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How To Make Music Into Mp3 Format

Convert Audio Files Using Xrecode

How to Convert Audio Files to MP3 (Easy)

Xrecode isnt free, but its cheap and a powerhouse for converting audio files. With it, you can convert any file format out there to another one. To convert a file to MP3, launch it and drag it into the top box. Pop in the destination where you want the output file, choose MP3 as the Output Format, and hit the Start button.

If you want to dig deeper, youll find that it makes a great tool for ripping CDs to any file format you want. I used it for finally converting a good portion of my collection of CDs to the lossless FLAC format to store on my home server. I should also note here that Windows 10 supports FLAC and MKV files natively.

Another nice thing about Xrecode is it puts itself as an option in the Windows 10 context menu. Just right-click a file, and you can choose the format you want to convert it to.

You can also convert video files to MP3 or any other audio format. This is great if you have a live concert on DVD or Blu-ray and want the audio from it or convert a video podcast to just audio. We covered how to rip concert DVDs to MP3 before, but its much easier with Xrecode. You can go into Settings and tweak the quality of the files, too. It provides a free 30-day trial, but if you need to convert audio file formats regularly, Xrecode 3 is well worth the price at just 10 EU or $15.

Do you find yourself having to convert the occasional audio or video file? Let us know what your favorite conversion tools are in the comment section below.

Importing And Converting In One Step

If you haven’t imported a track into iTunes yet, you can import and convert them to MP3 at the same time. To convert all the songs in a folder or on a disk, hold down the Option key or Shift key to select multiple tracks at a time. The Import preference setting should match what you chose in step 4 above. iTunes will prompt you for the location of the folder or disk you want to import and convert.

NOTE: Some purchased songs are encoded using a protected AAC format that prevents them from being converted. iTunes Plus purchases are not protected and can be converted.

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Configure Import Settings Choose Import Format

In “General Preferences” page, locate and click “Import Settings⦔.

This will activate the “Import Settings” page. Then drop down the “Import Using” list, then choose “MP3 Encoder” and click “OK” to confirm your choice. This will help converting the iTunes music into MP3 format.

Now you can select songs that you want to convert to MP3 from iTunes library. Then you need to navigate to “File”> “Convert”> “Create MP3 Version”.

When iTunes is converting selected songs into MP3 format, do not close the program. Conversion will be finished within seconds. This mainly depends on total file size which need to be converted.

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What’s The Difference Between Mp3 And Other Audio Formats

As mentioned before, there are a lot of digital audio formats, but it is pretty simple if you understand it all. Here’s a quick lowdown on the differences between audio formats:

1.The lossless formats: CD, WAV, FLAC, Apple Lossless, AIFF and more

CDA or CDDA, represents Compact Disc Digital Audio track, is the standard format for audio CD. It contains two-channel 16-bit Linear PCM sampled at 44,100 Hz.

WAV, full name is Waveform Audio File Format developed by Microsoft and IBM. AIFF is also known as Audio Interchange File Format made by Apple. Both are uncompressed audio formats that exactly copy the original source audio.

FLAC means Free Lossless Audio Codec. Unlike WAV and AIFF, FLAC is an uncompressed audio format, so the file size is larger, though the quality is the same.

Apple Lossless, also known as ALAC, is an uncompressed audio format too. It is fully supported by iTunes and iOS, but larger than FLAC file.

2.The lossy formats: MP3, OGG, AAC, and others

MP3, the abbreviation of MPEG Audio Layer III, is the most prevalent lossy audio format, bitrate ranging from 8 to 320 kbit/s.

OGG, is a free and open source alternative to MP3. The biggest advantage is that OGG is not restricted by patents.

ACC is the file extension of Advanced Audio Coding. It is much like MP3, but more efficient.

Using Online Solutions To Convert Your Files

Make url into mp3.

There are numerous websites out there that allow you to convert your files for free, but the one we keep going back to is Zamzar. You can convert up to 10 files at a time, and they dont store any of your files on their servers for over 24 hours.

After over to Zamzars website, click on Choose Files, or you can drag and drop the files into your browser window to upload them to the site.

Next, from the drop-down menu, select MP3 as the output file type.

Finally, enter a valid email address where you can receive a link to your converted files, and click Convert.

After the conversion is complete you will receive an email with your file ready to download.

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Convert Songs From Files In A Folder Or On A Disk

You can import songs into the Apple Music app or iTunes for Windows and convert them at the same time. This creates a converted copy of the file in your music library, based on your preferences in the Apple Music app or iTunes for Windows.

To convert all of the songs in a folder or on a disk, follow the steps below for your device.

Older purchased songs are encoded in a Protected AAC format that prevents them from being converted.

How To Convert Audio Files To Mp3 Without Quality Loss

Step 1 Add audio files to professional MP3 converter

Step 2 Set MP3 as output format

Select all audio files that you want to convert in library panel, then move to the bottom area, click and expand the “Profile” dropdown menu and select “MP3”. If you want to listen to the music on your mobile device, select the target device. Next, hit the Browse button and drop a proper location to save the results. To reset other custom options, like bit rate, sample rate and more, click the “Settings” button.

Step 3 Convert audio files without quality loss

If you are ready, click on the “Convert” button at bottom right corner to start converting audio files to MP3 format. When it is done, go back to the home window, here you can listen to the output MP3 with the built-in media player. Note: According to our lab testing, MP3 Converter could converter hundreds of audio files to MP3 in a few minutes.

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Here Is The Fast And Easy Way To Convert Music To Mp3 So That You Can Import The Music To Any Devices For Playback Anywhere Anytime

“I have a big library of music and I need to save some space, most of it is in wav and flac format, I want to convert the audio to mp3 320kbps. is there any good, free software that will do this?” -From Reddit

You might get plenty of music files saved on your computer but find they are incompatible with your phone or MP3 players. To enjoy the music on your devices, you can convert your music to the most popular MP3 format that can be supported by most phones and MP3 players. Below is the fast and easy way to convert music to MP3.

How To Convert Videos To Mp3 For Free

How to convert a youtube song into a mp3 file (2021)

You can do it either online or offline. Using a free online video-to-MP3 converter is a decent option, but it usually has a number of restrictions in terms of size and quantity of files that you can upload. Such online services include Zamzar,, Convertio,, and many others. Alternatively, you can download a desktop video-to-MP3 converter thats free like the VLC media player.

To convert a video to MP3 with VLC, follow the steps below.

  • Install and launch the program.
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    How To Tell Itunes And Mp3 Files Apart

    Once you’ve got both the AAC and MP3 versions of a song in iTunes, it’s not easy to tell them apart. They just look like two copies of the same song. But every file in iTunes stores information about the song, such as its artist, length, and file type. To find out which file is the MP3 and which is the AAC, you can access ID3 Tags like artist, genre, and other song Info in iTunes.

    Select The Mp3 Output Preset

    Open the Audio tab, expand the MP3 category and choose from a number of presets with different bitrates. A higher bitrate generally means higher quality, which also means more disk space.

    If you have some experience with this process, you might like the opportunity to adjust more advanced format settings. Click the Cogwheel button near the Output format field to configure a custom bitrate, sample rate, or other parameters.

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    Adding Music To Your Mp3 Player

    Knowing where to get music during the age of albums and tapes was easy. The local record shop was essentially the only option if you were looking to pick up some new music. But today, an MP3 player can hold seemingly endless hours of music–so how do you fill it up? Read on for some suggestions on how to top off your MP3 player.

    Pre-existing Songs on Your Computer

    If you already have a collection of MP3s or other audio files on your computer, moving them to your MP3 player is a snap. Some Windows-compatible MP3 players simply show up in the My Computer screen and allow you to drag and drop your media. Other players include extra software to assist you in this task.

    If you have a lot of music on your computer that isn’t in MP3 format, make sure the player you purchase supports the format you need. If you already have an MP3 player and it doesn’t recognize your media, several programs on the market will convert assorted audio formats to MP3.

    Also, make sure that your MP3s are tagged correctly. MP3 players read artist, song, and other information from the ID3 tag that is embedded in the MP3 file. Navigating through a music collection is a pain if these tags are blank or incorrect. Many third-party programs can scan your music collection and automatically update ID3 tags via the Internet.

    Ripping Your CD CollectionSubscription-based ServicesPeer-to-Peer Networks

    Amazon MP3


    How To Convert A Wav File To Mp3

    3 Ways to Convert MP3 to M4R iPhone Ringtone in 2019

    Brady Gavin has been immersed in technology for 15 years and has written over 150 detailed tutorials and explainers. He’s covered everything from Windows 10 registry hacks to Chrome browser tips. Brady has a diploma in Computer Science from Camosun College in Victoria, BC. Read more…

    WAV audio files are a great way to preserve the complete and accurate quality of a recording in a truly lossless format on your computer. However, if youre not an audiophile and are concerned about storage space, it might be time to convert them to a more manageable format like MP3.

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    A Brief Intro To The Two Free Song Mergers

    For those who are hankering for methods to put songs together for convenient playing or sharing, you come to the right place. Here I demonstrate two swift ways to combine songs easily.

    Method 1: You can make full use of a desktop audio merger to combine two songs and more together. Free HD Video Converter Factory is a versatile and free program, which can mix songs together as well as join videos for smooth playback. Besides, extracting background music from videos/movies and downloading online music from 300+ sites are supported as well.

    Method 2: There’s a convenient way to edit and join audio tracks without installing software: utilizing online service. And is such an online audio joiner capable of combining audio files handily.

    The comparison of the two methods is offered in the last few paragraphs.

    Why Mp3 Is Much More Popular Than Aac

    Speaking of why MP3 is so popular that almost everyone is playing music in MP3 format, one of the major reasons is that this format came out in the booming years of digital music. At a time people were crazy about sharing music in MP3 and then as MP3 players came out, MP3 obviously was the first choice for streaming music.

    Another reason why MP3 keeps its popularity is that its basically free for everyone. MP3 used to ask for licensing fees from music brands, but due to messy management, they got nothing back most of the time. So music listeners and brands got to use MP3 more and more and the heat still keeps going up until now.

    AAC is designed to replace MP3. But even the audio quality in AAC is better than MP3, AAC is still not widely used among music listeners. Because most people wont switch to another player or device to merely play a format that is not as compatible as MP3, even though AAC format has been widely accepted in the digital audio industry.

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    Some Other Functions In Hd Video Converter Factory Pro

    Other than audio to audio conversion and video to audio conversion, you are able to convert videos to over 500 other formats and devices such as AVI to WMV, MOV to MP4, H264 to MP4, MKV to LG TV and so on. And if you happen to need to convert MP4 to iPhone, you are all good to go with this professional converter.

    More Special Features on HD Video Converter Factory Pro

    • Converting video and audio files to 500+ formats, codec and devices.
    • A wonderful ringtone maker to create enchanting ringtone music for your smart phone.
    • To download video from main-stream websites at the fastest speed.
    • Personalize videos with wonderful functions .
    • Extract audios from video perfectly.
    • Compress large video files in batches.

    How To Make An Mp3 File

    Converting iTunes music to mp3 files – EASY

    wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 10 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 113,458 times.Learn more…

    The MP3 file format stands for Motion Picture Experts Group Layer 3, which is just a digital compression algorithm that results in an audio file that is over 10 times smaller when compared to a raw source file. Over the past decade, MP3 technology has revolutionized the way people listen to music and other audio activities. Today, the MP3 file format is one of the most popular file formats for music in the world. Learning how to make an MP3 file from scratch is straightforward.

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    The Easiest Way To Download Music To Mp3

    There are plenty of good applications for downloading music. But only iMusic is easy to use and allows you to download music to MP3 from the most popular streaming music websites like YouTube, Grooveshark, Napster and Rhapsody, as well as applications like Pandora and Spotify are the sources of music downloaded through this recorder.

    Can You Convert Apple Music Songs To Mp3

    These instructions apply to songs you buy from the iTunes Store, but what about songs you’ve got on your computer from Apple Music? Can they be converted to MP3?

    While Apple Music songs use the AAC format, they’re protected by a special kind of DRM so you can’t convert them to MP3. The DRM verifies that you have a valid Apple Music subscription. Apple doesn’t want you to download a bunch of songs, convert them to MP3, and cancel your subscription, and keep the music. So, there’s no way to convert Apple Music to MP3 unless you can break the DRM.

    Converting songs can degrade sound quality. Before you convert iTunes to MP3, it’s important to know that doing this slightly lessens the music’s sound quality. This is because both AAC and MP3 are compressed versions of the original song file and thus already lower quality. Converting from AAC to another compressed format like MP3 means there will be even more compression and loss of quality.

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    Convert A Song To A Different File Format With The Apple Music App Or Itunes For Windows

    Learn how to convert a song to a different file format and keep a copy of the original.

    You can use the Apple Music app on Mac or iTunes for Windows to convert song files between compressed and uncompressed formats. For example, you might want to import some uncompressed files into your music library as compressed files to save disk space. Examples of compressed formats are MP3 and Apple Lossless Encoder. Examples of uncompressed formats are AIFF or WAV.

    You shouldn’t notice reduced sound quality when you:

    • Convert between uncompressed formats
    • Go from a compressed to an uncompressed format

    You might notice reduced sound quality when you:

    • Convert between compressed formats

    Learn more about audio compression.

    For best results, if you want your music in a different format, import again from the original source using the new encoding format.

    You can convert the format of songs that are in your music library, in a folder, or on a disk.

    How To Convert Mp3 To Audiobooks With Audiobook Converter

    Free and fast ways to turn YouTube videos into MP3 files

    The previous way could work well but it’s a little complicated if you are not technical staff and not familiar with iTunes. To make the conversion process simple and stable, here, you can use AudFree Audiobook Converter to take place of iTunes. It’s a professional audiobook converter, which can not only convert Audible to MP3, iTunes audiobooks to MP3, but also convert MP3 to audiobook formats, including M4A and M4B. Besides, it also has the ability to convert MP3 to lossloss FLAC and WAV.

    To make the audiobook playback better, you can also use AudFree Audiobook Converter to split large audiobooks into small audio clips and adjust the playback volume, pitch, speed, etc. according to your needs.

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