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How To Get Your Music On The Radio

Get Your Music On The Radio

How To Get Your Music On The Radio With No Money

You can’t overlook the fact that your music has to sound like it belongs on the airwaves.

One of the best ways to ensure your music is topnotch is by attending an accredited music school like the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media.

AIMM has both on-campus and fully online programs that span various concentrations, such as music production, guitar, vocals, drums, bass, and keyboard.

You’ll be in an immersive music atmosphere, and as an AVID Pro Tools Training Partner, you’ll learn the perfect blend of music and technology. This gives you an advantage on both the instrumentation and production side of music.

How To Create Your Own Radio On Apple Music Radio

You can create a radio station based on your favorite artist or song. Apple Music will automatically find other songs/artists that are similar to it and add them to your radio station. On iPhone/iPad. 1. In the Music app, play a song or artist that you want. This can be either from music downloaded to your device or directly streamed from the service. 2.

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Before you can get your song on the radio, work on creating a press kit that includes a cover letter and a short bio of your band along with your CD or audio file. Make sure to read submission guidelines carefully to understand what format your submission should be in. Then, research local radio stations to find ones that play your genre of music.

A Radio Promoter is essentially a paid advocate for your music and the perfect middle-man, so to speak, to get your song on the radio. They will break down your song, discover its main appeal, and use that information to find the best station that matches your sound and style.

How to get your song on the radio Know who to approach. When it comes to approaching radio stations, you need to know who to contact. If youre targeting… Know how to submit your music. Have you found the contact details of the decision-makers at the stations youre… Target the right stations

First You Need To Be Radio Ready

Before you start submitting music, you need to make sure that your artist project has a good foundation in place with two key steps: getting your music critiqued and creating a press kit.

Get your tracks professionally critiqued for feedback. Ask them to analyze things like songwriting, arrangement, composition, production and mastering. These are the key aspects of a track that radio curators will look at when considering a music submission.

Whether youre sending your tracks to radio or hitting up playlist curators, having a good EPK can help you build trust with the people youre pitching to. An EPK should include links to your music, imagery, touring history, audience data and your social statistics. Read our full guide to creating a press kit here.

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Whats Special About Online Radio Stations

Mainstream radio is boring. Its not uncommon to hear the same song 15 times a day .

Online radio stations take music curation very seriously. Theyre the new authority for music. Plus theres no rotating playlist.

Theyre diverse, independent and community-first. Yknow, all that important stuff that everyone forgot about.

They also have the perfect balance of local emerging talent and international artists.

our programming team is working hard to find artists doing things that are interesting to us, not necessarily based on followers and numbers.

Anastazja Moser

Identify Your Target Audience

How to Get Your Song on the Radio UK

You may wonder why knowing your target audience is important and how it relates to playing your music on the radio. Well, those are fair questions. Knowing your audience can help you decide which radio station is the best at reaching the segment you want to impact. For instance, if you are a hip-hop artist, then you would avoid submitting your demo or mixtape to a radio station dedicated to playing 50s and 60s music.

If you are a new band still in college looking to impact your peers, getting your music out to local college radio stations can be the best way to reach your target audience. Furthermore, many independent online radio stations are serving different audiences. You may be able to find a station that fits your musical genre and impacts your audience.

This is all helpful info to know when you first look into a radio campaign, but if youre not sure what your target audience is, or which stations reach those people, Planetary can help you figure all that out.

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Symphonic Distribution Record Labels And Artists Get Free Internet Radio Airplay

Get guaranteed radio airplay to music fans that already like your style or genre of music. Track your song ratings and learn what resonates with your listeners and what doesnt. Reach new fans and increase your music sales.

In the first week of using Radio Airplay your song will get played to 100 people who want to discover new artists like you. After that, if you want to expand your reach, you can upgrade to Airplay Plus at any time.

1. Upload your music and target your listeners

Upload your songs and photos. Then select the popular artists whose music sounds most like your own. . Your songs will get added to playlists that include the artists you love.

2. Get played and make new fans

Your tracks will get played on Jango and other sites that feature the artists you choose. Have a new release coming out? Contact your radio fans and keep them up to date.

3. Get detailed listener reports

View statistics about who is hearing you music, where they live, and what station they were listening to. Do people like youre music more in California or Germany? Do your fans like Coldplay more that Dylan? Youll receive in-depth reports!

Getting Your Name Out There

These are only a few examples to help you understand how playing your music on the radio works. However, these tips can be beneficial as they can help you set yourself up for a good start. The music promotion professionals at Planetary Group have helped many up-and-coming artists with their projects and can help you determine the best course of action to get your music playing on the radio.

Our music promotion team has years of experience working with non-commercial, commercial, and college radio stations. We can help you get the radio promotion you need to reach your audiences effectively and efficiently. Call Planetary Group in LA at .

Music Promotion Guide

Whether you’re just starting out or have a few tours under your belt come check out our in-depth Promotion Guide.

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Location Based Targeting Radio Promotion

Location based targeting is hard to achieve on many streaming platforms and can lead to the ultimate frustration for artists when trying to build a local buzz in their city or surrounding cities. Some artists view radio as a dying source of media but, radio is still one of the best ways to target fans based on their location.

The radio promotion services listed below come from Top Sellers via who specialize in getting your song played on a major radio station in a specific city or area. This tactic is very effective when trying to build a local buzz in your own city or cities that you plan to perform in once COVID-19 is over.

You can click the buttons below for radio placements in each city listed.

When Should You Start Approaching Radio Stations

How To Get Your Song On The Radio (Record Label Owner Explains)

The answer is straightforward whenever youre ready. Music-related radio stations have their music producers or even DJs. They choose the best music to play daily.

If you want your music to reach on national radio stations, you mustve some experience. You can take part in music shows or host your own. You can send your released albums or songs to the radio stations but, practice and youll get perfect.

So, lets talk about getting your music on the radio shows:

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Get Your Music Played On The Radio

So youve emerged from your studio after several weeks of spent blood, sweat and tears getting your track mixed to perfection. Now its ready for airplay. But how do you get your music played on the radio when its up against hundreds of other submissions a radio network receives everyday?

Hi Im Emma Houlton and previously worked on a national network BBC specialist show and it was my job to sift through hundreds of track submissions every day. Artists had their work cut out trying to capture my attention, and I certainly had my work cut out trying to clear the hoards of submissions off my desk. What was it that made me put tracks into the shortlist and others straight in the bin? Read my definitive guide to getting airplay.

How We Promote Your Music

In todays global music market, its becoming more and more challenging to get your music noticed. We want more great NZ music on radio and online platforms, enjoyed by more people.

The first priority for assistance from NZ On Air Music are songs that have been through one of our selection processes New Music Single, New Music Project or NewTracks.

Our funding and promotions work is closely linked to provide break-through opportunities to selected artists and assist a wide selection of great new NZ music to connect with NZ audiences wherever they may be listening.

We curate a number of playlists of solely kiwi music on Spotify and Apple Music which you can check out HERE

Pitching to radio

How the NZ On Air music team works to get your music on NZ radio

We have meetings with the Content Directors and/or Music Directors of all of the major radio networks in NZ two to three times a month.We play those radio programmers tracks that are being released for radio airplay that week and that are appropriate to their format, in the hope that those songs will be prioritised for airplay.

We also have the ability to provide more context and information around each artist to feed into the playlisting process.

Pitching to streaming services

How the NZ On Air music team pitch your music to streaming services

We have a relationship with the main streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, iHeartRadio and Amazon Music Unlimited.

Online promotions

NZ Music features

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Ensuring That Your Music Is Ready

If any radio is going to consider playing your music/song/music creation, make sure that it is ready. Get your music critiqued by a professional or a senior person and create a professional artist press kit. In case you send in a rough demo or something which doesnt look fine, theres a probability that radio station will not consider your song/music. So, getting your music ready is the first step on how to get your music on the radio.

How To Get Your Music On The Radio Or Podcasts

Music Submissions  Radio Woking

Posted in Learn | Last Updated on October 4, 2018

So youve come to the point where youre ready to get your songs played on the radio. Well, there are some key things that will help increase your chances of getting the radio station to consider putting your music in rotation. First of all, you should know that radio stations mainly play music from major record labels and well-known indie labels that license their songs to them.

However with some radio stations, there is usually a segment that plays new artists and has the listeners call in and give their opinions on the new artist they play, and their response to your music decides whether the DJ plays your record again or not. This segment is usually called Make it or brake it, hot or not, or smash it or trash it, and it usually takes place in the late evenings after 8 pm or 9 in most countries. You also have online indie broadcasts that play indie music all day! This can be an amazing opportunity for you to get your music out there to the world.

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Contact The Production Team Not The Dj

Find out the names and contact details of the production teams for the radio stations. Get in touch with them about your music, not the DJ directly Contrary to what you might think, on many shows its the production teams who mainly make the decisions as to what is going to be played on the show along with the DJs input. Also many producers man email accounts for the shows too. The DJ does not have the time to sift through submissions, they land on the desk of the producer who will cherry pick tracks that they think may be suitable for the show and that the DJ might be interested in playing. The producer and the DJ will then have a meeting about new music they are excited about, and decide together which tracks will get that all important airplay. Yeah, production teams are pretty important!

Radio: How To Get Your Songs Successfully On The Air

Among the many options available to emerging artists to promote their music, it is difficult to find the methods adapted to their ambitions, needs and means. Getting your song played on the radio has long been a luxury, a service reserved for artists signed to major labels or benefiting from a huge network of influence.

However, in recent years, things have been changing, and new alternatives are being put in place to encourage the discovery of new artists including Groover, which provides access to the best radio stations, media and music industry professionals with a 7-day response guarantee. Because going on the radio, broadcasting your songs on FM, remains an indispensable lever to propel your career. But how to get your song on the radio ?

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Know The People In Charge

Identifying the decision makers at a radio station can help you strategize and create the best approach to have your music played on their station. Generally, the decision makers in a radio station are either the DJ, producer, music director or programming director.

Try researching what kind of music they play and at what times to get a feel for their choices, their preferences, and whether these apply to your goals. Furthermore, do some research to see whether they accept demo submissions, as that may be an excellent way to get your musical creations played.

Again, all this research is good to do on your own, but a top-notch radio promotion team already has that information ready, so hiring a company will save you a lot of time and effort.

Targeting Unsigned Stations Shows & Djs

How To Get Your Music Played On The Radio and Sirius XM Radio (Rappers)

There are several UK radio stations and shows dedicated solely to new and emerging music that you should definitely be tapping into. BBC Introducing is a great way to get airplay on your regional BBC station, just upload your song to their website and youll receive a confirmation email when it has been listened to. Regional BBC Introducing DJs also recommend great local bands and artists to the national DJs and producers, so if you can make an impression on a local level, you may eventually end up being played nationally on BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra or 6Music.

Gareth Fletcher, who has worked as a producer on the Introducing show on BBC Lancashire for many years, explains what he looks for in a track when choosing the playlist:

‘There are a couple of different elements to it really and this is only my take on it – I can’t speak for other shows. Technically the track needs to be of a good enough standard to be broadcast on air. This doesn’t mean it has to be perfect, it can be a little raw around the edges but it need to be up to a certain standard which shouldn’t be a problem with the equipment available to record at home. Secondly, we listen to see if there is something about the track – a great hook, catchy lyrics, a different slant on things. Basically, something that makes us take note of the track and makes it stand out a little. Sometimes you don’t know what that is but the track just has something about it.’

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How To Contact Radio Stations

The next step is finding the music curator from the station you want to submit music to. Research details on the stations website or social media until you get a hold of their email contact.

Different curators like different ways of pitching, but its always safe to send a short, sharp and concise email with a good dose of personality. Introduce your artist project in a short paragraph, include links to any recent press coverage or live shows, attach your press kit and submit your music via private Dropbox link.

Put Together Your Epk

Next step you need to put together is the EPK . EPK informs the radio curator about history of you as music artist. The basics of an EPK is including your biography and discography , relevant samples of your music along with the links to music that are online already. Once done, it should include a performance calendar and details of your recent gigs , some high resolution photos and your cover art, links to the press coverage , and lastly, your contact details. With the appropriate EPK , it will be very easy for you to promote your music on a radio.

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Hire A Radio Promoter

Your creative expertise revolves around creating music, so why not leave promotion, networking, and getting radio exposure to the radio experts?

A Radio Promoter is essentially a paid advocate for your music and the perfect middle-man, so to speak, to get your song on the radio. They will break down your song, discover its main appeal, and use that information to find the best station that matches your sound and style.

Yes, paying for a Radio Promoter can feel a little “commercialized,” and potentially scary if you’re a newer, independent artist with smaller financial flexibility. However, their connections are invaluable and can save you a lot of out reach, emails, rejection, and headaches.

The important factor to keep in mind is that if you are going to make an investment in yourself, you need to make sure that your music is up to par and completely dialed in.

If you’re not sure you’ve hit that step, keep reading for a great opportunity.

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