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How To Get Your Music Heard

Email Marketing Helps You Earn Gigs

How To Get Your Music Heard (By Actual People)

A well-sized email list can get you booked for gigs more easily.

If you can show venues that you have a large number people you can send an email to about an event, they’re automatically convinced you’ll be able to draw a crowd – which means they’ll be able to sell more drinks.

If they think booking you will help sell more drinks, then having you play at their venue is much more of an interest to them.

Should I Buy Spotify Plays

Our answer would have to be no. The odds of getting good results are stacked against you. Not to mention the potential algorithmic impact this could have on your results elsewhere.

Have people done it before and been successful? sure. But people are always doing stupid things, and every now and they they pay off.

Play it safe.

Where Your Music Story Fits

The easiest and best place to start is your bio.

If you want help, use one of these 3 musician bio templates. Each template includes a place for your 3 part Music Story. You can copy and paste a template and get started in about 5 minutes.

Over time, tweak your story based on how the audience responds live, online, and on social media

As the story connects, youll see the Gap start to close.

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How To Promote Your Music On Spotify

Getting more exposure on Spotify is high up on any artists to do list.

In this article were going to cover some of the main ways to promote your music on Spotify, and look at how these can fit into your overall marketing strategy for your music.

Whether its building your Spotify followers, getting on Spotify Playlists, using Spotify Ads to promote a new release or upcoming concert, growing your monthly listeners, dealing with a Spotify promotion service, or using social media, the tips we cover here should get you well on your way to increasing your Spotify plays.

Getting Your Music Heard Takes Time

4 essential tasks for getting your music heard

To summarize, building a fanbase takes time, patience and skill. It starts with having great, original music and it develops from that point with you telling the story of how you make that music. Exactly how you do this depends on the type of music you make, but the media at your disposal are widely available. Through words, pictures and videos, you can create a compelling narrative that can build an ever-growing audience.

Widen the potential reach of your work by collaborating with others both in music and beyond. Begin to make a name for yourself in as many creative areas as possible. Identify those whose work you like and reach out to them whats the worst that can happen? Play your music live as much as possible and do this to the very best of your ability. Find ways to make your live set one people will flock to in ever-greater numbers.

Mostly, be an entrepreneur and think of as many creative ways as possible to get your music heard. You worked hard to build an original collection of tracks, so work similarly hard to get it the audience it deserves.

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Build Your Own Platform

If you cant get on the radio or a blog, start your own.

Any musician who records at home can easily start a podcast and will be miles ahead any non-musician, as you already have the equipment and software to produce, record and edit your podcast.

The same is true for starting your own music blog, its dead simple, now a days to create a stunning website.

And if you think blogs are dead, why are you reading this? Just like Im being generous with my knowledge to help you, I bet theres so much you know that you can share with the world and build your following.

In fact, you dont even need your own website.

Rapper A$AP Rocky became famous because his friend posted his music on his which had built up a following for posting good and interesting new music.

You can build similar platforms on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube, where you showcase other artists work you admire, sprinkling in some of your own music, of course.

It also doesnt just have to be music, it can be just interesting and funny things people who would potentially like your music would also like.

For example, 6ixBuzz TV is an Instagram account that caters to young people in Toronto that are into hip hop.

Theyve amassed a following of over 1 million followers.

Thats a lot of people to market to.

In fact, they recently released their own mixtape featuring up and coming rappers and producers from Toronto.

Wouldnt you love to get in front of 1 million people?

You can.

Quick Tip:

Buying Radio Airplay From A Guy Named Rod Who Is Going To Help Break Your Song

This one fall into pretty much the same category as the PR campaign so I wont go into great detail.

I will say this:

Getting the right fan to hear your song, have them remember who you were and then go to look you up online is asking a lot. A lot of steps there.

Not only that but sometimes it takes 3, 4, 5+ listens to get that song in their heads. Thats asking a lot. Besides, there are more effective, free ways to get someone to listen to your stuff.

Side note: Yes there are exceptions like Radio Airplay, Earbits and Shazam. They do bring the listener closer to you, but again, you need to get the listener to a web property that you control and track as quickly as possible. Ive spent hundreds on a few of these these services and they typically do not give you a lot of control over where you can send interested listeners . Less control = more risk.

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How To Get Your Music Heard

Many aspiring musicians struggle to have their music listened to in an oversaturated market. A lot of quality music doesnt get the attention it deserves because there is just so much to choose from!

Are you an artist wondering how to get your music heard? Look no further luckily for you, weve compiled a list of strategies you can use for music promotion that will ensure your music is heard by many people out there.

Tip : Have A Plan For Your Release


Id finish a song after hours of focused work. Its not easy finishing a song.

So I was just happy to finish it, and I wanted everyone to hear the result of my hard work .

Id mash together cheap artwork for the song , give it a name, then upload it to Soundcloud.

Then, of course, I enacted my song promotion strategy, which consisted of posting on Facebook once and messaging a bunch of high school friends.

It didnt work.

Heres the thing: when you want your release to do well, you need to be patient.

You need to wait before releasing and ask yourself: What can I do to increase the chance of this song being heard by as many people as possible?

Instead of carelessly uploading your songs and hoping for the best, create a plan for how to promote your new music release.

For example:

  • Week 1: 3 weeks before releasefinalize the master, get artwork designed, reach out to blog and YouTube channels.
  • Week 2: Follow up with blogs/YouTube channels, plan out social media campaign, finalize release details.
  • Week 3: Start posting teasers and pre-release content on social media.
  • Week 4 : Update graphics across social media, send out release to promotional outlets and blogs, start ad campaign.

Your plan doesnt need to be super complex. Experiment with it. Refine it. But please put one in place.

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How To Promote Your Music Independently In 2021

Independent artists have more opportunities than ever before to launch their own career without the backing of the majors or a big budget.

While we are seeing more and more unsigned artists breaking through off their own backs, many promising new artists out their simply donât know where to start or how to maintain a successful promotional campaign.

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How To Get On Spotify Playlists

Spotify has rapidly risen to become the biggest overall earner for musicians releasing their music on digital streaming platforms. So its essential that you squeeze the most you can out of this vital platform. That means understanding its ins and outs, getting to grips with its functionality and having a proper marketing campaign for pushing your releases on it.

Follow our guide to getting your music heard on Spotify and youll give your music the best shot at success possible. Were focusing here on specific tips for things you can do within the Spotify ecosystem rather than general advice on how to promote your Spotify releases through external channels. For more tips on how to promote your music across all channels, check out our guide to self-promotion for independent artists.

Set up your Spotify For Artists account

Before you do anything else, get yourself set up with an artist account at Spotify For Artists.

This gives you access to a comprehensive dashboard of tools and statistics that will help you understand more about how your music is streamed on the platform and give you extra functionality. Once you sign-up and claim your artist profile, it can take a few days for access to be granted. For a comprehensive guide to accessing & editing your Spotify artist page, read our Spotify For Artists Guide.

Lets go through the different sections of the dashboard:

Submit music to Spotifys editorial team

Pitch your music to Spotify user playlists

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Buying Spotify Followers And Plays

No doubt you will have seen a variety of promotion services out there offering organic Spotify promotion designed to boost your Spotify plays and increase your Spotify followers.

Buying Spotify followers and plays is such a grey area and youll find so much conflicting advice out there, published over the last few years a lot of it coming from the promotion service companies themselves.

Spotify is a system, and like most systems where there are benefits to be had, people will try and hack it.

Its easy to see the appeal also. If you buy Spotify followers it can seem like a quick way to boost your profile and make you seem more attractive to labels and partners.

Its a negative area of an industry that focuses so much on image and perception and for a lot of artists they feel like they need these stats before anyone will take them seriously.

However its not without its downsides. Time and time again we see instances of people buying plays and getting a quick initial boost and increased monthly listeners, only for these to drop back to zero a few weeks later.

Its quite clear that these arent real plays or real followers.

Services like this actually harm Spotify, so it shouldnt come as a surprise that they will be actively targeted by them.

Does this mean none of these services help? Not necessarily, there are likely some services out there which are run in a way which can actually make this work, but the decent ones are not likely to come cheap or be freely available.

Change The Audio Without Losing Comments Likes And Plays

How to Get Your Music Heard on the Internet, Offline ...

Dont fret. With a Pro subscription on SoundCloud you can swap out the audio on any SoundCloud upload at any time.

And the best part? You dont lose all those plays, likes and comments from your fans.

Its perfect for sharing unfinished songs to get feedback. Tweak your track based on the critiques and re-upload any time.

Hitting share doesnt have to be final. Swap the audio and make sharing part of your production process.

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Get The Recognition You Deserve

Whether you realize this or not, most musicians have the same message.

Most musicians talk about their music. The musicians that stand out, talk about their story.

If you want to get heard, follow their example.

You have to be different .

If you have trouble with your story, thats okay. To get your Music Story, you might need to ask yourself some questions. Check out my Music Branding Cheatsheet, I break it down there .

Post Content Regularly On Your Own Professional Website

With so many new acts coming out every day, it can be hard to stay top-of-mind.

Yes, someone might hear one of your songs and like what you’re doing, but if you don’t keep giving them more content and keep them entertained in some form of another, there’s a good chance that they may forget you.

It’s because of this that you’ll want to take advantage of your website, and employ a good content marketing strategy.

Content marketing as described on Wikipedia is:

any marketing format that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire customers

In other words, you want to use your content to get in new fans and to keep existing fans happy.

But what kind of content can you publish? Here are some types of content you should be creating:

  • Songs. This is the obvious one.
  • Videos. Another obvious one.
  • Blog posts to do with your music career. So what you’re working on, where you’ll be performing, asking fans for their opinions on things, etc.
  • Blog posts related to your genre of music. You can get a lot of people finding out about you by publishing content related to your genre as a whole rather than just you as a musician. More on this later.

As I mentioned, the majority of content should initially be going on your own website. This will help build your website up into a valuable asset, and one that will go a long way to getting new fans as well as keeping existing ones happy.

If you haven’t yet made a site, you can see how to make one here.

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Tip : Create Your Own Artwork & Videos

If you want people to pay attention when you promote your music, well-designed, eye catching and suitable artwork is key.

But in the past, you had to get a designer to do your artwork.

Still, if you want really good graphic design work, its best to hire a designer.

But this book is about promoting your music on a budget, and good designers arent cheap. So unless youre a designer yourself or you have a friend who wants to help you out for free, read on.


If you happen to have blessed ears at the expense of eyes that dont work wellin other words, you cant design something to save yourselfthen this is your best bet.

Youre not going to get unique, original, super-fancy designs. But youll get something good enough, for the price of a couple of coffees.

Option two: design it yourself

If you have a decent eye for what looks good and what doesnt, but youre not familiar with professional graphic design software, then use a tool like Canva or Snappa.

Canva is user-friendly, free/cheap, and comes with a bunch of templates for all sorts of platforms. Its also gotten a lot of cool filters recently for adding more creative flair. We use it a lot here at EDMProd.

You can create social media posts, logos, cover photos, ad graphics anything you like. And its easy to promote from, as you can share straight to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Video tools

What about teaser videos? Lyric videos? YouTube promos?

Want Your Music To Be Played On The Radio

How to Get Your Music Heard!

Getting played on the radio is a tough task. Its a very competitive market to break into and you are battling against big international artists, who radio stations are more likely to play due to their popularity. However, dont forget that they had to start somewhere too!

The most popular radio station like Radio 1, Radio 2 or the Bauer Radio Stations will play established artists during the day, however there are still shows, particularly at night, where less heard or unsigned artists can be played.

However, getting played on regional, local, student and online radio should also be a priority.

It is important to remember that DJs and producers get sent hundreds of records every week, so dont be too disheartened if you dont receive a reply straight away!

If you are sending a CD to a radio producer:

  • Only put two or three of your best tracks on it.
  • Print the track listing and add some basic information about your band, linking to your SoundCloud/Spotify/social media accounts.
  • Put a label on your CD and make it as professional looking as possible.
  • Dont give too much information. They won’t have the time to read lot’s so try to be short and sweet.

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How To Get Your Songs Out There

This article was co-authored by Timothy Linetsky. Timothy Linetsky is a DJ, producer, and music educator that has been making music for over 15 years. He creates educational YouTube videos focused on producing electronic music and has over 90,000 subscribers. This article has been viewed 112,364 times.

If you are an aspiring musical artist, the first step to success is to have your music heard! Luckily, there are a few easy steps to get your songs out there. If you want your music to be heard, you need a strategy to reach your desired audience.

Tips To Increase Your Spotify Followers

So you know that followers are essential to your Spotify performance, but how do you get more followers?

Theres quite a few things that you can be doing, and following along with the advice in this article will help, but there are a few specific follower related tips:

Embed the button on your website Putting the follow button on your website is a great way to convert people to followers follow the tips on this post.

Email newsletter Send a message out to your email list asking them to follow you. Explain the benefits. Youd be surprised at how many fans actually dont use the follow feature.

Promote on social media Send out the same message on your social platforms. Ask people to follow. Dont just share your tracks and hope for plays, ask them to follow, share and like.

Remember engagement is just as important as plays, so your goal should be to increase engagement across the platform.

The rest of the article will help cover a range of areas designed to get your promotion game up to scratch, boosting your engagement and growing your fanbase.

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