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How To Make Music On Computer

Dell Xps 15 9560 4k Uhd

How to make music with a computer (for beginners)

Dell has raised the bar with this cutting edge Dell XPS 15 model with the latest technological advances. This includes a 4K resolution, a Core Intel i7 processor and windows 10. Its somewhat comparable to the Apple MacBook but its price point is lower, and you get a good quality product. For all those music producers who like to own a quality laptop that will last a long time and be your ultimate reliable partner in crime, this laptop is the investment you need to make.

The Dell XPS has 32 GB of RAM and a battery life of 5 hours, so thats a little downside. Yet, this battery life doesnt tend to deteriorate over time. Unlike other laptop models, the battery life is sustainable and wont decrease rapidly even when youve had it for over a year or two. Its an unspoken law that good music production laptops are always designed to be good for gaming too. ThisDell XPS is exactly an example of this.

Pros: + Also Good for Gaming + Lower Price Point

Why We Liked It – Purchasing a laptop like this lightweight, and sleek one will mean youre getting something that is good quality but for a fraction of the price of an Apple or other Windows PC. Its a great choice because youll save money but also be able to produce some of the best music around.

Other Spotify Settings For Better Playback

There are more options you can change within the playback settings to enhance the audio and make Spotify louder.


This is the rate at which the songs youre playing fade into each other when one ends and another begins. You can use the slider to change this from 0 seconds to up to 12 seconds.

You can also turn Gapless Playback on or off, which means there wont be a gap of silence between songs being played and one will start immediately after another. You can turn on Automix, which changes the transitions between songs if a certain playlist uses it.

Play Feedback Sounds

If there are any feedback sounds in a song, turning this on keeps them in the song. Whether its better to keep it on or off just depends on what kind of music youre listening to and how you want to hear it.

Music Quality

You can find the Music Quality settings on the main Spotify settings page under Playback. Here you can change the general quality of your music playback when it is either streamed or downloaded.

For both streaming and downloaded music, you can choose from Automatic, Low, Normal, High, or Very High. Low quality is at 24 kbit/s, Normal is 96 kbit/s, High is 160 kbit/s, and Very High is at 320 kbit/s. The higher quality setting you choose, the more data or bandwidth youll use g.

Choosing A Microphone For Recording Vocals

If you need to add vocals to your tracks or record things like percussion or acoustic guitar, youll need to get a microphone.

Condenser microphones are usually preferred in the studio environment because theyre typically more sensitive and will capture a more defined sound than dynamic mics.

However, dynamic mics can work just as well or even better in some situations, like when youre recording something loud .

Microphones come with three main connector types:

  • Quarter-in jack
  • XLR
  • USB

Each has its advantages, but the most beginner-friendly mics connect via USB because you can plug them directly into your computer and get started right away.

You can find a great selection of studio mics here.

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If Youre Wondering How To Get Started Heres The Way To Go

Three years ago, I got into music and realized it wasactually possible to learn how production works with no real equipment, no crazy-high-tech software, and no talent in playing instruments. Personally, I had no idea how far I could go with just an iPad, a free app, and a pair of headphones.

P.S. its actually very far.

What Youll Need To Succeed

How to Make Music Using a Computer: 13 Steps

Once you are on your way leaning, the things you will need to succeed go beyond just computer equipment and programs. As any pro will tell you, the key to becoming a chart-topping artist is determination and hard work.

If music is your calling, then you are willing to work hard to make your dreams of being a hit artist come true. Becoming a great musician takes time and lots of practice. No one has ever become a professional overnight.

As you continue to learn, do your best to keep a strong mindset. Dont let any mistakes or criticisms keep you down. Everyone will have a few bad experiences before their music becomes a hit. The learning process will be full of trial and error. But, so long as you work hard and never give up, your goal of becoming #1 on the charts will come true.

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How To Download Groovepad

  • 1. Download MEmu installer and finish the setup

  • 2. Start MEmu then open Google Play on the desktop

  • 3. Search Groovepad – Music & Beat Maker in Google Play

  • Install

    4. Download and Install Groovepad – Music & Beat Maker

  • 5. On install completion click the icon to start

  • 6. Enjoy playing Groovepad – Music & Beat Maker on PC with MEmu

Learn Basic Mixing & Mastering

Finally, you’ll need to venture into mixing and mastering. Honestly you don’t even need mastering other than realizing it exists, but mixing is a must if you want the final versions of your songs to sound decent. This can literally make or break a song, so you should take it seriously.

Mixing is the art of balancing the variance of volume levels , the positioning in the stereo field , and the clarity of each instrument . You don’t have to become a pro at mixing but you need to be better than a beginner.

We have much more if you check out the category, but here are some articles to help you find your footing:

The idea here is to take your final song and polish the presentation so it’s more listenable and more closely resembles what you hear on the radio and professional albums. You can make vast improvements easily with a little studying.

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Find Your Production Style

Think about producers like Major Lazer, Timbaland, etc. It took them years and many albums to find a style, and then some professionals will even reinvent themselves completely. But to know what your style is, let alone to be able to choose a style, requires a ton of output.

You need to know your sound fonts and samples like the back of your hand. You need to know the rules of a genre so well you can break them and revolutionize the game. One could almost say Timbaland is responsible for the resurgence of the 1980’s style. You can repurpose decades and make them your own.

The key is to become recognizable by listeners but also to carve out a niche for yourself, one in which you can get better and better in a tight zone and completely dominate that sound. Then you become the go-to person when someone wants a beat in that style. I’ve talked about marketing and how to sell beats before, which is the start to making this a real career.

Best Free Music Production Software For Beginners

How to start making music with a computer

For any genre, including wanna-be DJs

You dont need to be a professional to start creating your own music. Thanks to music production software for your PC or Mac, its never been easier. They offer a cheap way for you to get your creative juices flowingno studio required.

Paid professional software is available, but with companies like Apple offering top-quality production software for free, beginners dont need to invest huge sums just to get started. Heres a run-through of six of the best free music production software for beginners to try.

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Our Picks For The Top 10 Best Music Creation Software

Below is our list for top 10 best DAWs out there. Take into consideration the level youre currently at, where you plan on being for the future as well as the overall capabilities youre looking for. Visit their website or the purchase link we provide for more information. We also tried to throw in the free trials and a few video overviews. We hope this guide has helped continue your music creation journey keep the questions and comments coming at the end of the guide, weve really enjoyed the discussions throughout the years.

If youre looking for some smart device DAWs instead , check out our best music making apps article since we made a separate guide altogether for that subcategory .

Tutorials | Forum | Video

To finish off our description for the beloved Ableton, this thing is the absolute best music software for performing live with. Weve experienced very few glitches . Whats even better is that Ableton has paired up with some brands to create gear specifically for the program, often matching interfaces with the software for easier pairing and remembering of sounds. Although this is an extremely simplified summary of the software, you cant go wrong with Ableton Live, regardless of your level . We recommend trying it first to see what its all about you then have two versions .

Recommended level: Medium to expert

Operating system: Mac only

Tutorials | Forum | Video

Tutorials | Forum | Video

Recommended level: Semi-pro and up

Operating system: Mac and Windows

The Funnest Ways To Learn Music Production

Putting in serious study and practice doesn’t have to be hard and boring. With music production it’s actually a blast. When you get sick of trying to invent new ideas right out of your own brain there are a few things you can do to keep it interesting and turn up new techniques.

Remakes – I recommend first and foremost to try to remake songs you like. That means figuring out their key, chord progressions, orchestration and arrangement, and recreating it the best you can. You can usually find acapella tracks, too, though I recommend performing the vocals yourself.

Remixes – Another fun method is to create remixes of songs you enjoy. Again, you can use an acapella and even time-stretch it to target a different tempo. Taking songs you’re familiar with and turning them into something completely different is a blast.

Challenges – Finally, I love to create music production challenges. For instance, I once challenged myself to make a children’s music EP album from only FL Studio stock sounds, only in major keys, and it had to be in the genre of world music. I learned a ton from that and the songs were great.

The more you restrict the parameters during challenges, the more creative you have to be, which forces you to expand your thinking and your arsenal of techniques. You end up having to study new genres that have a lot to teach you.

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Computer And Daw Tweaks For Better Performance

Making music requires your computer to work quickly. Even if you dont think youre doing much, if your computer is burdened by other processes and cant focus for long enough on what your DAW wants it to do, the result will be clicks and pops in your audio playback – annoying for playback and mixing, and awful for recording.

Your CPU doesnt have to be maxed out for clicks and pops to be created , but throw too many instruments or effects at an old CPU, and itll hit its ceiling quite quickly.

One of the most helpful things you can do is increase your DAWs buffer size in its preferences. This means that, although the same amount of CPU power will be required, the CPU gets more breathing space to cope with processing audio alongside everything else it has to do. The exception is for those who want to record audio while monitoring it – for this, youll want to reduce the buffer size.

Understand how to find your DAWs CPU meter. On an older machine, CPU will likely be your tightest resource, so youll need to keep an eye on how it works. To monitor your entire machines usage as a whole, Mac users can use Activity Monitor, and Windows users will find tabs for this in Task Manager.

Close as many other programs and processes as you can in order to reduce the burden on your machine as much as possible. When youre working with limited resources, you want as many as possible to be used for audio processing tasks.

Cymatics Vs Vengeance Vs Loopmasters

How to Make Music Using a Computer: 13 Steps

All of the above options are great, and Ive used them all over the years!

But if I had to choose between Cymatics Vengeance and Loopmasters I would go for Vengeance.

They may be a bit more expensive, but the samples Vengeance offers are of very high quality and suit my style of production. That said, I would recommend you try all three and decide for yourself.

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Presonus Studio One Prime

Those looking for a free version of this efficient program can download their freeware edition which is Studio One Prime. For advanced features you can purchase the upgraded version thats specifically for artists and professionals. Studio One is the basic version out of all which you can add to your software collection using any account. The system requirements include a minimum of 4GB RAM and 30GB of storage within, and it works with the latest versions of Windows.

Despite lacking the advanced features in comparison to the upgraded version, the free version retains the same instinctive interface with drag and drop feature that helps you to create fresh tracks and even add effects. The USP of Studio One Prime is that it comes equipped with endless audio files, FX and virtual tools. Not just that, it also allows you to add nine local audio effects to your music pieces. Some of the mixing and control features that are retained in the free version are easy chain side routing, control link MIDI mapping, and latency compensation. Bonus the freeware also offers multitrack MIDI and multitrack track change editing instruments. Overall, even being the curtailed version, the freeware still retains most of its essential tools.

Supported Platforms: Windows only

Price: Free upgrade available for $450

Get it here:

Turn Off Windows Firewall And Anti

These programs can interfere with your audio recordings, for optimal efficiency make sure theyre turned off. To safeguard against viruses while your Firewall is turned off, disconnect your PC from the internet.

The advantage to this is you wont be distracted by emails or funny cat videos while youre supposed to be making music!

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How To Make Music On An Old Computer: 4 Things You Need To Consider

ByJames Russellpublished 7 April 20

Tune an older system for music production, and choose the right DAW, plugins, OS and settings to keep it running smoothly

If you want to start making music on a computer – or return to it after a break – you might think that youll need to invest in a new PC or Mac right away. However, it might just be that you can get by with the laptop or desktop machine thats sitting in your house right now.

Back in the day, buying a new computer would bring you into a new dimension: everything ran much faster, much more smoothly, and your new machine wouldnt even break a sweat performing tasks that made your old machine sputter.

Want to upgrade? Here are the best laptops for music production

These days, technological innovation has slowed down, and you might not notice a huge difference in power when transitioning from a five-year-old computer to a new one. In fact, you might find a new machine even harder to use if youre missing USB 2.0 ports, a decent keyboard, an headphone port or any other obsolete elements.

No matter if youre using a slightly dated 2015 MacBook Air or a 2008 netbook running Windows XP , then here are the things you need to consider if you want to use it to its fullest for music production

How Much Storage Do I Need

How to Make Music on Computer – Using Virtual Instruments in Tracktion

Storage memory comes a close second. For audio applications, particularly those involving sample libraries where audio is streamed from disk, you’ll want to use a solid state drive . The benefit of these drives is the rapid data transfer, meaning files load quicker, although they are slightly more expensive than their hard disk drive equivalent. For music production applications, however, the extra expense is totally justified.

It’s not uncommon however to see a combination employed a HDD for storage of files, photos and videos, and an SSD for tasks where more instantaneous responses are required. The alternative involves using external hard drives SSDs, particularly those that take advantage of USB-C technology, are more than capable of the types of transfer speeds required for music production.

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Best Libraries With Multiple Instruments

When you are starting out to make music the best plugin you can get is one that has tons of instruments inside it.

From orchestral strings to ethnic drums and even synth sounds, in these libraries, you can find everything you might need for your song.

There are some differences between each of the libraries, and some are better for some music genres.

For example, some of the music libraries only include high-quality orchestral sounds and can be quite expensive.

But if you are composing film-score music or classical an orchestral library will be worth it in the long run.

One of the things that make those libraries have higher quality apart from the sound, is the level of articulations.

Articulations are the way an instrument is played, for example, a violin that can be plucked, played gently, or with the bow crossing fast.

And also the level of velocity which is the strength applied to the instrument on each note.

In sample libraries that include more instruments apart from orchestral, like band instruments, synth sampled sounds, ethnic instruments, etc, the level of articulations and velocity is usually lower as well as the sound quality.

For starting out they are a great tool, but to get closer to a real instrument sound performed by a musician you will need sampled libraries of a single instrument.

Still, these libraries can be pretty useful when you dont find a specific instrument like a metal drum for example.

NI Kontakt 6 Factory Library

EastWest Goliath

reFX Nexus 3

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