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How To Make Alexa Play Music On All Devices

Spotify Playlist Hack: Use A Simple Alexa Routine To Listen To More Easily Listen To Spotify Playlists

How Do I Play Multi Room Music On Alexa?

When I listen to music, I generally listen to my favorite playlist of the moment. But I can never remember the exact Spotify playlist name to summon it with Alexa. My solution? Use a simple Alexa routine to turn on that playlist when you say Alexa, playlist.

Heres how to set it up:

  • Open your Alexa app
  • Enter your playlist name
  • Select Spotify as the music provider
  • Tap Set Time if youd like the music to play for a desired time
  • Select which of your Echo devices you want to play the music from
  • Tap Save and youre ready to go!
  • You can easily change the routine to play a different Spotify playlist .

    Or, why not create a few Alexa routines for different playlists? Just create a few routines with different Alexa command triggers. For example, Alexa, morning playlist,Alexa, relaxing playlist,Alexa, energize playlist, etc.

    Play Different Music On Multiple Echo Devices

    So, in answer to your question, the answer is a resounding YES!

    It is 100% a reality to be able to play different tunes on multiple Echo devices at the same time. In fact, there are quite a few options available for you when it comes to this.

    For example, you can play a different song on each individual unit, or, if you prefer, you can set them aside into groups and section off areas of the house to play a different song.

    The only requirement for this to become a reality is that all devices are compatible with and set up to use the Alexa App. And thats really it! You dont need any other equipment or Apps.

    However, this doesnt exactly explain how it is done. But, dont worry about that. We are about to explain all the steps you can take to set it up.

    1. How to Get it All Set Up

    At this point, we are all more than aware that it is relatively simple to connect all of your Echo devices with a single App.

    From this point on, it is also possible to calibrate and change all of the settings on these Echo devices, as well as managing them in general.

    So, to make the process much easier, we would recommend giving each device an instantly recognizable name that distinguishes it from the rest.

    Below, we will show you how to set up each available option.

    2. How to Group Echo Devices

    Learning how to group a few echo devices and play some music begins with learning how to set up the groups.

    Luckily, this isnt all that difficult and can be explained in a few short words.

    How Do You Create Speaker Groups Using Alexa

    It is possible for you to register two or more Echo speakers or other Alexaenabled speakers on your Amazon account. After you register them, you need to put them on the same WiFi network and then set them up to play music in different rooms.

    You will need to download the Alexa app, which allows you to create audio groups for the speakers. First, open the Amazon Alexa app on your phone and follow the steps below to set it up:

    Select the devices you have registered from at the bottom of the screen

    Once selected, click the Plus button at the top right corner

    Click Set Up Multiroom Music and then confirm with the continue button

    Set a name for the group of speakers you want to add and then click Next

    In the next window, add the devices you want to add to the group named above and then save if a device is not available, the window will gray it out

    From there, the devices in the group will be connected

    If the speakers are already connected, you can play them by giving the command Alexa, play Ed Sheeran/Specific Song, on Echo devices group name.

    Most of the Echo devices support this feature. You can play music in multiple rooms through the first, second, and third generation of the Echo devices. You can also play on the three generations of Echo Dot, Echo Dot with Clock, the first and second generation of Echo Show, Echo Show 5, Echo Show 8, Echo Spot, the first and second generation of Echo Plus, Echo Input, and Fire TV Stick.

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    Using Bluetooth To Connect Your Iphone To Alexa

    You can connect an iPhone to the Amazon product via Bluetooth, giving you the ability to start streaming and control the audio with the following products:

    • 1st or 2nd generation Amazon Echo
    • 2nd gen Echo Dot
    • Echo Plus

    Initial pairing

    The first thing youll have to do is get the two devices connected.

    This entails pairing the iPhone with your Echo device via Bluetooth. To do this, take your iPhone near the Alexa device that you want to pair. On your iPhone, open the Settings app. Navigate to Bluetooth and open it.

    Say, Alexa, pair to put the Amazon Echo device in Bluetooth Pairing mode. With that command, Alexa should give you an audible acknowledgment that it is searching and confirm when your Echo device is in pairing mode.

    Next, youll get a notification on your iPhone screen asking if you want to pair or giving you the ability to cancel the pairing request. Tap Pair to connect the two devices via Bluetooth.

    Alexa should also give you an audible confirmation that it has just connected to , adding that now that youre paired, you should just say connect my phone next time you want to reestablish the pairing.

    On your Bluetooth screen, the Echo will now show as connected. You can see this by scrolling to Other Devices at the bottom where the particular Echo device appears.

    Streaming music and more

    Controlling playback and more

    Give Alexa Some Space

    How to Play Music on Multiple Devices with Alexa: 10 Steps

    If you’re setting up multiple Alexa devices throughout your home, you typically want to put them far enough apart so the wrong device doesn’t respond when you try to interact with your device. Bluetooth’s range is limited, but it can still communicate from one room to the next.

    In my case, I have one Echo in our living room, a second Echo in our bedroom, and a third Echo in my office. Those rooms are far enough apart that I can call Alexa, and the right device responds. However, there are advantages to having more than one Echo in the same room, particularly if you want to listen to music or TV audio.

    If the devices are in close proximity, you can always change the Wake word to distinguish one from the other. Besides Alexa, other wake words to use to get your Echo’s attention are Amazon, Echo, Computer, and Ziggy.

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    How To Make All Echo Dots Play Music

    Having three different Echo devices on offer, Amazon keeps rolling out new skills and features for their smart home system. With the eminently affordable Echo Dot, chances are that you might already have a couple of these around your house.

    One of the standard features on Echo Dot is the ability to stream music directly to the device. Thats pretty cool, but not unheard of. Bluetooth speakers do that all the time, right?

    Well, the tune changes when you have multiple Dots in your network. Now you can play music on all of them. At the same time!

    With the feature intuitively called Multi-Room Music, all your Echo devices will be able to play music simultaneously. Of course, to use this Alexa skill, youll have to set it up first.

    Use Bluetooth With Echo Speaker

    Amazon Echo devices are all compatible with Bluetooth, so you can hook them up as speakers for your devices. That means you can play any music source you like to your Amazon Echo if you pair the two first.

    Its a bit of a faff, but Alexa will remember devices, so you can just say Alexa, pair my device at any point to quickly get the two hooked up.

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    Can Alexa Connect To Dlna

    Description. With OurJukebox, Alexa can play music from any computer or NAS server on your home network using DLNA, the easy to set up standard for home media sharing. This means you can play all your music you love, even if you dont have a music subscription, or the music isnt available online.

    How To Connect An Iphone To An Amazon Echo Device And Play Music On Alexa

    Best Skills & Commands for Playing Music with Alexa

    If you are a fan of smart devices, then you may already have an Echo device Amazons line of smart speakers that connect to other devices using Amazons voice-controlled personal assistant Alexa.

    These Alexa-powered speakers from Amazon hit the market first before the likes of Google, Lenovo, and Apple followed suit with their own smart personal assistants. The top products in this space include:

    • Google Home Smart Assistant
    • Apples HomePod
    • The Echo from Amazon

    These products are taking the market by storm through Amazons Alexa-powered Echo, the pioneer in this world of smart speakers, remains in command of the largest market share.

    Amazon Alexa supports a large number of streaming services both free and subscription-based on Amazon devices. The voice-controlled app lets you customize practically all the voice commands you use with your speakers and intelligently keeps track of these commands for you.

    With Alexa, you can enjoy convenient playback control in your home as you stream music and other media through any number of your Alexa devices. Registering your Alexa device to an Amazon account also allows you to access your Audible library and Amazon Music library automatically, taking your home entertainment to another level of convenience.

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    How To Control Multi

    After you set up one or more groups, its time to have fun playing music in more than one room at a time. You can command Alexa to play music by saying Alexa, play music . In other words, you can say Alexa, play music downstairs.

    Multi-room music works with all the usual Alexa commands as well. You can ask for specific artists, albums, specific songs, genres, and more. Here are some examples:

    • “Alexa, play Moving Pictures by Rush downstairs.”
    • “Alexa, play The White Stripes upstairs.”
    • “Alexa, play blues everywhere.”

    How To Listen To Music On Your Amazon Echo

    Alexa is a jack of all trades, but Amazon’s digital assistant can also help you listen to Pandora, Spotify, and other music services on your Echo device. Here’s how.

    Your Amazon Echo possesses many skills and abilities, but its career as a DJ is probably at the top of the list. Through your Echo, you can listen to music in a variety of ways, through many different sources. And the process is the same no matter which Echo device you own.

    If you’re looking to stream your own media library through an Echo device, Amazon doesn’t make it easy. Previously, you could upload music to Amazon Music Storage for playback on Echo devices, but in early 2019. Now your best bet is to stream music via Bluetooth from your PC or connect to a service like Plex.

    As a result, the easiest way to listen to music on an Echo device is through a music-streaming service. By default, your Echo will link to Amazon Music. If you’re an subscriber, you can snag more than 2 million songs from Prime Music for free, or 60 million if you upgrade to . But you can also access other popular services and wirelessly stream music to your Echo device from your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. Here’s how.

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    Add Your Echo Device To A Room

    You can then designate a location for your Echo. Using two Echo devices in the same room can be helpful for music playback and similar tasks. Choose the correct room and tap Continue. The app may then ask for the exact location of your new device to help with local weather and traffic.

    Select your address and tap Continue or tap Skip to bypass this screen. Your device is now ready to rock and roll. You can watch a short video to explain your Echo device or tap Skip to move on. Follow the same steps if you need to set up more Echo devices.

    Why Wont Alexa Play Music From My Phone

    How to Make Alexa Announcements on All of Your Echo ...

    One issue that could be causing the music to stop playing on the Amazon device is Wi-Fi connectivity. Wi-Fi congestion can be reduced by turning off any devices that are not in use. If the Alexa device is too close to a source of interference, like a Bluetooth device or cordless phone, move it away.

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    How To Play Music On All Alexa Devices

    RobotPoweredHome is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my blog, I may earn an affiliate commission. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

    As a Smart Home Enthusiast with a penchant for Amazon Alexa, I like to push Alexa Devices to their limits.

    I even went as far as to see if I could use the Echo Show as a security camera.

    But with Multi-Room Music being all the rage right now, I decided to figure out how to Play Music on all my Alexa Devices at once.

    I got to work researching how to play music on all my Alexa Devices, going from creating groups of speakers to playing different music on separate groups of speakers.

    You can easily play different music on all your Alexa devices by grouping them in the Alexa App while on the same network and choosing the music you would like to play on them.

    Possible Solution #: Use The App

    When youre playing music in one of the Amazon apps , youll notice that it shows which device the music is playing on. For example, on the Alexa app you can see which device is playing which sound under the Play tab:

    Unfortunately theres not currently a way of transferring a song from one Echo to another within the app, but you can pause the song in one device and then start playing it again from another device. This will also replay it from the start, so you then need to fast forward either on the app or by saying Alexa, fast forward 30 seconds .

    So this method isnt great, to be honest, but if youre already using your phone then you can sort of switch songs albeit in a fairly manual, clunky way.

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    How To Play Music On Multiple Alexa Devices

    Play Music with Multiple Alexa Devices

  • Open the Alexa app.
  • Select Plus, and then select Combine Speakers.
  • Select Multi-room music.
  • Follow the instructions in the app to complete the setup.
  • How do I set up multi room music on Alexa?

    • Go to Settings in the Alexa app. Scroll down until you find Audio Groups and select Multi-Room Music. Next, youll create a group for some or all of your speakers.

    To set up multiroom audio, open the Alexa app and select Devices from the bottom right corner. Tap the + icon in the top right, and select Set Up Multi-Room Music.. The app will then prompt you to create a group, making it easier to control music playback by saying things like Alexa, play music upstairs instead of calling out individual


    Alexa Is Playing Catch

    Amazon Echo multi room setup: How to group devices for music

    Amazon is playing catch up with , which released a similar feature called Stream transfer in October 2019. The feature allows users to move playback of videos, podcasts, and more from one to another. Stream transfer not only works with the ‘Hey Google’ command but can also be done with the Google Home app.

    Apart from being able to move playback from one device to another, Amazon has also added a feature to its Fire TV devices that make it easy for owners in Canada and the U.S. to find what to watch on Netflix. Simply saying ‘Alexa, play something on Netflix’ with the Alexa voice remote will launch the Netflix app and play a show or movie the viewer might enjoy. This feature is also available without the need for the remote on its new Fire TV Omni series.

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    Setting Collective Timers And Alarms

    Echo is the ideal smart device for setting timers and alarms for any purpose be it as a wake-up call or a reminder to get food out of the oven. But timers and alarms are specific to a single Echo device.

    If you set an alarm for 5 AM in your bedrooms Echo, the alarm wont automatically sync to all your other devices. If you set an alarm for 15 minutes in your kitchens Echo, that alarm wont ring on your living room Echo device.

    If you want to set a collective alarm, youll have to do so manually for all devices. This is a pretty intuitive feature because you dont want to wake up the whole house early in the morning, do you?

    How To Play And Sync Music On Multiple Amazon Echos

    If you have more than one Amazon Echo device, you can put play the same music on all your devices at the same time.

    The Amazon Echo is one of the best entertainment devices you can buy for your home. And if you have more than one Amazon Echo device, there are few ways you can use the devices in tandem.

    You can use your Echo devices as an intercom system to talk to family members in other rooms. Or you can play the same music on all your devices at the same time.

    Whether you put your Amazon Echos in different rooms or you want to get all your Echos to play the same music in one room, once it’s set up, it’s as simple as issuing a voice command to play your music.

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