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How To Make Money Making Music

Musicians Make Money With Blogging

How to Make Money from Music Online 11 Ways

One of the easiest and quickest ways of making money living your musical lifestyle is to start blogging and MONETIZING that blog. Just keep in mind that itll take 1-2 years before you start seeing any significant results and that TOTALLY depends on you.

Well get into that in just a moment.

For now, here are the primary ways to monetize your music-related blog:

  • Affiliate Marketing

That last one actually requires an entire section to itself, so stay tuned for that.

The first three, however, are relatively easy concepts to grasp.

Affiliate marketing simply requires you to recommend your favourite gear to your readers and to earn commissions on those sales. Its very similar to advertising, but not quite.

It costs your readers nothing and could be a great way to earn passive income.

How much passive income? That really depends on the types of affiliate programs you join.

It also depends on the amount of traffic your website/blog receives.

I wont get into any figures because I dont want to set any expectations.

Advertising is also relatively easy to get into. However, this form of monetization will require LOTS of traffic before you start seeing any significant results.

Sponsorships, on the other hand, are much more difficult to get into.

First of all, youll need to find someone that actually wants to pay you to write.

Youll need to have a significant audience/traffic before you merit that kind of compensation.

So, thats pretty much it.

Musicians Make Money With Freelancing

Freelancing is probably the best way to make money through music-related services QUICKLY. Thats because its very similar to having a job, although MUCH more flexible.


However, getting your first few clients can take QUITE some time.

Nowadays, its even more difficult considering the current global crisis.

Remote work has become the standard although some in-person opportunities still exist. For example, at the time of writing I was sound engineering for a local shoot .

The shoot took place outdoors, so its still possible.

However, you can do PLENTY of music-related tasks from the comfort of your own home

  • Music Composition/Production

There are websites like Fiverr and Upwork that make it relatively easy to find opportunities.

However, I DONT recommend relying on these platforms for the long run.

For starters, theres nothing on those platforms that distinguishes you from the MILLIONS of other freelancers doing the same thing as you for cheaper.

You may want to think about starting an online business .

To be honest though, most of the opportunities I find are through my network.

Thats why youll definitely want to start using LinkedIn. It doesnt substitute real-life networking, but it can definitely open up some doors for you in todays climate.

Once again, another HUGE topic. Let me know if you want more!

Simple Ways To Start Earning Real Money From Your Music

The dream for any artist is to make a living from their music but how do you actually start making money? Besides physically selling the music, what can you do to start bringing in a wage for yourself, whilst still creating music that you love?

The key for musicians in 2019 is to diversify their streams of income. No musician makes money strictly from Spotify or only from touring, so in this blog post were going to give you 7 simple tips, which will lead you to earning money from your music in no time.

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Do You Want To Make Money From Your Music

You dont need expensive gear, connections, or god-like knowledge to kickstart your career.

This free Masterclass reveals the key steps you ACTUALLY need to make a reliable income doing what you love in 2021.

Catch the full Masterclass here:

But before we talk about success, we need to talk about failure. Heres 3 of the MOST common indie business strategies and why they all end up falling flat.

Monetize Your Youtube Channel

Ways to Make Money With Your Music Talents

Putting time and effort into your YouTube channel pays back literally. If you have your own YouTube channel with a decent follower base, you should start making money off it.

Start with turning on ads. Then, regularly upload new content.

In 2018, US advertisers spent $3.96 billion on YouTube ads. The video streaming platform is rapidly becoming one of the most popular advertising platforms, along with Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

As a YouTube channel owner with at least 1000 subscribers, you can earn a part of that advertising money by turning on ads. From then on, your viewers will see third-party ads on your videos, and youll be earning a percentage of the ad spend. Once youve made $100, youll receive a payment to your bank account.

In fact, with this YouTube income calculator, you can check how much money you could be making with your channel.

The bad news, however, is that you need approximately one million views to make $1000 $2000 from YouTube content. To get those million views you have two options either upload one video and hope it will go viral, or you can regularly upload new videos and make them collect those views together.

Use YouTubes content ID to track your music.

Content ID is a digital fingerprinting system that tracks when your copyrighted music is used in videos that are running ads. If the system finds a match, it notifies the author who can then decide whether to monetize that video or block it.

  • paid partnerships

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Monetising Your Influence Is Big Business

There are many platforms that exist that help you to monetise your influence. However, these platforms do not reward your submission rate and often leave you chained to your desk reviewing music for hours on end.Wouldn’t it be easier to have a tool that enables you to easily review music on the go, get rewarded for your volume of submissions and make your life easier!If you manage a radio station or playlist then you are already reviewing music every day of the week anyway, so why not get paid for it.Curators can earn up to £800 a month using our submission tool, imagine having a supplementary income alongside your day job – nice!

Writing For Music Libraries

This is basically synch licensing – adding music to videos. There are a lot of low budget opportunities for synch licenses such as independent movies, small companies running ads on TV, YouTube, or other online platforms, as well as people creating videos for weddings, private parties, etc. A music library is a place where you upload your music that can be discovered by individuals or companies that want to use music for a video. There are a few different music libraries out there such as Triple Scoop Music, Audiosocket, Rumblefish , Shutterstock, Animoto, and Musicbed . Most of these platforms will require some kind of application and approval process for their service. Make sure to have an instrumental version for each of your songs, and that theyre final mastered versions.

You can write albums specifically for the music libraries, or you can upload your albums that you have released publicly. One of my good friends, Emily Kopp who has been on the podcast, has a lot of success with Music Bed, one of the biggest music libraries. She is one of their artists that signed to an exclusive licensing deal with the company that they pitch and writes specific albums for them under the artist name, Midnight Riot.

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Music Websites That Pay

  • Musicxray

    Musicxray is a platform for singers/songwriters to submit their songs and earn money by listening to music. Its a website that connects artists to talent hunters. These artists pay a certain fee to promote their music and to build a fan base by submitting their songs to the portal and generating follower-ship.

    Users can sign up as fans to listen to the music of their own choice. These users or fans are then paid by the website to listen to the music of such amateur artists. The recordings are mostly only 30 seconds long. Musicxray pays its users through PayPal only. They pay their users 10 cents per song. The minimum threshold for a payout is $20.

  • Playlist Push

    How cool would it be if you could listen to songs and get paid for reviewing them? Playlist Push lets you do exactly that.The idea behind the platform is to support indie artists and singers and help talented singers reach the top level.If you think you have a taste for music and are good at writing reviews then this website is for you.To qualify for the curator program, you have to be the owner of a playlist on either Spotify, Youtube music, or Apple music. You should also have a considerable number of followers, otherwise, your application might get rejected.Playlist Push offers a great pay rate. For each song you review, you will earn $12. Payments are sent directly to your bank account.

  • Income Type: Digital Synchronization License

    7 Tips to Make MONEY Making MUSIC

    Description: A royalty generated from the “Distribution” and “Reproduction” copyrights. A per use license payment to synchronize a song with a moving image .

    Who/What generates and pays this royalty:Primarily sites like YouTube and Vimeo that have “User Generated Content” , although artists can upload their own videos.

    Amount owed to the songwriter:In both the United States and outside the United States there is no government rate. There is a one-to-one negotiation that sets the per use royalty rate. It’s typically a % of Net Revenue as generated by advertising dollars.

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    Want To Earn Easy Money

    Are you looking for ways to make easy money online? Well, luckily for you, you can get paid to listen to music. Imagine a side hustle that lets you make money listening to music. You can get paid to listen to Spotify or even the radio.

    Sounds like fun, doesnt it?

    However, its not just about fun or making extra money. If you listen to music and get paid, youre gaining experience in the music industry. Those trying to make it in the music business may find this to be an excellent learning opportunity.

    But lets backtrack for a second. How exactly does one get paid to listen to music?

    Lets find out.

  • Related Resources
  • How Does Spotify Pay Artists

    Spotify does not pay artists directly for their respective streams. Just as musicians use the service of a digital music distributor to publish their music on Spotify, payment is handled through the distributor. This ensures that everything on the streaming platform meets its standards including high-quality audio and optimal artwork for each release. It also ensures that all tracking is centralized. This includes metadata like songwriter, publisher, and composer and so the copyright holders of each song are clearly known to the system.

    Spotify will transfer the revenue to your music distributor approximately 3-4 months after the streams have been completed, which you can then view in your distributors dashboard and have transferred to your checking account or PayPal. Just as musicians use the service of a digital music distributor to publish their music on Spotify, payment is handled through the distributor. At iMusician you can withdraw your money at any point without a minimum amount.

    If you have a Spotify for Artists account which is highly recommended at this point you can also follow your streams. A stream counts as such if a track has been listened to for 30 seconds or longer. Everything below this time is not counted.Reminder: One stream is counted when a track is listened to for 30 seconds or longer. Everything below this time is not counted.

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    Terrible Strategy #: Upload And Pray

    Most of us think that when we get our album back from mastering and upload it to the worldwide distributor of our choice, the work is done.

    We think that CDBaby, Tunecore, Bandcamp, ReverbNation, or any of the other excellent distributors out there will do all the heavy lifting for us.

    Clouds will part, angels will sing, fans will line up by the thousands with wallets wide open and adoring looks on their faces, and our amazing songs will rise to the top of the pile based solely on how awesome they are.

    Reality: Not so much.

    By one estimate, there are over 30,000,000 songs available for purchase, download, or streaming.

    Thirty million.

    Thats more than the combined populations of New York, Los Angeles, London, Rome, Paris, Munich, and Cologne.

    When we upload our new music for worldwide distribution, guess what happens?

    Our lonely little song gets lost in that giant sea of music.

    So the best way NOT to make any money from your music is to upload it and pray for lightning to strike.

    Upload and pray is not a strategy that works yet thats exactly what 99.9% of indie musicians do.

    Thats what I did at first.

    Which is a little embarrassing, because I should have known better. More on that later. But first

    Join A Collection Society

    Make money: listening to music online 2020

    Every time you hear music in a lift the artist who made it is getting paid. Every time you are in a shop and hear music playing in the background, the artist who made it is getting paid.

    In fact, almost any time you hear music played anywhere the artist/s who made the song are getting paid, every time that song is played. Every artist should get involved with the organisations that take care of royalties for artists.

    For example, in the US its ASCAP, in Canada its SOCAN and in the UK its PRS for Music. Most major countries have collecting societies that take care of royalties for artists.

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    Use Spotify Analytics To Plan A Tour

    Before you start loading up the van and hitting the road, you need to know that a successful tour involves many things: planning, promotion, and a strong strategy. Thankfully, booking a tour is becoming easier to pull off with the help of Spotify analytics. You can use this data like a roadmap, planning your route through the cities where you see your music being listened to.

    If you look in your audience tab, you can see a breakdown of top countries and top cities.. Fans in São Paulo, Rio, and Fortaleza? Book a tour through Brazil. Lots of fans in France, Italy, and Spain? Looks like a European tour is in your future!

    Distribute Your Music On Streaming Services

    Getting your music on streaming platforms makes you available to your fans wherever they listen to music. Its an obvious way a musician can make money online, although the royalties may take a while to add up. A million plays on Spotify may only bring back around $4,000, but with over 250 million monthly active users, there is a real opportunity to make more.

    • The best way to start seeing significant money from streaming services is to pitch your music to music blogs and user-curated playlists. If they make it on, the algorithms of the platforms will start noticing that your tracks are gaining traction and could begin adding them to their official playlists.
    • The Spotify submission tool allows users to submit unreleased music directly to Spotifys editorial team for official playlist consideration. Its a game-changer. This feature is only available for unreleased music, so plan ahead to have your tracks ready before your release date!
    • If youve never submitted music to a streaming platform before, check out this article to pick the best distribution platform for you.

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    Income Type: Analog Public Performance Royalties

    Description: A royalty generated from the “Public Performance” of the copyright. This royalty is owed to the songwriter for each individual “Public Performance” of a song.

    Side note: Under U.S. law, a public performance occurs when music is played in:

  • A place open to the public where there is a substantial number of persons, outside of a gathering of family and friends or
  • the performance is transmitted to such a place or
  • the performance is transmitted so that members of the public can receive the performance at the same or different places, at the same or different times .
  • Who/What generates and pays this royalty: AM/FM radio, network television, cable television, live gigs , airplanes, retail stores, bars, restaurants, salons, offices, elevators, telephone hold music, movie theaters outside of the U.S. , grocery stores, shopping malls, etc.

    Amount owed to the songwriter: In both the United States and outside the United States there is no government rate. Instead, there is a one-to-one negotiation between the Performing Rights Organization and the other entity. However, governments tend to have “Rate” judges oversee these rates to assure they do not get unreasonable. These government entities can adjust rates.

    Income Type: Mechanical Royalty For A Ringtone/ringback Tone

    How To Make Money Listening To Music! Make Money Online!

    Description: A royalty generated from the “Reproduction” and “Distribution” copyrights. A royalty is owed from the purchase of a ringtone/ring- back tone for mobile devices.

    Who/What generates and pays this royalty: Telecoms and music services.

    Amount owed to the songwriter:

    • In the United States it is $0.24 per ringtone.
    • Outside of the United States, there is no government rate set. It is a % of Gross Revenue.

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