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How To Play Music And Record Video On Iphone

How To Play Music While Recording A Video On Iphone And Android With The App Mideo

How to Play Music & Record Video at the same time on iPhone
Playing music while recording a video is disabled by default on iOS and Android, but the app Mideo has gotten around that restriction – and that’s why it’s ranked as one of the Top 100 paid apps on the entire App Store.
Join the hundreds of thousands of people who already downloaded Mideo and see why it’s rated 4.7 out of 5 stars:

How To Record A Video With A Song Playing On Your Iphone

Dont let the music die the next time the videographer inside you wants to come out and play

Weve all been there. Were vibing pretty hardcore to the music and have a sudden need to record the moment. But the only problem? Your device was the one playing the music, and as soon as you hit that video button, the music stops.

It doesnt matter if youre blaring the music on your Bluetooth or car speakers, or which app youre using Apple Music, Spotify, or any other. The audio will stop as soon as you open the video mode on your iPhone. It doesnt even wait to let you start recording to stop the music. And if you were responsible for playing the music with other people present, youve ruined not just your vibe, but theirs too. We hope you havent ever found yourself in that scary situation.

Now, most of the time, you want the music in the background. Thats the whole point. Luckily, there is a simple trick that lets you record a video while the music is still playing.

Note: This trick only works on iPhone 11 and later models.

While the song is playing on your iPhone, open your Camera. This trick only works with the stock camera app. Then stay in the Photo mode instead of going to video. If you swipe to the video mode, the music will stop playing in the background.

Swipe to the right to lock into video recording mode. Otherwise, youd have to keep holding the shutter button. If you release the shutter button without swiping right, the video recording will stop.

Can You Play Music While Recording Video On Iphone

As soon as you try recording a video in the Camera app on your iPhone, any music playing on your device comes to a halt. This is an iOS restriction by Apple. The good news is that you can use a third-party app to play music while recording a video on your iPhone. Whether you are playing audio from Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Tidal, Deezer, Podcasts, YouTube, SoundCloud ETC, the process is actually quite simple. Which app should you use, though? Well, thats where things gets complicated.

The good news is that there is an app that is preferred out there that always snags the most recommendations. You can take advantage of the third-party app, likeMideoto play music while recording a video on iPhone within few simple clicks. In this article, Ill review Mideo and show you How to record video with background music on iPhone! Continue reading to learn how you can use Mideo to record video with music playing on iPhone.

Mideo is an extremely convenient application that allows you to record unlimited length videos while playing music in very high quality without any hassle. As such, you can live stress free without the worry of paused audio playback during video recording.Yes, you heard it right in our testing, we were blown away because Music played on the iPhone continued to play even when we captured video. This is a great achievement worthy of a thousand accolades!

With that in mind, lets look at how to play music while recording a video on iPhone using Mideo app.

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How To Play Music While Recording A Video On Iphone With The Mideo App

Step 1- Play a SongFirst, youll need to play a song on your iPhone from any source. It doesnt matter if you play it from Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube or any other music app or streaming service that supports background playback. The only important thing is that the song can play in the background, meaning you can launch other apps, and it will continue playing.

Step 2- Record a VideoTo record a video while music is playing, launch the Mideo app and start recording. As you record video, the song playing will continue to play in the background from your iPhones built-in speakers, and it will be audible inside the saved video. After youre done filming, your recording will be saved to Camera Roll

Step 3- use Control Center to handle playback while recordingWhile recording in Mideo, you can restart, resume, or change the song from the Control Center.

How To Add Music To A Video On Iphone Using Filmr

How to Record Video While Playing Music on iPhone

Filmr is the only watermark free video-editing app with over 20 million songs to choose from in its extensive music library. Add background music to your video clip on Filmr with these super easy steps:

Step 1: on your phone

Step 2:Tap on camera roll

Step 3:Import the video you want to add music to

Step 4: Once imported, tap the music icon next to video on the top-left.

Step 5: Click on tap to add music

Step 6: Choose music to go to the music library or click on files to pick music from your existing files.

Step 7: If youre in the music library, tap on an audio track to listen to it and if it works for you, add it to your video.

Step 8: The green layer below your clip is your audio file. You can change the duration of the music by simply trimming it.

Step 9: Add sound variety with more songs or effects with a second audio clip. Follow the same process as above. Toggle between the song clips to change positions. You can even adjust the exact duration to suit the video.

Step 10: If you have a subscription to Epidemic sound, you can add their inbuilt collection of music tracks to your Filmr timeline. You can access these via mood to go with your video.

Step 11: If you want to add a voice-over just hover over the top icons next to music and video. Click on voice-over and press the record button to record.

Step 12: Once ready, go ahead and directly share your video to any of the social media platforms or save it to the gallery.

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Iphone: Record Audio While Playing Music

Despite being one of the most user-friendly devices available, iPhones can still face difficulties when navigating certain functions.

While iPhones work exceptionally well when listening to streaming audio, you may find yourself running into some trouble when trying to record something on top of it simultaneously.

Perhaps, you wish to stream music while conducting an audio interview with somebody. Or maybe, youre live streaming and want to play a particular song in the background from your iPhone.

Whatever your reason is, knowing how to play music while recording audio can be handy.

Its not entirely possible to always play music when recording . There are some recording options that may work out.

The first thing you can do is enable the ability to screen record through your Control Center. To do this:

  • Tap Settings from your home screen.
  • Select Control Center.
  • From the list of options, choose Screen Recording and enable it to record.
  • Once this is done, youll be able to stream music and record audio simultaneously.
  • When finished, go back to the Screen Recording page and tap the red recording icon in the menu bar.
  • Youll be able to access the recording in your Camera app.
  • But what if you dont want video?

    Its possible to AirDrop the recording to a Mac computer, where you can open it on QuickTime Player. There you can head to File,Export As, then Audio Only.

    Here Are The Steps On How To Screen Record While Playing Music Simultaneously On Iphone:

    • Launch the Screen Recorder for iPhone app.
    • Tap on the Start Record button.
    • Then turn on the Microphone and tap Start Broadcast. Wait for three seconds before the screen recording starts.
    • Then exit the Screen Recorder app, and open your music player to play a song.
    • Once youre recording is complete, stop your screen broadcasting and open the Screen Recorder app.
    • Your video recording is now saved on the My Recordings section.
    • Select your clip to make any changes if required.
    To edit your video:
    • Tap on the Video Editor tab at the bottom of the screen.
    • You can now trim unwanted parts from the video, adjust its volume and speed, or add filters or stickers.
    • Once done, tap Next to save and share your video.
    To add a reaction to your video:
    • Tap on the Facecam tab at the bottom of the screen.
    • To start your reaction, click on the Record button.
    • Tap on the Stop Record button to end your video.
    • Then tap Done.
    • After that, edit your video with the built-in video editor.
    • Finally, tap Next to save and share your clip.

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    Should I Buy Mideo App

    As soon as you try recording a video in the Camera app on your iPhone, any music playing on your device comes to a halt. No matter what youre listening to, as soon as you switch to Video in the Camera app, the music will stop. However, if you want background music in your video files, Mideo offers you a perfect workaround to let you add an audio track in your recordings.

    Mideo is especially useful for dancers, weightlifters, acters, or singers. If you want background music in your movie files, you simply wont be able to add it without an app like Mideo.

    And this brings me to my favorite feature of Mideo its hands-free. You play a Song on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, Open the Mideo app and start recording, and youll be bypassing iOS restriction in no time at all!

    Iphone: Record Voice While Playing Music

    Record Video While Playing Music On iPhone – iOS 13 !

    Maybe youve gotten into podcasting and want to have some background music playing while addressing your audience. Being able to do this straight from your iPhone can save you a lot of time and effort. Plus, youll be able to take your podcast anywhere instead of being confined to your computer.

    The easiest way to do this is to record your screen, then edit it in a third-party app.

  • Go to Settings
  • Next, tap on Control Center.
  • From the list of options, select Customize Controls.
  • Choose Screen Recording. Make sure the recording is switched on.
  • Ensure that your desired song is playing in the back, and head to the Camera app to start recording.
  • Head back to the Screen Recording page when finished.
  • Hit the red recording icon in the menu bar to end the recording.
  • Youll be able to access the recording in your Camera app.
  • To remove the video, you will need to enlist the help of a third-party multi-track recording app, where you can convert the video into audio.

    The Voice-Memo app is also a great built-in recording feature on iPhones. While its not possible to directly play music while recording on your iPhone, its possible to edit it on your Mac to add a backing track.

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    Cover Up The Microphone

    Most concert videos that youve probably seen recorded on an iPhone most likely has the audio all washed out, but theres a little trick that you can use the next time you record video at a concert.

    All you have to do is cover up the microphone with your hand. The microphone on the iPhone is at the bottom where the speaker is. Simply place your hand over the grille. This keeps the sound muffled, but the music is so loud that your iPhone picks up enough of the audio that it sounds a lot clearer when you play it back later.

    You could also get a detachable third-party microphone thats able to record sound a bit better, but you probably dont want to lug it around at a crowded concert.

    Record Videos With Your Iphone Camera

    Use Camera to record videos and QuickTake videos on your iPhone. Learn how to change modes to take Cinematic, slow-motion, and time-lapse videos.

    Note: For your privacy, a green dot appears in the top-right corner of the screen when Camera is in use. See Control access to hardware features on iPhone.

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    Shoot Video While Playing Music On Iphone

    You dont need any special music or camera apps for this trick to work. Instead, you simply need to initiate video recording a little differently. Follow these steps:

  • Start playing the track you want to hear while recording.
  • Open the Camera app and stay in mode.
  • Start recording your video by holding down the shutter button at the bottom of the screen. Keep it held down while shooting, or slide the button to the right to lock it in video recording mode.
  • Press the stop button when youre done.
  • Your video will be saved to your Camera Roll as normal, and youll hear your music in the background when you play it back. For best results, youll want to ensure your iPhones speaker volume is turned up .

    How To Record Video With Music On Iphone In Snapchat

    How to Record Video While Playing Music on iPhone

    When Snapchat first launched, with its disappearing image post service, few could have imagined the impact it would have on the entire industry and social media. Now there are hundreds of cool features, filters and options to make your photos and videos look perfect.

    One of the best features is the ability to record video while the iPhone continues to play audio. This is a great feature that can come in handy when recording lip movements that imitate singing or capturing magical landscapes. To use this option, follow the simple instructions:

    1. Turn on the song.

    2. Launch Snapchat.

    3. Hold the capture button in the center of the screen to record video.

    4. Save or share the video.

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    How To Record Video On Iphone While Playing Music

    The iPhone is much more than just a phone. It provides a diverse range of communication options. It comes with Apples Facetime software, which allows you to hold video calls with other Facetime users directly from your phone, in addition to phone calls, texts, and emails. Playing music while recording an audio or video can be a useful feature in the age of podcasting and live streaming. If you have an iPhone, you may have noticed that when you try to record a video or audio clip, your device automatically stops playing music. If the goal is to add a soundtrack to a recording, this can be a major annoyance.

    However, there is a simple trick that allows you to shoot video while your music is still playing.

    The trick is compatible with all versions of iOS 14 and does not require any third-party apps. Well demonstrate how to use it.

    Apple probably pauses your music while you prepare to shoot video on your iPhone for a variety of reasons. Its not only convenient for the user , but it also avoids the inevitable copyright issues.

    That doesnt mean that recording video while simultaneously playing music on an iPhone is impossible.

    This trick does not require any special music or camera apps to function. Instead, you simply need to start video recording in a different way. Take the following steps:

    How to Screen Record While Listening to Music on an iPhone:

    How To Record Video While Playing Music On Samsung & Iphone

    Its memorable while you record videos of scenes you dont want to miss, but its even more thrilling when you get to record your memories as the music plays in the background of your device. Unfortunately, switching to Video mode in the Camera app stops your phone from playing music, preventing you from adding a soundtrack to your footage. However, thanks to third-party apps, you can capture videos while listening to music on your device, which is much easier and faster. This Techschumz guide will show you how to record video while playing music on your iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones.

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    How To Record Your Song On Iphone With Garageband

    Just like Music Memos, GarageBand is also a good software which is developed by Apple. You can also get this software easily from App Store. GarageBand is a professional app you can play, record, create and share your music no matter where you are. It has a wide range of instruments from all around the world.

    And now it establishes a Sound Library, where you can choose and download much more free instrument and live loops when there are some new sounds are released. With these tools and powerful features, you can create songs in your style in the easiest way with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

    If you want to record external music with your iPhone’s microphone, you can use Audio Recorder of GarageBand to record music on iPhone. Just follow the next steps.

    Step 1

    Launch App Store on your iPhone and then search for GarageBand. It is free to download, what you need to do is simply download it on your iPhone. Then launch it when it is installed.

    Step 2

    Now you need to tap + Plus icon to create a new song in GarageBand. And then open the instruments browser where you can slide to pick up what you want to record with. Here you need to choose Audio Recorder from these instruments to record music on iPhone.

    Step 3

    Now you can touch the Record icon which is at the top control bar. At the same time, what you need to do is playing your music and record it or just record your voice with Audio Recorder.

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