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How To Make Your Own Cheer Music

How To Make A Club Song

How To Make A Cheer Mix In Garageband 2019

A club song can be a one-way ticket to notoriety for the musician who is just starting out his career. Though it seems like an enigma to produce, modern music-making technology has made it easier and faster to create your own songs. Computer composition tools are more accessible than ever, and they help the modern musician compose simple songs quickly and with precision. With some simple planning and creativity, you can create an energetic club song that could gain you some notoriety as a club music composer.

Great Cheers And Chants For Cheerleaders

If there is one thing a cheerleading squad can’t have too many of, it’s cheers! We have plenty of fun cheers and chants for your squad, including great ways to fire up the crowd and a few just for basketball and football.

Use these cheers as they are or get creative with them. Change up the words, add your own motions, or let them inspire a cheer of your own. No matter what, using different cheers can make your squad more entertaining and help you motivate the fans.

Fluff Each Side Of The Pom

This step is the most time consuming part of this project. It may seem like a lot of extra work, but even if you were to buy a pre-made pom-pom for at least five times the price, they are usually sent un-fluffed, so youd have to do this step anyway.

  • Working in sections, take two strips at a time and pull the two strips in opposite directions . Repeat on all the strips until the entire pom-pom is full and poofy.
  • Be careful not to pull TOO hard since the plastic is thin and will stretch and tear if the pom-pom is fluffed too vigorously.

The second and third pictures show how the pom-pom should look when fully fluffed.

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Where To Find Custom Music

Creating custom made cheerleading music has become a big business, and there are many companies on the web that are happy to help you out. While this may seem daunting, there are ways to weed out the good from the bad:

  • Look for samples. Cheerleading Music has simple players on their web page that let you listen to various styles, mixed in with voice overs, and you can get a good idea of their work.
  • Look for satisfied customers. Custom Mixes has, rather than samples, a recording of all the messages they’ve gotten from satisfied customers that makes it a good reason to hire them for your mix.
  • Look for other solid businesses. Custom Cheer Mix has live help available on their site, accreditation and a very thorough and complete website for their customers.

All the websites make sure that the mix they produce for your squad is unique . With custom music and the strong spirit of your squad, there’s no doubt that your routine is going to shine.

Cut The 9 Inch Edges Of Your Rectangles Into Fringe That Is 1 Inch Wide And About 45 Inches Long

8 Count Mixer Make Your Own Cheer Mix From CheerSounds
  • Place the ruler alongside the stack of rectangles.
  • Using scissors, cut strips about 1 inch wide and 4.5 inches long down the entire length of each of the 9 inch sides of the rectangle stack to create a fringe. There should be about 3 inches of un-cut material remaining in the center of the rectangle stack.

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It’s Time To Get Tough

Fire up your team and remind everyone how tough you are with this set of cheers and chants.

Let’s get fired upGet rough, get tough, get meanLet’s get fired upand roll right over that team!

A quick rhyme like this one can have just as much of an impact as any other.

Hey HeyYou get out of our wayToday is the dayWe will put you away!

Have fun with the “whoopsie” in the last line, just be sure to keep it clean!

We’re number oneAnd we’re going to beatThe whoopsie out of you!

Bring your mascot to the center of attention with a quick four-line chant that leaves no one on the field questioning your team’s greatness.

Wildcats are readyWildcats will take controlAnd stomp all over you!

Another great interactive cheer, you can build on this and add more verses to get fans to blow with you.

5,6,7,8 – Hey, Hey you!Get out of our way,because today is the day,we will blow you away !

Customize Your Cheer Music

This blog post is for all of our cheerleaders, cheer moms, and cheer coaches. We know how every detail matters when it comes to competitions and games. If you care about your routine music as much as you care about the bags and shirts that you make on our site, then weve got a website for you. Custom Cheer Mix is a service website where you can have custom mixes created for your squad.

The Custom Cheer Mix website provides users with a wide variety of information dealing with music mixes and routines. They supply users with some unique tools to help them to not only choose their music, but to also help in the routine creation. The routine counter supplies music samples of the different beats per minute, as well as, the 8 count for each number of beats per minutes. Already created the routine? Custom Cheer Mix can create music to match your routine based on the 8 counts you are using.

So whether you are looking for a custom music mix now or for the future, you have got to check this site out.

Update 1/31/12: Heres a preview of this seasons most popular custom cheer shirt! Join the craze and order your very own Cool Stunt Bro Hit It Again Shirt today!

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How To Make A Custom Music Mix

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Are you leading a cheer or dance team and wonder how those other teams get custom music mixes? Of course you are! Do you want custom mixes, but can’t afford to pay for them? Try mixing music yourself at home on your computer!

It takes a little practice, but you can learn to do it easily. Once you get the hang of it, you can create simple pieces or get creative and make layered pieces for routines. We’ll show you how.

Inside The Strange Insular World Of Cheerleading Music

CheerSounds SNEAK PEEK – Make Your Own Cheer Music In Minutes!
  • Snap

If the Netflix docuseries Cheer is any indication, there’s a sense of acceleration to almost everything about cheerleading these days: physical risk, technical skill, personal celebrity, and financial reward. And the music is no exception. Gone are the chaste chants from the 1950smodern cheer squads perform to rah-rah-sis boom-bangers that make even Jock Jams sound sleepy.

Over the course of 2 minutes and 15 seconds, the standard length of a college routine, today’s cheer mixes flip through a dozen club tracks and soundalike covers of pop songs, propelled by cascading EDM drops, pump-up raps, and more laserbeam samples than one could ever count.

To an outsider, the result can be quite strange. There’s one especially puzzling lyric in the mix for the Navarro College Bulldogs, the stars of Cheer: “Tastes like chicken!” It seems like a total non sequitur, a random shoutunless you read that it’s about devouring their rival, the Trinity Valley Community College Cardinals.

But it doesn’t really matter whether the crowd gets it. This music is there to motivate the team while they risk their neck in one of America’s most dangerous sports. Carmine Silano, a former cheerleader and the founder of CheerSounds, one of a number of companies producing music just for cheer, puts it simply: “When you’re in performance mode, the music supports you.”

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Advantages Of Custom Made Cheerleading Music

With the many CD burners and programs like iTunes coming with computers, it may seem a simple thing to just create your own music mix, and there’s nothing wrong with that, especially for small schools or squads that aren’t planning on doing a lot of competition. However, getting your music custom made for your team gives you a lot of benefits that aren’t easily duplicated on a home computer.

How To Use The App:

  • To use with purchased music from Power Music Cheer, log into your account on a desktop or laptop computer and go to the My Accounts link at the top right.
  • Go to My Digital Products.
  • Right click on your mix and save to either iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive. Note: you can download or place any MP3 or M4A audio file from any source and import into and use in our app.
  • Make sure you’ve installed the app from Apple App store and be sure to “Allow Notifications” for important updates.
  • Click “Get Started”
  • Click Import a Track button at the top and select the source where you put your mix.
  • Import from Files will take you to the cloud storage of your choice – iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive. Navigate to you desired audio file and tap on it. It will then be added to the app where you confirm the shown BPM is correct. If the BPM does not look correct, you can tap the BPM in the circle and tap the orange bar to the beat to find the correct BPM. Tap DONE, then CONFIRM. If you dont see Dropbox or Google Drive, be sure to click Edit at the top right and enable those apps.
  • Import from Music will allow you to import music from your iTunes library. They must be downloaded to your device first.
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    Producer Patrick Avard On What Went Into Making The Music Navarro College Bulldogs Use In Their Breathtaking Routines

    To watch Cheer, Netflixs breathless docu-series about Navarro College Bulldogs Cheer Team and their bid to win a 14th National Cheerleading Championship, is to realize your own limitations. When I watch any other major sport, a small and deluded part of me thinks that, with the right conditions and a little bit of luck, I could do it. I *could* catch that pass, I *could score from there, I *might just* make it over the line and taste glory. It took about ten minutes of watching Cheer, however, to become fully aware that these athletes operate on a whole different level.

    To make it on mat requires a level of strength, coordination, daring, and commitment that would push the steeliest of athletes. The soundtrack to Cheer is a series of thuds, cracks, cries, and sharp intakes of breath unsurprisingly for a sport in which flyers are hurled 25 feet in the air before being caught by tumblers, cheerleading is unforgiving and broken bones quickly pile up. Navarros relentlessly energetic routines are soundtracked by producer Patrick Avard, a producer based out of Atlanta. His custom mix for the cheer squad is played repeatedly throughout the series, as viewers will instantly recognize the mixs its a dog eat dog world refrain.

    A post shared by Patrick Avard on Jan 10, 2020 at 10:39am PST

    Cheer is streaming on Netflix now.

    How To Choreograph A Dance

    Check out the cheer mix I made with 8 Count Mixer! Make ...

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    Choreographing a dance is a beautiful and creative experience. There are so many decisions to make, though, so the process can be a bit overwhelming if you’ve never done it before. Don’t worrywe’ll walk you through the basic process from start to finish. You’ll be creating your own dance routine in no time!

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    Get The Crowd Excited

    When it’s time to get the fans involved, we have a few great cheers to help you spread the enthusiasm.


    No one will forget your team with this chant. It repeats your team name and if you get creative with your motions, it can really make an impact.

    Hey, You Black Knight fans,Stand up and clap your hands!Go Knights Go,Hey, You Black Knight FansNow let’s see you wave your hand!Go Knights Go, Go Knights Go!Go Knights Go, Go Knights Go!

    There are times when the fans aren’t very excited, but this cheer is sure to fix that problem.

    Trojans Stand UP!The best yea we’re yellin’ for the number 1 teamLet’s hear it for the TrojansThe green and the white Number one, that’s what we saidThe best yea alrightLet’s go TrojansGo big green – Let’s Fight!

    Here’s a great cheer that has a little back and forth between your captain, the squad, and the crowd. It has a great rhythm and is ideal for the end of a game when the team really needs your help.

    Come on, Grangers , what’s your battle cry? V-I-C-T-O-R-Y! Victory! XX Grangers!Come on, crowd, what’s your battle cry? V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!Victory! XX, Grangers! XXVictory! XX, Grangers! XX

    One time reading through this cheer and we’re sure you’ll have lots of fun ideas for motions. It’s cute, sassy, and a ton of fun.

    S is for SuperP is for Perfect, ’cause you know we are sweet.E is for EnthusiasmSo come on all you Ram Fans!And Dang stand back!

    Originality In A Sea Of Copycats

    In many articles about coming up with cheers, over and over the mantra is repeated: Do not just use these cheers. Use these as a model, and create your own for your squad. The reason for this is that copying cheers runs the risk of doing the same cheer as another squad, whether at a game or competition.

    With music, it’s even more risky. Everyone wants to use the latest, catchiest tunes, and with reason those are the songs that will get people excited and moving. However, simply by virtue of being so popular, there’s even more likelihood that your cheerleaders would choose the same great song as your rival. The difference comes then not in what song you pick, but how you play it.

    That’s where the custom cheer music companies come in. Run by professional musicians and sound engineers, they will twist and tweak the popular songs of today with the great hits of yesterday like a professional dance DJ mixing beats and re-creating the song in a new form. However, there is even more that a good music maker can do for you.

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    The Best Cheerleading Chants For Any Sport

    Every squad needs a good set of standard cheers that promote the team. These can be used for any sport, are simple and fun, and can really keep the momentum up.

    Let’s get physicalGet down, get hard, get meanLet’s get physicalAnd beat that other team!

    This quick little cheer includes some clapping that adds to the fun of the game.

    Hey, HeyHey, Hey are you ready? Are you ready? To play Go team Panthers all the way!

    You can add some great motions to this fun chant. Get sassy and really show off your team spirit.

    We’ve got Razzmatazz!Hey, you – You’ve been had!Shadyside Tigers got Razzmatazz!Razzmatazz!

    This is a cheer that can really eat up some time on the play clock while showing your support for each player. It’s perfect for sports like basketball or wrestling where just a one or a few players are in the game.

    Stronger than steel,Robbie won’t stop,’til he gets the job done!

    Need a quick cheer? This fun little rhyme is short but not too sweet.

    We are the Steelers ,And we can’t be beatBecause we got the power,to knock you off your feet!

    Are you ready to take your team to the top? Here’s a unique cheer for you.

    Yeah, Yeah,Take it to the Top?Yeah, YeahNo way!

    Cut Tablecloths Into 9 X 12 Rectangles

    Cheerleading Music Mix – create on your phone with 8CountMixer

    The most efficient way I found to do this was as follows.

    • Remove tablecloth from package and unfold it partway so that it is spread out to its full LENGTH but is still folded across the WIDTH. There should be four layers of tablecloth at this point. Folded like this, the tablecloth should be about 12 inches wide.
    • Use scissors to make a cut the entire length of the tablecloth along the remaining folds so that there are four long layers 12 inches wide, stacked on top of each other.
    • Place the ruler alongside the tablecloth and cut across to the ruler every 9 inches

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