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How To Make Synthwave Music

Make Room For Additional Instruments

How To Make Synthwave Music – Beginners Guide Ft Maschine

A new instrument or sound can redefine a section of your Synthwave arrangement. Depending on how many instruments are already playing, a new sound provides a dose of excitement, drama and attention. Be careful however, as too many instruments will clutter your mix.

When adding another sound to an already busy mix, consider muting notes of chords that will not compromise the quality of the chord. For instance, if a pad is playing a C Major 7th chord C E G B, then mute the G and even C notes if your bass or other instrument are playing the root of the chord. Muting specific notes of a chord allows new instruments to cut through the mix while making your overall master seemingly louder.

Creating Melodic Call And Responses For Dynamics

Now that weve recorded melodies its time to develop potential melodic phrases that will peak the interest of our listener. Most of the time, this is done by introducing call and response sequences. The most effective call and response patterns involve adding another instrument that responds to the melodys original call. For instance, responses usually fill in the gap and are inserted into the areas of the piano roll where the melody ceases from playing. By and large, these musical responses should adhere to chord tones while borrowing elements from the original motif.

Getting The Modern 80s Sound

When you hear synthwave, you immediately hear some critical differences in the mix versus most modern genres one of the biggest elements at play is low pass filtering. Normally, youll hear this effect on tons of synths like basses, plucks, and tons of other patches … but with synthwave, youll hear it subtly across the entire mix. As an example, compare synthwave with contemporary pop music and youll immediately hear the difference in the intensity of the top end. If you want to approximate it, take a low pass filter and use a gentle rolloff above 15kHz or so.

Gentle saturation is typically used in conjunction with filtering, emulating the sound of magnetic tape . Youll have to play with this a bit, as its easy to be heavy-handed . The type of saturation is important too nothing too digital or harsh, as the goal is gentle warmth. You can get this sound by chaining multiple effects together, but youll have a much easier time using a multi-effect designed to achieve this specific sound. UJAMs Finisher RETRO is the perfect fit, and you can simply scroll through a few presets until you find the one that best fits your unique mix try out What Is Mono for some authentic 80s vibes. Tweak it to taste and youre good to go!

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How To Make Synthwave

Synthwave is the new trend, and a lot of pop artists are incorporating this music into their songs.

This genre was created in the 80s and used all kinds of Synths and the famous percussion of that time which used reverb in the kick/Snare.

The tempo of the songs from this genre was between 80 and 140BPM, however, you can find faster Synthwave tracks nowadays.

In the 80s this type of music was used in films and arcade videogames but recently Synthwave came back with TV series like Stranger Thing or movies like Tron, which have made this genre popular again.

To make a basic Synthave song you can follow this steps:

  • Choose a key for a song and make a Chord Progression, the most common for Synthwave music is A minor and Bb major.
  • Make a melody from the Chord progression and also other melodies and patterns for all of the instruments/Synth.
  • Divide the song into sections following the popular structure: intro, verse, chorus/drop, verse, chorus/drop, bridge, chorus/chorus.
  • Now you can start with the Percussion or the Synths
  • For the Synths, you should have a bassline, an Arp, a Key/Organ, a Pad, and risers.
  • In the bassline use two notes at the end of each beat to follow the percussion, which is very characteristic of Synthwave music.
  • The sound from the Synth should sound like Analog Synths, so you could add always some release on your sounds to give that feeling.
  • Working Under A Time Constraint When Making Music Can Be A Great Way To Hone Your Workflow And Build Confidence In Your Creative Decisions


    In the video above, we took this idea to the test by speed running a synthwave track in under ten minutes. Check it out to see how you can quickly construct the lush synth leads, punchy drums, dreamy arps, and other elements that are staples to the genre.

    If you liked the track we created and want to experiment with the individual samples we used yourself, you can check out the Collection we created here. Also, you can grab the MIDI files for all of the chord progressions, melodies, and basslines we manually constructed here.

    What other genres do you want to see us speed run in ten minutes or less? Let us know in the comments below, and check out our other 10-minute challenges here.

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    Beginnings: Choose Your Tempo

    Youre about to embark on the next masterpiece of retro-tinged musical mayhem, so you fire up your DAW and create a blank project. Your first decision to make is perhaps the most fundamental – which Bpm should you choose?

    As with all genres, you can make a Synthwave track at pretty much any tempo you care to try, but Id say the vast majority of tracks fall into one of two distinct areas – you have the slower, more grooving range of around 80 – 118 Bpm and the more upbeat, driving range of 128 – 140 Bpm for tracks in the Outrun sub-genre.

    Has This Ever Happened To You

    · Have you ever spent countless hours working on a track only to have your final master sound like it was produced by an amateur?

    · Do you ever wonder why your synthwave tracks never sound as polished as those from top synthwave producers?

    · Do you struggle to produce the synthwave music you wish you could share proudly with the rest of the world?

    · Do you often get stuck and worry that you’ll never become the music producer you dream of becoming?

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    Make A Chord Progression And Melodic Motif Using A Piano

    Before instantiating your favorite plugin, start with an instance of a piano VST. Most DAWs ship with stock pianos which are more than enough to get things going.Next, record the chords to your song and its accompanying melodies. Similarly, you can do this with a guitar as well if its your primary instrument.

    While most EDM artists cringe at the idea of relying on a piano as compositional tool, be aware that jazz musicians from yesteryears would often turn to the piano to flesh out chords, harmonies and melodic ideas despite playing an entirely different instrument. In the same fashion, many of todays musicians, including pop stars such as Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber all have some kind of piano training that has proven to be effective for songwriting.

    The purpose of using the piano is to plan out chords, melodies and supportive elements in the form of harmonies and brief musical runs. Equally important is the creation of variations of our primary melodic theme so be sure to record those bits as well. Abletons session view lends itself for the quick recording of melodic variations so be sure to harness the power of this convenient feature.

    How To Make Synthwave In Fl Studio

    How To Make A Synthwave Song | Make Pop Music

    Ever wanted to know how to make synthwave? In this tutorial, Im going to show you how to make synthwave in FL Studio using all stock plugins and drums.

    Well be going over sound selection for drums and synths, and talking a bit about some other characteristics that make up the genre. Even if youre not really into making synthwave I think this tutorial will be pretty helpful for you.

    To make things easier, I created a drum kit of a few retro stock FL Studio sounds. In case you dont feel like sifting through a bunch of drum samples, I included a download link to the drum kit in the description of the video.

    Video link:

    Synthwave AKA retrowave is a genre of electronic music that has been growing in popularity over the past few years. The genre is heavily influenced by video game and movie soundtracks from the 80s. Retrofuturism is a big part of the music and artwork . The art plays a big role in the overall sound and vibe of synthwave.

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    Finish More Tracks Faster

    Obviously, there are a LOT of different ways of creating synthwave music, and this article is just scratching the surface.

    So get out there, experiment, and create more music.

    Speaking of which, if you want help finishing more of your tracks, faster, so you can start releasing new music more regularly…

    Then be sure to grab my rapid song-finishing checklist below.

    This will give you simple checklist which will walk you through the process of mixing, mastering, and knowing that your song is finished and ready to be released.

    Create Better Songs, Faster

    I hope you got value from this post on how to make synthwave, if so, feel free to share.

    And let me know in the comments below…

    Harness The Power Of Transposition

    If youre looking for tricks to extend your arrangements while keeping things fresh then try using a technique that not only pop and orchestral producers have been using for decades, its guaranteed to inadvertently engage your listener.

    To extend your arrangement, simply duplicate your initial melodic lead line and pitch it up an entire octave. This only works when the lead line is initially played at a range that isnt too high or too low. This technique emphasizes the power of repetition in that the second time around, the sequence will have your listener sing along to the lead line that is now an octave higher.

    Similarly, you can always layer the second reiteration with another instrument for added excitement.

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    Proliferation Of Electronic Music Research Institutions

    , formerly known as Electroacoustic Music in Sweden, is the Swedish national centre for electronic music and . The research organisation started in 1964 and is based in Stockholm.

    is a center for in the electronic performing arts, located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. STEIM has existed since 1969. It was founded by , , , , , , and . This group of Dutch composers had fought for the reformation of Amsterdam’s feudal music structures they insisted on Bruno Maderna’s appointment as musical director of the Concertgebouw Orchestra and enforced the first public fundings for experimental and improvised electronic music in the Netherlands.

    in Paris became a major center for computer music research and realization and development of the computer system, featuring then revolutionary real-time digital signal processing. ‘s for 24 musicians and 6 soloists used the 4X to transform and route soloists to a loudspeaker system.

    describes one of his experiences with early computer sounds:

    Released in 1970 by , the was among the first widely available, portable, and relatively affordable synthesizers. It became once the most widely used synthesizer at that time in both popular and electronic art music., playing live with at the beginning of the 1970s, pioneered the use of synthesizers in a touring context, where they were subject to stresses the early machines were not designed for.

    The first commercially available sampling synthesizer was the by .

    Use A Free Synthwave Bass Vst

    How To make Synthwave Music in FL Studio 20 [free download ...

    Now were going to download that free VST I was talking about.

    There are a lot of great free Synthwave plugins out there that you could use, but one of the best is the OB-XD by discosp. Just click the button below, and then click the icon of your computer’s operating system to download the plugin.

    This is a great plugin that is an emulation of the classic Oberheim OB-X and is therefore great for all kinds of Synthwave sounds.

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    Arturia V Collection 8

    Synthwaves retro production aesthetic relies heavily, as the name suggests, on vintage synths. Thats an unavoidably expensive way to make music these days, as prices of classic instruments have skyrocketed in recent years.

    For most of us, software emulations of iconic models are the more affordable option. You can take your pick from hundreds of instruments in the plugin world, but if you want the most comprehensive choice of high-quality emulations, Arturias V Collection 8 is the obvious starting point, offering a total of 28 instruments in a 599 bundle.

    Colour In The Background

    With our higher synth arp, we used diminution to squash the melody down into a much quicker, almost trill-like pattern – now I want to introduce you to the opposite process, know as ‘augmentation’. This time, I want to copy my original synth track and drag out the MIDI block so it’s double the length, stretching out the arpeggio so it takes a full 4 bars to get back to the original note. Here’s how this sounds:

    I actually want to use this voice as a gentle pad sound, filling out the background of my Synthwave track. Increasing both attack and release times, reducing the low pass filter cut-off, setting Retro Synth’s 2nd oscillator 7 semitones above the first and pushing the whole arp line up the octave gives me this:

    Put it all together and we arrive at our finished Synthwave score:

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    Create Your Own Tunes

    Got inspired? Ready to make some nice shiny-glitchy ambient tunes? Are you looking for quality sounds to make your next track? If you are interested in getting into the world of vaporware production, we recommend checking out our Vapor Collection our genuinely unique bundle of two Kontakt instrument libraries that give you a production-ready set of authentic tools!

    Vapor Keys is a collection of great-sounding vintage FM Electric Piano sample library and an inspiring collection of dreamlike, lush keyboard instruments for Kontakt 5.

    With Vapor Keys, you can bring a few of the best sampled Yamaha DX7 electric pianos to your next track. Youll find classics like the original EPIANO, or the famous Los Angeles Rhodes patches and fresh new gems from our sound designers in this library with over 2GBs worth of samples for use at will!

    While Vapor Keys 2 for Kontakt 6 focuses on creating excellent ambient and chillwave sounds with over 90 extremely useful instrument patches for scoring or electronic music all organized by three types so you can find what you need quickly and easily.

    All these instruments are sampled from authentic analog gear to bring you the best possible quality you would need to make your tracks.

    We hope that youve enjoyed reading about vaporwave music. Hopefully, it has been insightful and inspiring for your music production! Have fun coming up with new ideas to make some great tracks.

    The Mix Down: Conclusion

    How To Make Synthwave Music on Garageband

    In summary, all you have to do to recreate that classic Synthwave bass sound is load up a preset from a free VST synth, and then throw some saturation and chorus on it and you can pretty much call it a day.

    Thats THAT easy to create a Synthwave bass, and you can easily recreate this sound in less than a minute once you get these plugins installed.

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    How To Stay Motivated During Music Production

    If youve been in the music game for some time, you may possess an endless collection of drum samples. For instance, most producers boast large libraries of kick, snare and clap samples. Equally concerning is the amount of time needed to browse through these audio samples an exercise in frustration.

    Instead, the solution lies in creating a kick drum selector- a rack designed to let you quickly cycle through your samples. What the video below to see how to create a kick drum selector in under 2 minutes.

    It’s Not About How Many Plugins You Own

    Most people own far too many plugins, hardware synths and drum machines which stifle creativity when they don’t know how to maximize them all. After completing the course, you’ll learn how to leverage musical ideas through simple sound design techniques without having to spend your hard-earner money on the latest gadgets.

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    When To Use A Whisper Track

    With our whisper track now set up, you can deploy it during a chorus or drop. Be sure to roll off some top end of your synthesizers to accommodate its high frequency-rich sonic quality. Boost the whisper tracks fader until it adds shimmer to your musical passage. Use the A/B technique and compare the difference. When the channel is muted, you should detect the noticeable drop in high frequency content.Finally, ride the fader via automation to ensure it doesnt interfere with instruments whose high frequencies reside in the same range.

    What Is A Melodic Motif


    A motif, in its purest form, is that which is stated, developed and embellished throughout a composition offering a variety of palatable choices for which a listener latches onto. Similarly, the end product of a savory Idaho potato can be presented in a variety of ways mashed, boiled, baked, french fried and hashed. The motif, as we will discover, is no different in that it mutates to provide the building blocks for which songwriters can explore musical outcomes while creating a cohesive melodic soundtrack.

    Take for instance Ludwig van Beethovens Symphony No. 5, Op. 67: I. Allegro con brio.

    Beethovens instantly recognizable musical masterpiece is made up of a 4 note musical motif that is repeated, transposed and embellished throughout the score.

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