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How To Insert Music In Imovie

Where To Get Royalty

How to Add Music to iMovie

My personal favorite repository for excellent free music can be found within YouTube’s Creator Studio. If you have access to your Mac or PC, you can preview and download a giant collection of royalty-free music, sort between licenses , along with genre types and lengths.

  • Open on your computer.
  • Click on your user icon in the upper right corner.
  • Select Creator Studio.
  • Choose Create from the menu on the left.
  • Search and download the music of your choice.
  • Other sites worth taking a peek at include Incompetech, Mobygratis, ccmixter, and Shutterstock.

    How To Add Music In Imovie

    ArchRead more April 29, 2019

    When you finish cutting and trimming your video in iMovie, you will probably want to add music or sound effects to it. Luckily, adding sounds in iMovie is as simple as editing videos.

    With iMovie, you can add different sound formats and modify them in any way that you like. Since all Apple devices support iMovie, this article will explain how to add music and sounds to all of them.

    Faqs About Adding Music To Imovie

    And you’d have lots problems about adding music to iMovie. You can add background music to your project in iMovie with ease. But in addition, iMovie provides lots of other features to users to create more amazing videos. Here we’ll answer those frequently asked questions.

    Q1: How to Lower Background Music in iMovie

    After you add music tracks to your iMovie project, you can adjust the volume of the track to get the sound mix just right. To adjust the volume of an audio, tap the clip in the timeline, tap the Volume button at the bottom of the window, then adjust the slider to decrease the volume. For Mac users, just drag the volume control down.

    Q2: How to Add Music to iMovie without iTunes

    It’s possible to add music to iMovie without iTunes. You just need to find the sound you want to add, and then drag audio files like .mp4, .mp3, .wav, and .aif files from the Finder and the Desktop right into the timeline of your iMovie project.

    In fact, YouTube doesn’t team up with iMovie, thus not able to directly add YouTube Music to iMovie. Fortunately, with a YouTube music downloader, then your problem will be solved.

    Q4: How to Add Sound Effects in iMovie on Mac

    Q5: How to Fade out Music in iMovie on Mac

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    Adjust The Volume Of A Clip

    After you add sound to your iMovie project, you can adjust the volume of audio clips to get the sound mix just right. You can also adjust the volume of video clips that were recorded with sound.

    To adjust the volume of an audio or video clip, tap the clip in the timeline, tap the Volume button at the bottom of the window, then adjust the slider to increase or decrease the volume. When you turn the volume of a clip all the way down, a Mute icon appears on the clip in the timeline.

    You can also make other adjustments, such as fading the volume of the clip or changing its speed. Learn how on iPhone and iPod touch, or learn how on iPad.

    Add A Soundtrack Or Theme Music

    iMovie 10.1 (2016)

    Some soundtracks may need to be downloaded .

  • With your project open, tap the Add Media button , then tap Audio.

  • Tap Soundtracks.

    Soundtracks that need to be downloaded appear with a Download button next to them. Tap a soundtrack to download it. After you download a soundtrack, you can tap it to preview it.

    To download all soundtracks, tap the Download button in the upper right.

  • To add a soundtrack, tap it, then tap the Add Audio button that appears.

    To add theme music, scroll down to the Theme Music section of the Soundtracks list.

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    How Can You Edit Music For Imovie

    You can edit your music by any of the three methods mentioned below.

    1. You can adjust the volume simply by clicking and dragging the line going through the centre of the track.

    2. Then theres another option to fade the music. All you need to do is just click the circle that appears on either end of the track and try to drag it to the right or to the left side.

    3. Another step is to reduce the background noise by clicking the noise-reduction button available.

    How To Edit Music In Imovie

    Once you have the music added to your video, here’s how to start editing:

    • Adjust the volume: Click and drag the line going through the center of the track. Up indicates higher volume, and vice versa.
    • Fade the music: Click the circle that appears on either end of the track and drag it to the right or left to create a fade-in or fade-out effect respectively.
    • Auto-enhance the sound: Click the speaker icon above the video preview and then click Auto.
    • Reduce background noise: Click the noise-reduction button in the toolbar above the video preview, then check the box next to Reduce background noise and then use the slider to customize the effect.
    • Use an equalizer preset: Click the noise-reduction button and select an option from the drop-down menu next to Equalizer.

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    How To Add Music To Imovie On A Mac

    Although adding music on a Mac is still simple, the process is different than using a mobile device.

    1. Click Audio in the top toolbar of the iMovie window.

    2. On the left, select the source you want to use for your sound: Music, Sound Effects, or GarageBand. The Music option will give you compatible tracks from your iTunes library, while GarageBand will give you audio clips you’ve made in the GarageBand app.

    3. Hover your cursor over each sound clip or song to reveal the play button, and click it to listen to the clip.

    4. Click and drag the desired sound to the editing bar at the bottom of the iMovie window, below any video clip you’ve uploaded .

    Note: If you drag the clip just below the video, you’ll see a green line which indicates it’s connected to a specific clip. Otherwise, if you drag the sound clip lower, it will appear on its own line, which is common for background music.

    From there, you can press the spacebar to play the video and sound as they exist within the software. Then, you can decide if you want to change anything.

    If the music you want doesn’t appear when you click Music, it might be saved somewhere that iMovie doesn’t look by default. Luckily, you can still add it.

    To add music files from anywhere on your computer, click File at the top of the screen, and then Import Media. A Finder window will open, which you can use to select and add audio files from anywhere on your Mac.

    How To Add Music And Audio Effects To A Movie In Imovie

    How to Add MUSIC to iMovie (iMovie Tutorial works in 2021)

    Adding background music or sound effects to a movie is essential unless, of course, youre creating a silent film. And in iMovie, you have options for theme music, songs from your playlists, cool sound effects, and more.

    If youre ready to put sound with your picture, heres how to add music and audio effects to a movie in iMovie on both Mac and iOS.

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    How To Add Itunes Music To Imovie

    To give your movie the best soundtrack, you also need a high-quality song to match but then if your desired song is a protected file in iTunes, then better search for the best ways to use the song without facing issues.

    Many users in the community suggest that you can use the Fair Use doctrine. This is an act that allows limited use of copyrighted materials as long as you use them personally. What does this mean? Well, if the movie you are working on is for your friends and family to watch or a dedicated video for your special someone, then it is fine.

    As long as you do not distribute the songs publicly and gain from them. Ariana Grande wont sue you if she sees that you used her songs to woo your significant other, but she has all the right in the world if she wants to. But, wouldnt it be sweet to hear your songs on a special video?

    Anyway, here are the methods that you can follow to use a copyrighted song:

    How To Add Music In Imovie On An Ipad

    Adding music to iMovie on an iPad is relatively similar to doing it on an iPhone. So, lets look at how:

  • Open your chosen video project in iMovie on your iPad so that you have it displayed on the timeline.
  • Look for the Add Media icon on the screen and tap on it.
  • You can sample each song by tapping on it. If a music file is not yet downloaded, it will appear lighter in color. Tap it to first download it before clicking on it to preview the song.
  • To add your chosen music to your iMovie video, click the Add Audio symbol next to the song.
  • iMovie will import the song into your project and place it at the beginning of the reel, extending the music to cover the length of the video.
  • Once this import is complete, you can adjust the length of the audio clip or add a second one.
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    Can You Use Purchased Itunes Songs In Imovie

    Having the creative eye is a special gift and being able to turn these clips into a great movie is outstanding. iMovie gives a privilege to aspiring video makers a chance to use a free program to sew their scenes into magic.

    You can use iMovie on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. What you need to do is download the correct version on your device and start editing.

    But if you need to insert a heart-pounding soundtrack, you can use free sound clips. If you are wondering if you can use a purchased iTunes song in iMovie, well the answer is yes and no.

    The Music app is a good option to download the songs from iTunes in the Cloud or use iTunes on your computer to sync songs from the iTunes library and use them to iMovie instead. However, if the Music library contains protected files or DRMs, these songs become unavailable.

    In order to use a song that you have purchased from the iTunes Store, you have to be the copyright holder of the song. Or another option is if you have expressed permission from the copyright owner. This restriction is made by Apple to prevent illegal copying and use of any songs from Apple Music.

    This kind of restriction paved a way for other users to create workarounds in order to add iTunes music to iMovie. Find out how in the next parts.

    Add Songs Or Other Audio Files Using The Media Browser

    How to add music and audio to iMovie on iPhone

    You can use the media browser in iMovie to add songs that youve downloaded to the music library on your Mac, as well as songs and other audio files that you’ve added to your music library.

  • With your project open, click Audio at the top of the window, then click Music in the Libraries list, then browse selections. If you can’t find a particular song, learn more about how you can access it in iMovie.
  • To preview a song, click the play button next to each song. You can also select a song, click in the waveform at the top of the media browser, then press the Spacebar to preview.
  • When youve found the song you like, drag it from the media browser to the timeline:
  • To attach a song or sound effects to a specific video clip, drag it under the video clip so a bar connecting the clips appears. If you move the video clip, the attached song will move with the video clip.
  • For background or theme music for your movie, drag songs to the music well, indicated by the musical note icon at the bottom of the timeline. The song wont move if you move any video clips in the timeline.
  • If you only want to use a part of the song, select a range in the waveform at the top of the browser so the range has a yellow border, then drag the range to the timeline. You can shorten or extend a range selection by dragging either side of it.

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    How To Use Spotify Music On Imovie With Viwizard

    ViWizard Spotify Music Converter is such a useful tool. As an easy-to-use Spotify music downloader and converter, ViWizard enables you to download songs, albums, and playlists from Spotify no matter you’re using a free or Premium Spotify account. Also, it will convert Spotify songs to MP3, AAC, WAV, or M4A that are supported by iMovie. Moreover, it’s able to keep the original audio quality and ID3 tags as well.

    Why Apple Music Can’t Be Added As Background Sound In Imovie

    Unfortunately, you can’t import Apple Music to iMovie for editing. That’s because Apple Music is just a music streaming service that brings 45 million songs to built-in iOS Music app, desktop iTunes app, or Apple TV. Apple Music can be downloaded for offline listening. However, the downloaded tracks restricts the use of Apple Music on authorized devices only.

    This is why you can’t sync your Apple Music to iMovie successfully. It is a fact that you only pay for the service to use it, but you still don’t have the right to use the tracks from Apple Music to iMovie. Take it easy, Apple Music Converter is strongly recommended to you. It is a handful Apple Music Converter which enables you to convert Apple Music to unprotected audio formats so that you can add the converted Apple Music to iMovie with no limits.

    Main Features of Apple Music Converter

    • Convert Apple Music to MP3, AAC, AIFF, FLAC or WAV.
    • Convert Apple Music with the original audio quality and ID3 tags kept.
    • Add Apple Music to iMovie, VLC, Windows Media Player, iPod, Xbox One, PS4, etc.
    • No need to install iTunes or Apple Music App.
    • Fully compatible with latest Windows 11 & macOS 11 Big Sur.

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    Download Music For Imovie

    In a perfect world, youd be able to add any song you want to your video. But in reality, its usually not that straightforward.

    To adhere to copyright laws, all major video platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Vimeo enforce certain music policies. Heres YouTubes, for example.

    If you violate these policies, your video may be removed or monetized through ads . And heres the kicker: This applies for both commercial and personal use.

    So, even if youre just sharing a photo slideshow of your nephews bar mitzvah on Facebook, your video may be removed if it contains protected music.

    The simplest solution? License copyright-cleared music.

    Copyright-cleared music isnt copyright-free . It just means its been approved for use on various platforms. As a result, videos with copyright-cleared music dont get flagged, taken down, or penalized in any other way.

    All of the music I offer on this website is copyright-cleared. So you can safely license any of my songs or if you want to dramatically increase your musical options become a Music for Makers Unlimited customer. When you do, youll get instant access to hundreds of exclusive tracks that you can then import into iMovie.

    But I digress.

    Regardless of where you decide to source your music, go ahead and download your song of choice on your computer and open it in iTunes.

    Want more content like this? for video editing tips, free music, and more.

    How Do I Add Audio To Imovie For Free

    How to Add Music to iMovie

    Add a soundtrack to an iMovie project on iPhone or iPad

  • With your project open in the timeline, tap the Add Media button .
  • Tap Audio, then tap Soundtracks to browse built-in soundtracks.
  • Tap a soundtrack to preview it.
  • To add the soundtrack to your project, tap the Add Audio button next to a soundtrack.
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    Add Music And Edit As Necessary

    Once youve found your song, drag it to the very bottom of the editing timeline component. This will anchor the track, ensuring it doesnt get affected by any cuts or edits you make to other audio and video files.

    Now, the odds are good that your background music wont be the perfect length for your video. If its too long, grab the right side of the track and drag left. Then, click the fade handle and drag it left to create a fade out.

    If the track is too short, youll probably need to loop it. For tips on that, check out my beginners guide to audio editing.

    Add Music To Imovie On Ipad Iphone Or Ipod Touch

    Step 1: Click on the Add Media option with your project open in the timeline.

    Step 2: Click on the Audio option and then select an option from the below choices:

    Step 3: Click music to preview it. Users may be prompted to download the music to their smartphone before previewing it.

    Step 4: To include the music to your project, click the plus option next to the music. The music is added at the project timeline’s bottom, commencing at the start point of your project.

    Step 5: When users add music, it adjusts automatically to fit the length of the project. Users can alter the length of the music like they would any other file. They can also employ different songs in a project. For instance, if you need to alter the mood of the music moving down your project, they can cut the first song in the timeline and then use different music after the first song.

    Step 6: If you add an audio file or song that is less than a minute, it acts as a sound effect in your project.

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