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How To Make Your Music Louder

Make Sure You Havent Got Any Out Of Phase Speakers

How to make music louder on your computer with Audacity!

All car speakers are connected to your stereo system by two wires. One positive, marked by a + symbol and the other negative, marked by a – symbol. These wires must be connected to the corresponding positive or negative speaker outputs on your stereo head unit.

It is easy to get these mixed up during installation, and an out of phase speaker will impact on the quality of the sound produce by your system. The bass notes will be hollow, the treble too high, and you may also have issues with the clarity and level of sound produced by your system. So, while it is a bit of a fiddly thing to do, check your speaker wiring, the results may be well worth the effort.

How To Make Your Iphone Louder

Use these steps to make your iPhone louder.

  • Open the Settings app.

    If you dont see it on your Home screen you can swipe down and search for it.

  • Select the Music option.

    Its down a bit in the menu.

  • Touch the EQ option.

    Its in the Playback section of the menu.

  • Select Late Night from the list.

    In my experience, this is the loudest setting.

  • These steps are repeated below with additional information and pictures for each step.

    The volume of your iPhone is something that you may not think much about a lot when youre using it. When you primarily use it with headphones, or watching videos, or taking phone calls basically any situation where the phone is going to be close to your ears then even a somewhat lower volume level is probably fine.

    But occasionally you might want the iPhone speaker louder if you are playing music for a group of people in a large room, or if you are doing something away from your iPhone and want to be able to play your Apple Music app playlists while performing that task.

    If you have maxed out the volume with the volume buttons on the side of the device and still find that its not enough to provide the volume level that you need, then there is another option you can try to make the sound louder on your iPhone.

    Other Spotify Settings For Better Playback

    There are more options you can change within the playback settings to enhance the audio and make Spotify louder.


    This is the rate at which the songs youre playing fade into each other when one ends and another begins. You can use the slider to change this from 0 seconds to up to 12 seconds.

    You can also turn Gapless Playback on or off, which means there wont be a gap of silence between songs being played and one will start immediately after another. You can turn on Automix, which changes the transitions between songs if a certain playlist uses it.

    Play Feedback Sounds

    If there are any feedback sounds in a song, turning this on keeps them in the song. Whether its better to keep it on or off just depends on what kind of music youre listening to and how you want to hear it.

    Music Quality

    You can find the Music Quality settings on the main Spotify settings page under Playback. Here you can change the general quality of your music playback when it is either streamed or downloaded.

    For both streaming and downloaded music, you can choose from Automatic, Low, Normal, High, or Very High. Low quality is at 24 kbit/s, Normal is 96 kbit/s, High is 160 kbit/s, and Very High is at 320 kbit/s. The higher quality setting you choose, the more data or bandwidth youll use g.

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    Enhance Volume Using The Volume Mixer

    Many people think that the maximum volume for a device is what they should be using, but this may not always lead to optimal sound quality.

    When listening back on your own recordings and playing with apps like Spotify where there are different volumes available in an app such as volume up or more speakers, experiment until you find one setting which best suits your needs while still allowing others around you enough time without having their hearing damaged by loud noises overtop yours!

    How To Make Headphones Louder: 5 Simple Steps

    How To Make Your Music Louder


  • 9.3 How do you fix low headphone volume?
  • We all love our music, but sometimes it can be a bit too quiet. Maybe you have been using the same headphones for a while and they dont produce as much sound as they used to? Or maybe youve just upgraded to an iPhone 7 and your old headphones arent loud enough anymore. Whatever the reason, were going to show you how to make your headphones louder.

    Headphones are a great way to enjoy your favorite music and TV shows without disturbing others around you. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to hear the sounds coming from your headphone speakers when theyre not turned up high enough.

    The How To Make Headphones Louder can be done with different techniques including an app, laptop software, or by adjusting the settings on your headphones. Here are 5 simple steps on How To Make Headphones Louder.

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    What Are You Trying To Achieve

    There are a few other things involved, but the most important thing for you to consider is the effectiveness of your stereo at providing distortion-free sound, rather than pure volume.

    If you dont believe us, try this: Go out to your car, sit in the drivers seat and close all the doors and windows. Start the engine and play a song on your stereo that has a heavy bass beat. Wait until the song and the bass really gets going, then turn the volume up as high as it will go. Now, unless you already have a very high-end stereo or powerful amplifier, youll find that distortion and vibration are causing a problem, not a lack of volume.

    So, the question becomes, what can you do, besides installing an expensive amplifier? Fortunately, there are a few things you can check and do that will help you to achieve a noticeable improvement in the clarity of your sound system.

    Set It Close To A Corner

    One way to make a Bluetooth speaker louder is by making it close to a wall or corner. When the sound waves bounce off of these surfaces, they will amplify the volume at which you are listening to your music.

    It is important, however, not to place the speaker too close or it will create an echo effect that can be unpleasant for listeners. Make sure you are placing the Bluetooth speaker at least 12 inches away from the wall so that it does not create a reverberation.

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    Disable Volume Limitations On Your Phone

    Smartphones can have volume limit tools to help protect your hearing. When it comes to Androids, some have it while others do not. If you’re using a Galaxy or any other relevant device, you can go into your Sounds and Vibrations menu, select the Volume option, and then adjust the Media Volume limiter. From here, you can toggle the setting off if a limit was previously set.

    Apple’s “Volume Limit” feature also has to be enabled and disabled. Here’s how you do it.

    1. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone.

    2. Use the search bar or scroll for “Music.”

    3. Scroll down to the volume limit.

    • Note: You’ll be able to see if “Volume Limit” is on or off.

    4. Once disabled, slide the knob to the end to increase volume.

    Apple also created the Sound Check feature that, when enabled, plays your music at a consistent level, regardless of how loud the sound file is. It’s only applied to downloaded songs or ones streamed through Apple Music and can be found within the Music menu of the iPhone’s settings app.

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    How to make your music LOUDER than it already is (Very Easy and increases bass)

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    Find A Better Sound Isolation Headphones

    The best way to save yourself the hustle is by getting noise isolation headphones. These are necessary as you wont need high volume for good sound, and they protect your ears from loud sounds!

    If you want to shut out the world and let your music take over, try sound isolating headphones. These types of earphones dont require as loud a volume for an immersive listening experience in fact, they can be enjoyed while still preserving hearing accuracy thanks to their high-quality noise canceling technology!

    How Can I Increase My Headphone Volume

    If you use an mp3 device with built-in amplifier, there are 2 options to increase the volume. Either turn up the Volume Limit or boost up the Bass using Equalizer for Bass BoostIf you dont have a built-in amplifier to amplify your music via headphones, then plugging your headphones into an amp can helpFinally, if you want louder music without impacting sound quality try downloading higher quality audio files instead of the compressed ones that are easily downloaded from websites that offer them for free or download Spotify because its available in 192 kbps high fidelity which will allow you to get louder volumes while maintaining high definition sounds.

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    Remove Any Obvious Rattles In And Around Your Sound System

    This point is another no-brainer, but youll be surprised the difference that removing loose items can make to the quality of your car stereo system. Take a few minutes to get rid of any loose change or other items from the pockets of your doors, then check your glove compartment and center console.

    While youre at it, check that the wires connected to your speakers have all been taped down and not left to bounce around behind the paneling. Vibration and a lot of loose objects are not your friends when it comes to having crisp, clear sound. Do what you can to eliminate it.

    • Big 19mm X 25m roll
    • Matches other wire looms in your car
    • Genuine German Quality

    How To Get Your Mixes Loud Using Equalization Before Mastering

    How To Make Your Music Louder

    Published in Mastering

    Loudness is a major concern for almost every artist and engineer. In an industry thats flooded with plugins and gear that continually tries to offer a one size fits all preset to make your music louder than then next person, we have missed the foundation of how to actually achieve loudness.

    We have limiters, compressors, expanders, exciters, and multibands, but all of these things are just one part of getting your mixes into a place where loudness can actually be achieved. Lets talk a little bit about what makes something loud.

    All music is experienced currently from speakers and your ears. Speakers take an electrical current and push it essentially through a coil and then a cone, which pumps out soundwaves that our eardrum can interpret into music. Theres a lot that goes into this miracle but one of the main things that makes a speaker pump out rich full sound is dependant on whether or not the signal is balanced.

    Equalization or commonly referred to as EQ is used all over the music creation process, but its main application is normally to help cut, boost, and balance different elements individually or in a mix in order to achieve something sonically thats pleasing. If a mix is unbalanced then the speaker will struggle to push out sound. The cone and woofers may be firing off at different times or if there is too much low end for example, then the sound may feel weak and lack impact because the speakers can not handle it.

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    How To Make Iphone Louder With The Best Music Equalizer App

    Follow the instructions below on how to make iPhone louder for your favorite songs with the Equalizer Fx app.

    Wondering how to make iPhone louder for listening to your favorite songs? Then install the Equalizer Fx: Bass Booster App on your iPhone for free from the App Store.

    • If you havent done it already, install the Equalizer Fx app.
    • Choose and play any song of your choice from your music library
    • Tap on the bass booster button
    • Turn the booster power button ON
    • Adjust the bass power level by moving the slider up and down

    Listening to loud music is known to relieve stress. It keeps away anxieties and acts as a stimulant. Some even claimed that loud sounds make music sound even better. So fans of heavy metal always seek how to make music louder on their iPhone device. They usually do it by boosting the sound effects of their music EQ settings. Every person has different tastes in music, and it is a basic need for human functioning.

    Clear Your Speaker Grills

    The speaker grills are known for collecting dust, lint, and other particles. These materials can cause grills to become clogged, which can reduce the audio output.

    Start by cleaning the grills with a sim-eject tool. Use a sim eject tool to clean the grill gently. You can puncture the grill easily, so dont use too much pressure.

    After removing all dust and debris from the top, you can use cello tape to make a small cone. Make sure the sticky side faces outwards. The pointed end can be used to capture any dust remaining in the grills.

    You can follow the video below to do the same. Avoid using solvents or liquid cleaners, as they can seep into your phone and make it difficult to remove. Liquid cleaning agents can also activate pH stickers on your iPhone, which could void your warranty.

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    How To Make An Iphone Louder

    Knowing how to make an iPhone louder is useful when you’re listening to music, watching a video or speaking to someone. Although the device’s speaker is pretty loud when you turn the volume up to the max, sometimes environmental noise can get in the way or you simply want to gain a little extra depth.

    One of the best ways of ensuring you get the best sound from your iPhone is to connect it to one of the best Bluetooth speakers. There are lots of different types to suit all budgets. But what if you don’t have a Bluetooth speaker to hand? Are there ways to boost the volume from the iPhone’s own speaker?

    The answer to that is yes and here we look at how to make an iPhone louder by altering some settings and exploring how best to position your device.

    If you can’t hear any sound, check the Silent switch on the side of the iPhone. Move it so that the orange color does not show. It might also help to locate the speaker at the bottom of the iPhone and ensure it is free of dust and dirt.

    With that out of the way, there are several steps you can take to make an iPhone louder, so read on as we show you how.

    How Loud Can Bluetooth Speakers Be

    How To Make Your Music Louder – Audio Mastering Tips

    Bluetooth speakers can be as loud as 95 decibels, but this depends on the speaker. They usually range from about 50 to 90 dB.

    There are many factors that can decrease or increase the volume, and these include:

    • The distance between your device and speaker.
    • Your phones battery life.
    • The amount of background noise in the room.
    • The volume on your devices Bluetooth menu bar.

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    How Do You Fix Low Headphone Volume

    There are a few different methods you can use to increase your headphone volume.You can turn the volume up on your device so that its louder, but this doesnt work for devices with hardware limitationsYou can adjust the equalizer settings on your device so that the audio signals through the headphones are boosted in some frequencies, which increases their intensity and produces louder sounds. This method is convenient if it is not possible to physically change anything with the device. Equalizers are software only but may be customized for specific android versions or models of phones or tablets that utilize unequalized stereo playback by defaultBy using an amplifier that has at least four channels , you can split the audio signal into two, each of which is sent to an independent channel. Each channel has its own amplifier that boosts its sound intensity, resulting in a louder effectThere are other methods as well but these are by far the most popular and practical ways How To Make Headphones Louder

    Solid Tips To Make Your Mix Louder

    Youve just finished your mix on your DAW. Before publishing it, now you need to make your mix louder or at least, commercially louder.

    This process of trying to make your music commercially loud is known as mastering.

    However, mastering isnt all about making your music loud. Mastering is also a process that ensures that you mix sounds good on different audio systems. Think about how your music would sound on a small radio or an iPhone speaker.

    The truth is, your audience probably dont listen to your track with top-of-the-end studio monitors. Instead, prepare to find your audience listening to your music on their phones, in the car, on their laptop speakers, etc.

    So put simply mastering is a process to ensure that your music not only sounds commercially loud but sounds good on the common playback platforms, each with their limitations.

    Lucky for you, weve prepared 5 solid tips that will help you make your mix louder. Unless you have a huge budget for your production project and can send your mixes to a mastering engineer, these loudness mastering tips will help you get your mix to commercial levels.

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