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How To Make An Animated Music Video

Lyrics With Graphic Animation To Tell A Story’the Man’ By Taylor Swift

How to Make a NO BUDGET animated music video

Although Taylor’s latest single, The Man, will have a full music video, this animated lyric version was released several weeks before to help build hype for the single and the anticipated music video.

Again, the font style and placing of the lyrics reflect the tone of the songthey’re mostly capital letters, they appear aggressively and disappear quicklyand the animation in the background tells the story conveyed in the lyrics.

The Cribs Mirror Kissers

  • Released: 2006
  • Produced by: Diamond Dogs

UK music video directors Diamond Dogs have directed for the likes of The Hoosiers, Jack Peñate and Maximo Park, and have a very distinct style. The video for Mirror Kissers was shot on a plain white background, then around 2,740 frames were printed, photocopied and manipulated before being edited back together to produce this fascinating video.

The concept works very well it’s stylistically spot on. It’s not your typical music video as it’s laced with blemishes and is rather ugly, all of which actually complements the track it’s supporting.

Best Lyric Video Software For Pc Free Download

  • Full control of the animation, positioning, opacity, and size of your text
  • Fun overlays, shapes, and masks

A multi-clip video editor, VidLab lets you create an amazing lyric video very easily. You just need to customize it by adding texts, music, artworks, sound effects, etc. The features are-


  • Several collections of fonts or add your own fonts
  • An ever-growing collection of video effects

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Helping Your Music Video Stand Out From The Crowd

An animated music video is a great way to bring your tune to life using high-quality, explosive, innovative techniques and methods. Considering that the majority of bands still prefer live-action music videos helps make animated music video more different, unique and amazing.

With creativity and imagination, a whole new world can be created inside an animated music video, with unique characters.

All you need is to hire us, we do all the work of illustrating and animating the video, using a variety of different animation techniques.

We are here for you to discuss your project. We know that finding the right animated video maker is not easy, but we are here. Ready to do our own magic for your next video release, helping you stand out from the crowd.

Aphex Twin T69 Collapse

Music Video Animated Drawing Effect (After Effects ...
  • Released: 2018
  • Directed by: Nicky Smith

Watch with caution !;

New stuff from Richard D. James isn’t quite the major event that it was before he reappeared after an eight-year absence in 2014, with Syro. However, his 2018 EP, Collapse, managed to grab its fair share of attention, partly thanks to a poster campaign that saw Aphex Twin logo posters appearing in cities around the world, but also because of this video for the title track, T69 Collapse.

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Lyrics Only’only The Young’ By Taylor Swift

If you’re just getting started with video, you might want to start out with animated lyrics on a relatively simple background. Only The Young uses flare and flashes on an otherwise plain background. The text itself is simply coloured and the font is easy to read. Taylor has a simple, direct message to get across, and the style of the lyric video supports that.

Recommended Animated Lyric Video Maker

If you want to make an animated lyric video, here we recommend using FilmoraPro.

You can use it to make an animated lyric video by adding keyframes, so the animation will be smooth and natural. You just need to build a white plane to easily start making animation.

Besides, the audio mixer will raise up your animated lyric video to a new level. Free download it to have a try! Or learn more from Wondershare Video Community.

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Check Out Some Of Our Award

SOFI K Fall Back Down Lyric Video
SOFI K Fall Back Down Lyric Video
Catch a glimpse Animated Music Video
Catch a glimpse Animated Music Video
The Old Red Rooster – Animated Music Video
The Black Sheep – Animated Music Video
Lush – Animated Music Video

Edit And Arrange Media


Youve gathered the raw materials, now its time to forge a masterpiece. Start a project in the video editor of your choosing. Camtasia is a great choice because its easy to learn and has features like Animations and Behaviors that make animating your graphics a snap.

Use these tutorials to learn how you can use Animations, Behaviors, and other key features in your project, no matter what style of video you decided to make:

Its usually a good idea to create the first draft of your project and share it with colleagues or stakeholders for review. I always use TechSmith Video Review because it allows reviewers to add comments and annotations to specific places in the video.

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How We Work Out A Cost Estimate For Your Music Video

The way to get an accurate cost estimate is by providing us with a storyboard, script or a synopsis , that we can review and then provide you with some different options.

The cost depends on many things, but for example, the video length, how many characters, backgrounds, artwork, props, complexity, level of detail, number of scenes, shots, etc. There is no standard package as we create each video entirely by hand, using no stock or templates. We draw everything and every character, object, and background is designed and animated in-house by Anders Sundstedt.

Great So When Do You Need It By

Next, we like to know when do you need it done. Within 2 months? Within one month? This is also important because creating an animated music video takes a lot of time, especially when they are handcrafted like our videos are. A production time between 7-12 weeks is an expected length depending on the video length, visual style and complexity, so if you are in a rush, please do get in touch early.

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John Grant He’s Got His Mother’s Hips

Iceland-based singer-songwriter John Grant can generally be relied upon to deliver a great tune, and He’s Got His Mother’s Hips is a top example: a thumping slab of wry electroclash, complete with a dazzling animated video.;

It’s the work of Cardiff-based animators Casey and Ewan, who roped in another 11 animators to deliver the goods, each in their own particular fashions. The end result is a bewildering, lightning-paced mash-up, depicting Grant in all manner of cartoon styles; it’s often reminiscent of Peter Gabriel’s classic Sledgehammer video , and none the worse for that.

Android Users Make A Video With Pictures

Animated Music Video Maker

Android users also can use Google Photos app to create video with photos.

The steps are:

  • Open the Google Photos app on your Android phone or tablet.
  • Sign in to your Google Account.
  • Select the Assistant option at the bottom.
  • Select Movie at the top.
  • Select photos that you want in the movie.
  • Now, press the Create button at the top-right.
  • Then, type Play to watch your movie.
  • Select the Untitled to add a title to your movie.

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Push Past Your Target

There is an expression in football, hit past your target. That is, when you go to tackle someone, dont tackle them where they are, run as if you are trying to tackle ten feet behind them. This is a badly botched analogy, but the point being, when you are working on an animated video, its easy to get lazy and rush for the goal line so the pain of the production process is over.

But that doesnt make for something people will remember. That makes an eh product.

Instead, once you can see the finish line, the last few scenes, push further and harder than you would at the beginning of the project. Push past your target.

If your target was making your clients happy, the artist and managers happy and the viewers happy, what is something extra you can do or add to make your project really special?

In the case of the Owl City video, I created a frame at the end with a ton of different nostalgic items I remember from my childhood. The van with the wooden panel on the outside, Super Soakers, etc Its these little details that, after a viewer has already been hooked to the story, will really appreciate and point out when they are watching it.

No Matter What Genre Of Music Video We Can Help

So, no matter what genre of music video you create, animation can indeed illustrate your song with a lot more freedom than live-action can. Additionally, Sundstedt Animation can work in whatever artistic styles you would like to create your best-animated music video, and we always start with coming up with a style that is unique for your video, to help your song stand out. You can either have a full animated music video without any lyrics, with some lyrics or all lyrics, depending on your preference.

The Lark and the Loon The Old Red Rooster . Animation Director, Illustrator & Animator: Anders Sundstedt. 2018

This includes designing all artwork, characters, and backgrounds in-house from scratch. We have 8 top quality animated music videos and more to come.

HAMMER The Black Sheep 2019

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How To Make A Music Video

This article was co-authored by Travis Page. Travis Page is the Head of Product at Cinebody. Cinebody is a user-directed video content software company headquartered in Denver, Colorado that empowers brands to create instant, authentic, and engaging video content with anyone on earth. He holds a BS in Finance from the University of Colorado, Denver.There are 17 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. In this case, 91% of readers who voted found the article helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 992,614 times.

With recent advances in computer and video technology, it’s become easier than ever to create amateur music videos. Like any artistic endeavor, the process of recording a music video can be rewarding, frustrating, fun, trying, exhausting, and thrilling – sometimes all at once. Music videos are limited only by your imagination and your budget. In this article, we’ll explore the basics of the technical and creative processes that go into making music videos, from humble one-takes captured on webcam to more elaborate productions.

D Music Video Animator For Hire

How to Animate Music and Sound | FX Animation Tutorial

We love to work with artists willing to experiment with the music video for their top tracks, really giving their animated music video production more character and generate visual impact.

The use of animation can be an amazing way to create an awesome music video, make people smile , and wow the masses. It allows you to go beyond whats possible in live-action music videos.

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Tell A Story With Your Animated Video

Storytelling can be daunting if it isnt your day job. Hiring a writer to create one for you is prohibitively expensive. The solution? We call them templates, and they guarantee a great story every time.

Biteable animated video templates are crafted for you by professional writers. Theyre designed to require as little editing as possible so you can make a top-notch animated video in a jiff.

Publish Share And Track Performance

When the video is complete and has all the necessary approval, its time to produce and share it. That means deciding where to host the video. Two key aspects of hosting, in my opinion, are the flexibility of where you will be able to place the video and performance statistics. This post goes into detail about video hosting, but I will provide a few suggestions here.

A fast and easy way to get a video online is to use TechSmith Sceencast. You can send a video straight to it from Camtasia and then share the link or embed the video where you want it. A free account is available to get you started and, if you need more space, you can always upgrade to a Pro account.

is an extremely popular place to host videos. They have all the tools you need to get the video online, allow you to embed it in your website or another location, and track the number of engagement metrics, which are critical to understanding the success of your video. YouTube has the additional benefit of making your video discoverable, which means it is displayed to users on via search results and suggested videos when it matches a users interests.

Wistia is another hosting place we use at TechSmith, as the engagement metrics, player controls, and appearance are second to none. Wistia is ideal for hosting the video and displaying in a website or blog, but, it is good to note, it lacks the discoverability of a video on YouTube.

Animated Lyrics In A Different Way’one Foot’ By Fun

One Foot is such a clever video because the lyrics are actually written onto things and then filmed, it’s a really interesting way to approach it. The song is about moving forwards when things are tough, and particularly makes reference to conflict between the LGBT+ community and religion. Here we see someone’s feet physically walking that path and it’s a powerful visual metaphor.

Collect Graphics Video And Other Assets

Make 2d animated music video by Kinganimator

How you complete this step depends on what type of video you decided to create.

For animated videos, this is when you collect or create graphics, icons, and other media. If youre doing a talking head, screencast, or whiteboard video, you will set up and complete these recordings.

This part can be intimidating, and its most likely the point where youll feel like you need to hire outside design or video talent. The reality is, in a lot of instances, that isnt necessary.

Theres no need to use overly-complex visualssimple, clear visuals that illustrate the message in a straightforward way to help the viewer keep their focus on the overall message and avoid getting distracted. One place I often get visuals and other media is from TechSmith Assets, which has tons of resources that work great with Camtasia.

Basic Animated Videos For Social Media Engagement

Hub International a b2b insurance company wanted to convert their best monthly blog into an animated video for engagement on social media. It was a series of 12 animated videos with budget of USD 36,000. Keeping the budget and brand awareness objective through education in mind we recommended our basic infographic videos.

Don’t Be Put Off By An Unfamiliar Process

Unfamiliarity shouldnt act as a barrier though there are numerous opportunities to learn as you create your short. According to Burton, all you need to make an animated short is a story and the ability to tell it. I know so many people who are waiting until they can do certain things before they make anything, says Burton. Dont do that.

Her advice? Use what you do know and build on that. “I didnt have all the skills to make VIA when I started, but I didnt let that stop me,” she continues. She resolved to teach herself the skills she didn’t know, and ask for help on anything she couldn’t figure out. “I treated the whole process as an opportunity to learn and wasnt going to let anything scare me away from the opportunity to tell a story I wanted to tell.

Making You A Music Video That Really Shine

While TV is not showing music videos the same way as MTV used to do, we can help you make your animated video really shine! We watch a lot of films and videos and Anders Sundstedt personal style is inspired by animated films, film trailers, printed comics, the 70s, 80s, 90s and early classic animation styles.

As a video maker, our focus is on quality, not tight deadlines. Creating quality takes time and should not be rushed. Give us a call or send us your track today to discuss options and receive a free quote.

Daft Punk One More Time

How to create an animated music video scribble effect Part 2 | HitFilm tutorial

The Daft Punk videos are pretty special. And they’ve even inspired a film by the same director, Kazuhisa Takenouchi. The 2003 anime film Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem is a continuation of the stories told in Daft Punk videos One More Time; Aerodynamic; Digital Love; and Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.

Pricing & Process For Our 2d Animation Services

Our prices range between USD 4000 – 8000 for 60 seconds animated video production. The factors which might affect the pricing are the animation style, video duration, timelines, content complexity and feedback time. Please visit this link to learn about our process. Here are some interesting applications to give you more insight about pricing.

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