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How To Move Apple Music To Spotify

Can I Use Youtube Platform As The Source To Move My Library To Spotify Too

Apple Music & Spotify: How to transfer your playlists! (2019)

Of course. FreeYourMusic supports the most popular music services. You can transfer music from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play Music, Pandora, SoundCloud, Spotify, Tidal, YouTube, YouTube Music, Napster, Qobuz, QQ Music , Yandex Music, VK Music , Anghami, Zvuk , Gaana, JioSaavn, File Backup all you have to do is choose a playlist you want to move and next let FYM move it to its final destination.

Viwizard Spotify Music Converter Key Features

  • Convert any Spotify playlist or songs to MP3, AAC, M4A, M4B, FLAC, WAV
  • Preserve Spotify music with original audio quality and ID3 tags information
  • Tackle the conversion of Spotify music format at up to 5× super faster speed

Now you are suggested to download the free trial version of this smart Spotify converter before following the tutorial below.

How to Transfer Spotify to Apple Music with ViWizard

How To Transfer Playlists From Spotify To Apple Music

This quick tutorial will guide you to move one or multiple playlists from Spotify to Apple Music

  • Open the Web App Open
  • In your Library, select the Playlists category Playlists Tab
  • Connect Spotify
  • Select Spotify playlists that you want to move
  • Select Apple Music as the destination
  • The process starts. Once finished, if tracks have been found, your playlists will be available on Apple Music
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    How To Transfer Spotify Playlists To Apple Music

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    There are several great music streaming apps out there, but carrying all your stuff over to a new service can be a pain. Well show you how to move your music from Spotify to Apple Music with all your playlists intact.

    Unfortunately, transferring playlists between services is not something that can be done natively. Well need to use a third-party service to bridge the gap between Spotify and Apple Music. The good news is that you wont need to make an account on yet another service, and its completely free.


    The service well be using in this guide is called Tune My Music, and it actually works with other services beyond Spotify and Apple Music. Before we get started, youll need to have accounts on both Spotify and Apple Music.

    First, head over to the Tune My Music website in a desktop web browser such as Google Chrome. Next, click the big Lets Start button.

    Now, select the source music service . In this case, were using Spotify.

    A new window will open and ask you to sign in to Spotify . Click Agree to give Tune My Music access to your account.

    How To Move Playlists And Albums To Apple Music

    How to switch to Apple Music from Spotify

    The biggest problem with moving music service is that when you start fresh somewhere else you’ve got curated playlists, albums and favorite tracks in your current one. If you’re leaving Spotify, we can help you cancel your premium subscription as well as move your favorite tunes.

    This method isn’t the only way to move to Apple Music, but we’ve found it’s the best if you’re also using an iPhone or iPad . The first thing to do is to download the Songshift app from the iOS App Store. Then follow these steps:

  • Open Songshift on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap the Songshift icon at the bottom to get started.

  • Tap setup source.
  • Do the same for Apple Music.
  • Go back to setup source and select Spotify.

  • Select whether you’re moving an album, playlist, or song.
  • Tap setup destination and select Apple Music.
  • Choose your preferred option for copying for example, new playlist.
  • Tap I’m finished.
  • SongShift will now migrate your music and when it’s done you’ll have the chance to review the matches and confirm they’re correct before final completion.

    In some cases, you won’t be able to move music across because it’s not in the Apple Music library. Spotify has a number of exclusive live sessions, for example, that you can’t listen to outside of the service. However, thanks to reviewing the matches first, you can eliminate any of these issues, leaving you with a nice, clean, Apple Music fresh playlist.

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    Just Got Apple Music Heres How To Keep Your Spotify Playlists

    Already been enticed by a shiny Apple One subscription? Or has the delayed addition of Fitness+ finally forced a reassessment? Either way, Spotify users tempted to make the switch need to know how to rescue lovingly curated playlists and place them in a new Apple Music home. Thankfully, its pretty simple to do.

    The solution, which Ive used myself to swerve the ever-increasing prices of streaming services by taking advantage of regular offers, comes from an iOS app called SongShift. This does exactly what you might expect. You simply need to give it access to your music subscriptions to easily shift your songs.

    With a third-party app like this reliability may be of immediate concern. Your mileage may vary, as both Spotify and Apple Music feature an extraordinary amount of songs . However, in my experience, SongShift is extremely accurate, having only ever mismatched a single song.

    While transferring from Spotify to Apple Music is the focus here, SongShift also supports YouTube Music, Tidal, Pandora, LastFM and more. The migration of songs can be made back and forth, too. So, if you end up wanting to switch back to Spotify from Apple Music, you can do that as well.

    Solution : Import Itunes Playlists Or Songs With Spotify

    Step 1 Please make sure that playlists have been shared from iTunes. Firstly open iTunes and head to Preferences, then select Advanced and tick Share iTunes Library XML with other applications.

    Step 1 Open Spotify and click on File in the menu bar. Then select import playlists from the drop-down menu and click iTunes.

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    Excellent App Would Just Like It To Be More Autonomous

    Very good app and the update is refreshing. I do wish it was a bit more autonomous, for example – not needing to review matches on every shift, I have around 10 playlist Im shifting and having to review every playlist is repetitive. I wish there was an option to automate the reviewing stage to ignore fails and processes the matches, there could be an audit of previous fails for future review- Apple Music sometimes disconnects but the only warning is unmatched songs rather than a warning saying the service has been disconnected. I assume this is an issue with Apple Music rather than the app but a warning would be helpful.I still believe this is the best app to shift your music library and playlist and would recommend.

    Select An Apple Music Playlist To Transfer

    How to transfer Apple Music playlists to Spotify: or the other way around!

    Once you’re finished connecting SongShift to your two music streaming services, swipe down on the Music Services list from the bar at the top of the modal window. Now, tap on “Setup Source” again, and you’ll see icons for your two streaming service accounts. Tap on Apple Music, then hit “Playlist” under Select media type. Select the playlist you want to transfer, then tap on “Select” in the top right.

    You can only transfer one playlist at a time on the free version. If you want to transfer multiple playlists at once or merge multiple playlists into one, you’ll need the pro version.

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    Playlists Are An Important Part Of Any Music Collection Here’s How To Move Them Easily Between Spotify And Apple Music

    By, Contributor| 15 Mar 19

    There is a plethora of excellent music streaming services around today, including Apple Music, Deezer, , Spotify and others, but moving your playlists between them isn’t as easy as it should be. Here’s what to do if you want your Apple Music playlists to appear on Spotify or vice versa.

    How To Transfer Apple Music Playlists To Spotify

    – There often comes a time when you’re looking to switch music providers. Whether it’s because you’ve discovered one has features you really want, or you want to take advantage of a promotional offer. The only issue is taking your playlists and albums with you.

    Thankfully, there is actually an app for that. So if you’re looking to switch from Apple Music to Spotify – for example – you can do. Watch the video below to find out how, or follow our written guide underneath if that’s easier:

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    How Do You Transfer From Spotify To Apple Music

    Neither Apple Music nor Spotify offers a built-in function to let you transfer music from one service to the other. However, a range of third-party apps and websites exist that do offer this service.

    Most of these apps and websites work in the same way:

  • Connect the transfer service to your Spotify and Apple Music accounts.
  • Select the Spotify playlists, albums, or songs you want to transfer.
  • Tell the service to add that music to your Apple Music library.
  • For this to work, you need an active subscription to Apple Music. You don’t need a subscription to Spotify Premium though the free plan works just as well.

    Although SongShift gets talked about more often, in this article we’ll show you how to transfer your music from Spotify to Apple Music using TuneMyMusic instead.

    Unlike SongShift, which is limited to iOS devices, TuneMyMusic is a web app that works on any platform: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and even Linux.

    You can also use TuneMyMusic to transfer your entire Spotify library to Apple Music in one go. SongShift limits you to transferring a single playlist, album, or song at a time unless you sign up for a premium subscription.

    Finally, TuneMyMusic lets you transfer Spotify’s curated playlists—Discover Weekly, Release Radar, Daily Mixes, and more—which isn’t possible with SongShift. You can even sync these curated playlists every week with a TuneMyMusic premium subscription.

    Ready To Switch From Apple Music To Spotify Heres How To Keep Your Playlists Intact During The Move

    How to Transfer Apple Music Playlists to Spotify

    Many people are reluctant to switch music streaming services because of years of playlists. But what if you could take your playlists with you? You dont have to spend hours curating which playlists, either. There are several services that will match up your music tracks and sync your playlists between Apple Music and Spotify.

    Switching from Apple Music to Spotify Guide

    Several third-party services make it easy to switch between music streaming services. Its a great way for people with multiple streaming subscriptions to keep all their playlists synced, no matter which services theyre using. Heres a quick guide on setting up SongShift to sync Apple Music and Spotify playlists.

  • Open the SongShift app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap the SongShift icon at the bottom to get started.
  • Tap Setup Sources.
  • Find the Apple Music icon and tap Connect.
  • Enter your Apple Music credentials and agree.
  • Repeat steps 5 and 6 for connecting Spotify.
  • Great! Once youve completed this step, SongShift is all set up for the switch between Apple Music and Spotify. Now you need to select which music, playlists, and albums you want to sync in the process.

  • Select Set up Source and choose Spotify.
  • Choose the album, playlist, or song youre syncing.
  • Tap Set up Destination and choose Apple Music.
  • Tap Im Finished, and then youre done.
  • SongShift not your cup of tea? There are a few other apps that allow users to transfer playlists from Apple Music to Spotify. Heres a quick list.

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    How To Switch Over From Spotify To Apple Music Its Easy

    If you’re thinking about switching from Apple Music to Spotify , you don’t have to lose your playlists. Here’s how.

    Apple Music and Spotify are the two most popular music streaming services by a long shot as both have tens of millions of paid subscribers. As for which service you use, it likely depends on which service you or your family have been using for years. That said, the two services have brought about some key changes in the past year or more, so much so that you might want to switch.

    The biggest difference between the two streaming services is, as of July 2021, Apple Music allows you to listen to higher-quality music. It added a lossless tier at no extra cost that allows subscribers to listen to CD-quality and Hi-Res Lossless audio tracks. Spotify is launching its own lossless streaming service, Spotify Hifi, by the end of 2021, but it’s not here yet .

    Another big reason why you’d switch to Apple Music is if you were planning on buying one of Apple’s smart speakers, either the recently discontinued HomePod or the new HomePod mini. Unlike other popular smart speakers , Apple’s smart speakers only respond to “Hey Siri” voice commands for music if you subscribe to Apple Music . If youre a Spotify subscriber, you can only ask Siri to play/pause, skip tracks and adjust the volume.

    How To Transfer Apple Music Songs To Spotify

    Once you installed the app, it allows you to easily transfer your music library:

    • Select your current platform as a source, for example, Apple Music.
    • Then select the platform where you want to create a new playlist, for example, Spotify.
    • Find playlists, albums, or tracks you want to transfer from Apple Music to Spotify.
    • Confirm your action and done.

    One tip I give you is if you have thousands of songs, you may want to transfer first your main playlists. The transfer between services is really fast, but if you have a lot of songs, it can take a few days.

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    Configuring Your Spotify Library

    Ill assume you have a Spotify account at this point, have tried it out and wondering why you ever left at all. Communicating with the Spotify is tricky. Spotify has an awesome Web API that we use to manipulate your music library but it uses a pretty complicated login flow call OAuth. Its not exactly friendly to CLI apps, to say the least. We need to manually generate our API tokens that will allow us to talk to Spotifys API and migrate your library.

  • Create your Spotify Client.
  • We need to let Spotify know thatll we be communicating with it and to do that, we have to create an Application in the Spotify Developer Portal. This will give us a Client ID and secret, note them. It doesnt matter about the details of the application, its just us that will be using it.

    2. Get our request bin.

    The Spotify login flow requires an online server to talk to once we try to login via our application. Since were only a lowly CLI app, we dont have such luxuries. For the purposes of this simple import, we can use a simple, free online service to do this for us called Request Bin gives us a random URL and saves any requests that hit that URL for us to come back and inspect. This is useful because the Spotify API requires a URL to store login information once we complete our login request.

    Go to and get your unique bin URL.

    3. Add our Redirect URI.

    4. Get our OAuth code.

    5. Posting the code to the Spotify API.

    $ curl -X POST \

    How Effective Is Freeyourmusic Compared To Other Methods

    How To: Transfer Spotify Playlists to Apple Music

    FreeYourMusic is the only music migration tool that does the whole transfer on your device, and not on the app servers, which usually helps with matching algorithms. The importer matches songs in your Apple Music library with the Spotify database. This means that if a song doesnt exist in the destination music service, FreeYourMusic wont be able to import this track. When the transfer from Apple Music to Spotify is done, well let you know how many tracks are missing. Simply click on the name of the playlists and youll see the title and artist name of the songs that couldnt be imported.

    Since the whole transfer happens on the user device, this ensures that we move your data in the most secure manner. There are other music converters available but none of them is as privacy-focused as FreeYourMusic. In our app, anytime you log into an external music service, you enter your password on the external partner site. We dont see and dont store your password. We only store a cookie that we get from the external website. Thanks to this, we can act in your name without ever seeing your passwords. We never share this data, and we only use it in the app to be able to create playlists and add songs to your services.

    We also support a large number of music streaming services – you can migrate to and from 19 platforms, not only Apple Music or Spotify. All of this makes FreeYourMusic the best music migration tool.

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    How To Transfer Itunes Songs Or Playlists To Spotify Easily

    Can I import iTunes playlists or songs to Spotify?

    Yes, Spotify will scan the hard drive for iTunes tracks and the playlists created in iTunes at the first time you use Spotify. And now we will share 2 useful ways to import iTunes playlists or songs to Spotify easily. Unfortunately, not all the iTunes songs and playlists can be imported to Spotify, because iTunes and Spotify dont always sync up. If there are iTunes playlists or songs that dont import to Spotify, we also have solution to help users to make it succeed.

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