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How To Keep Music Playing When Screen Turns Off Android

How To Increase The Screen Timeout Length

Play YouTube Music in Background with Screen Off on Android & iPhone (2021)

Before we talk about the methods you can use to prevent the screen from turning off, it should be mentioned that most Android phones cant do this natively. On the majority of Android devices, you can only set the screen timeout to a longer time limit, such as 10 or 30 minutes. In most situations, though, this is good enough.

Swipe down from the top of the screen to open the notification panel. Tap the Gear icon to open the Settings menu. Depending on which device you have, you might need to swipe down a second time to reveal the Gear icon.

Tap Display in the Settings menu.

This is where things can really start to vary by device. Some phones, like the Google Pixel, require that you expand the Advanced section in the Display settings.

Other phones list Screen Timeout under the main Display settings.

Tap Screen Timeout to open the time options.

Things can vary by device here, as well. Almost all Android devices have 15 and 30 seconds, or 1, 2, 5, and 10 minutes as an option. However, some phones will have an additional 30-minute choice. Select the longest one available on your phone.

Repeat these steps any time you want to adjust the Screen Timeout length.

Song Pause While Screen Is Locked

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Sometimes when screen locks, music will pause randomly and continue randomly again.someitmes it will also pause and continue once i unlock the screen.its driving me Nuts, cannot listen to music this way.Please help

Thanks for reaching out to the community!

Try this!

Go to android Settings > Device maintenance > battery > battery usage > optimize battery usage > show all apps > Don’t optimize for Spotify.

Close Spotify & Restart your phone

I am also experiencing this issue – exactly as described.

When the screen is locked, the music will pause then a few seconds later continue again. Resuming play can be forced by unlocking the screen.

I am using a Samsung Galaxy S8 running Android Pie

Check Data Usage Settings

Restricted data can also cause issues in the normal functioning of an app, especially if the app needs the internet to work. The app needs to have access to the background data for proper functioning.

Lets check how to enable background data usage for the music.

Step 1: Open Setting and tap on Apps.

Step 2: Tap on the problematic app followed by Mobile data & Wi-Fi or Data usage.

Step 3: Enable the toggle next to Allow background data usage.

Tip: In addition to the troubling app, repeat methods 2-4 for Google Play Services as well. Also, learn .

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Disable Battery Optimization And Allow Background Activity For Spotify:

  • Open the Settings app of your Android device > scroll down and tap on Apps to open it.
  • Tap on the magnifying glass icon on the top right corner.
  • Now type in Spotify to search for it > tap the app open once it shows up.
  • Now check whether the Allow background activity option is restricted or turned off. If it is restricted, then this is what might be causing the issue. Turn on this option. Now tap on the Optimize battery usage option right under the Allow background activity option.
  • Select all on the top left corner for all the apps to show up.
  • Tap on the magnifying glass icon on the top right corner > search for the Spotify Once the searched app appears, check whether the toggle bar just beside the app is turned on. If it is, then it means the battery optimization for Spotify is enabled. Now disable it.
  • Go back to the Spotify app details screen. Look at the Allow background activity It should be grayed out.

When the Optimize battery usage option is turned off, system does not allow you to prevent Spotify from playing in the background. Check if Spotify plays when the screen is locked. If it does not, then do the following steps.

Can Music Randomly Play On Your Android Device

Screen Backlight Off App Saves Battery When Playing Music ...

One of the less-intense viruses that is common in Android devices is the random music playing virus. There is no specific name for this virus you might be using your phone, and after closing all apps and locking it, some random music suddenly starts playing in the background.

This can not only be annoying, but can also put you in awkward situations. For example, imagine you are sitting in a conference room with senior management and your boss, and suddenly random music starts playing on your phone, even though you turned silent mode on.

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What To Do If Spotify Stops Playing When Screen Is Off On Android

There could be several reasons as to why the Spotify app stops playing when the device screen is off or locked on Android. It could be a settings issue or corrupted app data. Below are discussed several steps to follow when encountering this problem. First though, make sure your Spotify app is updated before proceeding to any of these steps. Sometimes error occurs just because your app is not updated to its latest version.

How To Play Music In The Background On An Android Phone

Android smartphones provide you with the ability to multitask when using your device in a fast-paced business environment. Use your Android smartphone’s native music application to play audio in the background while sending text messages, browsing the Web or using additional applications. This feature enables you to add a level of entertainment to the workplace by enhancing mundane tasks and lightening the mood in what may be a serious or stressful environment.


Tap the “Music” icon in your Android smartphone’s app drawer.


Tap on the name of a song from the list of available options to begin playback.


Press the smartphone’s home key to return to the device’s home screen.



  • Access the music application while it’s playing in the background by tapping on its icon in the app drawer once more or by holding your finger on the device’s notification bar at the top of the screen, swiping downward and selecting the application from the options that appear.
  • Play music in the background from third-party applications, such as Google Play Music, Pandora Internet Radio and Winamp using the same procedure.


  • Music playback will be halted when placing or receiving a phone call. Not all third-party music applications may support this feature. Refer to each application’s specifications listed in the Google Play Store to determine its features and level of compatibility with your device.

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If The Music Stops In The Background Or When The Screen Is Locked

Documents app allows you to listen to audio and video files when the app is in the background or the screen is locked. If the music stops while in the background, you can fix it this way:

  • Launch the Documents app and open Settings > Security.
  • Disable iOS data protection toggle . When you restart the app, please pay attention to whether it starts with the player or the main view.
  • If the app starts with the main view, it means the app crashed – in this case, check if restarting your iPhone or iPad helps to eliminate the issue.
  • If the steps above haven’t solved the problem, please contact us via this page and our support team will soon get in touch to help.


    Why Does Android Music Stutter When Screen Turns Off

    How to Keep YouTube Playing Audio with Screen Off

    Is your music playing perfectly fine on your Android mobile right up until the screen turns off at which point it stutters and falters?

    Are you using a Samsung mobile?

    If you answered yes to these questions, then it is likely a problem with your Power Management System.

    This system is designed to prevent wasted battery usage on your device. Unfortunately, whilst this is an extremely useful feature on Samsung phones, it can sometimes cause interference with certain apps.

    In fact, the most common app that Android users notice an issue with is Spotify.

    Luckily, you can prevent this issue from happening with one quick fix.

    Read on to find out how!

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    Option : Google Chrome’s Exclusive

    If you use Google Chrome to play music, for instance using web services, then you may start it up with a parameter called exclusive-mode-audio to keep music playing when the device enters Connected Standby mode.

  • Locate the Google Chrome shortcut on your system.
  • Right-click on it, and select Properties from the menu. Note that you need to right-click again on Google Chrome in menu first if you right-clicked on the Chrome icon in the Taskbar.
  • Append –exclusive-mode-audio at the end of the target line, and make sure there is a space between.
  • Restart Google Chrome afterwards or start it up.
  • Google Chrome should continue to play audio from that moment on, even with Connected Standby enabled.

    Now You: Have another tip on how to handle the issue?

    What To Do If Music Stutters When Android Screen Turns Off

    Are you an Android user? Have you noticed that your Android music stutters when the screen turns off? If you have, youre not alone.

    Technology in mobile devices is only becoming more advanced and yet despite that, we are still plagued with frustrating glitches when using our phones for simple tasks such as listening to music.

    Music stuttering when Android mobile screens turn off is a common occurrence in Android mobile devices.

    Thankfully, there is a quick and easy fix to this problem which means you can listen to your music uninterrupted as it was intended.

    Read on to find out how to prevent music from stuttering when the Android screen goes off.

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    Why Music Keep Stopping/pausing On Android

    You might want to know the reasons why does my music keep pausing Samsung S 10/9/8. This section will answer it for you.

    • Running out of memory

      If you are running out of your memory space on your phone, music apps will close down as they simply do not have the space to save temporary files.

    • Internet connection

      If there is an issue with your Internet connection, the live music streaming apps will not work. It is simply because they cannot connect to the music servers to fetch music for you.

    • Certain apps disrupt the music playing

      If there are some apps interfering with the workings of your music apps, the music will keep stopping on your device

    • Outdated cache or temporary files

      If the app has accumulated a large number of cache files, these files may be causing the music not working properly issue.

    • Power saving mode

      If the app has accumulated a large number of cache files, these files may be causing the music not working properly issue.

    • System flaws

      If the issue has only surfaced after updating your device to the latest Android version, it could be a system issue.

    About Music Stops When Screen Turns Off Android

    How to Use the Spotify Sleep Timer on Android

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    A Possible Cause Is Using The Speakers On Your Monitor

    This is an old thread but still shows up in searches.A likely cause is that you are using the speakers on your monitor. Some monitors, like mine, switch off the speakers when they stop receiving the video — so you lose the sound!It’s nothing to do with windows 7 as the audio is still being output if you route it to separate speakers.

  • Windows 7 Ultimate 6 bit New

    frowous said: This is an old thread but still shows up in searches.A likely cause is that you are using the speakers on your monitor. Some monitors, like mine, switch off the speakers when they stop receiving the video — so you lose the sound!It’s nothing to do with windows 7 as the audio is still being output if you route it to separate speakers.I had the same problem as the starter of this thread, and what you wrote about the speakers on the display solved my problem.My display is a Denon amplifier which receives sound and picture over HDMI.

  • In the Control Panels Power options I set the screen to never be turned off.
  • Then I selected an empty screensaver that triggers after 5 minutes of inactivity.
  • Prevent Spotify From Sleeping:

    If your Spotify app is added among the sleeping apps of your device, then the sleeping mode will stop it from playing when the device screen is off. To prevent Spotify from sleeping-

    • Open the Settings app of your Android device > scroll down and tap on Device care to open it.
    • Now tap on App power management to open it. Look up if the Spotify app is here. If it is here, then you have to remove it from the sleeping apps list.
    • Press on the trash can icon on the top right corner.
    • Now select the Spotify app > press on Remove on the bottom right corner.

    Now your Spotify is no longer among the sleeping apps. If sleeping is what causing it to stop playing on locked screen, disabling sleeping mode for it will fix it. If it does not, then follow the second method.

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    Listen To Videos In The Background/when The Screen Is Locked

    Once the screen is locked, or when you switch to another app/the main screen of your device, tap the Play button on the lock screen/in the control center to start the video.

    You can also listen to videos in the background using the Picture in Picture feature supported in Documents if you have iOS 14 or later. The video player automatically scales down to a corner of your screen allowing you to watch a video and work with other apps simultaneously .

    Play Music On A Surface While The Screen Is Off

    Play YouTube with Screen off | iPhone & Android

    I bought a Surface Pro 4 some time ago and like the device a lot. It replaced the laptop that I used while on the go and traveling, and is an excellent device all in all.

    One thing that I did not realize up until recently was that the Surface behaved weird when it comes to playing music.

    While you can use all kinds of programs and apps for that, the following happens when you play music using desktop programs: As soon as the screen goes to sleep , music stops.

    As soon as you use the touchpad, type or use the mouse so that the screen becomes active again, music playback continues.

    This means that you cannot play music using desktop programs continuously while the device is idle. That is, unless you change the default configuration of your device.

    Note: While music is mentioned, the same behavior happens when you play videos. If you play music videos on YouTube, those videos will stop when the power saving mode kicks in.

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    Remove App From Sleeping Apps

    Samsung phones pack a special feature called Sleeping apps to preserve battery. When an app’s sleeping mode is active, it prevents the app from running in the background.

    That’s why the music might stop when the screen turns off. Lets see how to remove the music app from Sleeping apps setting.

    Step 1: Open Settings and go to Device Care.

    Step 2: Tap on Battery followed by App power management.

    Step 3: Disable the toggle next to Put unused apps to sleep. Then tap on Sleeping apps and remove the troubling app if its added there.

    Also on Guiding Tech

    How To Stop Android Music Stuttering When Screen Turns Off

    You can prevent music stuttering on Android devices when the screen locks by adjusting your Power Management System.

    To do this, you need to:

    • First, on your Android mobile device, go to Settings and then Device Management.
    • Next, tap Battery.
    • If you scroll down, you should see a list of Unmonitored Apps.
    • Check if Spotify is listed.
    • If not, tap on Add apps and select Spotify.
    • Go back to your Android home screen and try listening to music and locking your screen.

    Adjusting your Power Management System should now prevent interruptions when listening to Spotify when your Android screen is off.

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    How To Stop The Screen From Turning Off Entirely

    Android devices might not be able to prevent the screen from turning off natively, but there are plenty of apps in the Google Play Store that can do it. One of these is Caffeine. Heres how to set it up and use it.

    Download Caffeine Keep Screen On from the Google Play Store on your Android device.

    The app works via a Quick Settings toggle, so first, swipe down from the top of the screen twice to expand the full Quick Settings panel.

    You should see a Pencil icon somewhere on the panel tap it to edit the Quick Settings toggles.

    On some Android devices, like Samsung phones and tablets, you have to tap the Three-dot icon, and then choose Quick Panel Layout to edit the Quick Settings panel.

    Look for a toggle with a Coffee Mug icon.

    Next, move the Caffeine toggle to the main Quick Settings panel. Tap and hold it to drag it into position. On Samsung phones, youll drag the toggle from the top of the screen to the bottom. On Google Pixel and other phones, youll drag it from the bottom to the top.

    When the toggle is where you want it, tap the Back arrow or Checkmark icon to save.

    Now, you can actually use the app. Whenever you want to change the screen timeout length, swipe down from the top of the screen to open the notification panel and Quick Settings.

    Tap the Coffee Mug icon in Quick Settings. By default, the screen timeout will be changed to Infinite, and the screen will not turn off.

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