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How To Make Video Clips With Music On Iphone

Best Video Editing Apps For Iphone In 2021

How To Edit A iPhone Music Video Tutorial (iPhone 7) Music Video Tips

Considering different tastes, we have picked out a variety of video editing apps for iOS. While some are more focused on offering expertly-crafted tools for a pro-level video-editing, others are primed to simplify the whole video-editing process through a ton of eye-catching filters and real-time effects. So, even if movie-making isnt your cup of tea, you can create fascinating videos that can get a lot of likes on TikTok or . Having said that, let the show begin with the right timeline!

Change And Add Music On Memory Videos On Iphone

The Memories feature in the Photos app will create collections of your photos and videos highlights. The automatically generated Memory video is polished with transitions and music tracks, while, you can also customize the Memory video to change the music, images included, duration and titles as well.

Tiktok: The Viral Music Video Maker

TikTok is quickly becoming one of the most popular music video platforms, especially for lip-syncing. Once youve sifted through their large library of licensed music, all you have to do is record your video. From there, you can use its easy cut and trim tools to edit your video and even add some cool visual effects or stickers. Its free to download and use.

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Add Background Music Stored On Your Device

  • With your project open, tap the Add Media button , then tap Audio.

  • To find music previously synced to your device from your computer, tap My Music.

  • To listen to the music before adding it, tap the item.

  • To add the music to your movie project, tap the item, then tap the Add Audio button .

  • Tip: If youre creating a music video and want to align video clips to specific points in the music, add background music to your project first.

    How To Add Music To Clips On Iphone

    Loop Pads: DJ music beat maker App for iPhone

    Step #1. Launch Clips app Tap on music button at the top right corner.

    Step #2. Tap on My Music at the bottom.

    Step #3. Next, tap on Artists, Songs, Albums or any other category. Then, tap on track to select it.

    Step #4. Tap on the play button to preview it In the end, tap on Done at the top right corner.

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    Slidelab: Slideshow Making App With A Vast Music Library

    Another great app for making artistic slideshows is SlideLab. Not only are there tons of cool photo filters to choose from, but this app also has a vast collection of transitions to make your slideshow seamless. Plus, you can add a song to the background from its music library or upload a track from your iTunes Library. This app free to download with the option to upgrade to a purchased version that removes the watermark.

    Add A Filter And Rotate Your Videos

    After you take your photo, open the photo in the Photos app and tap Edit. You can rotate, add a filter, and adjust the look of your video in the Photos app. If you dont like your changes, tap Cancel to revert to the original.

    On your Mac, open the Photos app and click Edit to adjust the look of your video. If you don’t like your changes, click Revert to Original or Reset Adjustments.

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    An Easier Way To Change Volume Of Any Part Of A Video On Iphone

    Videoshop is a great iMovie alternative. Its much easier than iMovie for beginners. Get this iPhone video editor app if you do not have it already. Launch the app on iPhone, choose Import Video, select a video clip from your Camera Roll and add it to the video editor app.

    At the bottom you can find the video thumbnails with a speaker icon above each video clip. Tap the video thumb, you can find the slider to increase or decrease the volume of the selected video clip. Tap the sound wave icon at the bottom, you will get a screen like this.

    You will have to select the start and end point of the sound wave. Play the video using the built-in movie player at the upper section, then pause at the start point. Or you can drag the sound wave left or right to select the start point. There is a red line above the sound wave with a white circle in the middle. You can drag the white circle down to decrease audio volume. When you reach the end point, drag the white circle up to increase volume. You can repeat the steps to adjust volume up or down for any selected portion of a video clip. After you have finished editing the sound track, follow the on-screen tips to export the video from the video editor to your Camera Roll.

    The Best Video Editing Apps In 2021

    How To Make A Music Video With Your Phone [MASTERCLASS]

    ByTom May29 October 2021

    Perfect for editing on your phone or tablet, these are the best video editing apps for Android and iOS.

    The best video editing apps mean you don’t have to be sat at your desk to create great videos. Wherever you are, you can edit footage on your mobile device, whether you’re a pro video editor, a YouTuber, or just someone who likes shooting video on their phone for fun.

    Yes, they’re less powerful than the best video editing software for PCs and Macs. But these days, they’re surprisingly capable, and on the flipside, they’re often faster, more efficient and easier to use than desktop software.

    Available for both Android and iOS, these video editing apps can be used on both smartphones and tablets . And if you’ve just bought an iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max, which have the ability to shoot video in high-quality ProRes format, you’ll have an extra reason to check them out.

    Below you’ll find the very best video editing apps available today, including free, freemium and paid-for options. We’ll explain which apps are best for particular tasks, and give you the information you need to choose between them.

    Meanwhile, if you’re looking to upgrade your hardware too then don’t miss our guides to the best computer for video editing, the best monitor for video editing and the best MacBook for video editing. .

    Now read on to discover the top 3 video editing apps today in brief and then our full dive into the best video editing apps around right now.

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    Add Background Music To A Video Using Vivavideo On Iphone

    VivaVideo is yet another video editor for iPhone that lets you edit your videos and add soundtracks to them. It is also easy to use this app to make your videos musical and the following shows how to do it.

    Step 1. Download and install the VivaVideo app on your iPhone.

    Step 2. Open the app and tap on the option that says Edit video as you will be editing a video to add music to it.

    Edit a video in VivaVideo

    Step 3. Choose your video on the following screen and it will be added to your project. When the video is added, tap on Music at the bottom bar to play around with music editing options in the app.

    Music option in VivaVideo

    Step 4. Select the Add music button to add a music file to your video.

    Add music to video in VivaVideo

    Step 5. Select the music file you want to add to your video and it will be added. Then, tap on Save at the top-right corner to save the video with your chosen music file.

    Save edited video in VivaVideo

    You will find the newly edited video in the Photos app on your device.

    Make A Free Video Montage With Music On Mac

    Apples iMovie software is automatically downloaded on MacBooks and desktops. Its a great free video montage maker for beginners to use if they want to do basic video editing. iMovie allows you to cut video, audio image duration so you can create an awesome video montage. You can also add subtitles, opening and closing credits, filters and special effects.

    How to montage videos with music in iMovie:Step 1: Create a New Project under the File tab.

    Step 2: Go back under the File tab and hit “Import” to import the videos youd like to montage together into your gallery.

    Step 3: Drag the videos, audios, or photos from the gallery to the project window below. Move the slider in Settings to the right and expand the clips in the timeline/project window for easier editing.

    Step 4: If youd like to trim the videos, you can highlight the part youd like to drag into the project window OR, drag the edges of the video into clip in the project window.

    Step 5: Under the File tab, export your new video montage to your computer.


    • Only available for Mac and iOS
    • Difficulties uploading to YouTube
    • Not compatible with all formats for importing

    Step 2: click “Open” or drag videos and photos from Windows Explorer to Windows Movie Maker’s Storyboard Pane.

    Step 3: If you have multiple video clips or images, arrange them in the order youd like in the Storyboard Pane.

    Step 4: Add transitions between your videos or images to create an attractive montage .

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    Still Not Seeing Memories Or Memory Music

    If you continue to experience trouble viewing, editing, or creating Photo App Memories, then its possible you need to reinstall iOSs Photos App. Unfortunately, that means reinstalling your iOS since you cannot reinstall just a part of it. We recommend you reinstall your iOS using iTunes since those installations tend to be a lot more stable.

    Use iTunes Recovery Mode To Reinstall iOS

    • Update your computer to the latest version of iTunes
    • If you dont own a computer, ask a friend or family member or visit a nearby Apple Store or Apple Reseller
    • Backup your device using iTunes or iCloud
    • Disconnect your iDevice and close iTunes
    • Connect your iDevice to your computer and open iTunes
    • When your iDevice connects, perform a force restart
    • On an iPhone 6S or below plus all iPads & iPod Touches, press Home and Power at the same time until you see the Apple logo
    • For iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus: Press and hold both the Side and Volume Down buttons for at least 10 seconds, until you see the Apple logo
    • On an iPhone X or iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus: Press and quickly release the Volume Up button. Then press and quickly release the Volume Down button. Finally, press and hold the Side button until you see the Apple logo
  • Choose Update when you see the option to Restore or Update, choose Update
  • iTunes tries to reinstall your iOS without erasing your data
  • If the update takes more than 15 minutes and your device exits recovery mode, let the download finish, and try again
  • How To Add Music In Imovie On An Ipad


    Adding music to iMovie on an iPad is relatively similar to doing it on an iPhone. So, lets look at how:

  • Open your chosen video project in iMovie on your iPad so that you have it displayed on the timeline.
  • Look for the Add Media icon on the screen and tap on it.
  • You can sample each song by tapping on it. If a music file is not yet downloaded, it will appear lighter in color. Tap it to first download it before clicking on it to preview the song.
  • To add your chosen music to your iMovie video, click the Add Audio symbol next to the song.
  • iMovie will import the song into your project and place it at the beginning of the reel, extending the music to cover the length of the video.
  • Once this import is complete, you can adjust the length of the audio clip or add a second one.
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    How To Adjust Volume Of A Portion Of A Video Using Imovie

    As we mentioned above, the iMovie for iOS can edit audio or remove audio for the entire video clip. But we cant find an option to select any specific portion of the sound track. Luckily, iMovie has the built-in video cutter which split video into multiple segments. After that you can select any sound track or video segment to change the volume, mute background sound separately.

    Heres how to split a video into multiple sound tracks or pieces using iMovie on iPhone. Run iMovie on your iPhone, go to create a new project and add a video from your Camera Roll to create a new movie with it. Play the video, then pause at the point you like to start editing the sound in the background. Alternatively drag and video in the timeline at the lower section to quickly find the start point. Tap the video in the timeline, youll see the tools bar shows at the bottom. The video cutter will be selected automatically. Simply touch Split to cut the video into two clips.

    Repeat the steps above to select the ending frame and split again. After that you can edit audio, change volume, remove sound tracks for different video clips separately without affecting other clips.

    Make Sure Your Iphone Has Enough Storage Space

    Have you ever experienced the dreaded moment when you were unable to capture a video because you got this pop-up notification?

    If this notification pops up while you’re filming a video, your phone will stop recording, and you’ll have to start over. To prevent this, make sure you have enough space before pressing “record.” Delete as many unnecessary files and apps as you can, and if needed, purchase iCloud storage for files to free up more space on your device itself.

    To do this, navigate to “Settings,” select “General,” “Storage & iCloud Usage,” and tap “Manage Storage” to buy more space for as little as $0.99 per month.

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    Triller: Music Video App With Automatic Editing

    If you want a music video maker thats virtually hands-free, youll want to try Triller. After you record your video, the app will edit your videos automatically. However, you do have the option to cut and trim any parts you dont like. It also has a huge library of licensed music that includes many of todays top hits and a visual effects library. Its free to download and comes with in-app purchases.

    Slideshow Maker: Slideshow App With Sound Effects

    How to create cool music videos on iPhone/iPad with Wizibel

    SlideShow Maker features over 30 filters, 20 effects, 50 shapes, and 100 stickers to help you create a unique photo and video slideshow. It also includes easy-to-use editing tools and built-in music effects. The app is free to download, but if you want access to the music effects and soundtracks, you need to upgrade to a premium subscription plan.

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    Record Video With Music

    With the music playing in the background and your iPhone camera open to Photo, tap and hold the shutter button to start recording video. When you are done recording, just remove your finger from the shutter button. This trick applies for both the rear and selfie cameras. The video will immediately save into your Photo Album/Camera Roll as usual.

    Make A Free Video Montage With Music Online With Kapwing

    KapWing is a really easy-to-use online video montage maker that you can upload clips, gif and images right from your computer right to its website. There is a free version that comes with less capabilities than the $20/month version but for basic stuff, you definitely dont need to pay. The free version allows you to make video montages in a sleek, minimalistic atmosphere.


    • No special effects or watermarks in the free version
    • Doesnt have the capacity for exporting in 4K
    • Free version doesnt allow for slow motion videos
    • File upload is only up to 500MB

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    How To Add Music To Iphone Video With Filmora

    One of the most recommended ways to add music to video on the desktop is using Wondershare Filmora video editor. It is the most leading and popular way which one can use to add background music to a video. With a bunch of effects, filters, themes and features ability, the software proves to be better than anything else. Here are the steps on how to add music to a video using Filmora.

    Filmora is available on both Windows and Mac computers. You can add music and sound effect for free from the built-in Audio Library. Or, you can record a voiceover to narrate the video or add your favorite music from the computer. In the following part, Iâll take Filmora for Windows as an example to illustrate how to add music to iPhone videos. The steps on Filmora for Mac are similar.

    Step 1 â Import iPhone Videos to Filmora

    Launch Wondershare Filmora and begin with importing the iPhone source video file to Filmora. Choose âImportâ and then go to the âImport from a Camera or a Phoneâ option.

    Tips: if your videos are shot vertically and you want to edit them in the 9:16 aspect ratio, youâll need to adjust the aspect ratio in Project settings.

    In the pop-up window, choose the device, preview and check the media that you want to add music to. Those media will be saved in the default folder, and click OK to continue.

    All imported media will be placed in the Project Media Library, you can then drag and drop them to the video track on the timeline.

    Step 3 â Edit Soundtrack

    Video Maker With Music Editor: Video Making App With Sound Effects

    How to keep YouTube music playing in the background on iPhone

    If youre searching for a simple app that will let you throw some cool background music to your videos, download Video Maker with Music Editor. It doesnt have a library of licensed popular songs, but it does have a vast amount of music tracks for everything from romantic films to rock parties. You can also record your voice over a video. Its free to download, but a paid subscription will grant more access to music tracks and editing tools.

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