bluetooth on Car Stereo without Quality Loss

You can also use Android Auto to steam your favorite Spotify Music in the car. This alternative to Spotify Bluetooth has a simplified interface that lets you enjoy your music as you stay focused on the road.

Simply log into the Spotify app on your Android OS device.

Use a USB cable to connect your Android device to the Android compatible stereo.

Go to play on your stereo display to let the Music stream.

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Install An Aftermarket Bluetooth

The most expensive, but most streamlined option is to buy an aftermarket head unit to replace the stock stereo in your car. If you pretty much live in your car and know that youll be using the Bluetooth functionality a lot, paying a bit more to get a good aftermarket head unit with Bluetooth can be a worthwhile investment.

You dont need to spend a ton;of money, though$75 to $100 will get you a good head unit with all of the bells and whistles you would want. This Pioneer head unit can do the job just fine, and it even comes with a small corded microphone that you can use for speakerphone calls. Plus, the cool lights and nifty knobs are worth it alone, right?

Of course, the installation process requires you to open up your dashboard and replace the stock stereo , so if this is something that youre uncomfortable doing yourself, youll need to find a friend or take it to a shop to get it swapped out.

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Upgrade To An Aftermarket Stereo Unit

We’ve only covered factory options and simple upgrades here. If you have an older car without built-in USB, Bluetooth, or auxiliary options, and don’t want to use an FM transmitter or cassette adapter, you can replace your entire stereo unit. This will let you use modern options like USB and Bluetooth connectionsâsome even include Android Auto and CarPlay support.

Doing the replacement is a moderately intensive task, not to mention more expensive than anything above. So we don’t recommend it unless you have some experience with that kind of work, and really don’t want to use any of the above options.

If you’re interested in this, Crutchfield is a great website to check out. It guides you through finding stereos that will fit your car, and every purchase includes a detailed setup guide.

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How To Play Apple Music In The Car

Listening to music while driving a car helps people relax themselves, just like drinking a cup of coffee on a sunny Sunday afternoon. And for a long distance drive, it is even beneficial to keep people from getting sleepy. It has become a new trend to play Apple Music in car. You may also have a huge collection of Apple Music songs and want to be able to listen to whenever you want while driving. In this post, we’ll introduce two kinds of ways for you to enjoy Apple Music in your car.

The Best Bluetooth Kits For Every Car Stereo

How to Play Music Video from iPhone thru Older Car Radio ...

If you want to stream music or listen to phone conversations through your cars speakers, but your vehicle didnt come with Bluetooth, an add-on Bluetooth kit is an inexpensive and effective solution. After testing dozens of models, we think the Besign BK01 Bluetooth Car Kitwhich plugs into a cars auxiliary-audio input jackoffers the best combination of sound quality, phone usability, and features. Below, we also include picks for vehicles that dont have an aux-in jack, or for people who primarily use their phones for calls, rather than for music.

Our pick

The Besign BK01 offers great sound quality for music and good sound quality for phone calls. It also lets you pair two phones and access your voice assistant with the click of an easy-to-find button.

Buying Options

*At the time of publishing, the price was $25.

Although it works for voice calls, this FM transmitter is best suited to music streaming. You can see which station youre tuned to and easily find a new one.

Buying Options

Also great

The Avantree CK11 offers the crispest, clearest phone quality at an affordable price, with one-button access to the voice-control features on your phone.

Buying Options

*At the time of publishing, the price was $30.

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