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How To Listen To Music Offline On Iphone


Pandora Music Free Music Without Wifi


This is one of the best free music streaming service where you can listen to your favorite songs without Wi-Fi service. Here you can create a radio station of you own based on your favorite singer and their song. Let us see some features of Pandora as a free music listening app.

  • Own radio station

You can make your own radio station based on your favorite artist and songs. You can easily make more than one satiation depending on your mood like dance song, old song, party song. If you want you can you can share your station and songs with you friends.

  • Discover new music

If you want you will be notified if a new song is released by the artist or singer you like. In that case, you can immediately download the song and can add to your station or bookmark the song to download later.

  • Free account

Creating a free account with the restriction of 40 hours in one month in Pandora it gives you access to millions of songs and suggests new music based on your preference.You can access your Pandora account anywhere you want. You can play or listen to your favorite music through Pandora from media player, smartphone and other devices like smart TV and home theater.

  • Social networking

Pandora is very impressive for social networking sites. If you want you can share your station with others and can listen to the music of others station or album. You can also find people and follow them who have same musical taste and can share your views and thoughts.

Now You Can Sing Along To Your Favorite Songs Even Without Internet

And there you have it, an easy guide so you can listen to your favorite songs offline in Apple Music. Theres always a song that is perfect for every mood, emotion and day. And thanks to this trick, you can enjoy them no matter where you are.

Did you find this guide useful? What songs are you currently listening to? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!

How To Listen To Spotify Offline Without Premium Android

Step 1. Please uninstall the Spotify app completely on your Android devices in advance. After that, please turn the ‘Allow Unknown Source’ option on under the Android settings.

Step 2. Please click this link to download the cracked Spotify app for Android. When you have done that, please open this program.

Step 3. Log in to your Spotify free account, which will be a flawless premium account. That’s to say, you have gotten the Spotify offline mode without Premium.

All songs on Spotify will have a ‘Download’ option. You can click it to download and listen to music offline on Spotify without Premium.

From Part 1, you have . So, you can also sync and transfer Spotify music downloads to Android from your computer. You can check the simple steps out below.

Step 1. Please connect your Android phone to your computer via USB cable.

Step 2. Locate the music folder covering Spotify files on your computer. Please drag it to your Android external file folder for syncing.

Step 3. It can also block the Shuffle Mode. So, you can begin to use Spotify offline without Premium on your Android phone as you like.

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How To Use Amazon Music Offline

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Streaming music services are great until youre stuck without an internet connection. Thats where downloading music for offline playback comes in. Like Spotify, Amazon Music supports downloading music for offline listening. Well show you how to do it.

To use the offline feature, youll need an , Amazon Music Unlimited, or Amazon Music HD subscription. If youre already an Amazon Prime member, you automatically get the Music Prime subscription.

Offline music is supported on iPhone, iPad, and Android. The screenshots in this guide might look slightly different depending on your device, but the steps are exactly the same.

First, after opening the Amazon Music app, search for something that you want to download. It can be a single song, an album, or a playlist.

Next, tap the three-dot icon next to the song, album, or playlist.

Select Download from the menu.

Thats all there is to it. Simply do this for all of the music that youd like to have for offline listening.

To see all of your offline music in one place, go to the Library tab.

On Android, tap the dropdown at the top of the page and select Offline Music from the menu.

How To Listen To Spotify Offline For Free

How to listen to Amazon Prime music on iPhone or iPad

AudFree Spotify Music Converter needs you to do three clicks to download Spotify songs. And then, you can listen to Spotify offline for free without Premium on any device. Here is the detailed tutorial on how to use Spotify offline for free on a computer.

Step 1Load Spotify songs to AudFree for downloading offline
Please launch this extraordinary Spotify downloader on your computer. The Spotify app will be opened automatically from the desktop. To import songs from Spotify to AudFree program, there are 2 ways to do it. You can drag and drop audio files into the main window. Or you can copy and paste the URL of Spotify tracks to the search box. And then, please click the ‘+’ button to load Spotify files.
Step 2Set output formats for offline Spotify downloads
When you are using a free Spotify account, you can only listen to 160 kbps quality of Spotify audios. AudFree Spotify Music Converter offers users to customize output audio quality for free. Please hit on the ‘Preferences’ > ‘Convert’ to set the bit rate as 320 kbps and the sample rate as 44,100 Hz. Besides, you can also define the output format as WAV or FLAC lossless format to get higher Spotify files. It will bring you a wonderful offline listening experience.

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Listen To Apple Music Offline On Desktop

  • Launch iTunes if youre on Windows, or the Apple Music app if youre on Mac
  • Find the song or album that you want to download and save offline
  • Tap the cloud icon next to the album or the song to download it
  • Once youve downloaded a song or album, youll be able to access it through the Downloaded section located on the left navigation bar
  • Do take note that if youve downloaded a playlist for offline listening, whenever you add to that playlist with new songs, those songs are also automatically downloaded for offline listening as well. As with all downloads, your downloaded music will count towards your iPhone or iPad or Mac computers storage, so make sure that you have enough space. Or if youre running out of space, you can always safely remove these songs because theyll still be available through Apple Music.

    Apple Music, similar to Spotify, has limits when it comes to offline songs. Apple Music will support up to 100,000 songs, versus Spotify which supports 10,000 songs. Either way, we reckon that both numbers are more than enough for most users, but its something to take note of if you have a particularly huge collection that you want to keep in offline mode.

    Automatically Download Content From Apple Music To View Offline Music In Iphone

    You can conclude whether to have Apple Music content consequently downloaded when its chosen for your library.

    • Select the Settings app on your cell phone.
    • Tap on Music
    • Toggle Automatic Download under downloader.

    At the point when this toggle is on, the music chosen is automatically downloaded to that device. This setting makes little difference to your different devices.

    Apple makes it simple to enhance music storage on your phone. To set up a base stockpiling edge:

    • Go to the Settings app on your phone.
    • Select Music.
    • Pick Optimize Storage under Downloads.
    • Set the minimum storage. Accessible levels are reliant upon the measure of storage space on your device.

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    Top 5 Free Offline Music Apps For Iphone To Download Songs

    Looking for offline music downloader for iPhone? Read this guide and you will get to know five wonderful music apps as the offline music apps for iPhone to download songs.

    iPhone Music Tips

    Today, music has become peoples favorite hobby as it helps them to relax their minds. Online streaming services have also made it easier for users to listen to their favorite track anywhere. However, these services work only if you have stable internet connectivity. Sometimes, you dont have internet access, and you really want to listen to songs offline. Thats when free offline music apps for iPhone roles come in. These apps can allow you to download the desired song to make it offline on iPhone.

    Here, in this guide, we come up with several offline music apps for iPhone on which you can rely.

    How To Listen To Apple Music Offline

    How to Listen to Music Offline On Apple Music

    Apple Music is a music streaming service that provides on-demand listening on the go. This means that youll be able to search for songs at any time and play it on the spot. However, as you might have guessed, this would require you to have an internet connection. This typically isnt a problem, but there are times when offline listening might be better.

    For example if you have a spotty connection, or if youre running low on data, or if youre in an area that does not have any internet at all . These types of situations is where being able to enjoy your music without the need for an internet connection comes in handy.

    If you relish the idea of being able to enjoy your Apple Music without an internet connection, then read on to find out what you need to do.

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    Top 10 Best Free Music Apps For Iphone Without Wifi

    Are You Facing problems with the music app on your iPhone? Trying the other music players from the App Store? But most of the app is using Wi-Fi to listen to the music?

    So, how would you really find free music apps for iPhone without WiFi?

    To help you with this problem, to make your wish come true, we have searched the whole web. You can now save your favorite songs on the go. No more trouble when you are not in the range of Wi-Fi. In this article, you will get the top free music apps for iPhone without wifi.

    So, you do not need to struggle to find the best music apps by searching and reading through different websites. Simply follow the article and you will find the best app according to your choice and preference in no time.

    Play Music From Dropbox On Your Iphone When You Are Offline

    Dropbox is good solution for storing your files in the cloud. But you are not limited with office file types only. You can upload audio content also. Imagine if you have ripped your favorite CDs and now you have cool music library with all favorite albums and artists. It would be great if you can take this tons of music anywhere you go. Be able to listen to your music online when you have Internet connection or download it for offline when you far away from WiFi or cellular network. What if you can build your own music streaming service like Spotify but without any limits.

    For all these cases we created Evermusic – your all in one music player, streamer, downloader and playlists manager. You can connect any cloud storage with your audio tracks and listen to music like you do this with native Music app. You can also download any track, playlist, album for offline playback at any time and take your music with you when you driving a car or running in the park.

    There are 3 simple steps which helps you to build cloud music streaming service and free up space on device by moving all your music in the cloud.

    Move Your Music To The Cloud

    First you need is move all your music folders to the cloud. Just register and sign into your Dropbox account using desktop web browser. Install Dropbox app on your computer and move your audio tracks to the Dropbox folder. It will take some time to sync all your data to the server.

    Install Evermusic app

    You can download it from the App Store:

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    How To Listen To Spotify Offline Without Premium Iphone

    Step 1. Please open your web browser on your iPhone and open the TweakBox official website page. Please install the TweakBox app on your iPhone. It will show a prompt, please allow it.

    Step 2. Please navigate to the ‘Profile Downloaded’ section to unzip the configuration profile. To do that, you need to authorize your device by filling with your iPhone password.

    Step 3. Launch the ‘TweakBox’ app and search the ‘Spotify++’ app under the ‘Tweaked apps’ option. Once found, please hit it to install this new app. After that, you can get a Spotify app with premium features.

    You can also transfer offline Spotify songs from your computer to your iPhone via the below steps.

    Step 1. Open iTunes store on your computer and click ‘File’ > ‘Add to File’ to upload Spotify files to iTunes.

    Step 2. Alternatively, you can also follow this helpful source page to transfer Spotify playlists to iTunes.

    Step 3. After that, all audio files in your iTunes music library will be synced to your iPhone for offline listening.

    Add Music To Your Iphone Using Icloud Drive

    How to listen offline music on iPhone 2020

    If you have your music collection on your Mac and/or an external hard drive and are comfortable manually managing your songs, use iCloud Drive to add tracks to your iPhone.

    iCloud’s terms explicitly prohibit the uploading of content for which you don’t have the express permission to copy or share. Saving music you don’t have the correct rights to upload, even for personal listening, could lead to your iCloud account being suspended.

  • On your Mac, open Finder and navigate to iCloud Drive.

  • Select File > New Folder . This will create a new untitled folder.

  • Name the folder “Music.”

  • Open the Music folder.

  • Locate the tracks you want to access on your iPhone. Drag them across to your Music folder.

    If you want to be sure the tracks remain available in their original folders, copy and paste them to your Music folder, rather than drag and drop. To do this, press command+C to copy it from its original location, and then press command+V to paste in the Music folder.

  • Your music will automatically upload to iCloud Drive.

  • Once your tracks have uploaded, your music will be available via iCloud on your iPhone. To access them, open the Files app on your iPhone.

  • Tap iCloud Drive.

  • Navigate to and tap the Music folder to open it. You’ll see the same tracks you uploaded via your Mac.

  • Tap the track you want to play and it will automatically download to your device. Alternatively, tap the cloud and arrow icon to save the track to your iPhone.

  • Your music is now saved to your iPhone.

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    Bonus Tip: How To Transfer Offline Music From Computer To Iphone

    Have some offline music on the computer and want to transfer to your iPhone? AnyTrans can help you in doing this. It is a tool designed for managing iPhone content on a computer. With it, you can easily add offline music from computer to iPhone without relying on iTunes. Below are its main features that you can use.

    • You can selectively transfer all types of music files from computer to iPhone.
    • There will be no data loss during the transfer process from iPhone to computer as no iTunes restore will occur.
    • Besides music, you can also transfer other file types, such as photos, videos, contacts, messages, apps, etc.
    • You can transfer data not just from computer to iPhone, but also from iPhone to computer and from iPhone to another iDevice.
    • With it, you can move hundreds of music files in just a few minutes and so, you will have a high-speed guarantee.

    and here is the simple guide on how to add offline music to iPhone using AnyTrans:

    * 100% Clean & Safe

    Step 1. Run AnyTrans on your PC/Mac computer > Connect your iPhone to the computer using a cable > Tap on Device Manager > Choose Music.

    Go to Device Manager and Click Music Category

    Step 2. Next, tap Songs > Click + button > Choose Import from Computer and Import File to view music files on your PC.

    Step 3. Select the desired music files from the computer you want to transfer to connected iPhone > Finally, click on Open to begin the transfer process.

    Select Music from Computer and Open them

    Pair Your Bluetooth Headphones

    Next, you need to pair your Bluetooth headphones to your Apple Watch. To do this, go to the Settings app on your Apple Watch. Make sure your headphones are in Discovery Mode.

    If you have connected your headphones to iPhone or Apple Watch before, they should pop up automatically under the Devices tab.

    Tap the device you want to pair. And voila, it should connect!

    If you are connecting headphones with Apples W1 chip, like AirPods or BeatsX, these devices should automatically pair with your Apple Watch.

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