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How To Make Music Without Instruments

So Now We Can Ask Again How Did Music Begin

Make Music Without Knowing How To Play Instruments! Garageband

But then another question arises: is music only ours? We can, I think, now agree that two elements of music are melody, i.e., variation of pitch, plus rhythmic impulse. But almost all animals can produce sounds that vary in pitch, and every animal has a heart beat. Can we regard bird song as music? It certainly conveys musical pleasure for us, it is copied musically , and it conveys distinct signals for that bird and for other birds and, as a warning, for other animals also. Animal cries also convey signals, and both birds and animals have been observed moving apparently rhythmically. But here, we, as musicologists and ethnomusicologists alike, are generally agreed to ignore bird song, animal cries, and rhythmic movement as music even if, later, we may regard it as important when we are discussing origins below. We ignore these sounds, partly because they seem only to be signals, for example alarms etc, or this is my territory, and partly, although they are frequently parts of a mating display, this does not seem to impinge on society as a whole, a feature that, as we shall see, can be of prime importance in human music. Perhaps, too, we should admit to a prejudice: that we are human and animals are not

All The Focus Is On Melody & Lyrics

Different genres require different attention to lyrics and melody.

For the sake of this guide, lets focus our energy on traditional song structures. Pop songs, folk songs, rock songs, hip hop, spoken word, etc.

Writing without an instrument forces you out from behind that instrument.

Its easy to hide lazy songwriting or mediocre lyrics behind interesting chords, beautiful sounds, or fancy finger work. And there is nothing wrong with that. In some genres, the lyrics and melody just matter less.

But theres no question that being forced to write a song without an instrument will make you think about every lyric you write. You wont be able to live with a lyric that doesn’t captivate you when the song is just lyrics or just melody and lyrics.

Beyond lyrics, your melodies have a lot of freedom without chords behind them.

Chord progressions, keys, and habits usually lead us to a lot of the same places when were writing. Again this is totally fine.

But if you don’t have an instrument in front of, any melody is on the table. It can be interesting to see where your mind takes you when its not falling into those old habits and patterns.

All in all, you could end up writing a song that’s hard to put to music. And, because of that, it might not work out.

Or, you could end up with a super catchy, lyrically tight song, that has some inventive melodies that it wouldnt have otherwise had.

Oral And Aural Tradition

Many types of music, such as traditional blues and folk music were not written down in sheet music instead, they were originally preserved in the memory of performers, and the songs were handed down orally, from one musician or singer to another, or aurally, in which a performer learns a song “”. When the composer of a song or piece is no longer known, this music is often classified as “traditional” or as a “folk song”. Different musical traditions have different attitudes towards how and where to make changes to the original source material, from quite strict, to those that demand improvisation or modification to the music. A culture’s history and stories may also be passed on by ear through song.

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How To Write Lyrics Without Music

The creative process is different for every artist.

But there is no right or wrong way to write.

Typically, I will follow the same process every time. I often find myself inspired by a cool chord progression and will write from there.

I also write a lot from titles. Coming up with good song titles seems to be an effective way to get my creative juices flowing.

But I dont always have an instrument with me, and inspiration can strike at any moment.

Specifically, in the car and on public transport. Ill have lyrics and/or melodies make themselves known to me, and Ill have the burning desire to finish them, but I cant because I dont have the right tools with me.

I am a big advocate for finishing song ideas as soon as possible, even if it means dropping everything. Not being able to immediately flesh out an idea is frustrating to me.

So, lately Ive started writing without and instrument in front of me, and I have found it rewarding.

Heres why you should consider working out your ideas even without an instrument, and why you should consider making instrument-free writing a part of your writing practice even just as an experiment.

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Load Up A Sample To Fill Out The Track


This part, admittedly, is kind of optional, because you dont actually have to use a sample to make it sound good. However, lets say that you wanted to have an ocean sound in your song.

You would just have to load up an Ocean sample into the AUSampler, and voila, youd have the desired sound. Typically, Ill find the sample that I want to use through YouTube. Then, as I showed in my sampling tutorial, Id convert the audio file using a YouTube to mp3 converter, which will convert the song into an mp3, and allow for it to be placed into the AUSampler.

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Choosing A Microphone For Recording Vocals

If you need to add vocals to your tracks or record things like percussion or acoustic guitar, youll need to get a microphone.

Condenser microphones are usually preferred in the studio environment because theyre typically more sensitive and will capture a more defined sound than dynamic mics.

However, dynamic mics can work just as well or even better in some situations, like when youre recording something loud .

Microphones come with three main connector types:

  • Quarter-in jack
  • XLR
  • USB

Each has its advantages, but the most beginner-friendly mics connect via USB because you can plug them directly into your computer and get started right away.

You can find a great selection of studio mics here.

How To Make Music Using A Computer

This article was co-authored by Timothy Linetsky. Timothy Linetsky is a DJ, producer, and music educator that has been making music for over 15 years. He creates educational YouTube videos focused on producing electronic music and has over 90,000 subscribers.There are 18 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. In this case, 85% of readers who voted found the article helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 635,664 times.

In the past, making studio-quality music required lots of money and years of training in composition and instrumentation. Now, however, you can create beautiful songs at home with nothing more than a computer, some audio software, and a little bit of practice.

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Best Libraries With Multiple Instruments

When you are starting out to make music the best plugin you can get is one that has tons of instruments inside it.

From orchestral strings to ethnic drums and even synth sounds, in these libraries, you can find everything you might need for your song.

There are some differences between each of the libraries, and some are better for some music genres.

For example, some of the music libraries only include high-quality orchestral sounds and can be quite expensive.

But if you are composing film-score music or classical an orchestral library will be worth it in the long run.

One of the things that make those libraries have higher quality apart from the sound, is the level of articulations.

Articulations are the way an instrument is played, for example, a violin that can be plucked, played gently, or with the bow crossing fast.

And also the level of velocity which is the strength applied to the instrument on each note.

In sample libraries that include more instruments apart from orchestral, like band instruments, synth sampled sounds, ethnic instruments, etc, the level of articulations and velocity is usually lower as well as the sound quality.

For starting out they are a great tool, but to get closer to a real instrument sound performed by a musician you will need sampled libraries of a single instrument.

Still, these libraries can be pretty useful when you dont find a specific instrument like a metal drum for example.

NI Kontakt 6 Factory Library

EastWest Goliath

reFX Nexus 3

Have Any More Unique Homemade Musical Instruments

How to Compose Music Without Playing an Instrument | Music Production for Beginners 3

Thats our list of 15 homemade musical instruments! If you really love playing your homemade instruments and want to eventually play the real thing, check out the private music instructors in your area.

Have you created any other homemade musical instruments? Comment below!

Post Author:Willy M. teaches guitar, ukulele, and mandolin lessons in Winston Salem, NC. Hes been teaching for 20 years, and his students range in age from young children to folks in their 80s. Learn more about Willy here!

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Can I Make Music Without Instruments

Music is mostly instruments and vocals combined to create meaning. Back in the day, musicians relied heavily on the use of instruments to record and make their music.

Most music production these days is done with a few instruments, this then leaves the question:

Can I Make Music Without Instruments?

You can make music without physical instruments, you can solely rely on virtual instruments in your Digital Audio Workstation to help you get the job done. A digital audio workstation is simply software that can help you fully produce music digitally.

Image Lines Fruity Loops Digital Audio Workstation is good starting point if youre looking to get started making your music without the use of physical instruments.

You can also check out Ableton live or Reason. These are some great digital tools that can help you get started in the music industry. Granted youll have to spend a couple of bucks here and there but it will be worth it in the endif the goal is make music.

Enough with the recommendations, lets get into some FAQ questions surrounding this topic.

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How Did Music Begin Was It Via Vocalization Or Was It Through Motor Impulse

But even those elementary questions are a step too far, because first we have to ask What is music? and this is a question that is almost impossible to answer. Your idea of music may be very different from mine, and our next-door neighbors will almost certainly be different again. Each of us can only answer for ourselves.

Mine is that it is Sound that conveys emotion.

We can probably most of us agree that it is sound yes, silence is a part of that sound, but can there be any music without sound of some sort? For me, that sound has to do somethingit cannot just be random noises meaning nothing. There must be some purpose to it, so I use the phrase that conveys emotion. What that emotion may be is largely irrelevant to the definition there is an infinite range of possibilities. An obvious one is pleasure. But equally another could be fear or revulsion.

How do we distinguish that sound from speech, for speech can also convey emotion? It would seem that musical sound must have some sort of controlled variation of pitch, controlled because speech can also vary in pitch, especially when under overt emotion. So music should also have some element of rhythm, at least of pattern. But so has the recital of a sonnet, and this is why I said above that the question of What is music? is impossible to answer. Perhaps the answer is that each of us in our own way can say Yes, this is music, and No, that is speech.

How Much Does A Didgeridoo Cost

How to Create Music Without Instruments  DIY

The instrument can be made from any solid materialin fact if you really want to stay inexpensive, any ABS/PVC pipe that is from an inch to 1.5 inches in diameter can be played as a didgeridoo. That means you can play the didgeridoo for less than $10.

Besides ABS/PVC homemade didgeridoos, you can purchase a plastic didgeridoo that looks great and will sound great for beginners. Toca makes an attractive one that you can find here on Amazon.

If youd like more information about buying and finding a didgeridoo for beginners, I made an easy guide, here.

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How To Write A Song If You Dont Play An Instrument

If you want to write songs but you cant play piano or guitar, dont let that stop you. There are plenty of online resources and useful tools for creating tracks to write to or accompany your existing melody and lyrics. Even if youre a musician, its fun to use some of these songwriting tools to break out of old habits and get inspired.

How Easy Is The Kalimba

The kalimba, again, is an incredibly easy instrument to get startedyou can learn the basic technique in a few minutes.

If you have some experience playing the piano or other melodic instrument, then the note configuration will feel a little strange, but youll get the hang of it quickly.

If youre a beginner to the kalimba, and especially if youre a beginner to music in general, its important to get a kalimba that has the notes engraved into the tines.

Some kalimbas have no note markings, which makes it easier if you wanted to use a custom tuning. However, if youre a beginner and if you want to learn quickly and play songs then its a good idea to get a kalimba with the notes engraved

The notes of the kalimba are all visible, which, what I mean by that is that the kalimba is unlike a trumpet or a clarinet where you have to match your mouth shape and wind speed with a certain key configuration on the instrument to make a certain note. A kalimba is like a piano, wherein if you pluck a tine, it will make the same note every time. This is one reason which makes this an easier instrument to get started.

So, the kalimba is easy to get started, but I just recently finished playing the kalimba for 30 days of practicing it, and I learned that to get to the level of those amazing players you see on YouTube, it takes a lot more practice than Id thought. Playing complicated pieces that sound really good takes a lot of coordination and dexterity.

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A To Use This Feature You Just Have To Click On The Rope Icon On The Top

From here, what you want to do is select the loop that you think sounds dope, and then drag and drop it into the interface.

For the sake of this tutorial, I chose the Chill Chords Acoustic Guitar loop, which I think sounds great for making a very somber-sounding hip-hop beat.

Once youve loaded the loop into the workspace, youre now ready to move on to the next stage, which means were going to load up a drummer track.

Can You Be Singer Without Writing Music

How to Write a Song Without Instruments (2020 Update!)

Most people have the impression that writing music is the prerequisite for becoming a singer. This may have been true in the olden days but not any more.

To be a singer, you simply need the ability to sing thats pretty much it..

I know what youre thinking If all I need to do is sing, then what will I sing about or where will I get lyrics from if i dont write them myself?

These days, song writers are literally everywhere and are a huge part of the music industry. So, even if you cant write music, you can always sit down with a song writer that can write music for you to simply lay out and sing.

So No, you dont need to be able to write music to be a singer. If you want to be a singer, you need to be able to sing. Songwriters can help provide you with lyrics that you can sing.

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