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How To Log Into Someone Else’s Apple Music

Why Do Some People Use Multiple Apple Ids

How to Remove Apple ID from iPad without Password (2 Methods)

Some folks create multiple Apple IDs because they want to have different IDs for personal use, work, school, or anything else that requires a little more separation from the main account.

Also, there are people who have different Apple IDs for use with iTunes purchases and iCloud services.

This is something that users did more before Apple introduced the Family Sharing plan, which I will explain more about in a moment.

This sharing of one Apple ID between family members for music, apps, movies, and various other purchases let gave each person a separate Apple ID for iCloud services.

This way, not everything needed to be connected.

Additionally, a long time ago, some users had Apple IDs that used a third-party email address, such as Gmail, which now has a ton of iTunes purchases on them.

When iCloud came out, that other account used an Apple-branded email address.

How To Reset An Apple Id Password

Assuming you cant just think really hard until you remember what the password is, your best bet is to reset it. Heres how to do that.

The steps below will depend on the type of security you set up for your Apple account. Assuming you have two-factor authentication set up the process outlined in the steps below should work. Otherwise, you may have to answer some security questions and provide a 14-character Recovery Key .

  • Go to and click Forgotten your Apple ID or password?
  • Enter the email address you use with your Apple ID and click continue .
  • You will have to confirm enter the trusted phone number that is associated with your account, then press continue.
  • Youll receive a notification on your Apple devices. On a Mac you will see a message that A password reset request was sent from a device at the location shown below. On an iPhone you will see a message that you can Use this iPhone to reset your Password.
  • If you click on the notification on a Mac you will be taken to System Preferences . Click on Reset.
  • On the iPhone youll see Use this phone to reset password. Click on Allow.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions and you will be able to enter a new password for the account.
  • We look at the different ways you can reset your password and access the account in more detail below.

    How To Remove Someone From Family Sharing

    Deleting someone from Family Sharing to stop sharing purchases with him or her is possible through the Settings app.

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

  • Tap your name at the top. If you don’t see that, go to Accounts & Passwords > iCloud Drive.

  • Select FamilySharing.

    If you see Set Up Family Sharing instead, you’ll need to log out and log back in with the Apple ID used to set up Family Sharing.

  • Tap the name of the family member you want to remove from Family Sharing.

  • Select Remove .

    You can hide Family Sharing purchases instead if you’d rather keep the member as part of the group but you want to make some of your purchases unavailable to them.

  • Confirm that you want to remove that person.

  • After the person is removed, you’re returned to the main Family Sharing screen and can see that they are no longer listed.

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    Can I Sign Into Apple Music With A Different Apple Id

    As you probably know pretty well by this point, your Apple Music subscription is tied to the Apple ID you use to subscribe and pay for it.

    This allows you to access the app from any iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, or watchOS device that you are signed into using your Apple ID.

    Lets say that you want to use your Apple ID for logging into iTunes and App Store, in order to share music and app purchases with your friend.

    The catch? They are super into country music, but youre more of an R& B fan.

    You dont want to share Apple Music playlists and like assertions with this country-lovin friend.

    You dont want Apple Music to think that you like the same Blake Shelton songs that your friend likes.

    Can you share an Apple ID for logging into iTunes and the App Store but use a different Apple ID for Apple Music?

    S To Play Apple Music On Multiple Devices Via Ukeysoft Apple Music Converter

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    The first step is to run UkeySoft Apple Music Converter. The UkeySoft Apple Music Converter is available for free download and installation on your Windows or Mac computer. Please run it on your PC when it has been installed. When UkeySoft Apple Music Converter is active, iTunes will be launched automatically as well. For the sake of avoiding mistakes, please do not close it it will continue to operate in silent mode in the background during the conversion. Step 2: Select Apple Music Songs from the drop-down menu.

  • This converter enables batch conversion, allowing you to select as many tracks as you want to convert at once.
  • After careful examination, MP3 files are extremely compatible, and they may be played by virtually any player or device.
  • Step 4: Converting at a customized rate A function that allows you to change the conversion speed is currently only available in the Windows version of the program.
  • Step 5: Begin the Apple Music to MP3 Conversion Process.
  • Play Apple Music on Multiple Devices at the Same Time
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    How To Share Apple Music

    Apple Music is a great app for streaming music online and listening to downloaded music. It also lets you share the cost of your subscription.

    So, for example, your Apple Music Family subscription costs $14.99 a month and you can .

    In an easy, safe and legal way, you can cut down subscription costs by over 80% using Together Price.

    Trigger The Conversion Of Apple Music

    When youre finished, click the Convert button to begin the audio conversion procedure. The files that have been converted will be visible in the History panel. Make use of the preceding methods to convert audio files in the most efficient manner and to transmit the converted soundtracks to any device as quickly as possible. Then youll be able to listen to Apple Music on a variety of devices.

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    How To Invite Family Members To Apple Music On A Windows Pc

    Unfortunately, you cant use Family Sharing on a Windows PC. The operating system required for a family subscription plan is the OS x Yosemite .

    However, if someone sends you an invitation, you can try opening it in the iCloud for Windows app. You might be able to join pre-existing groups that way. Sadly, theres no way to create a Family Sharing group on a Windows PC.

    Setting Up Family Sharing On Ios

    How to Unlock iPhone without Apple ID/iCloud Password

    If youre reading this article on your iPhone or iPad, youre in luck: You can set up Family Sharing right now in a few simple steps.

  • Find the Family Sharing settings: Open the Settings app and either tap on your name at the very top, or on older iOS devices, scroll down and open the iCloud settings.
  • Tap Set Up Family Sharing: Then tap Get Started. From here, follow the prompts until setup is completed.
  • Invite family members: If youre using iOS 11 or later, youll be invited to choose the first feature you want to turn on for sharing. From here, follow the instructions to invite family members via Messages.
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    How Do I Sign In To My Apple Id

    You may be wondering How To Sign In To Apple Music On Another Ipod or iPhone if you want to subscribe to the same Apple Music account on more than one device. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to sign in to another Apple ID. First, open the Settings app on the device you wish to sign into. Then tap on Passwords and Accounts, and then enter your Apple ID. Next, select which services you want to enable with the new Apple ID.

    Once the devices are connected, you can sign in to Apple Music on the other device by logging in to your Apple ID. This is incredibly simple, and you should have no problem doing so. On a Mac, just go to Music and select Shared Library. If youre on an iPhone, you can access the shared content by turning on Home Sharing. This process is also safe and secure.

    Requirements For Family Sharing

    All family members will need to be running iOS 8 and later or OS X Yosemite and later for the Family Sharing feature to be available.

    Each family member can only be in one family group at a time. You’re also only allowed to switch to a different family group twice per year.

    There is also an option for setting up an Apple ID for a child under the age of 13, allowing them to be a part of your Family Sharing group. To do this, follow the instructions on Apple’s support page.

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    See If Your Family Member Accepted The Invitation

    After you send the invitation, you can check its status.

    On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  • Go to Settings.
  • To see the status of the invitation, select that person’s name.
  • If you need to resend the invitation, select Resend Invitation.
  • On your Mac

  • Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Family Sharing. Or if you’re using macOS Mojave or earlier, choose Apple menu > System Preferences > iCloud, then click Manage Family.
  • To see the status of the invitation, select that person’s name.
  • If you need to resend the invitation, select Resend Invitation.
  • How To Invite Family Members To Apple Music On A Mac

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    You can manage your subscription plan via the Apple Menu. Heres how to invite family members to Apple Music on a Mac:

  • Open the Apple Menu. Select System Preferences from the control panel.
  • To initiate the step-by-step walk-through, select Add Family Member.
  • Make sure not to skip any steps.
  • If your laptop is running an older version of macOS , youll have to use your iCloud account. Heres how to do it:

  • Navigate to the Apple Menu in the upper-left corner of the screen.
  • Open System Preferences and select iCloud.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the process.
  • Much like with an iOS device, you can set up your childs Apple ID on a Mac. Heres how to do it:

  • Open the Apple Menu in the top-left corner. Go to System Preferences > Family Sharing.
  • Select the Add Family Member option. For older versions of macOS, you have to open iCloud first. Then go to Manage Family and click the + Add button.
  • From the list of options, choose Create an Apple ID. Click Continue.
  • Set the month, date, and year to your childs birthday. Be sure not to make a mistake you cant change the date later.
  • Type in your childs name, password, and create their Apple ID username. Click Next when youre done.
  • Fill in the information regarding your chosen payment plan. Click Agree.
  • A new window will appear instructing you to set up the account. Come up with a memorable password and security questions and fill in the info.
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    Use Sign In With Apple On Third

    If you see a Sign in with Apple button on a participating third-party app or website, you can use your existing Apple ID to quickly set up an account and sign in. Learn how to use .

    When you sign in to the App Store and other media services for the first time, you might need to add a credit card or other payment information. You cant sign in to the App Store and other media services with more than one Apple ID at the same time, or update the content you buy with a different Apple ID. Depending on how you created your Apple ID, you might be prompted to upgrade to two-factor authentication on an eligible device.

    How To Set Up Family Sharing On A Mac

  • Click the Apple menu
  • If using Catalina, click System Preferences followed by Family Sharing.
  • If using macOS Mojave or earlier, click System Preferences, followed by iCloud
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to set up Family Sharing.
  • If you already have Family Sharing set up and you have the family plan to Apple Music, you may need to invite people to join your family. These individuals will need to have a valid Apple ID and know their password to accept the invitation.

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    Log In With A Different Apple Id On Your Iphone Or Ipad

    When you first look at the Settings on your device, you may not be able to find an option to create a new Apple ID on your iPhone. To sign up for a new Apple ID on your phone, you need to log out of your Apple ID first. To do that, follow these steps:

    1.Go to iPhones Settings by tapping on the gear icon on your devices Home screen. 2.In Settings, scroll down until you get to iCloud. Tap on the option to open iClouds menu.3.In iCloud, scroll down to the bottom-most part of the screen.4.Tap on the Sign-out button.5.A pop-up message will show warning you that all iCloud notes will be removed from your phone. Tap on Delete from My iPhone.6.On the next pop-up message, tap on Keep on My iPhone to save iCloud Safari data, reminders and contacts on your iPhone. Otherwise, tap on Delete from My iPhone.7.If you have chosen to delete data, a new pop-up message will be displayed. Confirm the action by tapping on Delete from My iPhone. 8.Enter your Apple ID Password to turn off Find My iPhone and successfully sign out of your Apple ID. 9.Wait for the process to complete, and you will be logged out of your Apple ID.10.You can now proceed with logging in with another account or creating a New Apple ID on your iPhone.

    Purchased apps will not be uninstalled once you log in to another Apple ID account. However, updates on a purchased app will not be available unless the account used to purchase the app is used.

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    How Do I Secure My Apple Id Account

    How to use Find My on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch | Apple Support

    Your Apple ID is the gateway to a lot of personal information about you, as it is the login used to access everything stored in the cloud from purchase information to photos. It’s a good idea to add an extra layer of security to your account with Apple’s two-step verification system.

    Two-step verification uses one of your Apple devices or a phone number to verify your identity before you’re allowed to make changes to your account, sign into iCloud, or make App Store or iTunes purchases from a new device.

    It also includes a recovery key for safekeeping that will allow you to access your Apple ID account if your password or your Apple device is ever lost. It’s a good idea to put this code in a secure place because there’s often no way to recover an Apple ID account with no recovery key available and no known password.

    Learn how to enable two-step verification with the steps outlined in our dedicated how to.

    When setting up an Apple ID, it’s also good practice to make sure to use a strong, secure password that uses a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols and is not used for other sites, and to choose security question answers that are difficult to guess.

    Apple does not ask for Apple ID information, so never provide Apple ID data to anyone, including friends and family members. Apple will also never ask for passwords, security question answers, verification codes, or recovery keys, which is worth keeping in mind to make sure you never fall for any phishing scams.

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    Sign In With Your Apple Id

    Your Apple ID is the account that you use to access all Apple services and make all of your devices work together seamlessly. After you log in, you can use the App Store, iCloud, iMessage, Apple Music, Apple TV+, and more.

    Want to use Sign in with Apple on third-party apps or websites? Learn how to use Sign in with Apple.

    Can I Have Two Itunes Accounts On One Computer

    Households with multiple iPod users can benefit from having two iTunes accounts on the same computer. A computer can have multiple iTunes libraries and accounts associated with it, allowing each iPod device owner to have an individual library. Adding a second iTunes library to a computer takes just a few moments.

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    As Always An Ounce Of Prevention Equals A Pound Of Cure That Seems To Be Especially True For This Case The Best Way To Fix This Problem Is To Avoid It

    • iTunes and Finder Backups are great, but if you use iCloud as your primary backup method, you wont run into this issue.
    • Whenever possible, avoid using an Apple app thats logged into a different account than the device youre backing up or restoring.
    • If you have to use someone elses Apple ID, it might be worth deleting common apps that are shared between that device and yours. Just reinstall them when youre done restoring.
    • When you buy, inherit or otherwise get your hands on someone elses device, make sure to perform a Factory Reset to completely wipe it of existing data.

    We hope that the tips provided in this short article were helpful to you. Please let us know in the comments below if you have any questions.

    How To Share Apple Music And Save More Than 80%

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    A subscription to Apple Music is $9.99/month or $14.99/month for a family sharing group account.

    A lot of users would say itâs worth every penny, but if there was a way to pay less and save up to 80% without any compromise, wouldnât you take up on that offer?

    Some . Apple Music subscriptions on Together Price go for only $3.49/month. If you are sceptical about your purchasing decisions, they offer a full refund within the first 25 days, so thereâs nothing to lose.

    , and then you can look at all of the subscription services you can join or invite people to join for a fraction of the price.

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