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How To Live Stream Music

A Brief History Of Live Streaming

How to live stream music 24/7 on Youtube

Did you know the first live stream ever was 27 years ago? Did you know it was a live music gig? On June 24, 1993, California garage rock band Severe Tire Damage performed at Xerox PARC for the companys employees. At the same time, Xerox engineers on campus were developing a multicasting technology called Mbone. The scientists decided to test their new tech by broadcasting Severe Tire Damages performance for company employees, even going so far as to sending the link to a researcher in Australia, testing Mbones global capabilities.

The next major development in live streaming came 15 years later, when YouTube hosted YouTube Live on November 22, 2008. Featuring appearances by pop stars like will.i.am and Katy Perry, the event was a celebration of the YouTube celebrity, the then-novel concept that anyone could upload a video and become a star.

While planned as an annual event, YouTube Live turned out to be a one-off experiment that was mostly scrubbed from the Internet by 2011. You see, many of the performers had never played live before, and the combined eclecticism of the artists and overall newness of the technology made for a disappointing final product that YouTube and their new owners Google were not looking to replicate each year.

But that was 12 years ago. A lot has changed in the way people consume videos online, and now live streaming is here to stay. So how do you become a live streaming pro and avoid the pitfalls of the past? Read on to find out in this guide.

Audioquest Dragonfly Black Dac

If you want to stream high resolution music on your phone, tablet, or computer, I recommend the Dragonfly Black DAC from AudioQuest. Its about the size of a flash drive, and plugs directly into your device via USB. If youre using a computer, you wont need any other accessories to use it.

If you want to connect it to an iPhone, youll need this adapter if you want to plug it into a newer Android phone, youll need this adapter. Once its connected, go to your devices sound settings, and make sure the Dragonfly Black has been identified. In my experience, this has happened automatically, unless a pair of Bluetooth headphones were connected to the device at the same time.

When everything looks good, just plug your headphones into the audio out jack on the bottom of the Dragonfly DAC and hit play. Im recommending this DAC because of its small size and ease of use, but it does have one limitation: it can only play digital files with a sampling rate of up to 96kHz.

High resolution streaming services will automatically downsample their files to the highest resolution your DAC supports. If you want to sacrifice some portability and power efficiency for 192Kz support, I recommend the Fulla 3 from Schiit audio.

New Report Reveals Most Popular Music Streaming Services

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According to the study, which uses data from Q2 2021, Spotify was by far the most popular music streaming service, taking a total of 31% of the market. Apple Music comes in second, with a respectable 15%. Surprisingly, third place is a tie between Amazon Music and Tencent Music with 13%. YouTube Music comes in next with 8%, and then the smaller services fill out the remaining market share.

Interesting to note is that while Spotify continues to dominate, the latest numbers are actually a drop from 33% in 2020, which is a small but noticeable decrease. In Q2 2019, Spotify had 34% of the market, so the drop has been happening for a couple of years now.

According to Midia Research, there are a total of 523.9 million total music streaming subscribers in Q2 2021. If that number is accurate, that means Spotify had about 162.4 million subscribers paying for its music streaming service as of Q2 2021. That total number is up 109.5 million over the same time in 2020, so a lot of users signed up for premium music streaming services.

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How To Set Up A Music Livestream

First time hosting a performance livestream? Read our guide to setting up a music livestream from home.

Gigs been cancelled because of covid-19? Live streaming is the best way to reach your fans when you can’t be there in person. But theres a lot to consider when setting up your first livestream. What audio cables do you need? What software should you use? Do you need multiple instrument feeds?

Weve been hit up a lot recently by our artist community for our tips on setting up a music livestream. So, heres our round up of advice for the most asked questions. Stream on!

Choosing Your Camera And Connection

How To Streaming 24/7 Music On YouTube Live With OBS ...

Making your live stream look and sound as professional as possible is the best way to attract attention. Afterall, nobody likes to watch a video that looks bad and sounds worse. To live stream your band’s performances, youll need some basic video production equipment to represent yourself well. There are several options based on your budget, but here are the essentials:

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The Longer The Better

Definitely experiment with the length and content of your live streams, but try to work at least a few longform streams into the mix. Why? The more time you stream, the more people will be able to tune in, says musician Javier Morales , whos been streaming for the last few months as his main source of income.

He recommends going live for at least an hour at a time, mixing performances with Q& As, studio tours, and personal updatesto fill the time in an engaging way. Have some fun with it, and itll fly by!

How To Stream A Video With Google Meets

Hangouts is usually used for video conferences at work or for a call with your friends, but many artists also use it to broadcast a live concert. You can prepare your event in advance by inviting your fans via email. They just click the link in the email to join your live concert. Some people find Hangouts makes your gig a more personal streaming experience because you only reach fans who signed up for your newsletter. Make sure they know that your Hangouts live concert will be a special treat just for them.

Common mistake: Don’t forget to send the invitation email with the live streaming link!

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How Music Streaming Works

Most streaming platforms offer up an astonishing library of songs, albums and playlists. All of these songs can theoretically be played by every user at one time over the internet, no matter where they are, and no matter what device they are using. From a technical standpoint, streaming works by sending information from a server to an individual player. The actual song exists on the server as a raw file. Raw files are huge and detailed, so they have to be compressed in order to travel over the internet instantaneously. When the stream reaches your device, it will decode the compressed information using an app or plugin.

Because the raw files are compressed for transmission, some argue that music streaming is lower quality than other formats like CDs, vinyl records, or even digital downloads. This is broadly true. Spotifys default streaming quality is 160 kbps. A regular MP3 file is normally 320 kbps . CDs are usually 1,411 kbps.

The success of music streaming has proven that listeners do not necessarily prize quality over quantity and convenience. The sheer number of songs available, and the ease of finding and listening to them is the real appeal. And its become so popular, that the whole industry has had to reorganise around it: in 2019, streaming numbers topped a trillion for the first time in history, and in March, it was estimated that 80% of revenue from recorded music was generated by streaming.

How Long Should My Live Stream Be

How to Live Stream Pre-recorded Music and Videos on YouTube 24/7 | The DIY Musician Guide

Theres really no definitive answer to this, as it depends on several factors including your own musical style, the platform youre using, and your audience.

Determining the length of your live stream is a learning experience. Many platforms provide viewer metrics so you can track your stats and change your streaming approach to optimize around peak engagement. If you see viewers are leaving your streams after a certain amount of time, maybe cap your videos not long after so you retain as many people watching as possible but dont use all your best stuff when less people are watching.

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What Do You Need To Start Live Streaming

Depending on how elaborate you want to get with your setup, live streaming can be as simple as hooking up a single camera to your computer, or it can be an elaborate process requiring a considerable amount of specialty equipment. Sweetwater recommends a middle ground, which typically consists of two or three cameras, a video mixer, a reliable computer, and a live streaming service that fits your needs. There are also audio considerations, which well cover as well.

How To Successfully Live Stream As A Musician

Slowly, but surely, communities are beginning to open back up. With the right precautions, you can now browse most of your favorite stores after getting a bite to eat at your favorite restaurants.

However, live music is still taking a significant hit.

Between major artists canceling their tours , and local wineries, coffee shops, and bars pausing to hire musical talent, musicians haven’t had that breath of fresh air to dive back into their normal life.

For the time being, virtual concerts are the “go-to” for musicians to continue performing and getting their art into the world. Chances are you have witnessed both fantastic and subpar live stream performances.

What made some of the video feeds better than others? Was it the actual performance? The artist’s preparation? Or just a technical issue?

In this article, we are going to tackle 10 tips to live stream your music successfully. Let’s begin!

  • Be Yourself
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    What Are The Best Ways To Promote Your Live Stream

    Unless you have an enormous following, we wouldnt recommend spontaneously going live and expecting people to show up. Whether youre just trying out a one-off live stream or you want to dive right in with daily broadcasts, planning and promoting in advance is the best way to go.

    Sending an announcement to your email list is a great place to start. Shout it from the rooftops on all of your social media channels and if your live stream will be taking place on one of those channels, give it some extra attention in your promos.

    Dont just keep copy and pasting the same announcement over and over, though thatll get old really fast. Mix it up with some teaser videos, fun graphics, countdown reminders, and little hints at what youll be playing or discussing.

    If youre planning to invite any special guests to join you on your live stream, even better! Team up on some cross-promotion for a bigger impact, and continue supporting each other even when youre not doing an event together.

    Also, take note of whether your chosen streaming platform will save the video, and use that to your advantage either way. If a recording wont be publicly available afterwards, emphasize the importance of actually showing up while youre live so that your fans make it a bigger priority.

    A Beginners Guide To Live Streaming Music

    NCS 24/7 Live Stream

    Sebastian Watzinger

    These unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures and ideas on how to stay connected to your audience and fans. Most of us have probably experienced some measure of trouble and are affected by the current situation. There are no live concerts and you cant play in your favourite bar anymore. But we all still want to stay connected to our fans, keep them happy, and even help them through these uncertain times. How can we do that? Live streaming music on Youtube, on Facebook, Tik Tok, and Twitch has become popular and helpful for many artists. But I know from my own experience that setting up a live stream with good audio and no technical hiccups repeatedly is challenging, and even seems scary. If you want to learn about live streaming concerts and make the experience exciting and attractive, this guide is for you.

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    How To Convert Tidal Music To Mp3

    Step 1. Open Tidal Music to MP3 converter on your computer and then copy and paste the music link from Tidal to AudFree to add Tidal songs.

    Step 2. Click the ‘Preferences’ > ‘Convert’ button to adjust the output format as MP3 and customize some other audio parameters if necessary.

    Step 3. Hit on the big ‘Convert’ button at the bottom-right corner of the main interface and then download and save Tidal MP3 files to your local computer.

    How To Live Stream: A Beginners Survival Guide

    Marta Chernova

    Live streaming: where do I even begin? Without having a basic understanding of how live streaming works, getting started can be intimidating.

    If you want to:

    • Start streaming using something more than just your webcam or smartphone
    • Understand the fundamental components of online video streaming
    • Learn the basics of live streaming quickly

    Then youve landed on the right page.

    Jump to

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    Set Up Your Instruments And Space For Your Concert At Home

    Finally, youre ready to set up your instruments and your space! Just because youre at home doesnt mean you need to look like it. Help create an experience for your audience by addressing the visual details as well. Some things youll want to consider include:

    • Backgrounds, lighting, and props
    • Where youll position recording gear
    • What sort of acoustics the room has
    • How close or far away the camera and mics need to be for optimal vocals and visuals

    Deezer To Mp3 Converter Online

    Live Streaming for Musicians – Get better Audio & Video at Home

    Deezer is also a well-known streaming music service with high popularity. With a big music library with 43-million songs, Deezer enables premium subscribers to download and play Deezer music, playlists and audiobooks on computer or mobile devices offline via theDeezer app.

    If you are using a free Deezer account or like to listen to Deezer music on unauthorized devices without using Deezer app, a professional DeezerDownloader needs to be equipped.Here, we highly recommend DeezerDownloader, a web-based application to download Deezer to MP3 for better playback. Without having to install extra software or application on your machine but paste the link of Deezer music, you can get MP3 files from Deezer.

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    Whats The Difference Between Streaming And Live Streaming

    By live streaming, we mean when music is played live by a performer to an audience via an online platform. This could include everything from gigs, concerts and DJ sets to fitness classes and church services. If you’re planning a ticketed, live stream or performance, check out our Online Live Concert Licence.

    Archive Your Live Stream

    When you live stream ends dont throw it out!

    All that footage is useful content to chop up and share with fans that missed or want to replay your live stream.

    In the days following your last live stream, share parts of your last set.

    This is an excellent tool for promoting any upcoming live stream session too!

    Just make sure youre familiar with the live stream saving options on whatever platform you plan on using.

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    Tips For Capturing Better Audio

    It goes without saying that if youre going to perform live online, its critical that you have good audio quality for your stream.

    But, if youre a recording artist you have a big advantage over other live streamers!

    Since youre a recording artist you have a big advantage over other live streamers!

    Chances are you already own the two key pieces of equipment that you needa decent quality microphone and an audio interface.

    Heres how to put that recording and audio knowledge to use and get good audio in your live stream

    Looking To Get In On Live Streaming Here Are A Few Ways To Get Started Job Done See How To Set Up A Live Performance Stream Professionally And On A Budget

    Copyrights And Live Streaming: Where To Stream Your DJ Set ...

    While it may be some time before we get to experience in-person live performances again, many performers, musicians, and other artists are moving their shows online.

    If youre a performer whos interested in live streaming or someone looking to provide streaming services to others, there are a handful of ways to make it happen no matter your budget. Weve broken down a few of these approaches and rounded up some gear suggestions, ranging from entry-level to professional.

    So, lets get started and get you online.

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    How To Live Stream On Twitch

    If you havent already, create an account on twitch.tv. For Twitch, you wont be able to live stream unless you use a software encoder like OBS Studio. This option is much more sophisticated, and has a lot of options to choose from. You can add different video and audio sources, such as your webcam, another camera and maybe a room mic and a mic for the singer and so on. For the sake of simplicity, I describe here a minimal, basic setup with one audio and one video source.

    Here is how you do it:

    • Run the auto-configuration wizard or get yourself acquainted with it by manually setting up the software encoder.
    • Go to File > Settings > Stream in OBS Studio. Choose Twitch as your service, then either connect your Twitch account to OBS Studio or connect Twitch using the stream key.
    • Add your audio and video sources to OBS
    • In the Sources tab, add an audio source or audio input capture
    • Choose Create New and give it a name, like the name of the mic or interface you are using
    • Either your USB mic or Audio Interface will show up in the dropdown menu in the next pop-up window
    • Choose the mic or interface you want to use.
    • Repeat the steps for your video source. Choose Video Capture Device form the Sources menu.

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